6 Months Later



Charlie and I had just finished eating a late lunch and were cleaning up his kitchen when the doorbell rang. We were meeting with Hauk for my telepathy lessons at Charlie’s house. Eric had come to trust the former fairy, but there was no way he was letting him know where we lived.

After a month of Hauk teaching me how to raise my shields, he thought it best for me first to practice on humans.  After a heated discussion, Eric and Hauk came to the decision that I would start practicing with Charlie.  Eric had glamoured Charlie so he would never know of my telepathy unless we were practicing.

When I asked Eric why he didn’t glamour him so that he couldn’t speak of it, he said a vampire would realize that he had been glamoured if he just clammed up and wouldn’t say a word.  It was best that he just deny any knowledge.

Our meetings took place at the farmhouse on most nights that Eric didn’t have to work.  It made me feel bad, seeing that he was doing his work along with mine, but there was no way I could be at Fangtasia until I had control over my shields.

It took nearly two and half months of constant practice for me to be able to go to work for the first time and I didn’t last as long as I would have liked.  I had worked for almost two hours before a few thoughts started trickling in.  I did my best to continue shielding, but after another thirty minutes, I was no longer able to block all the Fangtasia patrons.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t maintain my shields for any longer; Eric was disappointed that he could no longer help me block out others’ thoughts when we touched as he had before my accident.

It seemed as though Eric had better shields than mine.  He had to block himself almost constantly in the beginning.  The only time he let me hear what he was thinking was when we were making love, and there was nothing about that I would change.  If he wasn’t thinking about how much he loved me, how beautiful I was, or how he could never get enough of me, then he was sending me images of what he would like to do to me.

Hauk’s lessons began with little success because I had no idea how to raise or lower my shields.  Once I got the hang of that, I needed to work on strength.  I would have to be able to keep them up for hours while we were out or at work.  Next came trying to block out others while I tried to read one person.

That’s where Charlie came in.  I would try to read him while blocking out Hauk, or vice versa.  I definitely preferred listening to Charlie’s thoughts than the patrons of Fangtasia.  All they thought about is sex; sex with a vampire, or having a vampire bite them.  Some of what they thought about was interesting, but I didn’t like it when they fantasized about Eric.

Today we were trying to test the range of my telepathy.  We couldn’t do it at our loft because of Amelia’s spell, and the old farmhouse is too far away from civilization for me to pick up on anyone.  The only person around was Bill Compton, who hadn’t left Bon Temps yet.  He still came to Fangtasia once a week for his weekly area duties, and he tried to sneak around the farmhouse when we were there to catch what we were doing. Too bad there’s a privacy spell, and you can’t get much past two telepaths.

Charlie went to answer the door as I put the last pot in the dishwasher.  Once I was done in the kitchen, I made my way into the living room where Hauk and Charlie were sitting on his couch chatting away.

It was funny that they had become such good friends over the last six months.  Most of the time after we were done with my lessons, they would continue to hang out together or meet somewhere after Charlie dropped me off at home or work.

Once they were done talking about some movie they had watched the other night, Hauk turned to talk to me.

“Since we are finally meeting during the day, does that mean that your mate has finally decided to trust me?” Hauk asked.

I smiled and shrugged, “As much as he can trust another vampire that’s not his progeny.  I think he’s worried that I’m too trusting.”

“He has every right to be worried about you.  Do you know what would happen if word got out that you’re a telepath? You’re lucky that it didn’t come back before Sophie Ann came to visit you or when you would’ve had no one to help you.”

“I know I’m lucky, and I’d probably still be stuck in my house and not be able to leave if it weren’t for you.  I also know that any vampire who found out my secret would either want me for themselves or my services, putting Eric and me in danger.”

“You know, you could probably get paid by a lot of vamps if you read their employees, companions, and whatnot,” Charlie stated.

Hauk burst out laughing for a few seconds before he finally calmed down. “There is no way the Sheriff will allow that. If you haven’t noticed, he’s a little overprotective.” He looked over at me, shaking his head.

“He’s gotten better over the last six months.  I’m here, aren’t I, and it’s daylight” I said, motioning toward the windows.  “I don’t mind his overprotectiveness.  He nearly lost me, and I woke up not remembering anything.  I needed someone watching out for me, and I’m happy it was Eric.”

“Well, if he’s a little less protective over you, then it might be a possibility, you know.  If you provided your services to everyone, I think you’d have less trouble with vampires trying to take you or kill your husband.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet and… I don’t know; I think it’s best if no one knows.  Why haven’t you ever told anyone that you can read minds?”

Hauk gave me a disbelieving look before he scoffed. “If vampires knew that I could read minds than I’d never be free.  I’d either be killed out of fear that I could read their minds, or I’d be a slave to whatever monarch ruled in my homeland.  It could be different for you, though.  You would be looked at as a fragile human who can be glamoured, but I understand your feelings..”

“I don’t mind helping Eric or a friend who needs help, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my existence reading minds for Supes because they can’t trust anyone.  I want to be free and travel the world; I want to spend as much time with my husband as possible, not working.”

We had spent the last few hours testing the distance of my telepathy, as well as blocking out Charlie and Hauk, or block one, read the other and pick another brain signature to read before quickly dropping it and moving on to the next.  Tonight was sort of like a test for my telepathy. I had been working hard to strengthen it and get it under control.

I wanted to be able to help Eric at Fangtasia by doing what I had done previously.  Eric was impressed with all I learned to do with my telepathy.  He was great at letting me know how proud he was of me and that I could do more now than before my accident, that I had better control and was much stronger.

I still had problems with my reactions to what I “heard.”  Before my accident, I had years of experience at hearing thoughts and never outwardly reacting, no matter what I heard.  Now, not so much.  Eric wasn’t as afraid for me anymore.  I may have lost all of my life experiences with the accident, but now I could, at least, read the thoughts of those around me, unless they knew how to block me, and see what they were up to, if necessary.

“You’ve done a great job tonight,” Hauk praised me.  “I think we should continue working together at least once a month to experiment with new things, but I’m not sure if you’ll ever get any stronger than you are now. You’re better than me at this point, and my skills have improved since we started.”

“Really?” I questioned.  I was surprised at how, once I got the hang of my shields, each time became easier and less tiring.

Hauk gave me a genuine smile. “Really. You’re an amazing student.”

“You’re an amazing teacher. I don’t know where I’d be without you,” I replied with tears in my eyes.  I had been so scared that first night with all the pain and voices; I’d had no idea what was happening to me.  I was so grateful for Hauk’s help.

I stood up to give Hauk a hug when we heard a loud thump out on the deck.

“What the fuck was that?” Charlie yelled, jumping up and hiding behind the couch.

Hauk sprang up into a crouched position, ready to defend Charlie and me.

I smiled and ran to the back door as quickly as I could.

“Sookie,” Hauk yelled and vamped in front of me.  “What are you doing?  Do you have a death wish?”

I could only try to make my way past him before Eric broke down the door. I hadn’t realized that it was fully dark. He had awakened and was immediately uneasy when he realized that I wasn’t home. No matter how hard he tried to get past my accident if he rose for the night and I wasn’t there, he became anxious until he saw me again.  He never mentioned that he wanted or needed me home when he woke up, but I tried to be there and waiting in bed for him every night.  I would hate to wake up and find out something had happened to him, and I couldn’t get to him right away.  Today had also been the first time I had met Hauk during the day, and I knew that Eric would worry.  Our session had taken longer than I realized, and I hated that I wasn’t home before he had woken up and had worried him.

“Of course, I don’t. It’s only Eric.  You two need to stop overreacting.  Did you really think I’d go running toward some strange sound?” I asked in annoyance as I pushed my way passed him.

The second I flung open the door, Eric crushed me to his chest as his nose skimmed along my neck before making his way to my lips.  His stress at my absence upon his awakening slowly drifted away.


His soft lips lightly kissed my own once, twice, three times, before he pulled back and caressed my face, looking at me as if he hadn’t seen me in months.

“Hey,” I whispered, reaching my hand up to cup his face.

“Hey, yourself,” he replied before kissing me once more and then tucking me into his side as he looked at the others in the room.

Charlie had a shit-eating grin on his face when he turned to Hauk and said, “I think we were wrong in our assumption about how much he trusts you.”


“Charlie,” I scolded him.  “Eric trusts him. If he didn’t, he would never let me be here without him.  You’re just trying to start trouble.”

Eric just looked at Charlie and shook his head.  “I trust him more than you know,” he replied. “Let’s sit down.  We have a situation that we need to discuss.”

He led me by the hand over to the couch before he sat down and pulled me onto his lap, his nose was in my hair as he breathed in my scent.  I could feel that he was still worried, meaning that something had happened.  Naturally, it made me start to worry.  It couldn’t be Pam.  If it were Pam, he wouldn’t be as calm as he was.

“What’s happened?” I asked, pulling away so that I could see his face.

His lips curled up to give me a small smile.   “I had a message from a friend waiting for me when I woke tonight.”

The word ‘friend’ piqued my curiosity, but ‘woke’ is what Hauk and Charlie seemed interested in if their duly raised eyebrows at the word were any indication.

“She doesn’t like it when I refer to it as ‘dying for the day,’” Eric explained and waved his hand back and forth.  “Or when I say that I’ve ‘risen for the night,’” he shrugged before wrapping his arms around me giving me a slight squeeze. “Therefore, I wake up.” He looked at them both to see if they would argue, but they were quiet as they continued to look at us both.

“Back to what I was saying; yes, I wake up at night, and I have a few friends,” he said exasperatedly but kissed my temple before he continued.  “Velkan, Godric’s child, received a call this morning stating that Godric has gone missing.  His dayman reported to Stan Davis that he could not get ahold of him, and when he went to his home today he found a few drops of blood outside the door to his resting place.”

“Was there any more blood found?” Hauk asked, moving to sit on the edge of his seat.

High Quality Wallpaper

Eric gave his a slight nod. “It trailed from the door leading downstairs to the garage door, and it stopped abruptly where one would find the trunk of a car if said car were parked in the garage.”

“Just to be clear, we are talking about Godric, the Sheriff of Dallas, who is rumored to be over two thousand years old?”

“Yes, and it’s no rumor.  He is, indeed, over two thousand years old.  I don’t know who could overpower him.  I don’t know who or what we are dealing with that could have done this. If they can take down Godric, then they can take down any vampire.”

“Why did his child call you?” I asked, not wanting to think about the possibility of Eric getting hurt or worse while there.  I took a deep breath trying to calm down, but Eric could feel my distress.  He pulled me flush against his chest and tucked me under his chin.

“Velkan cannot leave Germany at the moment, and he wants someone who can get to Dallas as quickly as possible, and I owe Godric.”

“So you’re headed to Dallas, and you want us to keep an eye on Sookie?” Charlie questioned.

“No, I’m not leaving her while I go to Dallas,” Eric replied, shaking his head.  “I want you two to come with us.  I’m hoping that you and Sookie can help without giving away that you’re reading the minds of those around you, and to keep her company during the day and when I cannot be with her,” he said to Hauk.

“See, he does trust me,” Hauk said, smirking at Charlie.

“I’d like to hire a Were guard for you, if or when you go out during the day.  This isn’t my area, and I will have no say while we are there.  I need to know that you’ll be as safe as possible when I cannot be with you.”

“Ok, if it will make you feel better,” I responded.

“It will.  I wanted to know what you thought of Quinn when you met him.”

I shrugged, “He seemed fine, nice enough. Why?  Is he the Were you want to hire?”

“If I can.  He’s known for being a fierce fighter and the best pit fighter there has ever been.  I want the best for you.”

“If you’d like, I can try to get ahold of him.  We became acquainted while I was in New Orleans. I can vouch for you and Sookie since he seemed to trust me as much as any Were and vampire can trust each other.”

Eric nodded to Hauk. “I want to be on the road in an hour. We will take Sookie’s car.  Can you both be ready by then?” They responded with a quiet yes.  I don’t think anyone expected to be leaving to go out of town so quickly, but Eric was very efficient and would want to find his friend as soon as possible.

“Very well. We will return to pick you up here after we are done packing,” Eric continued. He placed me on my feet before he stood and we made our way out to my car.



I wrapped my body around Eric has he continued to thrust against me.  Each thrust heightened my orgasm.  I pulled his face down and kissed him fiercely as he moved even faster.  I loved the sensation of him being inside of me.  It didn’t matter if we were slowly making love or if it was as fast as though it might be our last time together.  I loved the intimacy of having him like this, holding him like this.

Eric tensed and let out a deep groan before he drove himself in deeper and his body shuddered in my arms.  Smiling, I held him close as we both climaxed together before he collapsed on top of me.

I brushed his hair out of his eyes as we lay there, both totally sated, before we had to finish our packing and leave.  My heart ached at the thought of anything happening to him.  Someone knew how to take down really old, strong vampires, and Eric could be next.

“Please don’t worry, min älskade.  I promise you that I will keep my guard up and be safe.”

“I don’t want you to go anywhere alone. Take Hauk with you… you have to be safe.”

Leaning up on his elbows, he looked down at me tenderly.  “I promise,” he answered before his lips found mine in a passionate kiss.  All too soon he pulled away and made his way to the closet.

“I don’t know how long we will be gone, but remember if you need anything, you can always go shopping,” he said while he threw clothing into a suitcase.  He only paused for a second when he answered his phone.

Master Bedroom / Bathroom

I watched from the bed as he talked on the phone and packed for us without wearing a stitch of clothing.  I loved watching him move gracefully throughout the room. Every once in a while, he’d hold up something for my approval before he’d place it into our suitcase.

As he walked out of the closet with our suitcase in hand and made his way to the bathroom, he looked over his shoulder at me and shook his ass for me.  “You’re going to have to get out of bed and get ready instead of watching me.  If you keep giving me those looks and keep filling me with your lust we’ll never leave,” he said with a wink.

Hiding my head in a pillow, I groaned and blushed at my wanton ways.  Ever since we had started to have sex again, it seemed as if that was all I could think about!  How can you think of anything else when you have a Nordic God running around your house naked?

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Lover.  It makes me very happy that you want me and appreciate my body the way you do,” he said from above me.  He must have come back into the room when he felt my embarrassment. He kissed from my lower back all the way up my spine before he smacked by butt. “We really need to get ready.  If not, I wouldn’t let you out our bed for the rest of the night. I’m sure you’d like to take a shower before you spend the next few hours in the car with a couple of vampires.”

“I know that you don’t mind me smelling like our sex,” I replied as I got up and headed to the shower. “In fact, I know you love it.”

“I know you wouldn’t like it that Hauk can smell what we’ve been doing since we left them,” he countered.


I scrunched up my nose as I walked into the shower.  “Doesn’t it bother you that your senses are so heightened? I can’t imagine what Fangtasia smells like for you.”

“I try not to breathe in most of the time.  As for the noise, I tune it out mostly.  Otherwise, I’d probably have gone insane by now,” he said from behind me. If I hadn’t felt him approach, he would have scared me silly. Instead, I turned toward him to so that I could wash him.

“The only smell I truly enjoy is yours,” he said as his nose skimmed along my neck.  He nipped my ear and pulled my body against his. “You always smell delectable, but when you smell of us…,” he groaned and licked up my neck. “You smell divine.”

Twenty minutes later and a lot more getting dirty before we finally got ourselves clean, we stepped out of the bathroom dry and dressed, making our way to the front door.

As I reached for the doorknob, Eric called out my name causing me to turn around and look up at him.

“I want to remind you of a conversation we had after your accident.  Do you remember when I said that I act differently around vampires?” he asked.

“I do, and I understand,” I answered.

“We are going into a different state, a different area. I don’t want you to get upset if I have to act coldly with you.  Just feel me through the bond and know that I always love you.  You’re my everything, a part of my soul that I cherish every day.”

I scanned his emotions and his face looking to see if there was more to his words. Was he worried something was going to happen to one of us? Finding nothing but his worry that I would misinterpret his actions, I cupped his face and planted a sweet kiss to his full lips.

“I know, Eric, and I’ll remember.  You know that I love you more than anything, right?” I asked, locking my eyes with his.

“I do, my sweet Sookie,” he replied, his eyes and heart shining with emotion.

Tears welled up seeing and feeling how much he loved me. “You’re killing me, Eric,” I sniffed.

“I know. I’m very cute when I’m vulnerable.”

“You’re very cute all the time,” I said as we left our loft and headed to the elevator.

“Vampires are not cute, Sookie,” he said as if he was offended, but I knew better.

“Well, you are, and that’s all that matters to me,” I smiled sweetly at him.  “Don’t worry, I’m not going to run around and tell everyone how I think you’re cute and sweet.”

“Good,” he replied, pulling out of the garage.

“But I know the truth, and you are,” I said with a laugh.

Eric’s mouth twitched, but he said nothing in response.

It was only a few minutes later that we were pulling into Charlie’s driveway. Before we could even get out of the car both Charlie and Hauk came out with their luggage.

After placing it in the back, they got into the back seats, and we were on our way.  No one said a word as we made our way to Dallas until Charlie spoke up from the back.

“This is great!  I haven’t been on a road trip in years.”

Eric shook his head and looked over at me. “Yes, you can go shopping with your BFF, Charlie while we’re in Dallas.”

“I’m sure Quinn will love taking you two shopping,” Hauk chuckled from the backseat.

“You got ahold of him?” I asked Hauk.

“Yes, he’s coming from Memphis and will meet you at the hotel tomorrow when he arrives.”

“Sookie, I would prefer it if you didn’t go out during the day since we don’t know what we’re up against, but if you must, the tiger is to accompany you at all times.”

“And you trust Quinn?”

“That has yet to be seen,” Eric said and glanced over at me.  “If you are willing, I would like you to read him and see what his intentions are. If you clear him, I’ll then inform him what will happen if anything happens to you.”

I squeezed his hand and looked out the window.  Dallas, here we come.


~The End~

This is the end of Lover’s Amnesia, but the story will continue on with Lovers Always.

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  1. Weee – Godric!! 😀 (*I hope he’s his usual awesome self in this story BECAUSE GODRIC!)

    I think it’s sad that TB/SVM vampire canon has vampires portrayed as being so insecure that they have to act like cold, stern, “better than you” bosses to the humans they love, and that none of them seem to have the balls to break that cowardly tradition and just act normal.
    **BAD CH – BAD!!!** #justanotherreasontohateTheTwit

    Do Charlie and Hauk share a house?

    Well, poo – I guess their “honeymoon” stage is over, just very glad that Sookie was able to work on her telepathy before Godric got all gone and stuff.

    Oh, and: GODRIC!! YAY!! 😀

    1. Yes Godric has made it into the mix and so will a couple more characters but you knew that. 😉 Earlier in the chapter Sookie tells Eric he’s sweet and it acts like it bothers him, but she can feel that it really doesn’t. He knows he’s sweet to her, he’s just playing it up. I think secretly Hauk might be staying at Charlie’s house. Going to Dallas is kind of like part 2 of the story. I may need your help with some Godric stuff (I’m just lucky I’m not writing from his POV. I don’t think I could do it.)

      1. Awww, man, Godric’s POV is SO much fun! I love how sweet Eric is with Sookie – so cute! I can see Hauk and Charlie getting along really well. 😀

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  3. Oh, I hope Godric will be okay because I love him. I’m glad Sookie has good control over her shields and I hope Quinn can keep her safe. She and Eric are so freakin adorable!

    1. Godric will be okay if he wasn’t I think Meridian might not be my friend anymore. LOL. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone I just gave out that secret. I don’t know how long it will take for them to find him. 🙂

      1. Meridian will still be your friend! If she gives you a hard time about anything happening to Godric (as if), I’ll hack her blog & mix up her story chapters… Just kiddin’! Ya’ll knows I wouldn’t ever do somethin’ so nasty! hehehe!

      1. Well, you saw how long it took me to read Amnesia…a chapter here and there, so I don’t blame you for not having time for the monster that is NN. Lol.

  4. So glad you are back with a new chapter! “I know. I’m very cute when I’m vulnerable.” Lol! Loved it!!
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  5. Love it!!! NAND shucks, I’m going to have to reread some of your stories… Well skim, but that’s reading for me when I read something for the umpteenth time!! Love the story, and I admit, I did a tiny squeal, cause you know…. Godric!!

    1. I know… Godric. I’m starting to feel the pressure of having to write him. Dallas should be interesting. 🙂

  6. I have one complaint about this story, and it happens in every single chapter. It ENDS! I get the the end way too soon. I like Hauk more and more. So, do Hauk and Charlie have a thang, or are they just friends?

    1. I understand about chapters ended. Hopefully it won’t take me very long to write the next chapter. You’ll just have to wait and see about Hauk and Charlie. 😉

  7. I did the happy dance when I got the alert you had posted another chapter of this story. I love the way you have shown that even thought she hasn’t gotten her memories back, she still fell in love with him again. (but we are talking about Eric Northman, so how could she not?). I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Godric and Dallas.

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    1. Quinn will be good. No worries. At least that’s the plan. Alcide was supposed to be good to but that didn’t happen the way I planned either. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you’ve finally had to read my story and enjoy the characters that I’ve added. There will a couple more for everyone to meet in Dallas.

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  12. Awesome! I wasn’t too sure about it at first, just cause Sookie was (understandably) so confused and lost, but I stuck through and am I glad that I did! Great story, I especially like Charlie- he’s funny! Definatly gonna be reading the sequal!

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