My eyes popped open and swept the dark room, but found no one but my Viking, who was nestled in at my back with his arm across my hip and his hand underneath my nightgown and laying on my stomach.

Confused I shifted until I could reach my phone and saw that it was only a little after ten a.m. Usually, I slept until the early afternoon, and I had been up until dawn with a very amorous vampire, so I had no idea what had woken me so early.

From what little I gathered after Eric showed back up at the safe house after only being gone for a little over an hour, there wasn’t much of a meeting. During that time, Eric had our bond muted to the point that I only knew that he was alive.  I would have been more worried, but Pam had sent me a text stating that everything was fine. She even promised on all her shoes that I had nothing to worry about.

I wasn’t sure if I ever worried this much before I had amnesia, but I had a feeling that I did.  How could I not have? I loved Eric with everything I had in me and I had less than a years worth of memories with him. I couldn’t imagine what I’d feel as the years progressed. Although it seemed that our lives up until my amnesia were relatively drama free with the exception of when vampires revealed themselves to the public and opening up Fangtasia, even then it sounds like life was busy but relaxed.

When Eric arrived last night, I had barely uttered a sound before his lips crashed against mine and everyone scurried from the room. One hand fisted in my hair as the other grabbed my ass and pulled me up against him. Using his vampire speed, we were in the room we were staying in and undressed. I never had a chance to question what was going on. Once I had caught my breath and could remotely use my limbs again, Eric was once again silencing my moans with his talented mouth until just after dawn.


All thoughts of last night disappeared after hearing Hauk calling to me.

“Hauk, are you okay?” I asked cautiously.

“Delightfully fine after that pleasant memory,” He answered with a chuckle.


“I’m sorry. I should have interrupted you, but it was just too good. That was incredible. I could even sense your emotions. You are one lucky lady.“

“Was there a reason you woke me up?” I asked irritatedly.

“Yes, and it’s crucial. Can you come to my room?”

“Why your room?

“I don’t want the others to hear,” he explained simply.

“Okay. Give me a few minutes.”

In my rush to take care of my human needs, I tripped and stubbed my toe hard enough that I thought I saw Eric flinch in his sleep. It was either that or my rapidly blinking eyes were playing tricks on me.  Either way, I slowed down and tried not to disturb Eric.  It was too early in the morning, and I didn’t want anything to delay my time with my Viking tonight.

After disengaging our door, I quietly made my way down the hall toward Hauk’s room. If he didn’t want anyone to know whatever he wanted to talk about, then I didn’t want Quinn to know that I was up and making my way to Hauk’s room. Although if he were awake he probably would have heard me. Luckily, he was sound asleep as was everyone else in the house.

Before I could knock on the door, the door opened with a nervous Hauk standing behind it.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I stepped inside.

He replied with a tense smile, “I’m fine, but I have something I want to talk to you about. Let’s sit, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Covering a yawn with my hand, I sat on one of the chairs. Hoping this wouldn’t take long, I gave Hauk my full attention.

“I don’t know what Eric’s told you about our nightly meetings, but we have yet to come up with a way to kill Marcus without one of us going down with him.  He’s too old and powerful. Although I do think Eric would offer up Thortin after the last few nights.” Hauk’s knowing grin made me want to ask what had happened last night, but I was too tired for curiosity.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” I said interrupting him. “but are you going somewhere with this?  I’ve only had a few hours asleep, and I’d really like to go back to sleep. Don’t you need more sleep?” I asked hoping the answer was yes so we could both go back to bed.

“After I’m done with what I need to tell you, I don’t think we will be getting much sleep today.”

“You shouldn’t have woke me without making coffee.” Another yawn escaped, and this time, I didn’t try to hide it.

“If I made coffee, I’m afraid it would rouse all the humans and your bodyguard, and I need them to stay asleep for a little longer.”


“And why is that?”

“I’m hoping you will agree to go on a little field trip with me today. One that no one can know about.”

“I won’t hide anything from Eric no matter what it is,” I replied trying to keep calm. Hauk knew how close Eric and I were. I couldn’t believe…

“Sookie, relax,” Hauk said placing his hand lightly on my knee. “Tonight you can tell Eric, but for now, no one knows.  For now, just hear me out. I think you’ll agree.”

“As long as I can tell Eric it should be all right,” I responded more hopeful.

“We’ll see about that. So Marcus doesn’t ever stay at any of his residences that we know about. He’s constantly on the move which is smart. It’s what I’d do if a band of vampires that I was trying to kill found out I was after them.  Any vampire could glamour any human to break into a house and kill him.”

“He has security, though, right?” I asked. Marcus wouldn’t be that stupid.

“Yes, a human couldn’t get past his security, but a day-walking vampire and his fairy hybrid friend could,” he finished with a weak smile.

“You want for you and me to kill him? Are you crazy? If the five of you can’t figure out a way to kill him and not get killed, how do you expect me and you to kill him?”

Maybe Hauk was delirious from not going to sleep?

Had he drunk tainted blood?

Maybe Thortin was poisoning them and working with Marcus?

Hauk’s rumbling laughter broke me out of my thoughts. “Sookie,” he laughed out and wiped away a blood tear. “No one’s poisoning anyone or drinking tainted blood. I don’t even know if it’s possible for me to become delirious from no sleep. Don’t you want all this to be over? You and your husband can travel. You could visit where you had your honeymoon and so many more places starting tomorrow if we stopped this today.  I know you want that. I know you miss Eric, and this whole ordeal has been hard on you. He knows it too, and he’s trying his hardest to try and come up with the right plan, but I don’t think there will ever be a plan that’s better than the opportunity we’ve got right now. Today is our one chance to get to Marcus.”

Hauk knew just what to say to get me to agree with just about anything.  I wasn’t sure it had been that obvious that I was miserable or if Hauk had been inside my head during our stay, either way, he was right.

“Tell me what you know that makes you think we can do this.”

“The Sheriff would be proud of you,” Hauk said with a genuine smile. “Even though you want this, you’re not going to do something stupid. We have people at all of his known resting places, and they report in every morning if he’s there or not. They leave a message; I listen to them after I rise since I’m up the earliest, and then I let everyone know what was reported. Every night I have the same message for them, he didn’t show up at any of the places we are aware of. He’s been like a ghost until last night.”

Really? Now that had my attention.

“This morning I listened to all the messages, and there was one saying that Marcus had stayed at one of the houses that we’re keeping an eye on.  His only security is two Weres that are stationed outside, and they’ll be patrolling until sundown. Now if I eliminate the outside security, I think I’ve come up with a way to bypass his inner security,” he explained.

“How can we bypass his security?”

“While I deal with the Weres, I want you to keep a lookout and your shields down.  Once they are taken care of, I’ll maintain a lookout while you… I’m not sure about this, I mean Sookie, you are so sweet and kind, and I don’t want to taint you or make you regret it later.”

“If this will make Eric, you, and everyone else safe from that crazy Marcus I won’t regret it,” I promised.

“You may feel that way now, but that could all change tomorrow, next week, or a year from now.  Plus your husband is not going to be happy about this.”

“You’re right that Eric will be upset, but if this is the first time he’s been in any of the houses you know about since we’ve been here this could be our only shot for quite some time. What do you need me to do?” I asked wondering what he’d want me to do and if I would one day regret it.

“I’ve been thinking for hours and couldn’t find any other way for me not to include you.  I would if I could. I do not want the wrath of Eric Northman to reign down on me, but I see no other way. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. I’d lay down my life for yours.”

I believed Hauk and not only because I could read his mind. I was beyond touched that he would even think it let alone state it.

“What do I need to do?”

“Set the house on fire,” he replied instantly.

“Wouldn’t he have preventive measures against fire?” I asked knowing that from what little knowledge I had of our house and Godric’s that the bedrooms ‘resting places’ were fire proof.

“You would think with all his evasive maneuvers over the last few weeks, but from what we’ve found about that particular residence, it doesn’t. He doesn’t stay there often, and he must think we know nothing about it. As far we can tell he doesn’t even know that we are here in El Paso. We got lucky!”

“Where does he think we are?” I asked confused. This guy had been out to kill us, and now he didn’t know where we were?

“That we do not know, and if you think this is a trap don’t worry about it, we’ll be able to read it from the Weres, and if for some reason you cannot set the house on fire then we’re done. We’ll come back, and no one will be the wiser,” he stated.

“If we’re going to do this we need to leave before Charlie, Quinn or Mason wake up. I don’t want to have to explain to them why we’re leaving or have to lie to them. I don’t think I’m a very good liar,” I said with my nose scrunched up.

I had good reason to believe that I was a bad liar. Pam had informed me that I used to have the best poker face, but now if I read something I didn’t like you could see it plain as day or night as she put it, on my face. I had tried to avoid answering her questions about why Eric had been unhappy lately. I attempted to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about since I didn’t want to discuss it with anyone and I even tried to lie about it. Once. She laughed in my face about how obvious it was that I had lied. I didn’t want to lie to her, but she wouldn’t drop the subject. Luckily Eric told her to drop it.

Hauk laughed but sobered at my incredulous look before speaking.

“We can go as soon as you get ready and have enough coffee in you to function.  How does that sound?”

“Sounds good, but I have to admit I’m nervous. If we run into trouble…”

“I’ll protect you with my life. I’d give up my day-walking secret if it protected you. Don’t worry, my friend,” Hauk vowed. “What else are you nervous about?” he asked quietly.

“Eric,” I whispered. “I know that he’s going to be beyond mad that I’m doing this with you, but if we can stop Marcus, no one gets hurt besides the bad guys, and we can move on with our lives, I can’t say no. I want to go home and travel with my husband. I’m being selfish.”

“You are far from selfish and once Eric calms down he’ll see that you were in no danger and be happy that he can finally show you the world. I still can’t believe he paid all that money to get out of his contract. If Sophie-Ann weren’t in need of money, she would have made it a hell of a lot harder for her favorite Sheriff to buy out his contract.” Shaking his head, he smiled at me with softness. “Actually, I can believe that he’d pay to be able to spend his every minute with you anywhere you wanted. The mighty Northman would do anything for you. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d never believe it.”

“Is it really that big of a deal?” I asked getting up. I was in serious need of coffee if we were going to be leaving anytime soon. I was equal amounts of excited that I could do this for my vampires and scared that something would happen, and either Hauk or I would get hurt or killed. Hauk didn’t know about Eric and I being bound unless he’d read it from me, but I’d always been sure to block my thoughts when I thought about anything to do with us being bound. I trusted Hauk, but I’d learn for Eric that I shouldn’t trust him with everything. What if he found out we’re bound and killed me to kill Eric? Did I think that could happen? No, but, I couldn’t risk myself with the knowledge that I’d be putting Eric in danger also. Even if we weren’t bound, I couldn’t do that to Eric. He’d already lost me once. Tears filled my eyes with the remembrance of how much Eric was hurt after my accident.

“Sookie, if you feel so strongly about going we won’t go,” Hauk murmured with a gentle hand on my arm.

“It’s not that. I was…” I took a deep breath. “I was thinking about Eric after my accident. You know how worried he was when we trained, and he wasn’t with me. I don’t ever want to do anything like that to him again. He may act like it, but he’s not over my accident.”

“I do know how much he worries about you. It took him six months for us to be able to meet without him. I have to believe he trusts me more now than he did then.”

“I don’t see how he can’t. You didn’t have to come and put your life on the line, and you helped save Godric,” I replied.

“Go,” Hauk said while motioning me out of the room.  “We can talk in the car, but we really should get out of the house before everyone wakes up. If they had any idea what we’re up to they’d try to talk us out of it.”

“I’d ask you to make me coffee since you’re quieter than I am, but I doubt you know how. Do you think the smell will wake them up?”

“Possibly,” he answered. “How about we pick you up some coffee and breakfast on our way?”

“Perfect! Let me get dressed really quick and I’ll meet you out at the car.”


Hauk and I had been sitting in my SUV for a little over an hour listening to the Weres that were patrolling the house and anyone else in the vicinity that we could pick up. Which was no one. The house we were staking out was out in the middle of nowhere with its nearest neighbor about five miles away.  We wanted to make sure no one was expected to show up, but I was starting to get antsy.

“I think you may have had too much coffee,” Hauk remarked from the driver’s seat.

“I’m sorry,” I said and stopped bouncing my leg up and down. “I want to get this over and done with. I didn’t realize how far away the house would be. By the time we get back to the safe house, it will be close to the time Eric gets up. If he wakes up and I’m not there, he’s going to freak out.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Hauk chuckled.

“Then let’s do this.”

“Okay. Okay,” he replied with his hands up in surrender. “I’ll drop the gas when I reach the first Were, and you take if from there. Remember to wear the gloves I gave you, and after you start the fire, I’ll meet you at the tree line. If anything happens, anything at all, you call me.”

“I promise.”

I barely had the words out of my mouth before I saw Hauk’s form zipping into the tree line. Following him, I ran until I spotted the red gas can sitting on the ground next to an unconscious man. Barely giving him a glance, I grabbed the can and started to circle the house and splash the exterior until I was sure I’d gone completely around it. Pulling out one of the matchbooks, I quickly pulled a match free and scrapped it against the strip that Hauk had shown me.


I tried, again and again,  and got nothing.

Of course, Hauk couldn’t show me exactly how to do it, and I couldn’t practice in the car. Neither of us wanted Hauk to go up in flames, and I honestly didn’t believe it would be difficult to strike a match.

Throwing the match down on the ground, I pulled another free. Closing the matchbook with the match inside on the strip, I swiped it through quickly. To my astonishment, it came out on fire.


Before the flame could reach my fingers, I threw the match against the house and watched as the flame spread until I could see nothing but fire. Yellow and red flames licked up to the roof as I felt the heat on my face.

I wanted to make sure that the whole house burned. I wasn’t taking any chances that it would go out, and Marcus would live to see another night. Quickly I moved around the house again, pulling out another match, lighting the match and then throwing it at the house as I watched another side become engulfed in flames. I continued to do this until the entire house was consumed by fire and I didn’t think my face could take another second of heat before I too started to burn.

Slowly I started to make my way toward the tree line but stopped when I heard a scream. It was the worst sound imaginable, and I knew that it was Marcus.  It didn’t last long. Only a couple of seconds but his howling cry was etched into my brain for the rest of my life.

Cool hands rounded my shoulders causing me to jump.

“Sookie, we need to go,” Hauk said in a whisper at my ear.

Nodding I turned back to the direction of the car and let Hauk lead me through the trees. After helping me into the car, Hauk remained silent for most of the way back to the safe house as I stared out the window and watched the scenery slip by. It was getting late and wouldn’t be long until Eric was up for the night. I had no idea how to tell him what we’d done and for the first time that I could remember I was scared of what Eric’s reaction would be.

“We did it,” Hauk said quietly from beside me. “You and I did what seemed impossible,” he said a little louder.

“I know,” I responded back just as quietly.

“Are you having second thoughts?”

“No, I’m happy that you are all safe now.”

“But?” he questioned.

“I killed someone today. Even if that someone was evil, I killed him so that my husband and my friends would be safe. It’s going to take some time for me to come to terms with what I’ve done and I need to do it before Eric wakes up.”

Patting my shoulder, Hauk gave me a grim smile. “Even though he’s going to be upset you’ll still be able to talk to your bonded. You know it’s wrong to kill people, but that’s all. Your bonded was born of a different time. A time when many of his people had already killed by the time they were fifteen years of age or younger. That was the norm back then, and it’s very normal for vampires to kill their enemies. Hell, some even kill just for fun or because they’re annoyed. In this day and age, you are allowed to protect yourself. It’s called self-defense.”

“It isn’t self-defense when you go and burn the person alive in their home,” I snapped.

“Not for humans it isn’t but it is for vampires. Marcus has been killing vampires of the last nine months all over the world and has gotten rid of almost all the ancient ones. He was coming after your husband, your friends, and you next. He only needed to find you. You heard what those Weres thought when they surrounded Godric’s house and what they and Marcus were going to do. Trust me this was self-defense,” he calmly explained.

“Do you think I’m being stupid?”

“No,” he replied instantly. “Before I was a vampire, I had seen many people die by my Master and then Maker, but I’d never killed anyone. The first time I killed, it wasn’t by my choosing it was by my Makers command. It was a needless death that was spurred on by his paranoia. He wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to plead with him that the woman was of no danger to us, but he wouldn’t see reason. First he made me kill her and then I was punished for trying to talk him out of it. It took me a long time to get over killing that innocent woman, but when I next killed it was out of self-defense. It was either him, or me and I chose me. You killed one today but saved many. More than you or I will probably ever know. I don’t know what you and your bonded’s plans are, but I do know that you and he will find a way to be together far longer than a human lifetime. It’s sad but true that if you live for very long in the Supernatural world, then you will eventually end up killing someone, or they will kill you.”

“So you’re saying eventually I would have killed someone so today I just got it over with ahead of schedule?” I asked cynically.

“That or your bonded would have done the job for you or died trying. He can’t be with you one hundred percent of the time. A fact I know he hates but is inevitable. If you were turned into a vampire it is very likely you’d be a day-walker like I am or if you continue to drink your bonded’s blood you will stay young for a very long time with being part fairy. Either way, eventually you’ll be more comfortable and want to go out without your husband. Especially with the continued drinking of his blood, you’re not going to want to stay inside all day and wait for night to go out just to do simple tasks that most do during the day. I know you value your time with your bonded,” he explained as if he was now a psychic and knew of our future. “Now go inside and take a shower and try to calm down. You reek of smoke.”

Looking through the windshield, I saw we were parked in front of the safe house. Mason, Charlie, and Quinn were all looking out the windows at us. They all seemed surprised, but Quinn also looked upset.

“Thank you, Hauk.”

“For what?” he questioned.

“For talking to me and giving me some perspective,” I answered as I got out of the car and made my way to the front door.

“Anytime,” he replied opening the door and ushering us passed a gaping Charlie and Mason.

I noticed Hauk give Mason a wink and Mason blush before looking away as we made our way to our rooms.

“I’ll advise everyone leave until we’ve either heard from you or the sheriff, or it’s almost dawn,” Hauk said as he left me out my door.

“That’s probably wise. Thank you again,” I responded before putting in my code and hustling inside. First to engage the door and then to wash all the smoky smell off of me.

I was on my third set of shampooing and conditioning my hair when the bathroom door flew open to crack against the wall to a very naked and worried vampire.

Wiping the water out of my eyes I came face to face with Eric’s wet, hard sculpted chest and abs.

Wet Eric

Pressing my head to his chest, I felt Eric’s nose in my hair before I heard the sniff. Immediately my nerves skyrocketed, and I tried to pull away only to be met with his arms tightening around me until it was almost painful.

“Why do you smell of smoke?” Eric harshly whispered.

“I… uh,” was my only reply before he interrupted.

“And why are you so nervous that you’re trembling? What happened today while I was in my day rest?” He growled out.

Wrapping my arms around him and hugging myself to him, I asked Eric, “Can I explain after our shower?”

Without answering, Eric turned me around as his fingers dug into my hair and clinically washed my body to rid it of the disgusting smell of smoke. Not a word was spoken until he’d dried me off and sat me down on the bed.  Eric didn’t sit down next to me. Instead, he hovered over me as impatience rolled off him and throughout the room. My nerves had shot up to the point that I was unsure if I’d be able to speak.

“Now that you no longer smell of smoke,” he said through clenched teeth, “tell me what you’ve been up to.”

“First, I want you to promise me that you’ll stay here and listen to what I have to say. Don’t go and…”

“Sookie,” he growled out impatiently. “Since the house seems to be standing, I want to know why you left and came back smelling of gasoline and smoke.”

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I stood and craned my neck so that I looked him in the eye. “I didn’t know that I was under a direct order that I couldn’t ever leave this fucking house,” I shouted and started to pace.  I didn’t get two steps before I was seized by my arms and turned around to see a sight I never wanted to see again.

Eric Mad

“You know the danger that’s out there! It wasn’t too long ago that we were surrounded by a group of Weres during the day! Do you not remember how scared you were because I sure as fuck remember? I think about it every night that I leave you and we try to come up with a solution to kill this son of a bitch who’s sole mission is to kill us all. You know what they were planning, and it was so distressing that you couldn’t even speak about it. That’s what I’m trying to protect you from,” Eric said the last part quietly, sobering the mood in the room.

“From the moment I woke up with no memories, I have never doubted that,” I whispered as my fingers tried to smooth out the anger of his furrowed brows unsuccessfully. “I’m all right, Eric, I promise. I was never in any danger. Please, sit so I can talk to you. You’re…”

I didn’t know how to finish the sentence without further hurting or angering Eric.  I wasn’t scared that he’d hurt me, I never had been, but I was scared of his reaction. He was already mad, and he didn’t even know the half of it.

Eric sat down beside me on the bed a few inches away but didn’t reach for my hand. Instead, he sat stiffly with impatience. It was me that gripped his hand furiously before lacing our fingers together.

“I guess I should get on with it,” I said softly as I looked at his angry face. “I love you, Eric. I…”

Eric interrupted before I could go on. “I love you too, Sookie,” he stated before closing his eyes and exhaling. “Just because I’m angry doesn’t mean that I love you any less. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. Now please tell me what happened today.”

“I can’t feel it,” I replied, trying to keep my lower lip from trembling and failing.

Unlacing our fingers, Eric put his arm around me and pulled me close until my front was to his side, and he dropped his cheek to rest on the top of my head.

“You make it very challenging for me to stay mad at you,” he said with a small amount of humor in his voice.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be made at me,” I responded back.

“Let me be the judge of that. Tell me what happened. Where did you go today? Did Quinn go with you?”  Giving me a squeeze he sent a burst of his love and reassurance.

Taking a deep breath, I let it out and rested my forehead against his chest. “Quinn didn’t go,” I said shaking my head and continued when I felt him stiffen. “Quinn didn’t even know I was gone until I… we got back.  Around ten, this morning Hauk woke me and asked me to come to his room. He had something important to tell me.”

“Something so important that you couldn’t take your bodyguard?” he growled.

“Yes. If Quinn had known, he would have tried to stop me. Us,” I added quickly. “Hauk had listened to the messages that came in from those who watch Marcus’s known houses and in one of those messages, they said that he was at one and his only security were two Weres. We felt that this was our only chance to kill Marcus without anyone getting hurt. I know you’ve all been trying to come up with a strategy to kill him and none of you get killed or injured so badly that there would be months of recuperation time,” I explained.

“So you and Hauk decided it should be the two of you that killed Marcus?” he asked barely holding back the fury I could see bubbling in his eyes and felt undulating through me.

“I didn’t want you to get hurt and felt that this was the best and easiest way. Hauk promised that if there were any danger at all, we’d leave and come right back. He swore to protect me,” I tried to explain.

Pulling himself away, Eric stood with anger and sadness brimming in his eyes. “I swore to protect you the night I married and pledged myself to you. My vows to you mean everything to me and you carelessly threw them aside.”

“No!” I sobbed out. “No, Eric! It was nothing like that. I wanted to protect you, and Godric, Pam, and Hauk. You all are my family. The only family I have, and if you or they had gotten hurt or killed, I would be devastated.”

“And how do you think I would feel if you were hurt and I couldn’t get to you because you were far away during the day? Did you think of how it would feel for me if I was woken from my day rest to find you hurt and unable to get to you? Unable to save you?”

“I did!” I exclaimed, standing up and trying to move into his space only for him to step away.

“Yet you still decided to risk yourself,” he replied softly.

I wasn’t sure how our conversation had turned so terribly wrong. I never imagined it would be this bad. If I had, I would have stayed curled up in bed for the rest of the day.

I watched as Eric made his way to the door and started to put in his code.

Was he leaving?

“Eric?” I cried and watched him turn around at hearing my voice. “Where are you going?”

Looking at the keypad and then back at me, Eric’s body visibly tensed, but he walked back to the bed and sat without a word.

“You were going to leave,” I stated. Tears I couldn’t hold back streamed down my face as I observed him sit so coldy beside me.

“I was going to leave to try to calm down before the situation became explosive, but I wasn’t going to leave without tell you why. Sookie, come here,” he said holding out his hand for me to take.

Quickly I moved into Eric’s arms and dissolved into a sobbing mess against his chest the instant his arms wrapped tightly around me.

Eric held me until my sobs subsided and my hiccups were few and far between before he spoke.  “Sookie, I understand why you did what you did today, and I don’t want you to feel as if you’re a prisoner never to see the sunlight. You don’t have to ask my permission for anything. You never have and never will, but I need your help in protecting you. I know I overreacted tonight. You were so nervous that your feelings almost made me twitch it was so strong in the bond and then to smell smoke and gasoline on you.” I felt his head shake against the top of my head. “I cannot begin to explain to you how terrified I am of something happening to you again, but I don’t want you to have to be stuck inside all day just to appease my worry.  My worry about all the ways you could possibly get hurt is something I need to work through, and I’m trying, but when situations such as a vampire who could easily kill any of us arise, my protective instincts where you’re concerned are beyond compare.” He explained calmly in a soft voice.

“I understand. I really do Eric. I know how much it hurt you when I forgot you and everything else. I will do everything in my power to prevent you ever feeling that way again.” I tried to explain.

“You went out today to end Marcus because you were worried that your friends or I would get hurt or worse, and I understand, but you need to recognize that I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt let alone becoming hurt trying to protect me. I know Hauk would not intentionally lead you into a dangerous situation, but out of the two of us who do you think cares for your wellbeing and safety the most?”

“You. Always you,” I answered immediately. Quietly.

“Always,” he replied just as quietly. “I am sorry for my reaction.  Please tell me how you and Hauk… ended Marcus.”

“You can say kill. I killed him. I killed our enemy, and I’d do it again if I had to,” I stated pulling back to look him in the eye.

After telling Eric everything that I could remember of what happened from the moment Hauk woke me until I opened our bedroom door he was quiet, calm and contemplative.

“Next time, if there is a next time, please talk to me first if it’s at all possible.”

“I promise,” I vowed. I really hoped there was never a next time because, after that fight or whatever the hell it was, I never wanted to experience anything remotely close it again.  “There was no opportunity to discuss this with you today, but we did not take the situation lightly. We planned and waited and listened to make sure that it wasn’t a trap and that we’d be safe. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought for one moment that I would have gotten hurt.”

“I know. You are brave, my wife. I despise that you felt you had to kill Marcus to keep us all safe, but I admire how you’re dealing with it. Hauk was right, I was born of a different time and had killed before I was made a vampire. We didn’t kill indiscriminately, but we did kill our enemies if we needed to. I’ve wanted to shield you from the ugliness of my world from the moment I met you, and I’ve failed.”

“Forever is a long time to shield me. It was bound to happen but you wanting to protect and shield me is one of the reasons I love you,” I replied.

“Your bravery and ability to adapt to anything are a couple of the reasons I love you,” Eric answered with a kiss to the top of my head. “Although we will all be happy that Marcus is no more, they will be disappointed that it wasn’t us to kill him. We love a good battle.”

“It wasn’t going to be a good battle,” I stated. “If it were there would have been a plan before now, and the deed would have been done.”

I felt Eric nod.

“What do you want to do now, my wife?” Eric asked as he stretched back onto the bed taking me with him.

“I want to go home. Back to Louisiana, if we can, and I want you all to myself for about month,” I replied lifting up on my elbow to look down at him.

“Hmmm. You are greedy, but I find that I can deny you nothing. What shall we do after you’ve had your way with me?”

“I want you to show me the world. I want to see what you experienced when you were human and as a vampire. I want to relive our honeymoon. I want to go places that you’ve never experienced and make new memories.”

“Sounds like a plan. How about we start now, and I give you an experience you’re sure never to forget?” Eric said, flipping me on my back and removing my clothes.



A/N: Eric and Sookie’s story is almost over now that they’ve defeated the bad guy and will soon be traveling and making new memories.





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