I was sitting in the reading area when I heard the beep of our bedroom door.  A quick look up at the windows and, sure enough, it was almost sundown.  I caught a streak of light out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked over, Eric was sitting beside me with a smile on his face.  Even though I was somewhat used to Eric using vamp speed, I still gasped.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said with a smirk.

I grabbed his mouth with my hand and smiled at him.  “The look upon your face says otherwise.”

His only response was to chuckle at me.

“Are you hungry?” he asked me as he reached for my hand.

“Mmmm.  I could eat.  Are you seriously going to make me dinner?  You know you don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t.  Trust me, I don’t do anything I don’t want to do, and I want to do this for you.  Why don’t you go take a nice, hot bath while I make dinner and when you’re done it will be ready for you?”

“Are you sure you don’t want any help?  I don’t mind at all.”

“I’m sure.  I want to do this for you.  I want to take care of my mate, my wife,” he said earnestly.

“If you’re sure,” I said. He gave me a slight nod.  “Then come get me when it’s done.”

master bathroom-loft

I lowered the lights in the bedroom/bathroom and filled the bathtub with as hot of water as I could stand before I carefully slipped inside. Leaned my head back as I took in the smell of the lavender and vanilla oil I had added, I closed my eyes as I let the aroma of the oil slowly relax me.  I had almost fallen asleep when I heard a loud crash that echoed from the kitchen, breaking me out of my relaxed trance-like state.

I jumped out of the cooling water and wrapped a towel around myself then quickly darted down the hallway, leaving droplets of lavender and vanilla scented water in my wake.

Before I even reached the kitchen, I noticed gray smoke fogging up the room and the smell of something burning filled the air. With a quick tug, I covered my nose with my towel and quietly padded closer to the kitchen.  Eric was harshly mumbling something in Swedish while he tossed what sounded like pots and pans into the sink.  With more grumbling, I heard the water from the sink turn on, and loud sizzling cut through the air.

With a few more steps, I finally peered into the kitchen and found Eric’s back to me.  His head was tilted up towards the ceiling, and his hands were resting on his hips.  The kitchen was a mess, but thankfully it looked as if whatever was causing the smoke was now gone.

I took a breath to call out his name, but I ended up coughing instead.  Eric whipped around, his eyes wide and clearly caught off guard.  He quickly schooled his features and the next thing I knew, I was being carried out of the kitchen and back up to our bedroom.

“Sookie why aren’t you enjoying your bath?” he asked.

I looked up at Eric and bit my bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud.  Smudges and splatters of what looked like flour were all over Eric’s face, hair, chest, and a couple of little brown and black specks that covered his hands.

“Sookie?” he repeated.

Unable to hold it back any longer I covered my mouth with my hand and laughed so hard I could feel tears threatening to spill over.  Between my hearty laughs and gasps for air, I could hear Eric grumble and eventually laugh as well.

“I’m so glad I can amuse you,” Eric chuckled and set me down on my feet.

“I’m sorry.  I really am,” I said, wiping the wetness from my eyes.  “You’re just too adorable for words.”

“Adorable?” Eric said, crinkling his nose with distaste.

“Most definitely.” I smiled up at him and tightened my towel around myself. “I heard a crash and ran down to the kitchen to make sure everything was okay.”

“Ah,” Eric drawled out.  “That would have been the, uh, chicken.” His eyes were cast downward, and I was unsure if it was from the dinner he had failed to make or if he was trying not to look at me while I stood in front of him in only a towel.

“The chicken?”

“Yes,” he cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pants pockets.  “I must have underestimated the temperature of the pan, and before I knew it, the chicken was black and in the process of removing it from the pan, it slipped out of my grasp and fell… somehow, the other pans on the stove fell too,” he said with a bewildered smile on his face.

“Oh, Eric,” I said with a chuckle.  My hand cupped his flour-covered cheek, and I pressed my lips to the corner of his mouth, giving him a quick peck.

He glanced at me with a confused smile.

“New plan,” he stated.  “Since, I effectively destroyed your dinner, why don’t we go out?  Anywhere you like.  You name it, and we’re there.”

I gently patted his chest and giggled when the flour on his shirt puffed up.

“Would you mind if we just stayed home and ordered in a pizza?  It’s a nice night out.  Maybe we can sit outside and eat?” I asked him and grinned.  “Maybe air out the house while we’re at it?”

“Are you sure that is what you really want?”

“Yup,” I replied, popping the ‘p’.

With a smile and an elaborate bow, Eric said, “Then your wish is my command.”


I took another bite of my pizza and happily sighed when the melted cheesy goodness hit my tongue.

We sat quietly by the fire outside while I ate my dinner and looked out into the night.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and all you could see around us was millions of stars in the clear dark sky.

Fire Pit on deck

“I don’t understand why I was unsuccessful,” Eric said next to me, breaking the quiet.  “I followed the instructions the way they were written.  Maybe I should’ve had you stay with me to help.”

“Eric, I don’t think it would have mattered.  I have no idea how to fry chicken anymore than you do, but that’s okay.  It’s the thought that counts.  It was very sweet that you wanted to make me one of my favorite dinners.”

After I had eaten my last bite, Eric took my plate and placed it on the ground beside his lounger before he turned and faced toward me.

“How was your dinner?”

“It was good.  I really like this pizza.  Thank you,” I replied.

“There is no reason for you to thank me, but I want to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me.”

“I’m always honest with you.  You can ask me anything. I’ve asked you about a million questions since the accident.”  I felt a brief pang of sadness when I mentioned the accident, but he was quick to lock it away before it affected either one of us for too long.

“I want to know if you’re happy,” he asked me seriously.

“You know that I’m happy.  You can feel that I’m happy.” I couldn’t understand where he was coming from.  Why was he asking me if I was happy?  Was he unhappy?

He sat closer to me and took both of my hands into one of his strong, large hands.  “I can feel that you’re happy, but I have no idea what’s going on in here,” he said as he tapped my forehead. “Your life has been turned upside down and even though you’re still the same Sookie, I want to make sure you’re doing what makes you happy now and not what made you happy before.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.  I’m happy,” I said as I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m not thinking that I’m not or unpleasant thoughts or anything like that.  I like my life here with you and the only thing that I could possibly want, you cannot give it to me.  What about you.  Are you happy?”

“You know very well that I’m happy.  As you said, you can feel that I am.”

“I can feel that you’re happy.  You’re right, but I also know that you hide some of your emotions from me.  You did it just a few seconds ago, and it hasn’t been the first time,” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“It is true that I try not to have you feel certain feelings of mine.”

“Why?” I asked him.

“You have done nothing wrong.  Nothing.  But there are times when things are said or done that it reminds me of my wife, Sookie.  I sometimes miss her, and you don’t deserve to feel that,” he said looking down at our hands.  His thumb was rubbing back and forth over my wedding and engagement rings.

“I hate that I’m not who you want me to be.  I wish that you never had to feel the sadness of losing your wife.  You’re so good to me, and you shouldn’t have to hide your feelings from me.  I don’t want you to.”

“Sookie,” he said before he pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his strong arms around me.  He held me for a moment before he finally spoke.  “You are who I want you to be.  You are my wife, and I’m still your husband, but sometimes I miss my lover and best friend.  I miss certain things about you that have been absent, but I’m grateful that you’re still here in my life and that you want to be here with me.”

He kissed the top of my head and squeezed me a little harder.

“I understand, and I wish I could be those things for you again.  To me you are all those things,” I said.  “Except my lover.”

“You’re still my best friend,” he said as he cupped my chin and tilted my head so that I would look at him.  “Do you remember when you asked me if I wanted to act as I did before the accident?”

“I do,” I replied, holding my head up a little straighter and looking deep into his blue-green eyes.  “What does that have to do with my being your best friend?”

“There are some things that I hold back, that I’m keeping to myself so that I don’t overwhelm or scare you.  By doing that, I don’t feel as if I’m being honest with you. I’m not telling you everything, and we used to tell each other everything.  We hid nothing from each other.”

“What are you holding back or hiding from me?” I asked him, looking down at my hands.  I didn’t like that he felt he couldn’t be honest with me.

He lifted my chin again, and I watched him examine my face as if he was looking for something that only he could find.  Once he was done, he placed a soft, lingering kiss on my forehead. He let out an unnecessary sigh before he spoke. “I hide my affection from you.”  Seeing my confused face, he continued. “I want to show more affection,” he said giving me a pointed look. “I want to be able to kiss you whenever and wherever I want.  I want to make love to you.  I want to tell you that I love you,” he said while cupping my face with both of his hands.

“You don’t feel like you can tell me you love me,” he shook his head.  “Eric, I know that you love me. I feel your love for me every moment that you’re awake.  There’s no better feeling than to feel your love for me.  So if you want to tell me that you love me, then I want you to.”

“I don’t want to overwhelm you,” he replied looking at me with sad eyes.

“And you think telling me you love me is going to push me over the edge?” I asked him.  He shrugged his shoulders.  “What do you think is going to happen?”

“That it will become too much, and you’ll leave here.  Leave me.”

“I’m not going to leave you.  I promise you that.  Eric, you’re the sweetest man ever!”

“I’m not a man,” he said with furrowed brows.

“Fine. Vampire.  You’re the sweetest vampire ever.  Is that better?”

“Better, but only slightly and I’m only that way with you,” he said and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose.  Proving he was the sweetest vampire of them all.

I felt my smile widen at his sweet gesture.  “That makes it even better.  As for the rest, I’m not quite ready for the part where we make love.” Eric nodded his head.  “But we can do other things until I’m ready can’t we?  I think I’d be more comfortable if we worked up to it.”

“We can do whatever you’re comfortable with,” he said rocking me back and forth on his lap for a few minutes before he pulled back some.  “Once you’ve experienced my ability to please you, you won’t be nervous anymore,” he said with a smirk on his face while waggling his eyebrows.

“You’re so confident.”

“Of course, I am.  I know your body and how to please it in a number of ways,” he said with his smirk still in place.

“But I don’t know how to please you. I have no knowledge except what little I’ve seen on TV and in movies that we’ve watched.”

His smirk fell from his face I as spoke my insecurities to him. “Do what feels natural to you and if you have any questions ask me.  Although you had seen and heard of sex, you need to remember you were a virgin when we got together.  You were nervous then too.  I’m a vampire and have been for a very long time.  You can ask me anything for there’s no chance in embarrassing me.  Now, we need to get off this subject before I fly us to our bedroom and don’t let you leave until morning.”

“What did you have in mind then?” I asked unsure if I wanted to change the subject.

“Let’s go inside I have something I want to give you.”

I followed Eric inside and up the stairs toward our bedroom. As I started to sit down on the bed, I noticed that he was leaving the room, so I stood up to follow him.

“Stay.  I’ll be back in just a minute,” he said with his hand up, stopping me.

I watched as he used his vampire speed to leave the room. Within seconds, he was back with a box in his hands.  It was blue with black writing on the top of it and a white ribbon tied in a bow.

Tiffany box-LA

“What’s this?” I asked, looking from him to the box and back again.

“A gift for you,” he said as he got down on both of his knees in front of me and held the pretty blue box out to me.

I slowly took the box from him and lifted the lid to see a stunning, shiny silver bracelet.  I knew that Eric would never give me anything that was silver since it would burn him if it touched him so the bracelet must be like our wedding rings.

Sookie's Infinity Bracelet-LA

My fingers traced along the elongated figure eights that linked each other together before I looked up to meet his gaze.

“Do you like it?” he asked with a shy smile while he placed it on my wrist.

“Like it?   I love it.  It’s beautiful, Eric, but why are you giving me this?  You said today wasn’t a special day for us. Yet, you try to cook me dinner, and now you give me this beautiful bracelet. Why?”

“Do I need a reason to do things for you?”

“No, but you seem to be trying to make this special and I don’t understand why.”

“It’s more the idea that the day reminded me that I should treat you special more often.”

“There’s my sweet husband,” I said to him as I cupped the left side of his face and rubbed my thumb over his cheekbone.

He pretended to give me a mock glare with furrowed eyebrows, but I could feel that inside it secretly made him happy that I was calling him my sweet husband and that he had made me feel special.

After I had scooted on the bed and laid down, I looked back at Eric and patted the bed beside me.  By the time I had moved to lay on my side, Eric was already next to me on his own side with a sweet smile on his face.

“Eric, what do these eights mean?” I asked as I pointed to my new bracelet.

“That eight as you called it is the symbol for infinity.  Infinity means there is no limit.  This bracelet symbolizes my love for you.  My love for you is limitless and without end,” he said with so much emotion in his voice. I could see the love he had for me in his eyes and felt it in our bond.

Tears welled in my eyes as I felt Eric’s all-consuming love for me.  How could he have wondered if I was happy?  This man, vampire, my husband before me believed his heart was unmoving and cold.  Didn’t he realize how warm and caring he truly was?

My tears started to fall thinking of tonight.  He wanted to show me that I was special to him. He had wanted to be able to tell me he loved me but hadn’t because he believed that it will overwhelm me and push me away. He gave me a beautiful bracelet to symbolize how much he loves me.

What do I have for him?  Petty assurances that I’m happy, that I won’t ever leave, that I care deeply for him.  He hadn’t even asked to drink from me since the night he was shot.  He went right back to drinking his Royalty.  He never asked me for anything, but what can I give him?

“Sookie,” he said, wiping away the tears from my cheeks.  “My sweet girl, why are you crying?  I thought you liked your present.”  He was confused and concerned by my reaction.

“I do,” I said as I looked him directly in the eye.  “I was thinking about all that you’ve done for me and how you feel like you can’t even tell me you love me.”  More tears slipped down my cheeks as I continued.  “I feel as if I have nothing to give to you.  How can you be happy with me?  I think you deserve better than me, better than the way I treat you.”

“Sookie, I have only ever wanted to make you happy.  It was never my intention to make you feel this way.”  He pressed his lips together for a moment before sitting up and pulling me into his lap, straddling him.  “I am sorry, but you must understand, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  You give me more than you can possibly know, and you’ve made my life worth living after a millennia of darkness.  You have given me what I never knew I needed.”

“What have I given you?” I asked as I stared into his soulful eyes.

“Most importantly love, your love.  I never wanted or needed to be loved or to love anyone. I thought of love as being weak until I met you.  You’ve brought me happiness, friendship, a confidant, and my humanity back to me in the short amount of time we’ve known each other.  All the goodness you see in me, you’ve brought it out in me.  That is not inconsequential,” he said shaking his head. “You are my lover, my mate, my wife, and my pledged.  Never once in a thousand years did I think I’d have anyone to share my life with.  That I’d want to share all aspects of my life with someone.”

“I gave you those before.  What do I give you now?”

“You still give me all of those things,” when I started to dispute his statement he placed a lone finger against my lips to quiet me.  “I have not confided everything to you that is true, but it was only my feelings and wants.  Nothing of importance.”

I scooted closer on his lap and placed my hands on his shoulders.  “Your feelings and wants are important.  Don’t trivialize them.  Not to me,” I chastised him.

He nodded his head, “What I meant by nothing of importance is I’m not making decisions for you or keeping to myself something that will affect you or us.”

“You may not see it that way, but you are. Hiding your feelings has been affecting you, and I think that if you continue, then it will drive a wedge between us.  I don’t think you want that to happen,” I stated, and he shook his head.  “I want you to be honest with me and not to worry about overwhelming me.  I’ll let you know if it ever becomes too much, but I don’t think it will be a problem.  I already feel you through the bond, and it’s not as if we would be going from no affection to whatever you want to do.”

“Why are you embarrassed?  You have no reason to be,” he questioned with one of his eyebrows quirked up in that way he always does, and it made me laugh.

“What’s so funny, Lover?” A smile slowly spread across his face.

“Your eyebrow,” I said as I traced it with my fingertip.  “I love it when you arch it up the way you do.”

“You do, do you?” he replied arching his eyebrow once again. I could only nod and laugh again.  Eric’s feelings through our bond were almost overwhelming.  He was so happy to be able to talk to me, to be his playful self with me, and I knew he wanted more.

I wanted more.

“Why were you embarrassed?” he asked again.

“I just… I may not be ready for you know,” I paused, licking my lips and darted my eyes to his sculpted chest beneath his tight black shirt, “but that doesn’t mean I’m not ready to try other… things.”

“Sookie,” Eric whispered with a pained groan.

I quickly looked up and was caught under his hooded gaze, my skin burned and itched for him to touch me.

“Why do you always stop me?” I whispered.  “Is it because I can’t remember?”

Shock widened his heated stare before he furrowed his brows. With a firm grip on my hips, he pulled me closer to him and positioned my center right on top of the frighteningly large bulge in his pants.  I let out a gasp, and my whole body shivered with desire.  With need.

My need for Eric.

“Know this Sookie,” he said with a serious tone. “I want you.  I burn for you and one day I will have you again.”

My heart started to beat rapidly in my chest, and the ache between my legs was almost unbearable. With the potent combination of his fiery stare, the erotic feeling of his hard body pressed against mine and the power of his words… his promise, I somehow managed to stay focused.

“Then why are you always stopping me?” I asked again.

“I only stopped us from going further because I felt that you weren’t ready, and I didn’t want you to regret it later on.”

“But isn’t that for me to decided?  If I’m ready or not?”

“I refuse to do anything that might damage our relationship. Even if it means forgoing hours of intense pleasure to assure that you are comfortable with me than so be it, but make no mistake Sookie Stackhouse,” his voice was low and almost dangerous, “one day I will have you, but not until you are completely ready for me.  For us.”

I closed my eyes and bit my lip to hold back a whimper that threatened to escape.

Hours of intense pleasure.

Focus Sookie.  You need to focus!

I opened my eyes and took a deep, shaky breath. “Eric, I’ve never been uncomfortable around you and to tell you the truth I don’t think it’s even possible.”

My hands slowly snaked up his firm chest and over his tense shoulders before I threaded them through his soft hair.  I pressed my breasts against his chest, and his grip on my hips tightened.

“Like I said, Eric, I may not be ready to go all the way, but I do want to try other things.  Don’t get me wrong, kissing you is absolutely amazing, but I’m ready for more.”

A growl rumbled from his chest as he leaned over to kiss me, but I stopped him right before our lips touched.

“And Eric,” I whispered sweetly. “It’s Northman.  Sookie Northman.”

The sound of Eric’s fangs snapping down was the last thing I heard before his lips devoured mine.  His hands moved from my hips and slid to my back, while he caressed every inch of me, pressing me closer to him.

Eric groaned when my tongue slid across his bottom lip, and he didn’t hesitate to part his lips. Eager to take me in. Our tongues pushed and massaged along one another’s, and I let myself get carried away with our feelings through the bond and Eric’s skillful mouth.

While one of my hands tangled in Eric’s hair, my other hand dropped and was determined to feel every part of him that I could reach.  In response, his large hands traveled along my arms then to my shoulders before making their way to the sides of my body, as he caressed every inch of me.

Eric broke our kiss, and I gasped as his kisses started to trail down my neck. Somehow my hands found themselves under his shirt, and I wasted no time touching and stroking every line, dip, and curve of his cooled muscular chest and stomach.

So strong and beautiful, I thought to myself as I reveled in Eric’s hiss when I rolled my hips against him.  I shuddered when I felt his length twitch beneath me, and I moaned when he thrust his hips up to mine.  His kisses and playful nips drifted further down my neck and my body burned with need.

“I need to feel your skin,” I rasped, and before I knew it, his shirt was torn from his body and was lying in a heap on the floor.

His cool body pressed against mine, but it was not enough.  His kisses were lighting me on fire, and his hands were scorching my skin.  I rolled my hips one more time and threw my head back as Eric kissed, licked and nipped along my collarbone then down to my chest. Suddenly, my back was pressed against the cool satin sheets of our bed and Eric was above me, grinding his jean covered erection onto my fully covered sex.

It felt so good, and if it felt like this when we’re fully clothed, I couldn’t even begin to fathom what it would feel like if we were naked.

My body was overheating, and I needed to feel his cool skin against mine. I started to take off my shirt, but Eric stopped me by pinning my hands above my head.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I whispered, my body curved off the bed as I tried to get closer to the object of my desire.

Eric’s eyes blazed with hunger as he leaned down and kissed me with such passion that my toes actually curled.  When I needed to breathe, he let go of my hands before he removed my shirt and bra and threw it where his torn shirt was laying on the floor.

I stared up at Eric as he kneeled between my legs, looking down at me.  His blue eyes roamed all over my chest and stomach and with one hand, his fingertips lightly traveled along my bare skin, causing goosebumps to form in their wake. I could feel my chest rapidly rise and fall as he touched everything but my breasts.  My nipples hardened, and my breasts ached for his touch, but no matter how I squirmed and whimpered, he never touched me where I needed him.

“So beautiful,” he murmured before he leaned over and kissed me.

I sighed happily into his mouth, but I wanted more.

“More,” I mumbled as I broke our kiss.

“If it’s more that you want,” he said with a devious smile, “than more you shall have.”

One of Eric’s large hands cupped and gently caressed my breast, and I closed my eyes, letting the feelings of pleasure consume me.

“Sweet Sookie,” he whispered in my ear. “Do you like it when I touch you like this?”

Unable to form words, I simply nodded my head.

“How about this?” he purred. I gasped and arched my back when he pinched my nipple and rolled it between his cool, steady fingers.

A low sound of satisfaction rumbled from his chest, and I nearly cried out when his confined erection roughly stroked my covered sex.  His hand never stopped caressing my breast and without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me.

“I know all the things your body likes.”  Eric licked my earlobe then playfully nipped at it.

“Eric,” I breathed out while my hands touched and caressed the muscles of his back as they rippled and flexed with every one of his movements.

“I know how you liked to be kissed,” he said, pressing his lips against my neck. “How you like to be licked,” his tongue traveled down my chest than peppered sweet kisses across my breast, stopping just short of my nipple. “How you like to be worshiped,” he growled.

His lips wrapped around my nipple and I cried out his name. My fingers threaded into his silky hair, and I nearly lost it when his erection stroked against my sex once more, teasing me; giving me a taste of what it could be like.  My head was spinning and despite his cool body covering mine, I was still on fire!

He sucked, licked and gently teethed my sensitive nipple, and I could feel sweat begin to bead on top of my skin. He squeezed my breast and his lips hungrily moved over to my other nipple, showing it just as much attention as the other.

It all felt so good.  Though the feel of his mouth and tongue on my breasts, his body pressed on top of mine, and the sound of his moans filling my ears was making me tremble with pleasure; it was the feeling of his length as it rubbed against me that was driving me closer and closer to the edge.

Everything he was doing was overwhelming, but I wanted more!

“More,” I whimpered.  Eric paused for a moment before continuing.

“As you wish,” he whispered.

With his mouth still on my breasts, his free hand trailed down my body to the top of my pants, and he flicked the button open on my jeans and slowly unzipped them.

“Please,” I whispered, not sure what I was asking for, but I knew that I could trust Eric to give me what I needed and still respect that I wasn’t ready to have sex.

I looked down to find Eric looking back at me, passion and desire burning in his eyes. His cool fingers grazed over my wet panties, and I gasped when he pressed and slowly circled my swollen clit.

“Oh God, Eric!” I cried out, closing my eyes.

“Sookie,” Eric rasped, “You’re so wet, so fucking wet.”

I rocked my hips against his touch and once again I called out for more.  Without hesitating, his long, slender finger, slid beneath my drenched panties.  His thumb resumed its tortuous attention to my sensitive flesh as his fingers moved up and down my slit.

“You have no idea what I want to do with you.” Eric’s voice was rough and seductive.

My eyes flew open, and I found Eric above me, watching as he touched me.

“Tell me,” I whispered, grasping his shoulders.

He groaned as a pained look crossed his face.

“Lover, I want to strip you of your clothes and bury my face between your heavenly legs; licking, sucking and fucking you with my tongue,” he purred. “I want to make you scream my name and cum in my mouth before I bury my cock in you.”

“Yes,” I gasped and cried out when his thumb circled my clit faster and harder, and a finger slid into my sex. “Yes!”

He added another finger, and I buried my nails into his shoulders, rocking my hips faster into his hand.

“Eric,” I chanted his name over and over again.

“Look at me, Sookie,” he commanded, and I quickly obeyed.

“But I won’t fuck you,” he told me as he curled his fingers inside of me, as he pumped them harder and faster.  Faster and deeper. “No, I’ll make love to you.  To your body,” he growled.  “To your heart. Your soul.”

With that, my whole body clenched and an explosion of ecstasy and euphoria rocketed through me and I lost myself to my orgasm.  Somewhere I heard Eric call out my name with a guttural groan and another spike of pleasure ricocheted through me, but this time, it came from our bond. Seconds, minutes or maybe hours passed and when I finally returned to my senses, Eric was kissing my lips, mumbling against them while his erection lazily thrust and rubbed against my thigh.

“Eric,” I whimpered.  He pulled away from my lips and smiled, moving my damp hair out of my face.

“Bite me,” I breathed out. “Feed from me.”

His beautiful smile faltered, and he looked unsure.

“Sookie, I’m not sure that…”

“Please,” I interrupted him. “I want you to.”

I needed him.  I couldn’t explain why, but I needed him to feed from me.

After another silent moment, he nodded his head and bowed his head towards my neck.

“No,” I told him and pushed his face toward my breast. “Here.”

A low growl escaped his mouth as I felt his fangs gently scrape against the flesh of my breast.  He took my hardened nipple into his mouth, and he licked and sucked me into another frenzy. His fangs slowly and gently sank into my flesh and instead of feeling pain, a warm rush of rapture overcame me and I moaned in pleasure.

I had no idea that feeling Eric feed from me could feel like this. He told me it wouldn’t hurt, but this felt so good. So enjoyable.

I ran my fingers through his hair as he fed, enjoying the closeness and intimacy with him.  Minutes later, Eric licked my wounds and kissed my chest, right above my heart.

“Thank you, my Sookie.” He reverently said, then pulled me into his arms and laid us on the bed.  “Thank you, my love.”

I fought to keep my eyes open, but it was useless.  My body was satisfied and exhausted, and all I wanted to do was fall asleep in my husband’s arms. I felt beautiful, sexy, cherished, but most of all loved.  In or out of the bed, Eric made me feel this way, and I loved it.

I was falling in love with him.

As the darkness of sleep began to steal me away, I could hear Eric’s voice echoing into my dreams.

“I love you, Sookie,” he whispered and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips.  “I love you.”

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