In a daze, I walked over to the large empty bed and quietly sat down following Eric, Godric, and Pam’s brain signatures out of the house.  Faster than I could count, the Weres’ brain signatures were disappearing one by one.  A few of them attempted to run and escape, only to have them flicker off my radar as soon as they tried to make a run for it.

The Weres were trying to figure out how many vampires were attacking them, but Eric, Pam, and Godric were moving too quickly for them to track.

A retreating thought caught my attention, and I followed it to the back end of the property.

That bitch said there wouldn’t be any problems.   This was supposed to be an easy job! That fucking bloodsucker lied to us!

I scurried to find my phone on the bedside table and dialed Eric hoping that he would answer.  We needed that Were alive.  If he didn’t answer, I didn’t know how I’d be able to get past Quinn and reach him.

Pressing my ear against the phone, I held my breath.

“We’re sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable.  Pleas-.”

“No. No. No!” I mumbled, quickly ending the call and opening my contact list.  I pressed Pam’s name, and the phone started dialing.

“Please, please answer!” I repeatedly chanted while I listened to the phone ring.  I let out a sigh of relief when I heard her finally pick up.

“What is it, Cupcake?  We’re a bit busy,” Pam snapped, catching me by surprise.

“I need to speak to Eric, hand the phone to him,” I told her, trying to ignore the unmistakable sounds of flesh being cut by her sword.  There was so much gore in the background.

Drifting through the thoughts of everyone above, I was surprised to see how fierce, yet graceful Godric fought taking on two or three Weres at a time.   I was in awe as I watched him fight.

Static pierced the phone before I heard Eric’s voice.

“Min älskare, as much as I do love hearing your voice,” he paused, the sound of bones breaking turned my stomach.  “Pam’s right; we’re quite busy at the moment.”

A Were screamed, and I listened as Eric swung his sword through the air, permanently silencing the enemy while Pam snickered in the background.

“Eric,” I called through the phone.

“Hmm,” he grunted out.  Without thinking, I tracked down the Were, who was now hiding toward the back of the house and dipped into his mind.  To my shock, I watched as Eric took out two more Weres with one swing of his deadly sword.

“The reason I called was to tell you that I found a Were who was thinking of Nora as he tried to get away.”

“Where is he now?” Eric growled out, leaving one less Were standing. “Sookie, you really shouldn’t be watching how this all goes down.  I’ve never wanted you to see the horrors of my nature.”

“He’s hiding behind the house watching ya’ll,” I replied.  “Eric, I don’t think you should kill him.  Maybe capture him and see what he knows. We need all the help we can get if we’re ever going to find Nora and whoever else is helping her.”

“Sookie, did you hear me?  Do not watch this,” he repeated angrily.

“Eric,” I sighed closing my eyes.  “It’s not like I wanted to see what ya’ll are doing up there, but I am trying to help, and I am telling you that you shouldn’t kill that Were.  I was worried about you,” I quietly said the last part.

“I know you were, but now that you’ve unfortunately seen what I am capable of maybe that will ease your mind somewhat.  We are almost done here. I’ll come to see you after I capture the Were you spoke of.  And Sookie, I am asking you to stop watching.  For me.”

“I promise to stop,” I whispered, ready to hang up the phone so he could do what needed to be done.

“Sookie,” he hummed. “I will be coming for you.”  A whisper of his lust teased me, stealing my breath.

“I’ll be waiting,” I ended the call with a tremble of anticipation and jumped when I noticed Quinn watching me from the chair he had been in this whole time, a knowing smile lifted his lips.

“If it’s all clear I think I should be going before Northman comes to claim his prize,” he joked.  “Are you going to be okay?” He asked, noticing as my breath became labored and my skin flushed.

Slowly my skin cooled, my heart rate steadied, and I could breathe with ease as I felt my bond with Eric fading.  I was worried for a moment until I felt reassurance flow through me right before our bond fell silent.

“I’ll be fine.  There’s no one around the house and only a couple more Weres for them to take out.  Eric’s already looking for the one I warned him about.”

“I thought you promised to stop watching,” he replied with humor.

“I have,” I glared at him.  “I’m only following his signature.”

Holding his hands up in surrender, Quinn quipped back. “It’s not my business.  Before I leave,” he added as he walked to the door waiting for me to let him out.  “Have you ever experienced your… husband when he was in bloodlust?”

“No,” I shook my head as I entered the code. “But I’ll be fine. Eric would never hurt me.”

“Eric would never hurt you,” he paused, looking unsure.  “Intentionally, that is.”

“Quinn, while I appreciate your concern, you need to go.  He’s coming, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be here when he arrives.”

As the door hissed open to let Quinn out, Eric stood before us with his nostrils flaring and blood splattered over every inch of him.


“Leave,” he rasped while glaring at Quinn.

Not needing to be told twice, Quinn slinked out of the room, and then rushed down the hall and out of the house.  With deliberate steps, Eric strode toward me with a look of promise in his heated stare until my back was against the wall.

“Eric,” I whimpered as I lifted my hand to touch his face only to falter when I couldn’t find an area not stained with blood.

My hesitance caused him to pause, and the aggressive lust that rolled off of him staggered.

“You think me a monster?” he whispered.  “What you saw-”

“No,” I interrupted, cupping his cheeks despite the blood.  “Never.  You’re just a little… messy.” I said, my nose scrunched up.

A grin curled his lips, and suddenly I was being tossed over his shoulder and whisked away to the bathroom.  The door slammed behind us, and without putting me down, Eric turned on the hot water of the shower.

“Eric put me down!”

Something between a growl and a chuckle rumbled from his chest before he stood me on my feet.

“As you wish,” he grinned.  Both of his hands grabbed the collar of my shirt, and before I could react, Eric tore it off my body, letting the scraps fall to the floor.  Just as quickly, my pants were ripped from my body leaving me naked and speechless.  A jolt of lust shot through me, and suddenly I felt as though I was on fire.

“My turn.”

Eric smiled wickedly before his clothes were nothing more than shreds of fabric littering the floor and regardless of the blood splattered all over his body, I wanted him, blood or no blood.

I watched with complete fascination as his tongue licked the tip of his fang before wetting his bottom lip.

“Come to me, my Sookie,” his middle and index finger curled slowly as he beckoned me.

Once I was in reach, Eric pulled me flush against his cool body before bringing us both underneath the spray of the shower.  Hot water covered us, and the blood slowly began to rinse off his body. I stood there, watching as his hands moved up his arms, over his chest, and then down his stomach.  A dark grin crossed his lips, and I held my breath, watching as one of his large hands grabbed his erection and stroked.

My fingers itched to touch him, but I found that I couldn’t move.  I could only watch in envy.

“Eric,” I whispered with a shaky breath.


Taking a step closer to me, he released the firm grip on his erection and then grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the tile wall.  Leaning down until his nose touched mine, he nipped my bottom lip.

“Better?” he growled, and I knew he was referring to the blood that was once on his body.

“Yes,” I said barely above a whisper, and then before I could say another word, he grabbed my thighs, lifted me against the wall and thrust deeply inside me.

Crying out, I threw my head back and wrapped my legs more tightly around his waist. There were no sweet words or endearing kisses, only hard and fast pumping as he claimed my body with his. His fangs scraped along my neck, followed by his tongue licking and sucking.

“You’ve been holding out on me,” I moaned out as he plunged deeper into me.

Long strokes filled me over and over again as I dug my fingers into his shoulders.

“Eric,” I moaned, opening my eyes to see him watching me. “Harder.”

“Sookie,” he snarled, his body tense with need.

“Harder,” I repeated. “Don’t hold back. I want to give you what you need.  What you want.”

A growl ripped from his throat, and suddenly my back was on the floor, and my legs were over his shoulders.

“You want all of me?” he asked, his voice hoarse as the head of his erection teased my opening.

“Eric, please!” I whimpered, moving my hips to feel more of him.

“Then you will have all of me…”

He slammed into me, going deeper than ever before. Eric didn’t wait for me to adjust. No. He grabbed my legs and fucked me hard. Our wet skin slapped against each other as the pressure inside me grew and intensified causing my body to tremble and shake. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

Without warning, Eric left me, leaving me aching, and I cried out in frustration.

I turned to glare at him, but he quickly pulled me up to my knees and then turned me around, so my back was flush against his chest, and my legs rested against his. He wrapped one arm around my waist while the other hand squeezed my breast.

In one quick movement, Eric thrust back into me and moved like never before.

This wasn’t the soft and sweet motion of making love. This was primal, animalistic need. It was rough, hard, and I loved every unexpected bit of it.

Chanting his name, I couldn’t hold back.  I tried so hard, not wanting this experience to end, but he was relentless. I came with his name on my lips and stars in my eyes.  Little did I know it was only the beginning.



Carrying me from the bathroom and gently placing me in our bed, Eric slipped in next to me pulling me to his side.  I snuggled my face into the crook of his shoulder as my body lay spent from Eric’s non-stop pursuit of pleasure.

“You’ve definitely been holding back on me,” I sighed with a playful slap to his chest.

“So does this make me your sex God?”  He asked with a teasing grin.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied with a nonchalant shrug.  “Maybe my Viking Sex God.”

I burst into a fit of giggles and felt his body shake; his grip tightened as his laughter rumbled from his chest.  “I’m glad I could finally prove myself.”

He buried his nose into my hair as he wrapped himself around me.  His body was like a cocoon making me feel safe and loved.  I closed my eyes and snuggled deeper letting myself drift away only to be brought out of my foggy sleepiness with Eric’s words.

“I didn’t hurt or scare you, did I?” He questioned. I could feel his worry seeping through my languid body enough to cause me to peek up at him.

I could see that his brows were furrowed, and the wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead were more pronounced.  Lifting my hand, my fingers tried to soothe his worry that was etched into his face until he lightly gripped my wrist and brought my hand to his lips.  Kissing first my pulse point, and then my palm, he held my hand against his mouth.

“I’m tired but fine.  I was never once scared or hurt by you,” I reassured him as I nuzzled into his chest.

“I hate what you witnessed tonight,” Eric murmured regretfully while his gaze was locked onto mine.  “You shouldn’t…

Interrupting him with a finger pressed to his mouth. “You can’t hide me from everything. For one, I’m a telepath and can read any thought from anyone. Secondly, we are bonded to live until the other no longer does. That may be one more day,” Eric scowled but kept quiet and let me continue, “or a thousand years. Either way, you’re not going to be able to shield me forever from all the ugly in the world, but I do love that you try.”

“I still don’t like it,” he responded, pulling my head down to rest on his chest.

“I didn’t enjoy it either, but it’s a good thing I did because maybe that Were that you captured will give you some information on Nora. When are you going to interrogate him?” I asked with a yawn.

“After you go to sleep,” he replied, running his fingers through my hair.  “I probably won’t be back until right before sun up. I don’t think he’ll give any information up too easily.”

Eric continued to run his fingers through my wet hair with one hand while his body stayed wrapped around my own until I drifted off to sleep.

Falling asleep with a smile on my face, my last thoughts were of how lucky I was to have Eric, to be able to feel his love for me, and that I wouldn’t let him hold back from me any longer.





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