After Eric and I had gone upstairs, Hauk, Charlie, and Mason arrived with what looked to be every piece of clothing that Eric and I possessed. The only thing I cared about was my bracelet and our dagger.  Anything else could be bought.  While I talked to Charlie and Mason in the kitchen as we ate a quick dinner, all the vampires of the house and Quinn (surprisingly) were holed up in Godric’s office strategizing.

I was worried about the upcoming battle or war and would peek into Eric’s thoughts every once in a while. My emotions must have given me away each and every time since his first thought was that he loved me and that all was going well.  Then his thoughts would change into a different language. It wasn’t surprising; I knew that Eric rarely thought in English unless he was purposely thinking to me.

Well, was a fine term for vampires especially for the ones that were in the room with him because they all loved a good fight and relished in planning a battle. After dipping into each of their heads, briefly I could only find their minds whirling with strategy and glee for the upcoming fight. They were not worried one little ounce, and it seemed as if I was taking on all the worry.  I didn’t want anyone to get hurt let alone die.  I had grown fond of all of them, even Godric in the very short period of time I’d come to re-know him.  They were my vampires, and I’d do everything in my power to make sure they were unharmed. I had a feeling that was why Eric wanted to make sure that Quinn could stay with me; he knew that I would try to help if I could. And I did understand why he felt that way. Hopefully, he could understand why I felt the way I did. Not that me wanting to help was going to do me any good, I knew I’d be as far from the fight as possible when it went down. There was no doubting that Eric would hire more guards if he needed to keep me safe.

So I sat there worried about my friends and my husband as everyone else carried on as usual; Charlie and Mason even talked about random silly stuff. It seemed Mason and Charlie had developed a close friendship during their little road trip, and Mason had developed an even closer relationship with Hauk.  Every few minutes Mason’s mind would flash with Hauk’s face and a small smile would tip his lips. I had no idea if Hauk felt the same, his only thought was of travel plans and who he thought he could call to help.  Unfortunately, all his acquaintances were younger than him.  That seemed to be the case with everyone in the room.  Godric was the oldest vampire they knew, and from what I gathered every call they made had confirmed that the vampires named by the Were were, in fact, all dead. With all the vampires dying by an unknown source, the Old World’s undead were ready to go into hiding for their own protection.

Mason received a text that had him up, clearing off his dishes, and out of the room in a flurry.  Normally I stayed out of everyone’s head; I wanted to give them their privacy. I felt that if they wanted me to know then, they would tell me, but tonight I needed to know what was happening, so I slipped into Mason’s head only to find out he had been summoned to Godric’s office.

From what I could tell, Mason loved working for Godric. He never asked him to do anything that would compromise his beliefs.  Mason was quite open-minded, but he didn’t want to be cleaning up dead bodies or to kill anyone himself. That seemed to be quite common in the Dallas area with the daymen that he knew of. So when Godric asked him to do anything he was quite happy to oblige.  He was quite shocked to find out he needed to head home and pack for an undetermined amount of time and then to come back to the house and pack for Godric.  We would be leaving shortly after first dark tomorrow night.  Mason was quick to gather his things and leave without a goodbye.

Charlie looked over at me inquisitively after watching Mason leave without a word. Knowing the job that Mason did for Godric made me question what Charlie did for us.  Was I supposed to tell him to go downstairs and pack for us too?  No, I knew the answer to that. Eric didn’t want anyone touching our things besides Pam unless it was it was unpreventable. He didn’t want their smell lingering for however long. I didn’t know how long someone’s smelled stayed since I couldn’t detect it in the first place. The only thing I did know was that Eric preferred for all our things to smell of me or me with a little him.  That was fine with me since I preferred the way he smelled too except I could only smell his unique scent on his pillow, clothes, or him.  I was happy that I didn’t have to smell all the dirty humans as he and Pam put it.

Smiling over at Charlie, I informed him that Mason was headed home to pack and that we were all leaving the next night to an undisclosed location.  Charlie being the laid-back guy he is merely shrugged. His only thoughts were on food and hoping that we would have a functioning kitchen if we did end up staying at some unknown vampire’s house.

Once I finished my meal and put my plate in the dishwasher, I made my way to Godric’s office. The second I stepped into the room all talking halted. Eric being the only one happy to see me after interrupting, held his arms out and waited until I stepped inside before enveloping me in all that is Eric Northman.  I buried my face in his chest as I inhaled his wonderfully unique scent as he pulled me tighter and sent his love for me.  As my body warmed just from his love, I knew I would never get over just how wonderful it felt to feel his love.  It made me sad that it took me so long to love him back, again.  I hated that I had deprived him of this wonderful feeling for months after my accident.

Squeezing me tighter for a moment, Eric then placed a kiss on the top of my head before moving back slightly to look down upon me. Even though I knew that he could feel the whirlwind my emotions had been on, he didn’t call me out on it in front of everyone. Instead, he put his arm around my waist and acted as if all was well.

“Did you have an enjoyable dinner?” Eric asked as he continued to give me his full attention.

“It was fine,” I replied resting my head against his shoulder.

“I apologize for not joining you while you had your meal. We’ve all been quite busy,” he said quietly as he spoke against the top of my head.

“It’s alright. I enjoyed catching up with Charlie and Mason, and I know that ya’ll have important matters to attend to,” I said hoping that everyone would go back to what they were doing before I had come into the room.

I watched as first Pam, and then Hauk nodded at me before going back to scanning their phones and talking.  It wasn’t long before Godric and Quinn joined them.  The only one left was Eric, but he seemed to be too busy nuzzling my neck at the moment.

After placing a kiss on the spot between my neck and shoulder, Eric looked down at me with a soft smile playing on his lips. “Do I need to fill you in?”

“No,” I said shaking my head, feeling slightly ashamed that I had trespassed in all of their minds, and they had been none the wiser.

“Sookie, it’s perfectly fine.  If I had been out of the room, I would have kept my ears tuned to hear what was being planned.  It’s no different,” he clarified softly.  I started to protest, but he only shook his head and took me by the hand as we walked over to the others. “Everyone here knows that you’re a telepath and that you can read them just as they know that anyone of us could have heard the conversation from the other room.”

“It’s not the same, and you know it. They can’t block me if they don’t want me to know something,” I tried to explain.

“Tough titties,” he said keeping a straight face for only a moment before he was quickly pressing his lips together to keep from laughing.

Pam looked over at Eric with an annoyed look on her face.  She had heard one of the vermin use the saying at Fangtasia and was appalled by the thought of titties being tough. I, of course, didn’t know what titties were, but I was quickly schooled on the slang of both breasts and penises.

Titties, of course, tits, jugs, melons, hooters, knockers, fun bags (one of Pam’s favorites), Bahama mamas, tatas, and luscious scoops of flesh (Pam’s absolute favorite). Penis, anaconda, baby maker, beaver cleaver, chub, cock, hard-on, dick, one-eyed monster, python, package, third leg, wang, wiener, the king. The list went on and on with both Eric and Pam not finding many of the terms amusing whatsoever, but it was all new to me and had me rolling on the floor laughing.

The skeptical looks on everyone’s faces after hearing Eric saying a phrase that was so unlike him, unless it was just the two of us, sent me into a fit of giggles. I quickly contained myself as I let my eyes sweep over Eric’s face and down his body. Lust rapidly replaced any lingering giggles.

Eric smirked, and his whisper touched my ear, “Later.” His cool breath only ignited my libido all the more, but I knew I couldn’t take him away to appease my sexual appetite that could easily emerge with just a look at him.

Taking a few deep breaths, I calmed myself and listened to the various phone calls and watched as Eric pulled up a detailed map of the area we would be going to.  They were all busy planning, and I was just standing around looking at them.  I had no knowledge of war, and that’s what I was going to call this thing with the ancient vampire who’d gone crazy and wanted to kill Eric and Godric and every other vampire that was old enough to make a difference in vampire society.

After a few minutes of watching Eric zoom in and out of various areas, I leaned over and spoke quietly hoping not to disturb anyone.  “Is there anything I can do?” I asked already knowing the answer before he spoke.

“Not at this moment,” Eric said pulling me even closer to him.  “If you’re bored you could pack us a bag to take. I don’t know how long we’ll be gone, but we can come back and retrieve anything left here once Marcus is… dead.” Feeling Eric apprehension over whether or not it would bother me for someone to die, I rose on my tippy toes and placed a soft kiss on his lips before giving him a smile.

“Good, I need something to do instead of standing around. I’ll see you in a little while,” I said as I started to leave the room. Looking back into the room as I stepped around the corner I noticed Eric’s worried gaze.  I sent him my love before I skipped my way to the downstairs door.  It seemed it was going to take Eric a little while longer for him to realize that I loved him no matter what.  I knew he wasn’t a bad vampire and only killed when he needed to, not for sport.  I wasn’t going to make his life harder by making him worry what my reaction would be every time a tough situation occurred.

After bring in all the luggage that Charlie and Mason had set outside our door, I decided to retrieve our suitcase and pack up what we already had here.  I knew it was going to be stressful wherever we were going, and I didn’t want to run out of clothes or our essential toiletries even though I knew that Eric or any of the other’s would have no problem sending out Charlie or Mason to get anything that we needed. It was what they were paid to do, but I wanted everyone to stay safe and only make trips if they were needed. Charlie, and it seemed Quinn, would be making sure that there was plenty of food around or eat it all and leave me to fend for myself.

I had just placed the last of my clothes in the suitcase when I heard the beep of the door before it hissed open and Eric walked in looking a little weary.  Taking off his boots by the bed he then laid down and typed out a message before he sat his phone on the nightstand, crossed his arms behind his head, and stared up at the ceiling.

Quickly, I zipped up the suitcase and made my way over to the bed shedding my clothes along the way. As I crawled up the bed, Eric continued to look up at the ceiling and didn’t even seem to realize I was in the same room let alone right beside him until I was snuggled up against his side with my hand trailing up his chest.  Although I knew that he was aware I was in there. He always knew where I was.

“Did you get everything packed up?” he asked, looking down at my hand that had made its way back down his chest and underneath his shirt.

“Mmhmm,” I responded.

We were both quiet for a few more moments. My hand had stilled underneath his shirt and was resting in the space where his unbeating heart was.  The longer the silence, the more worried I got. I was naked against Eric, and he had yet to acknowledge it in any form.  Checking to see what was going through his mind, I only found his thoughts flying too rapidly for me to catch one single thing and he was thinking in another language. Most likely Old Norse.

When we left the United States to go travel, I was going to make sure that he thought me as many languages as I could learn. I had the possibility of living forever so surely I’d be able to learn all the languages Eric already knew and maybe even a few more if I wanted to.

“Eric,” I whispered nervously, leaning on my elbow to look down at his handsome face.  “You’re starting to worry me.”

His gaze dipped to my breasts before slowly making its way back to eyes. “I didn’t mean to worry you,” he finally replied, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me in closer.  “I want to make sure no harm comes to you, and I’m running through every possibility of what could happen. One night of planning is not much when going up against an ancient. We don’t want to rush, but now that we know that Marcus knows where we are we cannot stay here any longer until he’s dead.  But I think, for now, I’ve done all that I can on that front and need to pay special attention to you.   I don’t foresee you and I getting much time to be together like this for a while and I want to make the most of the time was have together.”

Eric stripped at vampire speed and was back in bed and on top of me so quickly that I actually gasped.  You gotta love how fast a vampire can move.

“My beautiful wife, my bonded,” he stated huskily before dipping his head for a scorching kiss.

All thought left my mind as Eric’s tongue caressed mine, and his hips followed the same movement.  At first, our bodies moved slowly, sensually, as we showed each other how much we loved each other.  I had barely caught my breath when Eric moved on the bed so that he was sitting on his heels. He pulled me up and around until my back was flush against his chest, and I was sitting on his legs. He swept my hair off my neck and licked and nibbled his way up until he reached my ear. As his tongue traced the shell of my ear, his hands moved from squeezing and massaging my breasts to grip my hips.  His fingers dug into my flesh has Eric pulled me down onto his shaft. Throwing my head back, I wrapped one arm around his neck as my other hand went to my breasts.  Eric moved me in a hurried but decadent pace that had us both chanting each other’s names as we reached and crashed over our peaks.

Eric didn’t stop.

He kept moving our bodies all over the bed and room until I was putty in his hands and breathless.  Eric was showing me that we would beat our adversary, that nothing could stop us, and that we were alive.

Resting on top of Eric, I slowly caught my breath as he sent shivers down my spine as his fingers ghosted up and down my back with one hand and his other was weaved through my hair.

“Sated?” he asked cockily from above me.  He damn well knew I was. My bones felt liquefied. My only response was a soft grunt.  Eric chuckled and pulled a blanket on top of me causing me to sigh and sink deeper into him as I fell asleep.


I woke to Eric’s nose trailing down my body. He really knew how to wake up a girl.  A smile spread across my face as I looked down at him.

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty, we don’t have long before we have to get up and get ready.  We are leaving, at first, dark so that we can make it to our destination before sun up and make sure that our accommodations are acceptable and secure.”

“You doubt they will be?” I asked the last word dying on my lips as I felt Eric’s tongue swirl around my belly button.

Looking up at me, Eric let me know that the house we were staying at would be safe, but he didn’t want to take any chances. Through the bond, I could feel that he was certain of our security, and I knew we would be more than okay. Feeling my absolute trust in him, Eric kissed me breathless before a mischievous look crossed his face.

Sliding down the bed even further I thought Eric was going to worship me with his tongue, but to my surprise he continued to move down until he was at the end of the bed. Grabbing one foot and then the other, he smirked and pulled my body down to meet his. When I was about to question what he was doing, he kissed his way from my knee to my ankle before skimming his nose up the other leg and then nipped his way down. He continued placing kisses, licks and nibbles up and down my legs almost to the point I couldn’t take it anymore.  Then he struck… running his nose along my instep, tickling me.  I squealed and writhed trying to get away from his torturous tickling.

“Jag älskar dig med allt som jag är, min Sookie.  Jag kommer att låta någon skada komma till dig.”


Later on, the car was quiet as Eric, Quinn, Charlie, and I contemplated what would await us when we reached El Paso. One thing I was certain about was that we would be victorious. We had to be.  I couldn’t imagine my life without Eric, Pam, Hauk, Charlie, Godric, Quinn, or Mason.  They weren’t just my friends they were family.





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      Thank you! Eric is pretty irresistible especially in that pic. You know I can’t write a canon Sookie. She was too hard on Eric and never forgiving.

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          Thank you! I’m glad you had a great vacation. Summer certainly went by quickly.

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      Sookie will not be regaining her memories in this story. A link with Jason’s car crash and Sookie’s is an interesting idea, but there is no link. I’m happy you are liking my AU story. I haven’t given up but the story is in the difficult stages where I need to tie everything together and sadly life is extremely busy leaving with very little creative time.

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