I awakened still snuggled up to Eric’s side, but I could tell that we weren’t alone. Whoever was in the room was asleep.  Turning my head to look over my shoulder, I saw Quinn slumped over in a chair, asleep.

What the hell was he doing in here? If Eric woke up for the night and found Quinn in here, he might just end his life.

“Hauk,” I called out telepathically.

“Sookie, are you okay?” He asked, responding immediately.  

“I’m fine. I was just wondering why I woke up to Quinn in my room.”

“I guess he doesn’t like his job and wants to die,” he chuckled.  “I don’t know why. Haven’t seen him all day. Why don’t you ask him?”

“He’s asleep in the corner.”

“Wake his ass up before your husband ‘wakes’ for the night.”

“What time is it?” I asked. I hadn’t brought my phone or anything else down with me last night, and I didn’t see a clock.  Vampires seemed never to have clocks around.  I guess I wouldn’t either if I had an internal clock telling me the time of day or night.

“About twenty minutes until sunset,” Hauk replied.

“Eric should be up already,” I said as I started to panic. “He’s normally up around an hour before sunset.”

“That may be the case normally, but he was injured last night and needed to heal.  Don’t start worrying yet.”

“Too late.”

“Trust me. He’ll be fine until he finds a tiger in his resting place.”

“Should I try to wake him? Quinn, I mean,” I asked.

“Shit, I don’t know. I want to say yes, but what if you startle him and he attacks you or shifts? Don’t do anything unless he wakes up. If he does wake up, tell him to get the hell out of there!”

“What if you came in here?” I asked, thinking that it might be better if Hauk came in and woke him up or got him out of the room somehow.

“No, vampires don’t want anyone in their resting place, let alone two people. I don’t even know where you live. Do you think Eric wants me in the room while he’s asleep?”

“No, I guess not,” I replied.

“If you need anything, call for me. Otherwise, I’m staying out of there until he wakes up.”

“Thanks, Hauk.”

“No problem. Now stop worrying. I’d say get something to eat, but…”

“Since Quinn’s in here. Yeah, you know, I won’t leave him alone with Eric while he sleeps. I’m not leaving until Eric wakes up.”

“I know you’re not,” he sighed and then faded away.

I laid down as lightly as I could on Eric’s chest and wrapped my arm around him as I closed my eyes and waited for Eric to wake up.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, I heard voices whispering furiously. I knew it wasn’t Eric because he was still underneath me. There was no noise coming from his chest, and he still hadn’t moved.

Sitting up carefully so that I wouldn’t disturb Eric, I saw Pam only inches away from Quinn. The sight before me was comical. Quinn was around a foot taller and broader than Pam with his massive body, but it was as if she was looming over him as she threatened his life.

“Pam,” I called out quietly.

Quinn and Pam both stopped and turned their heads toward me with wide eyes.  Seeing these two almost made me giggle until I saw the worried look on Pam’s face.

Pam walked over to the bed, sat down beside me, and pulled me into a hug.  We were friends, good friends at that, but I never remembered Pam hugging me.

“What time is it?” I asked from her shoulder.

“Thirty minutes after sun down,” she replied as she pulled away and looked over at Eric.

“Shouldn’t he be awake by now?” I asked. My eyes raked over his bloody shirt as I counted four bullets holes.

“Give him time,” Pam said as she rose from the bed and placed a hand on my shoulder. “He needs time to heal. When he wakes, he’ll be fine.  Now,” she said while she turned toward Quinn, “why are you in my Master’s resting place?”

“I came to protect Sookie.  I wanted to make sure that your Master didn’t attack her when he rose for the night. My job’s to protect her,” he uttered defiantly.

“My Master would never hurt Sookie. Never. If he did attack her, do you really think you could have stopped him?  You’re no match for him,” she sneered.

“I sure as hell would have tried and I’m stronger than you’d like to recognize,” he spat back.

I could see that this could go on all night.  Luckily, my stomach let out a loud rumble causing both of them to look at me.

“You need to eat,” Pam said blandly, looking at me once again.

“I’ll eat after Eric wakes up. I want to be here when he wakes up,” I said, moving to be closer to his side.

“Sookie, he’s not going to like the fact that you starved yourself to sit by his side while he’s dead to the world.”

“You know I don’t like you saying that!” I looked over my shoulder at her with a glare.  “It doesn’t matter what you say, I’m not leaving,” I said, turning back to Eric.

“What if I bring some food to you?” Quinn said from across the room.  “I can smell that Charlie or someone is cooking upstairs and I know I could sure eat something.  I’ll make you a plate and bring it down.  Sound like a plan?”

“Thank you, Quinn.  I’d really appreciate it.”

“Not a problem. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he replied.

“I’m going to go see if Godric’s off the phone with Stan Davis and if he knows anything that will help us figure out who helped the humans capture him.  Call if you need anything,” Pam said, leaving me alone with my husband.

Looking down, he looked as he always did when he was sleeping.  He looked so peaceful except for the blood and his torn clothes.

I laid back down with my head on Eric’s chest as tears stung my eyes.  Deep down, I knew that Eric was going to be okay, but the fact that he hadn’t woken up yet let me know just how injured he’d become last night. Crawling up higher, I laid my head in the crook of his neck as my tears spilled over.  I’d only been silently crying for no more than two minutes when long, strong arms wrapped around me, and I was flooded with love, calm, and reassurance.

“Min älskade, don’t cry.  You know how I hate your tears,” he said softly into my hair as he hugged me tighter to him.

“Eric,” I breathed out with relief as I pulled out of his embrace to look at him.  I wanted to see his beautiful blue eyes and the life in them.

With a smile so broad it felt like my face might burst, my heart felt like it was about ready to leap out of my chest with how happy I was to hear his words, to feel his arms around me, and having the bond back. I sat on top of Eric and cradled his face in my hands.  Eric had a smile that lit up his face as he looked up at me.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” I asked, realizing that if he wasn’t fully healed, I might be causing him pain.

“No, dear one, you’re not hurting me.” His smile faded from his face.  “You’ve been upset for a quite some time.  Tell me,” he commanded softly as he pulled me down to lay on top of him.

“I’ve only been crying for a couple of minutes,” I mumbled into his chest.

“You cried before then. Your eyes are bloodshot and swollen, and your face is tear stained,” he said. His chest rumbled underneath my ear as one hand ran through my hair, and the other rubbed my back, soothing my frayed nerves.

“Last night,” I replied as tears sprang back up.  I closed my eyes so that no tears would escape. My arms tightened around him, threatening never to let him go.  “I was so worried about you.  You were unconscious, and you looked so…” I couldn’t continue without becoming upset and sobbing.

“It’s okay.  I understand.  No more crying.  I’m fine now,” he replied before he started to hum and continued to run his hand through my hair.

Laying on his chest, listening to the deep sound coming from his chest helped calm and relax me.

We stayed like that until Quinn walked into the room with a plate full of food. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that Eric was awake and growling at him.

“I didn’t know you were awake. Sorry, Sheriff. I brought Sookie something to eat since she didn’t want to leave your side until you woke up. Should I tell everyone that you’re awake?” He said as he placed a plate with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cornbread down on the nightstand.

Eric’s fangs had snicked down, and his grip on me had become tighter, but his growling had stopped.

“Let’s let Sookie eat before we meet with everyone. ” He sat up with me and then placed me down beside him on the bed before he reached over and handed me my plate of food.

“You need to eat,” he said to me in a tone where I knew there’d be no discussion.

“Since my lovely wife is eating for the first time today, maybe you can tell me why you’ve been in my resting place today and why Pam is here,” Eric said with narrowed eyes.

I could see Quinn visibly gulp as he took in Eric’s expression. He stood at the end of the bed and cleared his throat.

“Pam called Sookie’s phone after she felt pain coming from you, and then your Maker/Child bond fell silent. Sookie was in no state to be answering the phone if she even heard it,” he said, giving me a questionable look.

Eric looked over at me with concern but didn’t say anything.

“You should have told me how strong she is. It was all I could do to keep her back without harming her.”

“She does have the blood of a vampire who is over a thousand years old running through her.”

I looked down at my plate and continued to eat although I could feel both of their eyes on me.

“I’m not apologizing. You were hurt,” I finally replied, looking him dead in the eyes. “It better not ever happen again.”

“I wish I could promise you that, but forever is a long time to promise not to get hurt, Lover.”

After giving my temple a kiss, he looked at Quinn waiting for him to continue his story.

“I answered her phone because it kept going off and I thought it might be you, but it was Pam. She wanted to know what had happened. I finally got Sookie to talk to her. How Pam knew what she was saying is beyond me.”

“Were you in pain?” He asked. I could feel his regret and loathing at the thought of causing me pain.

“No, you were quick to turn it all off,” I promised him, shaking my head.

“She wasn’t in pain. She was fighting me, screaming, and crying. She informed Pam that you were hurt, she didn’t know what was going on and wanted her to come and help. That was when I saw Godric carrying you. I informed Pam I’d let someone know she was coming and she showed up just before dawn.”

I had finished inhaling my breakfast/lunch and had just put my plate back on the nightstand when Eric picked me up and placed me on his lap. I snuggled into his chest and our bond as he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck.

“I’m so sorry for putting you through that, dear one. I hate that you felt even an ounce of pain,” he said quietly in my ear.

“I know, and it’s okay,” I said, placing a kiss on his chest.  “It would have been so much worse if I wasn’t there, though.  I can’t imagine what I would have done if you had gone by yourself and…”

Eric enveloped me even more into his embrace, placing soft kisses along my neck.

“Would you like to be alone?” Quinn asked.

“Actually yes we would, but only after you explain to me why you’ve been in my resting place,” Eric said, lifting his head from my neck.

“Well,” Quinn started before he had to clear his throat. “My job is to protect her, and there was a… possibility that when you rose for the night,” he stopped talking for a moment when he saw my bad look.

Eric chuckled and rocked me back and forth. “Give him a break. He doesn’t know all of the things you don’t like said about vampires. He’s using common terminology.”

“You’re not dead,” I stated and went back to snuggling against his chest.

“Many would disagree with you, Lover,” he said with a small smile. His smile faded, and eyes narrowed as he turned back toward Quinn. “There’s nothing that would ever make me harm my wife, the woman who I’ve chosen to bond and pledge to,” he growled out, causing Quinn to take a step back.

“I understand that you don’t want to hurt her; I just wanted to be here in case…”

“You would not have been able to stop me even if I did attack her,” he snarled. His lips had curled up showing, even more, fang.

“I was only trying to do my job. If I were going to try to kill you, I wouldn’t do it while you’re dead for the day.  After seeing how much she cared about you last night, I would only kill you if I had no other choice.”

Feeling Eric’s whole body tense, I decided that Quinn had better get out of here before Eric killed him for saying the wrong thing.  It was sweet of Quinn to be worried about me, but he should have known that coming in here was a bad idea.

“Why don’t you tell the others that we’ll be up after Eric gets a shower and changed?” I said to Quinn, trying to give him an out from this situation.

“Sure. Charlie and I are going to go back to the hotel. Call us if you need anything,” Quinn said, keeping his eye on Eric. It seemed as if he had just realized his predicament.

“Check out of the hotel and get everyone’s luggage. We’ll all be here for the remainder of our stay. I’ll be showing Sookie the security system, and we won’t have to worry about intruders coming into our room.”

“Whatever you say, boss,” Quinn mumbled angrily as he walked out of the room.

“Would you like to join me in the shower?” Eric asked as he stood with me and carried me into the bathroom.

“Do I have a choice?” I giggled as I started to strip out of my clothes.

Promptly turning toward me, Eric cupped my face in his large calloused hands.

“You always have a choice. Always,” he said, becoming serious.

“I know I do,” I said, looking up into eyes that were begging me to see the truth. “I do.”

Reaching up on tippy toes, I kissed him slowly, pushing my love and trust for him through the bond.

“I love you, snugglesome hugglesome,” I said wanting to lighten the serious mood he was in and the mood we would all likely be in as we discussed what happened with Godric and Eric.

A smile lit up his face as he chuckled and pulled me into the shower.

“As I love you,” he proclaimed before claiming my lips in a deep kiss. Pulling back when I needed to breath, he grabbed some body wash and started to wash me until I caught his wrists in my hands and smiled up at him.

“I want to wash you and take care of you,” I said quietly as the memories of last night flickered through my mind.

He was still mostly dry with blood and dirt caked in places. I pushed him under the spray and then lathered my hands with soap.  My hands lightly washed away the blood from his now nonexistent wounds.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked as I moved to washing his rock hard stomach.

“You know you can ask me anything,” he lifted my chin with his index finger until I was looking up at him. “You never have to ask even if you’re afraid it may hurt me.”

“I know,” I said lightly, shaking my head. “I wasn’t thinking.  Sorry. I wanted to know why you’ve been showing your affection for me in front of Quinn.”

“It doesn’t make you uncomfortable, does it?” He asked, stopping my hands with his own.

“No, but you’ve always told me that you’d have to act differently in front of others, and I thought it would include him,” I explained.

Leaning down Eric planted a sweet, tender kiss on my lips before he let go of my hands and straightened to his full height. I continued to wash away the dirt and grime as I waited for him to speak.

Grabbing the body wash, Eric once again started to clean my shoulders and back.

“I see no reason to hide how I feel about you in front of the Tiger.  If he is to be your bodyguard then he will be around frequently, and we shouldn’t have to hide how we feel or act toward one another,” he explained as his hand moved down in between my legs.

“Me neither,” I moaned out as he dipped one finger inside of me.

“The time for talking is over,” he said as he hiked my leg around his hip and pushed me against the cold shower wall.

I let out a small shriek and my back arched away from the cold wall before Eric picked me up by my thighs and impaled me with his thick, hard erection.

I locked my arms around his neck and threw my head back at the sensation of being completely filled by him.  Eric kept his thrusts long and slow as he’d pull out almost to the tip before slowly filling me again with each delicious inch of his magnificent cock.




“Pam is waiting very impatiently upstairs, so we should hurry before she decides to temporarily forget that you don’t appreciate her seeing you naked,” he said as he pulled on a t-shirt and watched me try to frantically get dressed.

“You’ll tell me if she’s coming, right?” I asked worriedly. Someone had put a change of clothes out both Eric and I. Unfortunately for me they were only a pair of boxers and t-shirt, so I had to wear yesterday’s bra and underwear.

“I won’t let her in if she tries,” he replied as he watched me get dressed.

I quickly threw on the clothes that were left out and pulled my hair in a ponytail until our luggage arrived.

I walked over to Eric, and he spread his legs for me to stand in between them. He hugged me to him as he lay his head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him as best as I could, and we stayed that way for a few moments in silence as we enjoyed the closeness of each other and the feelings of our bond.

Eric was the first to disengage, and I gave him a fake pout as I stepped away.

“The faster we get upstairs and everyone’s up to date then the quicker we can enjoy ourselves later,” he said as he rose from the bed and held out his hand for me.

“I’ll hold you to it,” I responded, taking his hand and lacing our fingers together.  We quickly made our way upstairs and to the living room where Godric, Pam, and Hauk were waiting.

The front door swung open with Charlie carrying a couple of suitcases and Quinn loaded down with the rest.

“You can set everything down there,” Godric motioned to the wall, “and join us. We’re just about ready to begin.”

“I see you finally decided to grace the rest of us with your presence,” Pam said irritability when she caught sight of us.

“I’m sorry, Pam. I didn’t mean to monopolize his time. You should have come down to see Eric,” I replied.  I hadn’t thought about how Pam would feel.  Of course, she would have wanted to see Eric once he was up for the night.  My eyes filled with tears as I thought about how selfish I had been.

Eric pulled me down onto his lap in one of the chairs that weren’t already occupied.

“No more tears, dear one.  You have nothing to feel bad about.  Pam knew that I was fine and was only trying to embarrass you since it took us so long to make it upstairs.  She’s the one who should feel badly for upsetting you,” he explained as he wiped away a tear that had escaped.

“I had no idea she’d react this way,” Pam said with shock.

“Last night was difficult, and Sookie’s still a little emotional, but we need to talk about what happened last night and when Godric was taken,” Eric said, pulling me back to his chest.

“Yes, what happened? How did you… what happened to you?” Pam asked looking at Eric.

“I had killed three of the five humans who were guarding Godric with no problem. I released Godric and gave him the blood I had brought for him to drink. Once he had finished off the blood, we set out to kill the remaining two at the front of the building. There must have been an alarm that I triggered as I made my way to where Godric was being held.

“I was in the lead when they started shooting at us, and I pushed Godric into the room we had just passed. I knew he wasn’t fully recovered and thought I’d have no problem taking out two humans. They had semi-automatic rifles that I thought were shooting regular bullets. That was until I got shot by one. These were no ordinary weapons. They were wooden bullets encased with silver and silver bullets that somehow had UV light in them. I killed the first human after I had gotten shot, and then the second guard pulled out some sort of UV flashlight and pointed it in my face, making it so I couldn’t see and was getting burned as he shot at me.

“Godric came out and killed him before I received a wooden bullet to the chest. The next thing I knew, I was ‘waking up’ tonight, at Godric’s, and Pam’s here.”

After a moment of silence, Eric asked, “Who’d you leave in charge of Fangtasia and Area Five on such short notice?”

Pam and the rest of us except Godric sat dumbfounded for a few moments as we let the information we had just heard sink in. How had they come up with these weapons and who had helped them? Could the Fellowship alone have pulled this off?

“Thalia’s in charge and everyone knows not to fuck with her,” Pam said almost smugly.

“Did you tell her not to kill anyone? I can’t have her killing anyone who makes her angry,” Eric responded.

“Of course I did.”

“Good. I’ll need to inform Sophie-Ann that I’ve left Thalia in charge until we are back in the Area.”

“Just how long is that going to be?” Pam asked, looking at her nails.

“Until we catch whoever abducted Godric.”

“How did they manage to capture you, Godric?” Hauk asked.

Godric looked at each one of us and then let out a deep sigh, “I had just risen for the night and was lax in checking my surroundings. The alarm was fine, it hadn’t been triggered in any way,” he said, shaking his head. “When I opened the door to come upstairs they were waiting for me. If I didn’t change the downstairs code every few days, it’s possible they could have gotten down there as well. You should all know that my security has already been upgraded and anyone who’s staying will have to be added to the system. There are also different levels. If you’re not a vampire, it will not let you downstairs without the authorization of a vampire also putting in his or her code directly after yours.”

I understood why he had set up this level of security, but I didn’t like what it meant for me.

“Don’t worry, Sookie,” Godric said kindly to me. “You have honorary vampire status here. We all know you’d never harm us unless we intended harm on your Bonded.”

“Thank you for the honor, Godric. I understand the level of security, but I was worried I wouldn’t get to sleep with Eric.”

Godric gave me a soft smile and a nod.

“I think you’re the only human who wants to sleep in bed with a vampire,” Charlie snorted. “No offense,” he said, cringing as he looked around the room full of mostly vampires.

“Most vampires would never let a human into their actual bed, let alone allow them to stay in their resting place,” Pam said with a disgusted look on her face.

Pam did not think highly of most humans and couldn’t imagine trusting one enough to let into her bed; she had told me. Unless it was me and she knew, Eric nor I would ever go for it.

“What else can you tell us about the night you were abducted?” Eric asked, wanting to get us back on track.

“They had guns, silver nets, and some sort of portable UV lamps.  They turned on the lamps as I opened the door and then threw the nets on me.  I was incapacitated after that, and then I was hauled off into a car that was parked in the garage,” Godric explained.

“If they got into the garage and the house they had to have a way in, your security codes, something,” Eric replied trying to reason out how they had gotten in.  “When we arrived and checked the house, I got the scent of four humans and one vampire that smelled familiar to me, but I haven’t been able to place who it was.  Did you by any chance get a look at who it was?”

Godric was quiet as he stared out the window for a minute. When he looked back at Eric, I could see the betrayal, anger, and sorrow on his face.  Whoever it was, it was someone close to him.  Too bad I couldn’t remember anything about the ancient vampire to even give me a hint at who it could possibly be.

“You know who it was,” Eric stated as his body tensed up.  I could feel that he wanted to find whoever it was and torture them for what they’d done to Godric.  All our eyes were on the young looking, but ancient vampire.

“Who was it?” Eric asked when it didn’t seem as if Godric was going to let us in on who had betrayed him.




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    1. Yay! I’m so glad it puts a smile on your face. I just finished reading what Meridian has for The Reveal of Andre and it did the same thing so it makes me happy that my story does the same for you.

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      1. Sure, I get that Quinn was concerned, and for a change, I did LIKE that about him. I rarely like anything about him! LOL! Nora being the traitor is a HUGE surprise! Never in a Viking’s thousand years would I have expected her! “Oh, the cleverness of you!”

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