“Are you done here?” I asked as another traitorous tear escaped.  I angrily wiped it away and squared my shoulders as Eric nodded  his head.  “Good.  Let’s go home.”

Eric led me to his car and settled me in before getting in on his side. He was silent as he drove.  Letting me have time to let the information that Mr. C had given us tonight sink in.  I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping that with our renewed bond that we would find out that Eric could get out of his contract and we would live in Shreveport and have our happily ever after.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be that easy for us.  We were going to have to make a tough decision.  Our renewed bond would not break the contract so was Eric going to become the King of Louisiana, Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma?  I knew that he had never wanted to become king and that he was willing to do so for me, showed me what I should have seen all along.  That Eric truly loves me and will do anything for me.  I would do the same for him, now.

“Are you alright?” he asked.  I could tell that he was concerned about how I was taking the news.  I nodded.  I was going to be fine.  We were going to be fine.

I was determined to not think that about what I was going to have to possibly leave behind and think about what I was gaining.  My husband.  I took a deep breath.  I could do this, we’re in this together now and forever.

Once we arrived home, we went straight into the living room and sat down on his big comfy couch.  Eric pulled me into his side and ran his hand up and down my arm.  We were both quietly thinking over what our options were now.

He was the first to break the silence that seemed to have spanned for hours, “I can come up with a big enough group to be able to take down both Felipe and Freyda.  It will take much of our time for them all to get here.  We’ll have to strike as soon as they are all here and in the meantime we will have to act as if I will be leaving to go to Oklahoma in a month.  Can you live with the knowledge that everyone will think that we will be divorcing and I’ll be marrying Freyda during that short time?”

I pulled away and turned my body toward him, “Eric, is this the choice you really want to make?  To be king?”

“Do I want to be king? No,” he shook his head.  “I don’t, but I will not lose you or my freedom because my maker foolishly sold me into slavery.  I will not wait a hundred years to gain my freedom, only to find that you have passed.  I refuse, so if that means I must be king then so be it, but let us be clear about this; I’m choosing you and I will always choose you no matter the consequences.”

“I don’t want you to be the king of all those states.  It’s not something you’ve ever wanted, it will take up almost all your free time, but it will also put a target a large on your back.  I think we should leave.”

“Sookie,” he said and sighed deeply.  “Do you understand what you’re asking for? If we leave we may never be able to come back.  Are you willing to never see your brother and friends again?  I don’t want you to do something that you will come to regret later.”

“They may be my family and friends, but they all have a life of their own,” I paused and took a deep breath.  “If I’m being honest with myself,  we’re not as close as we used to be.  They’re all getting husbands and wives, and having babies.  It was time for me to be happy and have my own life.  Living my life with you will not be something that I will come to regret, but I think that if you become king of all those states then you will come to regret that decision.”

I noticed Eric took a deep breath and blew it out before he spoke. “I want you to think about this.  Take the rest of tonight and tell me your decision tomorrow after I rise.  I will not regret becoming a king, but I would regret losing you and that is something I’m not willing to let happen.  Being a monarch is not ideal, but it will keep you safe and me from having to marry.  It will be a lot of hard work in the beginning, but I’m willing to do anything to keep you by my side.”

“I promise I’ll think about it.  Tomorrow during the day, I’m going to go back to Bon Temps…”  That was as far as I got before I felt Eric’s emotions plummet.  Sadness and despair were the most prevalent. Now that we had our bond back I was determined to understand it and Eric’s feeling better.

“Eric,” I said, placing my hand on his cheek.  “You didn’t let me finish. There’s absolutely no reason for you to get upset.”  I rubbed my thumb along his cheekbone.  “I was only going to say that I was going back to get some of my things.  I need my clothes and things of that nature.  If we are going to be living together, shouldn’t I have my belongings here.”

“There’s nothing that I’d like more, lover.  I should not have overreacted.  My only thought was that you were going home to think and that you may decide while you’re there that all this is more than you’re willing to deal with.  I know the information we received tonight from Mr. Cataliades disappointed you greatly.”

“It did. I was hoping that our reestablished bond would solve our problems. I knew it was a long shot,” I said giving him a small smile. “I agreed to marry you last night.  I’m not running, no matter what. You’re stuck with me forever.”

I felt a strange mix of emotions coming from Eric,  but before I had a chance to mention it, he stood and lifted me off the couch whisking us down to his bedroom.  Our bedroom.  It was going to take me awhile to get used to our actually being  together; Being a real couple. Something that we had never truly had.  I wasn’t going to count the short time he had amnesia.

He laid me down in the middle of the bed and slowly began undressing me.  Each article of clothing he took off made our lust grow.  I watched as he peeled off his clothing, providing me with a little strip show.  By the time his pants dropped to the ground, I was panting, ready to touch every inch of skin on his god like body.

“Eric… please.  Don’t make me wait any longer,” I pleaded with him.

“Anything you want, my lover,” he replied with a smirk.  He crawled up the bed and placed kisses everywhere as he slid his body over mine.

“Dear one,” he cupped my face in his hands before melding his lips to mine.  They were soft and unhurried as he slowly sheathed himself fully inside of me.  We moved together in perfect harmony.  Showing each other how right we were for one another and the indescribable amount of love we held for each other.

We laid snuggled together with my head on Eric’s chest and his arms wrapped around me, stroking my hair, back, and arms.

“If you wait until tomorrow night to go back to Bon Temps then I can help you pack up what you want to bring,” Eric said breaking the long, comfortable silence that was between us.

“I’ll think about it,” I said with a yawn.  “If I’m not here when you wake up tomorrow then you know where I’ll be.

I felt him nod against the top of my head before he buried his face in my hair.

I placed a kiss above Eric’s unbeating heart and snuggled myself to him before I drifted off to sleep.


I was surprised to find that when I woke up it was already late afternoon.  I shouldn’t have been surprised since I’d stayed up until almost dawn for the last two night with Eric.  I was going to have to get used to living vampire hours.  Even though I’d worked at Merlotte’s for years and worked the late shift more times than I would like to count, it hadn’t prepared me for the late nights that hanging with vampires required.

I got up and quickly showered and got dressed.  I made my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.  Since the first time I visited Eric’s house, now our house, it was always stock with everything I needed.

At first when I noticed that he had coffee pot on the counter and food in his refrigerator that this was the house that he used to bring all of his feed and fucks.  I hated the thought of being in a house where he had brought other women.  Eric noticed that my feelings had shifted from being inquisitive about his house to being upset and jealous. He quickly informed me that he the only people who had ever came into his homes were Pam, his glamoured day man and housekeeper.  I asked why he had a coffee maker and food in his refrigerator if he never had humans here.  I was shocked to learn that he had arranged for his day man to get it all for me.  Why hadn’t I seen back then how much Eric cared for me and that he thought about my needs and wants?

I was foolish to treat Eric the way that I had in the past, making him pay for all the hurt that Bill and Quinn had caused me.  He wasn’t completely innocent in all this.  Eric had unknowingly hurt me when he woke up from the witches curse and couldn’t remember our time together.  Knowing what I know now though if I had been honest with him about what had happened, I wouldn’t have gone through all the heartbreak of losing a friend and my lover.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to let Eric become an even bigger target by becoming a monarch.  I wanted a life with him and I didn’t want most of his free time spent dealing with state matters.  That may seem selfish, but after almost losing Eric I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

After drinking a cup of coffee and eating a small breakfast, I left to head to Bon Temps to pack up what I’d be taking as we left the country.  I didn’t want to wait for Eric to rise for the night.  I knew that by leaving the country, I wouldn’t be able to take much with me. I wanted to have the time to be able to say goodbye to my old house and any items that I wouldn’t be able to bring with me.  I didn’t want Eric to see or feel my emotions during that time.  I was afraid that he would make the decision to stay and kill Felipe and Freyda.

I had packed all of the clothes that I wanted to take with me into boxes and sat them in the living room where they were waiting to be taking to my car.  In another box, I had placed the afghan that had come to mean a great deal to me since Eric’s stay when he had amnesia.  I also placed many of the photo albums and pictures that were around the house.

I looked through my jewelry box and set aside my Gran’s pearl necklace, a couple of pairs of earrings that she always used to wear, and the bullets that I had kept over the years that Eric had taken for me.  After I had packed them away and sat everything I was taking by the front door.

I took one last look around the house that I had called home for the last twenty years.  It was getting close to sunset and I knew that once Eric rose for the night he would be on his way here. I was ready to start my adventurous life with Eric and leave the known for the unknown of the world.  I knew that with him by my side I wouldn’t  have anything to worry about.

When the sun had set, I was sitting on my porch swing enjoying it for the last time.  I thought I would be sad saying goodbye to the only life I had ever knew, but instead I felt invigorated, ready, determined, and happy.  Something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I was swinging on the swing, looking out into the night as stars that were just beginning to sprinkle throughout the skyline, when Bill found me.

I could feel his void coming across the cemetery, but I continued to look into the nights sky until I heard his greeting.

“Good evening, Sookie,” Bill said from the bottom of my porch.

“Evening, Bill,” I replied, finally looking at him.

“I was out on my nightly walk when I noticed your kitchen light on,” he said and gestures toward the kitchen window.  “I thought I’d come by to see if everything was okay.  You haven’t been home for a couple of nights.”

Bill’s nightly walk was more like his nightly stalking session to see what I was up to.  Of course he had noticed that I hadn’t been home the last two nights I’d been with Eric.  It didn’t seem to matter how many different ways I told Bill that we were never going to be together, he wouldn’t lose hope.

I internally rolled my eyes thinking that Bill paid more attention to me now that we weren’t together than he did the last couple of months when we were together.

“You didn’t need to check up on me.  I’ve been gone on important business.”

“It’s never a problem to check up on you, Sookie.  You know I’d do anything for you,” he replied.

Except leave me alone.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

“If you have a few minutes, do you mind if I sit?” he asked, gesturing toward the chair beside me.

“Sure.  Go ahead,” I said.  I knew we didn’t have much time before Eric got here.  Through the bond I could feel him getting closer and closer.  I could also tell that he was disappointed that I wasn’t there when he rose for the night.

“How have you been doing?  I know things have not been easy for you lately.”

I wasn’t sure what to say.  Things are great.  Eric and I are leaving the country so that we can both be free and he doesn’t have to be king.  I couldn’t let Bill know what was going on.  I must have been quiet for too long because he spoke again with a sad look upon his face.

“Have you spoken to Eric lately?  Do you know when he’s leaving?” he asked looking as if he was concerned for me, but I had a feeling that he thought that once Eric was in Oklahoma and had signed away his life for the next hundred years, that there would be one less obstacle in his way to win me back.

“Yes, that’s who I’ve been with for the past two nights,” I stated.

A look of shock spread across his face, but was quickly hidden away.  “Hasn’t he done enough to you?  Now he’s making you work for him,” he replied angrily.

“Bill,” I said exasperated.  He was always doing this, making Eric out to be the bad guy.  I wonder how differently Eric and my’s relationship would be if I had never let Bill poison me against him.  I never let myself see the man Eric truly is.  Yes he could be cold, ruthless, selfish, arrogant, and manipulative, but he could also be thoughtful, caring, sweet, romantic, and loyal.  Especially when it came to me.  I had been blinded to only see the bad in him for too long.  I was thankful that I had finally woke up and saw him for who he really is before it was too late.  “I was not working for Eric for the last two days.”

“Then what were you doing with him?” he hastily asked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but we needed to talk about a lot of things.  Actually, you should probably go, he’s going to be here soon and then we’ll be leaving.”

“Where are you going?  Sookie, don’t let him get you tied up in his life again.”

“Tied up in his life?  Really, Bill?  That man,” I started until Bill raised a disapproving eyebrow at me.  “Fine.  That vampire, that you’re telling me to not get tied up with is my husband.  You have no say in what I do.  He could very well tell me to stay away from you.  How would you like that?”

“It doesn’t matter what he says or does because he will soon be gone and he won’t be your husband anymore.”

Even though I knew Bill didn’t want Eric and I together because he wanted me for himself, his words still hurt me. I knew that Eric wasn’t leaving and would still be my husband, but hearing Bill so blatantly tell me that I was losing my husband reminded me at just how close I had been if I hadn’t gone to see him; if we hadn’t talked.

I gasped at Bill’s being so direct and seeming to not care about my feelings at the moment.  I covered my mouth with my hand as tears welled up in my eyes.

I felt Eric’s concern only moments before I heard the tires of his corvette screech around a corner and the roar of its engine coming down Hummingbird Lane.

I could see Bill’s eyes widen slightly even though it was dark outside.  It must have been the recent blood exchange that Eric and I had only a couple of nights ago that was heightening my senses.

Eric’s car pulled up to a stop and he was out and by my side.  He pulled me against his side and placed a kiss on the top of my head before he spoke.  “I think it’s about time you leave Bill.”

I placed my hand on his upper arm, looking up at him, “It’s alright.  I was just telling Bill goodbye.”

I hoped that Eric understood the meaning of my words.  Even though I knew how much he despised Bill, he knew that I needed to say my goodbye.

He gave me a subtle nod, “You were not with me when I rose for the night.  I missed you.”  Eric said and the hand that was resting on my hip gave me a little squeeze.

I looked up at him with a small smile on my face.  “I know and I’m sorry.  I woke up early and thought I’d come pack and be done and back before you rose for the night, but it took me longer than I thought to finish.  It was almost sunset by the time I was done.”

“Where are your things?  Did you already put them in your car?” Eric asked me.

I shook my head, “I left that for you.  It’s all by the front door.”

He nodded his head and started to head inside.  He looked at Bill and nodded his head, and stated his name before he walked inside.

“Sookie, why have you packed your things?  Where are you going?  Is Eric forcing you to leave?  He cannot.  He’ll soon be out of our lives for good.”

“Eric isn’t making me do anything,” I spat at Bill. “If you must know, I going to be living with at Eric’s house from now on.”

“What are you going to do when he is no longer living in Shreveport, but Oklahoma?”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” I said shaking my head, “but I do know that I’m going to spend every second with him that I can.”  I was being honest with Bill, he just didn’t know how long I was planning to be with Eric.

Eric came out of the house with all the boxes stacked on top of each other and placed them in the trunk and backseat of my car.  Walking back up to the porch, he shook his head and mumbled about getting me a new safer car.

He stepped up to Bill until there was only an inch left between the two. “Sookie is my wife and bonded.  What we do together is no business of yours. If you keep this up I’m going to have to break my promise to her.  She is the only reason you have not met your true death by now,” Eric growled out before heading back to wait for me at my car.

I used my keys to lock the front door.  I had already locked the back door and made sure all the windows were locked.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to my house now that we were leaving, but I wanted to make sure it was lock up nice and tight.

I started to walk off my front porch and turned around to look at Bill. “Goodbye, Bill,” I said to him. For all I knew this would be the last time I would ever see him. I turned back around and walked to my car where Eric was waiting with my door open.

Once I was inside, he leaned down and kissed me passionately. When he finally let me up for air, he cupped my cheek with his hand. “I’ll see you at home.”

I nodded as he closed my door and watched him walk over to his car and get in. I sat there as his tail lights got further and further away until I could see them no more.  Once they were gone, I took one last look at my childhood home before I started my car.


When I arrived home, Eric quickly came out to retrieve all my boxes. When I walked into the kitchen and took off my shoes, he was nowhere to be found.  I decided to make myself dinner since I hadn’t eaten anything since I’d woken up.

A few minutes later Eric came into the kitchen with a big smile upon his face.  I could feel how happy and content he was, and it put a smile on my own face.

“What are you so happy about?  I thought you’d still be annoyed by what Bill said.” I said as I took my pizza out of the oven.

“I put away all your clothes that you had packed up and put them in our closet.  It makes me happy to see your clothes alongside mine in the closet.  As for Bill,” he shrugged, “there wasn’t much more I could say or do without upsetting you or him getting suspicious.”

He sat down next to me at the bar in the kitchen after he heated up a True Blood.

“True,” I said after I chewed up my bite of pizza.  “You’re very easy to please if it only takes my clothes in the closet to make you happy.”

“I’ve wanted you here for a long time so yes this simple thing makes me very happy,” he said and turned on his stool.  “Speaking of being happy, have you made your decision on what you want to do?”

I finished chewing my last bite of pizza and wiped my mouth before turning towards him. “I have.  I think we should leave the country. I’m being selfish, but I feel as if I just got you back and I want to spend as much time with you as possible, and I know that if you are made the king of all those states you are going to busy dealing with all your duties. I was thinking that without you being sheriff that we could possible travel, something I’ve never been able to do.”

“Nothing would please me more than showing the world to you, lover,” he beamed at me.  “You are sure this is what you want?”

“I did think that maybe we could use that I’m from the Brigant family line if you didn’t want to leave.”

“That is one avenue that we haven’t pursued.  Mr. Cataliades knows that you are a fairy princess,” he smirked at me, knowing how much I hated being called that and certainly didn’t see myself as a princess. “I believe that if he thought declaring your bloodline would save our marriage, he would have mentioned at our meeting last night.  I also don’t think it would be in our best interest for all of the vampire community to know that you are part fairy, let alone a fairy princess with the portals being sealed.  If they knew that you have fairy blood along with your telepathy every vampire in the northern hemisphere would try to take you away from me.”

“You really believe that?”

“I do,” he said taking my hand into his.  “I want you to be sure of your decision.  I don’t want you to have any regrets.”

“I’m sure.  No regrets,” I said, squeezing his hand. “Now what do we do?”

“I call Pam and tomorrow night we start planning.”

I know that some of you are not happy that Eric and Sookie are running, but I didn’t want Eric to be king.  I’m trying for each of my stories to be different and not end the same way. In From the Rooftop to Love, Eric becomes king and in Redemption he negotiates with a few of the monarchs so he doesn’t have to be king.  I hope you understand.

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  1. I hope Eric turns Sookie into a vampire. I always thought that if she didn’t become immortal through her fae heritage than becoming a vampire is the way to go. Eric is taking a big risk by running and if she remained human than Eric is left alone and that wouldn’t be fair. Great story so far

  2. Great chapter I like the idea of them travelling around the world just imagine how many things Eric can show Sookie he’s been around for a millennnium and Sookie could open her mind with all the things she can learn She’s wasted in back water town It’s good that they’re staying together free to live their lives as they like can’t wait for more…take care

  3. Honestly, the thought of Eric running away from a problem leaves a bitter taste, but I can also see where he’s coming from, too – he’ll do anything to keep Sookie in his life and avoid the forced marriage, and if she wants to choose the coward’s way out, he loves her enough to do it. I don’t think Sookie ever realized that Eric wouldn’t have to REMAIN king of all those states since he could delegate each to a regent or sell the state to the highest bidder, etc., and give the monarchy of LA to Pam. I love his willingness to discuss all t his with her, though, and I love her willingness to LET him talk about it. ♥

    1. It’s really not in Eric’s nature to run, but maybe he would have done it for Sookie. Maybe. There’s no way in hell SVM Sookie would have ever of left Bon Temps. I wanted this to be different from the way my previous stories have ended and the stories I have read.

      1. See, that’s one of the things that makes this story awesome and unique – no, it’s not in Eric’s nature to do that, but he’d do it for HER…and it’s also not in Sookie’s nature to LISTEN and TALK to Eric, either, much less actually put Eric FIRST for once. I love how they’re both working with each other and practicing honest communication, something very rarely done. 😀

    2. I’m not sure if he would see it as running from a problem (OK, let’s pretend as if I know what the character’s thinking, LOL!) or if he would see it as another alternative to it. Sookie’s the runner, but in this case I kind of agree with her POV. Eric hasn’t ever wanted to be king, and honestly, who would blame him? Why become a monarch to put a target on your back since they’re always killing one another off for sport? Truly, that seems to be the sport of kings in SVM mythology. Let’s say Eric was to takeover all of those states, and then delegates them amongst the other monarchs (which Gyllene says she doesn’t want to repeat); who’s to say one of them wouldn’t turn against him and start the whole thing all over again? Pam, of course, would be the exception to that idea. Running certainly won’t take the targets off their backs. but a strong European nation might offer protection over Felipe de Castor Oil that they would never be offered in the US.
      Good Heavens! All the girl wants is her vampire. Wouldn’t it be nice to read a story where Sookie & Eric get away from all of the “vampire bullshit” and get to be happy? Just once? I do like your thinking though; they’re beginning to compromise and talk WITH one another, not AT one another. That’s a lovely difference!

      1. Thank you for your review! All I’m trying to write is for Sookie and Eric to be together, happy, and away from all the vampire bs. This is just a short little story where Sookie and Eric get the happily ever after that CH denied us. 🙂

        1. I’m ever so grateful for that! I’m not sure how much more angst I can take. I love the whole idea, but you know that, sweetie!

          1. There will be no angst in this story or Lover’s Amnesia. I do not do well with angst. 🙂

  4. I agree with you about Eric being king. If it was only Louisiana, it might be feasible, but more than that would be too much. I hope there is someplace they can go that the local monarch wouldn’t try to honor Appius contract. Also, I wonder what would happen to Pam and Karin and the others who are loyal to Eric. Actually, Karin isn’t in this one yet is she? Pam could go with them I guess. And the loyal vamps could be warned to get out of Dodge. I’m anxious to find out what happens next. Hopefully, Bill is too stupid to be suspicious.

    1. Bill is too stupid to be suspicious. No worries there. I think the monarch’s in the Old World don’t care about what’s happening here in the New World. 🙂

  5. I like that this story is different from the norm. We haven’t seen one yet where the decision was to run away together. It gives you a whole slew of new storyline options.

  6. I can’t help wondering if they will be hunted because he is going to defy his king (crappy though he may be) and not honor the contract made by his maker. I remember an old saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”..how mortifying for Freyda to have the entire vampire world know he would rather run away than marry her (and for a lowly human at that). Also wonder if Sookie lets him turn her and becomes his child wouldn’t that prevent them from being separated? (still have that pesky contract though). So pleased to see an update to this story, will be anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

    1. I promise a happily ever after for Sookie and Eric. I don’t Freyda would be happy with everyone knowing that Eric would rather leave everything he has behind than marry her. Although to me that’s what he did in the books.

    2. Freyda & Felipe could marry, thus giving him another state in his attempt to rule the country. Crazy vampires. Freyda’s a young vampire, and I imagine it would be mortifying. Those vamps love their gossip, right? With her being so young, it would take, what? 500 years or so to blow over? LOL! Blink of an eye. You bring up a good point about Eric turning Sookie though. I think this may be canon, but if he were to turn her as his Bonded, their relationship as Maker & Child would be different due to their bond being created out of love prior to her turning. Then there’s the fact that they’re pledged. So, apparently things go differently if the human is already bonded & pledged to vampire who eventually becomes their Maker and they remain together for the rest of their undead lives. When one meets their true death, the other immediately follows. They can’t be apart because of the bond; you know, the one throughout all the books from #7 that could never be broken until by some miracle Amelia (the most incapable witch) discovered how to do it in, was it #11 or #12? Then everything went to hell.

      1. From what I remember in the stories is that Sookie always thought that her and Eric would not stay together in the long run if he turned her. But they never really talked about it and then she broke their bond. Damn Amelia! We also know that CH never intended them to stay together. 🙁

        1. That came later in the books, but earlier, he explained to her about the bonded pairs so they did have that little chat. She always refused to believe that the bond wasn’t making her feel things that weren’t there no matter who or how many times it was explained to her. The books are 6 feet away from me, but I really don’t feel like pulling them to do the research! She just always refused to even consider being changed. Even after Niall reinforced this explanation about bonded pairs and her longer life span as a part-fae who partook of vampire blood, Sookie still refused to consider this. It was one of the times I found her behavior to be selfish, but young as she was, it wasn’t unexpected. Silly girl. I knew CH had no intention of keeping them together, however; I never foresaw how drastically she would tear apart these characters. Books 10-13 were abysmal.

          1. I don’t remember Eric ever telling her about bonded pairs or Niall’s talk, but it may be because she refused to listen to him. I can say I was in denial about Eric and Sookie. I just wanted Eric to be happy and he loved Sookie so I wanted him with her. Selfish me. 🙂

          2. I’ll have to look it up when I’ve got time tomorrow. Sookie did act selfishly quite a few times, but I tend to attribute much of it to her sheltered life, fear of commitment after Bill’s treachery, the overwhelming presence of Eric alone, and mostly just her youth. She’s so young and really not at all… street wise is not exactly the term… Perhaps innocent to the ways of the real world despite being a telepath. Her exposure to the world came from Bon Temps? Not exactly exposure to life. Eric isn’t blameless in the whole thing either. It takes two to make a relationship succeed or fail. I don’t believe Sookie was a dumb bitch. She was more than naïve because she chose to be. Sookie & Eric were both in denial about their love for one another and it cost them, long before the end. They both treated each other poorly at times due to a lack of communication – that was their biggest mistake of all. Did they deserve one another? I think so, but they learned things too late, something for which they were both at fault. It’s my interpretation anyway. To each her own! 🙂

  7. I’m interested to see how this pans out, its one take on DEA that I haven’t read yet and I like that you are following a different option, looking forward to taking the journey with them. Damn Bill is annoying as ever always trying to poison Sookie’s mind against Eric, he really is pathetic. Great update.

    1. Thank you! I wanted to follow a different path than other stories have taken and also make it different than what’s happened in my own. 🙂

  8. Good. I dont like Eric as King. Heneverwanted it. I always thought they should just say “fuckit all” and take off. I dont see it as running away from the problem, per se. They are taking control instead of being puppets. The kingship is just another slavery.

    1. Eric never wanted to be the monarch of any state. He was happy with what he had. Of course SVM Sookie would never have left Bon Temps.She’s stupid like that. 🙂

  9. I think the choice to leave seems better than having to take over all those states… It is not as if Eric is leaving much behind (considering he owns properties elsewhere) and Sookie leaves behind a bunch of disappointing friends & brother so… Bill is such an awful waste of space… Considering his track record it is rich that he still keeps badmouthing Eric… Sookie’s patience with him is incredible (and a bit irritating but here she is covering their runaway plans so ok…)

    1. I never understood how Bill could always bad mouth Eric after everything he did to Sookie. He’s lucky Eric didn’t kill him. 🙂

  10. Of course I enjoy – and I see others that like this different spin. All the stories I’ve read so far (ff) that try to fix CH miserable ending have Eric as King. I like the alternate – if readers don’t, they can go find one of the other clones of Eric becoming King to avoid Freyda.
    Love ya!

  11. Thanks for the epic update! I’m glad Eric won’t be king. I love the idea of him and Sookie traveling the world, Eric showing Sookie where he grew up. I’d want to leave if I was her but they will constantly be looking over their shoulders no?

  12. great chapter, i have a feeling even if they run which they will be doing it is going to be in their best interest for her to anounce her bloodline, i think it will help in the long run and I think that Mr. C didn’t mention it because he knows how skitish Sookie can be. Billy Boy is a leak/snitch to Oklahoma and Nevada and you could tell by what he was saying to Sookie and about timeframes of Eric leaving. looking forward to more and how this develops. KY

  13. I LIKE IT!!! Fly, fly, fly away! They would be running to their lives, not from their lives. They have no lives staying where they are. It makes no sense to stay for possible subjugation. One would be a slave to a marriage he doesn’t want; the other kept in bondage to a king who would turn her against her will. And just because I’m feeling exceptionally evil this week, please, for the love of all things GREAT we have ever loved about the SVM & TB, would someone devise a method of somehow nearly killing, and then reviving Bill aka the phony Ashley Wilkes until the end of time? To quote on of my favorite movies, “Kill him a lot.” Amilyn. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (1992) You know the sniveling coward is going to running right to Felipe. Brown-nosing twit, thinking he’ll get Sookie that way. Blech.
    Thanks for an outstanding chapter, Gyllene! I can’t wait to see what comes next!

          1. Yep! That would make me very happy! And that’s what you two live for, right? Making me happy? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! 🙂

  14. Ahhh…at first I saw it as both of them “running” –but now I see it as taking a ‘time out”. I hope that Eric doesn’t have to constantly look over his shoulder, and that he’s built up enough “good will” with the Old World monarchs that the “newbies” from the States would get the cold shoulder if they try to poach Eric from their realms……
    That doesn’t mean that Eric can’t extract revenge for the monarchs that have upset his quiet life. He could mastermind coups from across the pond on Felipe and Fredja. Felipe for killing Sophie Ann and upending his area with the likes of Victor; and get some final break with his long, gone Maker, Appius, by having someone over-throw Fredja. Eric doesn’t necessarily have to come back to the States after the deeds are done, but it would be nice to travel the world without looking over your shoulder.

    Anyway, just a thought. With the internet and communication as it is nowadays, masterminding a coup from thousands of miles away could be a snap!! 🙂

  15. Finally got around to catching up on this and I’m glad I did.
    I am ridiculously behind on True Blood but the way you’ve written this meant I could still follow what was going on. Great story and I’ll definitely try and get to your others soon 🙂

  16. I agree with Ms. Buffy’s opinion of Sookie’s SVM actions when she said “I tend to attribute much of it to her sheltered life, fear of commitment after Bill’s treachery, the overwhelming presence of Eric alone, and mostly just her youth. She’s so young and really not at all… street wise is not exactly the term… Perhaps innocent to the ways of the real world despite being a telepath. Her exposure to the world came from Bon Temps? Not exactly exposure to life. Eric isn’t blameless in the whole thing either. It takes two to make a relationship succeed or fail. I don’t believe Sookie was a dumb bitch. She was more than naïve because she chose to be. Sookie & Eric were both in denial about their love for one another and it cost them, long before the end. They both treated each other poorly at times due to a lack of communication – that was their biggest mistake of all.”

    I don’t think of this as running away but as a “retirement”. Eric is over a thousand years old, and as such certainly has many loyal friends in Europe. Freyda’s not old enough to have allies in Europe. Felipe is older than Freyda, but not as old as Eric. Plus he’s slimy and I doubt he has any true allies in Europe either. I like your idea of choosing this option for Eric and Sookie. She doesn’t even have to be turned; that decision can be made years down the road long after I’ve read this story and gotten my HEA. I don’t need to know the next 200 years of their lives, babies, Fae abilities, vamp Sookie to have a HEA. Thanks for taking this in a different direction.

    1. Thank you! I like Gyllene’s twist on the DEA ending. She’s taking it in a brilliant direction so far and I can’t wait to see where it leads. I like the idea of retirement for Eric. What a nice idea!

  17. I love all the endless possibilities for Eric and Sookie stories. It seems like I never grow tired of them; I have a long-term relationship with many Erics and Sookies.

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