I felt Eric’s body stiffen, and his grip tightened, but I was too stunned to respond.

“You were a fairy?” I asked in astonishment once my wits returned.

He gave me a slight nod and a sly smile.  “Indeed, I was.”

“How long have you been a vampire?” I asked without thinking. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I instantly said, covering my mouth.

“That’s alright.  I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine,” he said, smiling mischievously.

“You will answer her question before asking your own,” Eric stated his mouth in a thin line.  “I will decide if she will answer.”


“If you are telepathic then you will know the answer.”

“You found yourself a smart mate,” Hauk stated, smiling at me.

Eric pulled me closer as if the once upon a time fairy was a threat.

Hauk looked back and forth between us with a wicked smile on his face before he finally spoke.  “I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”

“Why should we trust you?” Eric asked warily.

“If I wanted, I could have told the Queen about her last night,” Hauk sneered at Eric.

“You couldn’t tell her without Her Majesty discovering your own talents,” Eric replied.  “So why help us?  Help her?”

“I was turned against my will for my ability and my blood.  I’ve only been free from my Maker for a very short period of time. I don’t want that to happen to your wife.”

“That’s horrible,” I whispered.

“You’re already blocking your mind from your wife so I cannot read what you are thinking.  As for your wife, you’ll have to trust that I won’t read her mind.  I came here to help you, not cause any problems.”

I felt the minute change of Eric’s body relax when he heard the news.  I wasn’t sure if he was relieved the former fairy couldn’t read him or wouldn’t read me.  It must have been me he was worried about because he was already blocking his thoughts.

I would need to learn to build up my shields before I could go out in public again.  It was just one of the many things that terrified me.  If the pain from last night was any indication of what my life would be like without shields when I was near people, then I might never leave the house.

What scared me the most was hearing the thoughts of vampires. I learned that there weren’t very many vampires that were as nice as Eric.  He liked to remind me that he was nice to Pam and me, but no others.  Vampires don’t think like humans or hybrids like me, and I wouldn’t want to know their thoughts.

“I’m seven hundred and fifty years old.  Now that I’ve answered yours, it’s time for me to ask mine,” he said looking at me.  “How is it you were able to maintain your mental barriers?” he asked.

I felt Eric’s assurance that it was safe for me to answer.  I knew that he didn’t trust many, and he didn’t want me to give anything important away.

“Back in January, I was in a car accident during the day.  I was unconscious with broken bones, bruises; I almost died from a head injury.  As soon as Eric could leave, he came to the hospital and gave me his blood.  It healed all my physical injuries with the exception of my head.  When I woke up, I couldn’t remember anything.”

I squeezed Eric’s hand when I felt a dash of his sadness. I looked over at him to see a small smile on his face.

I knew that he would always be sad that I couldn’t remember what we had before, but that’s all it was.  He was happy now that I had fallen in love with him again.  We were husband and wife in every way, and he loved teaching me all the ways we could please each other.

“You remember nothing?” Hauk asked in surprise, taking me from my thoughts.

“I remember what has happened since the accident, but not before.  Is there any way you can unlock my memories as you did my shields?”

Hauk regarded me for a moment before slowly shaking his head “I’m afraid not,” Hauk replied.

“Oh,” I said with a frown.  “It was worth a shot.”  The arm Eric had wrapped around my waist moved to rub up and down my back as he sent his love and comfort to me, along with his reassurance that with or without my memories he loved me.

“How were you able to penetrate her shields and disable them? Did you know that you would cause her pain when you invaded her mind and shields?”  Eric’s tone was low and dark; there was no mistaking the protectiveness and displeasure coming off of him.

I could feel that he wanted to attack the man who had caused me so much pain.  Putting my hand on his arm, I rubbed up and down trying to soothe him until he settled.

“I had no idea that it caused her any pain.  For that I am sorry,” he said sincerely looking at me.  I gave him a nod and a small smile as I continued to try and keep Eric from attacking.   “As for how, I don’t know.  I’ve never met another telepath before.  The only reason I attempted to try and project to her was that I could tell she’s part Fae, and I was wondering what she was doing with vampires.  When I tried to project to her, I came upon her shields. It was nothing I’d ever experienced before.  I had to push harder each time I projected toward her, but I could tell she was getting my thoughts.”

“How?” Eric snarled.

“I was watching closely each time I projected to her and saw as her eyes moved around as if she was seeking someone, perhaps the one she was hearing in her head?    I couldn’t make myself known last night with the Queen there.  If she discovered what we could do, she would never let us go.”

“Why did you say I’ll need my telepathy and why help me?” I asked. I couldn’t figure out either of these questions.  It seemed as if my life could only be more complicated with my telepathy.

“You’ll need it because the Fellowship is becoming a powerful threat,” he replied with a serious tone.

“Do you expect her to help you now that you have released it?” Eric asked, his body tensing up once again.

“No, I can take care of myself,” Hauk sneered. “I only want her to be able to help herself and you if it’s what she decides.”

“Why would I not help, Eric?  He’s my husband.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “You lost your memories, and it hasn’t been long since your accident.  You don’t have to stay with him,” his eyes glanced at Eric and then back to me, “if you don’t want to stay.”

“Of course, I want to stay!  I wouldn’t be with him if I didn’t want to,” I said, barely holding back my anger.

“Are you sure you want to be with him and that he’s not influencing you?  I can tell that you’re bonded.  Do you know what that means?”  he asked.  It seemed as if he was truly worried that I could have been manipulated into my own feelings.

“I do know what it means, and he’s not manipulating me,” I replied earnestly.  Hauk gave me a skeptical look, and I knew there was nothing that I could do to make him believe me.  He wasn’t there when I woke up; he’d never know how scared I was to not know who or where I was.  Eric waking up when he felt how scared I was, how patient he was with me and all my questions.  Taking me to New Orleans to have a witch fix my hair when I freaked out.  How he was willing to let me go if it would make me happy even if it made him miserable.  Protecting me when the Fellowship of the Sun shot at us and not wanting to take my blood even when it would help him heal.  Keeping his side of the bond blocked off to keep me from being overwhelmed, but never shutting my side off.  Being worried that one day I’d want to have kids, and he could never impregnate me.   Always putting my feelings before his no matter how hard it was for him.  Making sure that I didn’t do something that I’d regret.  Helping me learn how to cook again, hiring Charlie, and making me Valentine’s dinner and screwing it up.  Making love to me the first time and how special he’s always made me feel.  Feeling his always present love for me and trying to hide how much it hurt him when I didn’t love him.

Hauk looked stunned for a brief second before he schooled his features.  I was happy that it seemed he was blocking himself from me so that I couldn’t hear his thoughts. I didn’t want to know what he was thinking.


“I appreciate your concern but, believe it or not, my husband’s a good guy.”

Hauk scoffed at my words.  “There are many things known about Eric Northman in the Supe world, and few rumors mention a “nice guy” image.  His fairness is legendary but so is his tendency to kill first, ask questions later.”

“That may be true, but,” I clasped my hand with Eric’s. “He treats me with love and respect.  My husband treasures what we have together, and that’s what counts.  He tries to keep all the bad from the Supe world away from me as best as he can which I know is difficult considering he’s a Sheriff.   I don’t doubt my love for him nor his love for me.”  I felt Eric’s pride flowing over me, making me smile.

Hauk’s lips curled into a genuine smile.  “I can tell that you believe what you are saying, and you have not been glamoured to think so.”

Eric’s fury ignited quickly upon hearing that the former fairy had been reading my mind.

Hauk held his hands up in surrender feeling the tension in the room.  It felt as if the temperature had dropped along with Eric’s mood.

“I only read her mind to make sure that she had not been glamoured into being with you,” he defended his actions to Eric. “What I found I never thought was possible for a vampire to have,” he said in awe.

“Even if she could be glamoured I would never glamour her,” Eric snapped.

“You cannot be glamoured?” Hauk asked astounded.

“No,” I said shaking my head.  “According to Eric, I’ve never been able to be glamoured.”

“So you have tried to glamour her,” Hauk accused.

Eric snarled at him before he spoke, his fangs snapped down.  “I tried once not long after we first met.  She found out what I was before the Revelation.  You would have done the same.”


Hauk raised an eyebrow. “How long have you two been together?”

“We have been married for four years and together for over five,” Eric responded.

“Really? I’m amazed he didn’t kill you when you couldn’t be glamoured.  You’re a lucky woman.  How long have you been bonded?”

“Since the night of our wedding,” I replied.  “Why are you asking us all these questions?”

“It’s very uncommon for a vampire to be with a human for so long especially without the human being manipulated by blood or glamour.”  He paused before slightly shaking his head.  “The two of you surprise me and believe me when I say that is not a common occurrence.”

“No, I know. You vampires are rarely surprised,” I said gesturing toward him and Eric.  “I’ve heard all about it.”

“I guess you have,” he said with a grin, looking over at Eric.  “Do you hide nothing from her?”

“Bloodlust and pain,” he replied before shaking his head.  “I have no reason to hide anything.   All the vampires in my Area know my wife and my rules.  My Area is run efficiently, and we have no problems.” Eric words were filled with heat.

“I have heard this was a very good Area to live.  Unfortunately until recently I had no choice as to where I could reside.  The vampires of your Area must notice a change in your wife,” Hauk concluded.

Eric tipped his head, “They know that she was in an accident where she almost lost her life.  Sookie is very well liked due to her treatment of Supes, and they are as loyal to her as they are to me.”

“You didn’t answer my question.  Why are you asking us all these questions?” I asked, getting frustrated.

“I want to know what you two are like, how close you are…”

“Why?” Eric asked impatiently, his fangs down and gleaming in the light.

“I want to help your wife,” he said before turning and looking at me.  “I want to help you, Sookie.”

“Why would you want to help me?” I asked quietly.

“You’re going to need your telepathy and help to learn how to use your shields now that you’ll be able to read anyone with whom you come into contact.  You’ll need help learning how to filter through the thoughts of a crowd. I feel a kinship with you as a fellow Fae and telepath.

“As for why, I don’t want what happened to me to ever happen to another. After I had been turned, my telepathy was ten times stronger than when I was alive.  Unlike you, I could only hear other Fae and humans until I was turned, but that wasn’t the only change.  I can hear for miles now without my shields, and I know what it’s like to have no shields. When I was still Fae, the vampire who turned me realized what I was and glamoured me.  He gave me his blood so that he could always find me and commanded me to never use my shields.”

I gasped, “How horrible!”

Hauk curtly nodded, “It was.  He was paranoid about everyone around him.  We lived in a nest, and he was afraid one of the other’s humans would somehow kill him.” He shook his head.  “It made no sense.  He had glamoured them all and yet he still didn’t trust anyone around him, human or vampire.  I was never left alone with my own thoughts, and once I was turned, I hadn’t used my shields in so long I could barely remember how. The increases in my telepathy made it very difficult for me to function until I could maintain control.  I don’t want you to suffer, Sookie.”

“I’m going to need help,” I said, my words laced with worry toward Eric.

“I know you are,” he replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulders before kissing my temple.

I looked over at Hauk and thought over everything he had said.  I knew that Eric would try to help to the best of his ability, but I believed that I’d get the best help from a fellow telepath.

“How do I know that I can trust you?” I asked him.

“I can let you read my mind,” he countered.

“Just because you think it does not make it so.  You’ve had centuries to perfect your lies and telepathy,” Eric answered.

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me,” Hauk said in a most innocent tone.

Eric could only scoff.  I hated that we couldn’t trust the only person who could help me.

“Perhaps you would trust me if I gave you some information that no one else knows and if they did, it would make me a very hot commodity.”

“What would that be?” Eric and I asked in unison.

“I’m a daywalker,” Hauk replied with a flourish.





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