EPOV: March

I had been out of that fucking prison for close to a month now. DeCastro held me in that tiny, silver-lined cell for sixty days while he had me tortured trying to ascertain Sookie’s location. I would have never told them even if I had known where she was. I would have died my True Death before handing Sookie over to DeCastro.

Prior to my being apprehended and taken to Nevada, a letter from Sookie had arrived. I had instructed Pam put it away for me in my safe. Upon my return to Shreveport, I immediately went to Fangtasia and to my safe. I had been trying to imagine what was in that letter for two entire months. I knew that it probably wasn’t good news because she still wasn’t any closer to home.

I could feel that Sookie was still very far away. She wasn’t moving any closer to Louisiana where I could feel Pam in our bond. No, she was much further northeast. I could only pray to my Gods that for once in her life, Sookie wasn’t in any danger.

I swept into my office, opened the safe, took out the letter, and sat behind my desk to read it.

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m safe, but I won’t be coming back to Louisiana. Too much has happened for me to return that you don’t know about. I’m sorry, but know that during my time away with our bond blocked, I realized my true feelings for you. I miss you and love you very much.

I wish things could be different for us.

Love Always,


I didn’t really know what to think of her letter at that time. I was overjoyed that Sookie had finally admitted her love for me, yet, at the same time, I was livid that she didn’t want to come back. What could have possibly have happened that I don’t know about?  Now I was perplexed as to why she was staying away from everyone that she loved, including me.

I’d been waiting ever since I had gotten back from Nevada to begin my search for Sookie for a couple of different reasons. First, I needed to finish healing. All of my toes had grown back and my hand just had its fingers left to regrow.

It had been an agonizing recuperation having to re-grow my extremities. My recovery time had been quite stunted while I was being held in Nevada. With only one bottle of TruBlood per week, my body had healed more slowly than it normally would have. Since I’d returned to Shreveport, I’d been feeding on multiple donors every night to recover.

Pam had let me know on numerous occasions that I hadn’t been good for business since I’d been ‘extra bitchy’ but I didn’t care. I may be feeding off of the people at Fangtasia, but that was the only thing I was doing. I didn’t want them anywhere near me.  Unfortunately, that had been noticed, and the fangbangers were trying harder than ever for me to fuck them. Never. Going. To. Happen. If Sookie ever came back and found out that I’d been with anyone else, she would leave, and then forever be gone. My fidelity to her would be absolute. I knew she was apprehensive about this because of Compton, but I wanted only her.

No matter what. I would always want her only.

The other reason I hadn’t gone to her was because I didn’t want DeCastro to discover her location. I needed to be very careful when I went to her. I wanted her to be safe and not get scared away. Therefore, I had been biding my time, just hanging on and waiting for the right moment when I could slip away unnoticed.

It wouldn’t take me too long to locate her once I set out to find her. The postage on her letter was from Rockland, Maine. I’d start there and use our bond to locate her. I knew that once I got closer, the ability to feel her would be more enhanced than what I was currently feeling. I could only feel her life force inside of me due to our far distance apart. I’d have to block the bond so she wouldn’t run when she felt me coming near. Make no mistake, I would find her.


 SPOV: April

It had been two months since I found out I was pregnant. I took a job at the local library and I really liked it. It was quiet and the customers there weren’t trying to grab my ass nor did they even think of touching me. They only thought of me as the new girl in town who was pretty, quiet, and shy. The great thing about working in the library was that I had the time and opportunity to read, and enjoy so many different kinds of books.  These days, I was trying to read all the books that had anything to do with being pregnant once they were checked in.  I definitely did not need to read any romance novels right now!

I went to the doctor about a month after I discovered that I was pregnant and found out I was due August 25th. I had needed to save up some money from my job before I could afford to go. Going to an OB/GYN wasn’t cheap, especially when you’re pregnant, but I worked a payment plan out with them. Unfortunately, when I left Bon Temps I didn’t think I would be gone for good, so I hadn’t taken very much money out of my savings account. I wasn’t about to try to take my money out of my account as I wasn’t sure if someone had been watching them. If there was someone watching my accounts, then doing that would lead them straight to me. I had my name changed to Ana North in the hope that no one from my old life would find me. So far, my life had been quiet.

Quiet but lonely.

I left Bon Temps at the end of November and it was now April. It had been so depressing being all alone for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, especially when I had just realized that I did, indeed, love Eric, and just how much I loved him, but would never be with him. I had never been away from my family and friends during the holidays, and I wanted so desperately to call them during that time. It would take some getting used to, but, before too long, my baby would be here and I would be very busy.

I pretty much kept to myself so I didn’t have to explain my circumstances to anyone. In addition, if no one knew about me, then they couldn’t talk about me. I had cut my hair to just above my shoulders to help change my appearance. I couldn’t find it in me to color my hair though.


So far, I hadn’t run into anyone from the Supernatural world. I mean, it took two years for a vampire to come to Bon Temps and that was only because Bill’s Queen had sent him for me. Yes, I’m still a little bitter about it. I just don’t want to run into any vampires. It wouldn’t do me any good if they figured out who or what I was.

Every night I would lie in bed and think about Eric. I wondered what he was doing and if he missed me. How did he take it when I left? When I first stopped taking the potion, I was really surprised that he didn’t come for me. When he didn’t, I tried to rationalize it by telling myself that I had told him not to come looking for me. Maybe he was mad that I left, or maybe he never really cared. Perhaps he had grown tired of me, and our time together had come to a close. It had always been my biggest fear with Eric, that he would grow tired of me just as Bill had. As much as it hurt when Bill betrayed me and we broke up, I always knew if I let myself love Eric and gave myself to him fully, that when he grew tired of me or became unfaithful, it would break me and I would never recover.

I mean, how long could I possibly have had with Eric before his eyes started to wander? Every night he had women and men throwing themselves at him and all they wanted was to be able to say that Eric Northman had fucked them and fed from them.  Plus, Eric is… Eric. He‘s seen everything and could have anyone he wanted. What could he have possibly wanted with me?  I’m just a small town girl with only a high school education who, up until I met vampires, had never even been out of the state.

That was enough wallowing and pity for tonight. I had to go to bed so I could get up in the morning and go to work. I’d been trying to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. Being pregnant took so much out of me! At least I was out of the morning sickness stage. I had been watching what I was eating according to ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ I bought a pregnancy yoga video to do for exercise because I read it would help my body bounce back after having the baby if I exercised for the duration of the pregnancy.

I turned over on my side and placed my hand on my stomach. I was starting to show a little bit and while I was excited now, I was sure that in a few months when I was as big as a whale and couldn’t see my own feet, I would not be. Soon I’d be able to feel the baby kicking, and at my next appointment, I would find out the sex of the baby. At first, I thought it would be exciting to wait, but I guess my practical side won over. If I knew the sex of the baby, then I would be able to shop for whatever he or she would need throughout my pregnancy. I really wished I had someone to share all of this with, and that my baby had a father.

I wished Eric was here.


 EPOV: April

I couldn’t possibly wait any longer to find Sookie. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, and it was quite possibly, slowly, driving me insane. She was all I could think of anymore, and I was almost fully healed now except for my fingernails. Pam was going to cover my sheriff duties and Fangtasia for me while I was gone. I could only be gone for a week before questions would start to be asked. It should only take me two days to fly to Maine with ten to eleven hours of darkness of flying. I would need to feed heavily before I left as I was not expecting Sookie to feed me. I would consider myself lucky to get an invitation into her home or for her to even speak to me.

After I had packed a bag for my trip, I headed to Fangtasia to gorge myself on the disgusting blood of the humans that flocked there every night. I fed on five humans and went over everything once more with Pam. I knew that she would be able to handle any situation that arose. She’d never let me down. Through our bond, I could feel how relieved she was that I was leaving. She had had enough of my moodiness very quickly once I returned from Nevada, and hoped that whatever I found out from this trip would resolve my feelings for Sookie, and then I would be better for business. Of course, when I first arrived she was concerned over the torture I had been through. She hadn’t known what was happening to me because I was blocking our bond so that she wouldn’t feel any of my pain. It only took me two hours to do everything I needed before I took off into the night.

I couldn’t risk driving or flying in an airplane to Maine. With either, I could be followed or traced. I knew I had been followed every time I left Fangtasia in my car once I had gotten back from Nevada. Therefore, I flew from home to Fangtasia every night and on the occasion that I went anywhere else, I would take my car and let them follow me. The only thing I was hiding were my safe houses and what I believed to be Sookie’s location.

My first night I flew as far as to the border of Kentucky and Virginia. It was invigorating to be able to fly and not think about a thing. The next night I flew to Boston. I wasn’t really sure what Sookie could feel in our bond when I was blocking her, but I didn’t want her to wake up and feel that I was close by, and then run.  I would rise tomorrow night and head for Rockland. It should only take a little over an hour to get there.  As I was getting ready to die for the day, I lay there scrutinizing the bond I shared with Sookie.  She was close. I knew I would find her tomorrow night. I died for the day with a smile on my face knowing that tomorrow I’d be face to face with my Sookie.

I rose and immediately felt Sookie in our bond. She was still in the same location, so she must not be able to feel where I was at this far away or with the bond blocked. I quickly took a shower and dressed in black jeans, t-shirt, boots, and my leather jacket. I pulled my hair back into a low ponytail and tied it with a leather cord.

I couldn’t help but fly as fast as possible to where I felt Sookie. After flying for about an hour, I found myself over a small town. I located her in a grocery store, so I quickly flew a few hundred feet away, hovered by some trees, and waited for her to come out. I didn’t want her to spot me, or to find a ‘void’ as she called it, following her.

Once she came out of the grocery store, I watched her load everything into her car, the same piece of shit car she had in Louisiana. I couldn’t believe it had made it this far! Maybe someday she’d let me buy her a new car. Doubtful. I followed far behind her so that she wouldn’t pick me up with her telepathy, and I watched as she made a trip inside until I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I went to stand by the open trunk to wait. She walked out, and it was the first time since I’d spotted her that I truly allowed myself to look at her. She was so beautiful. Her body was curvier than I remembered and she had a glow about her.

Simply stunning.

Sookie looked up once she had come down the steps, and when she spotted me, she froze. After a few moments, she took a hesitant step forward, and then paused.

“Eric?” she said, and then gasped, clutched her stomach, and graced me with a beautiful smile.

My gaze traveled to her slender arms wrapped around her stomach, and for a moment, time froze. Her stomach had an unfamiliar small, round bump. Almost as if she were…


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  1. Her insecurity is probably understandable, Bill really did a number on her self esteem. Not only because he had an ulterior motive to begin with, but then withdrawing from her and leaving her. And now she is so sure Eric will reject her because she is carrying the child of her rapist..A lot to be insure about.

    1. To me Sookie always seemed insecure in her relationship with Eric. If only she would have talked to him. I always hated the way she would wait for Eric to call or come by. She would rarely go see him just to see him or call him.

  2. I can’t blame her for not coming back. Small towns are notorious for looking down on pregnant women. Not to mention what Creepy Felipe might do. Plus all her insecurities thanks to Scumbill. Surprised Niall hasn’t come looking for her at all.

  3. I hope Eric will give her a chance to explain without flying off the handle.

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