Epilogue: 50 Year Later

I’m sitting out on the balcony watching the sunset thinking about the last fifty years.  Today was an anniversary of sorts.  It had been fifty years to the day that we left Louisiana for Sweden.


We had only been in Sweden at Eric’s cabin for a little over a month when we got word from Mr. Cataliades that Felipe and Freyda did not believe that we were finally dead and they were sending out trackers to find us.  The first place they were going to look for us was Sweden.

cabin on top of mountain

We had spent almost the entire month before Eric was to leave for Oklahoma planning and executing our escape.  Pam was surprised at first that we had chosen to run, but she knew that Eric never wanted to become king.  He was happy with his little slice of Louisiana and the freedom it gave him.  She also knew that four states would take a tremendous amount of work and put a very big target on Eric’s back and whoever else he had helping him run his monarchy.

While we planned to blow up Fangtasia after hours one night, we also had to make it look as if we were planning on Eric leaving and getting married in the near future.  I spent some time with my brother, Michelle, Tara, and Sam.  Although Sam didn’t seem to want to spend time around me while I was living with Eric.  During that time, I could see that I had made the right choice for myself and Eric.  Everyone else had their own lives and not once had they ever thought about how what they were going to do would affect me.  Why had I held onto the belief that I needed to stay in Bon Temps my whole life so that I could occasionally see my friends and brother?  Why had I made the love that I had for Eric back then so unimportant?

The first few days after I used the cluviel dor I thought I would regret that I used it on Sam.  I thought for sure that I would lose Eric forever and by the time his contract was over I would be dead.

Instead, it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced me into seeing what I had nearly lost, and what I hadn’t been fighting for.


We knew that we didn’t want to be looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives and that Felipe and Freyda needed to be ended or they would never stop looking for us.  Eric was on the phone and the internet for the next several nights talking to the allies that he had in the states coming up with a plan to stop Felipe and Freyda.

If we were caught it would most certainly mean true death for Eric and Pam, and then I would be taken and used or sold to the highest bidder for my telepathy.  I would be a slave for the rest of my life.  I couldn’t let that happen.  I was finally happy.  Truly happy with my life and I wasn’t going to let them take it away from me.

I didn’t know what Eric did to get a group together to kill two monarch’s where we no longer lived.  All I knew that was that he always maintained good relationships with all those that were in his area and many more throughout the states, but I wasn’t sure it would still be in place after we left.

Little did I know at the time, but Eric had let his closest allies know that we were planning to leave and never coming back to the states.

Once all the planning had taken place we had to wait for the actual deed to be done.  With the time change, the attack was going to take place while Eric and Pam would be dead for the day.  While I had changed my sleeping habits to live among my vampires, I couldn’t sleep that day no matter how hard I tried.

I had hoped that someone would call before Eric got up and I would have good news for him, but we received no calls that day.

Eric rose to find me pacing around the living room and chewing on my fingernails.  I was exhausted and a nervous wreck, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to rest until I knew we were finally safe.

The call came in after Eric and Pam had been up for almost two hours.  Eric brought me back to our bed and had been trying to calm me down so that I could rest.

After the call, we did a little celebrating with each other before we made our way upstairs to let Pam know the good news.  I’m pretty sure she knew from her bond with Eric before we ever made our way up to see her.  We were free.  Finally free from the politics of that I once thought we would never be able to leave.

Pam was already growing tired of life in Sweden.  She referred to it as a windy shit hole on a daily basis.  Eric had been enjoying this much needed free time while he showed me around his homeland. He took me to many locations from when he was human, from the river where he bathed to where he had lived in with his family, wife, and children.  While I enjoyed seeing and learning about Eric when he was human,  I could also tell that it was hard for him to think about what had happened to his family after he had been turned.

By the next sunrise, Pam was heading out on her own.  Her first stop was to visit England.  She hadn’t been back since she was turned.

Eric and I had decided that since I had never traveled outside the US before now, he was going to show me the world.  He showed me everything from big cities to small towns, big and small wonders alike.  We had been to France, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Africa, Thailand, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Cambodia, and many more.

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Sometimes we would spend a week or two there and other times we would stay for years traveling the country.  I was once an uneducated barmaid from Louisiana, and now I’ve studied the many cultures of the countries we’ve traveled to.  I was even fluent in quite a few languages.

Luckily when we first arrived in Sweden, Eric and I got married with Pam as our witness.  It may have not been legal in the United States, but  in most of Europe it was.  At first I thought it was too soon, we had only been engaged for a little over a month.  Not once during that time had we discussed our wedding with everything else on our plate at the time. Now I’m happy that we got to share our moment with Pam and marry when we did.  Sometimes it would be months or years in between visits before we would see her again.

While in England, Pam had found a new love interest and turned her five years later.  While she was busy with her new child, Eric was busy with a mission of his own.  I hadn’t aged a day in all the time we had been together.  At first we thought it was Eric’s blood, but even though we enjoyed exchanging we didn’t do it often enough that I wouldn’t have aged a day in the last five years.  Once he noticed that it seemed like I wasn’t aging, we decided that unless I was hurt I wouldn’t take his blood.  We wanted to see what my aging process would be without any vampire blood.

After a couple of years and I still hadn’t aged a day, Eric decided that he would try to get in contact with Niall to see what was going on with me.  With the portals being closed it wasn’t an easy task.  Eric explained to Mr. Cataliades what was happening and he promised that he would look into it for us.

For the next year, Eric and Mr. C. emailed and talked on the phone back and forth before we learned the reason of why I hadn’t aged.  Mr. Cataliades had finally heard from Niall although he would tell us how.  When I had used the cluviel dor that fateful night that Sam had died and I said the magic word ‘live’ while holding the fairy trinket, it granted me my true wish.

At the time I only thought my wish was for Sam to live, but deep down in my heart I wanted to never know of deaths final kiss.  To know only life.  Life for me.  Life for Eric.  Life for Sam.

Now I was never going to age.  I could die from being injured or wounded, but I would never get sick  or age and die.  The day we got the news I was in total shock.  Eric and I had talked about our future with each other before we had gotten married.  I wasn’t ready to be turned, but if something were to happen to me than he had my permission to do whatever was necessary to keep me alive or not truly dead.  I told him I would know when the time was right, when I was ready to be turned, but I promised him that I would let him turn me.  We would be spending eternity together.  Little did we know at the time that we no longer had to worry about it.

Although I still have the same weaknesses of a human, I never have to worry about Eric and I staying together because he’s my maker.  I had alway been afraid that if he turned me we would only stay together for a relatively short period and I would spend the rest of eternity alone.  Eric tried to calm me of my fears, saying that wouldn’t be the case, but I was still slightly apprehensive.

Now he gets the best of both worlds.  I’m still warm, he can continue to feed off me, and I’ll be around forever.  While I sat in shock by the news, Eric couldn’t contain his joy.  He picked me up, twirled me around, and then planted kisses all over my face before he finally kissed me with the most passionate kiss of all time. I think he was afraid that one day I would decide that I didn’t want to be turned.  I would never do that to him though.  Throughout the years I have grown to love him more than I ever thought possible and I could never break his heart by choosing to only be with him for a few decades.

Here it was fifty years later and it was as if we were still in the honeymoon stage.  As I watch the sun slowly sink beyond the horizon, I have butterflies in my stomach knowing that Eric would soon rise and that I would once again get to feel his lips on my skin, feel his fingers trace the contours of my body, that I would feel his everlasting love for me, that my hands would feel his smooth skin over hard muscle.

I never wanted to be without him.  He is my forever.

I feel our bond come to life, meaning only one thing.  Eric is awake and will come to find me any second.  I take one last look across the water as the last rays of the sun disappear for the day before I feel his strong arms wrap around me.

“Do you know what today is?”  I ask him.

“Hmm… Wednesday. Hump day,” he responds and thrusts his hips against me.

I giggle at him, “Yes, it’s Wednesday, but it’s also our anniversary.”

“My dear lover, in your old age are you forgetting what date it is?” he whispers as he kisses my ear.

I let out a little moan before I can respond, “I know what the date is old man.  It’s been fifty years today that we left Louisiana.”

“You’re right, it is,” he says while placing light kisses along my neck.  “Any regrets?”

“Only one,” I say as I snake my arms around his neck.

“What would that be?” he asks, licking first one and then both of the top of my breasts.

“That I didn’t give into you sooner,” I reply and gasp when I feel his tongue lick through the rough fabric of my shirt against my nipple. “It’s been the best fifty years of my life,” I pant and grab his hair, pulling his head flush to my breast.

He looks up at me with his sexy smirk on his face, “I suggest we celebrate and I show you how I’m going to make the next fifty years the best of you life.  And the next, and the next.”

~ The End ~

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  1. So forsaking awesome!! This us one I’ll be going back to read over and over again!! Thanks for the read and HEA!!

  2. Thank you so much for the HEA that DEA never gave us! I think it was a perfect ending. Just the two of them, living without a care in the world and madly in love with each other!

  3. This a wonderful HEA with Eric and Sookie without all the vampire shit…and I agree with you the cluviel dor could have given Sookie eternity cuz I remember reading in the books that there were magical consequences when it was used I guess that CH forgot that… I voted for magsmacdonald and a friend suggested me to start reading her story “Beauty and the vampire beast” Is it nice?

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment! All of Magsmacdonald’s stories are great. I know you’ll enjoy all of them. My favorite right now is Make A Wish that she’s currently writing. Her Eric in that story is so sweet. I love him. 🙂

  4. Amazing! You gave me exactly what I wanted for Sookie and Eric’s HEA. She’ll be eternally young while still alive, warm and human! She’ll still have the silence of Eric’s mind and he’ll never have feed from another. I always hated that thought since feeding and frigging are so closely linked. And what better HEA than for every night to be like a honeymoon with all the passion intact after all these years. Thank you for giving us a far better HEA than DEA gave us.

  5. You wrote them the ending/beginning they deserved. The idea of them being together forever creates such a warm feeling about these characters who truly came to life from the pages they were written on. And you did much more justice to them than their “creator” ever did.

  6. This was a perfect ending – CH should learn from YOU woman! Looks like others agree with me (as they should). Thanks for the vote notification. Fingers crossed.
    Have a good weekend.
    Luv ya!

    1. and – I forgot – the slide show – very nice. You went to the trouble of finding all night pictures too – just as they would experience it together.

      1. Thanks. I wanted pictures of other places but I couldn’t find good night pictures. I think I put enough on here though.

  7. that was a perfect ending for them and that they will be together forever. perfect and right. thank you for sharing with us. KY

  8. You gave us the perfect DEA ending that CH robbed us of. Yes, why would she stay in her two-horse town, still slinging beers, still staying in her house –and for what? She saved vampires at Rhodes, she had the esteem of the supe world, she could have made millions off her telepathy. But she chose to have the crumbling house, the leaning picket fence, the family dog/husband and if you read the CODA, her children were not encouraged to accomplish much in their lives. Why did CH put Sookie through all that, and make her a fae princess to boot, if it didn’t amount to a hill of beans? I know, she said it was “filler” so she could fulfill her book deal, but still? Her teaching take-away point would be “have adventures, but when it boils down to it, don’t try to aspire in life, don’t try to reach high for your dreams, just settle”
    Ugh….love what you and other dear writers have done to right the terrible wrong of DEA.
    Thanks so much! Pat

    1. Thank you! I thought Eric and Sookie deserved a happy ending together. I agree that it seemed that Sookie settled for Sam and the life that she lived. CH certainly should not be a role model. I only read Sookie and Eric’s parts of the CODA that was posted online. She’s never getting another penny from me.

  9. Perfect! I liked how you make something good out of that damned Cluviel d’Or… So much better than that booked that will not be named… Thank you for writing!

  10. It’s only right that Sookie and Eric get their HEA. I guess others took the empty thrones. I’m glad she finally smartened up and set everything in motion.

  11. I know I’m 2 years late on this but I just wanted to let you know how fantastic this DEA is – definitely better than CH’s!!! I don’t get why she couldn’t do something like this. This is a true happy ever after for our pair!

  12. Thank God someone got the ending right! Thank you so much for the great story and giving them the ending they deserve. I can’t understand CH, you’d think she would be more in touch with what her fans hoped for. Whatever! Thanks to you we got what we wanted! xx

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