I rose to Sookie’s warm body snuggled up to me.  I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight against my body.  I lowered my face to her hair and took a deep breath.  

A big smile came across my face.  Once again my Sookie smelled of me and the sweetness that was all her.

I never thought we would be bonded again.  Hell, I never thought I would have my wife in my bed, our bed willingly again.

Truthfully I had given up on us.  It seemed like no one in the universe wanted us together, and I felt like Sookie wanted us together least of all.

So  to say that I was surprised to see her pacing in my living room waiting for me yesterday is an understatement.  Never before had she taken the initiative to come to my house.  Only once had she come to see me on her own free will without our discussing it first.

I had been ignoring her phone calls and texts, but who wouldn’t.  She had used the cluviel dor on that fucking shifter and then to find out that you can only use it on someone you love.  It was like she had personally sent a stake through my heart.

I wanted her to use the cluviel dor to get me out of the contract that my maker had made with the Queen of Oklahoma.  I had used all my resources to try to find a way out of that contract and had found none.

The cluviel dor seemed the only way out, but I was too proud to ask Sookie to use it on me…  on us.   We were both testing each others love.  I wanted her to finally show me that she loved me, that she was choosing to be with me.  She wanted me to get out of the contract to show my love for her.

Couldn’t she see that everything I did was because I love her?  I let her humiliate me time after time.  No vampire let their human treat them the way I let Sookie treat me, but I knew that if I pushed her for more than I would lose her.  That’s exactly what I thought had happened when she used the cluviel dor a few nights ago.

I held little hope that our meeting with Mr. Cataliades was going to solve our problems.  My maker had made sure that I could not get out of this contract.  Even in his true death he was making it so that he as making my life miserable.

There was no way I was going to give away my freedom for a hundred years to that stupid bitch Freyda.  Give up my wife?  My bonded?  They want me to give up the only woman I’ve ever loved or will love?

Over my dead body.

“Hey,” I heard Sookie say before she placed her palm against my cheek cupping it and lightly rubbing her thumb over my cheekbone.  I opened my eyes to see and feel worry etched across her face.  “What are you thinking about, that’s got you so worked up?”

“The contract, losing you,” I growled out before pressing my lips together in a tight line.

“You’re not going to lose me.  Whatever we have to do to keep you free we are going to do it.  Whether that is Mr. C. getting you out of the contract, killing Felipe and Freyda, or leaving the country. We’ll find a way.  I’m not leaving you ever again,” she said.  I could feel the truth flowing through our renewed bond.  Where had this Sookie been for the last year?

“Eventually I’ll lose you,” I said as I pulled her even closer to bury my face into her neck.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said with confusion.

I grunted into her neck before I placed a kiss behind her ear and nuzzled my nose against her a little more.  “Something to talk about another day.  First we need to figure out how to get out of this mess,” I pulled up to look at her face.

I could feel her bewilderment as she tried to figure out what I was talking out.  With a heavy sigh, I kissed her temple and breathed her in.  We’ll discuss the issue of turning her on another night, just not tonight.  I wasn’t going to talk about how she never wanted to be turned.   I had just gotten her back and though things were better than ever between us, we had other issues to deal with first.  Primarily my having to marry another woman.  I wasn’t going to push or fight with her tonight.  Later we would have a discussion once we knew where we were headed in our lives.

I placed a soft, lingering kiss on her pink, plump lips before a mischievous smile spread across my face.  “Let’s go get cleaned up before our meeting.”

After an extra long shower with my wife, where we dirtied each other up more than once before finally stepping out of the shower squeaky clean, we headed out for our meeting with Mr. Cataliades.

I watched from the corner of my eye as Sookie wrung her hands together and nervously bit her bottom lip. I wrapped my hand around hers and slowly entwined our fingers together before lifting her hand and placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

“Sookie, I don’t want you to get your hopes up meeting with Mr. Cataliades.  We’ve both been going over the contract for months and haven’t found a way out of it yet.”

She pulled her hand from mine and crossed both of her arms over her chest, pushing her bountiful breasts up making me want to lean over and nip at them.  Feeling her hurt and anger toward me made me keep my eyes on her face instead.

“I wish you wouldn’t have hidden it from me for so long.  You should have listened to Pam and told me.  I had a right to know as soon as you did,” she said before looking out the car window.

“What good would it have done for me to tell you?  You never even cared about our marriage until it was too late.  How was I supposed to know you would have cared?  You’ve been pushing me away ever since we got together.”

My grip was so tight on my steering wheel I heard it whine before I relaxed my hands enough to not break the damn thing.  Although she was still looking out the window, I could feel her hurt and smell the tears as they trickled down her cheeks.

“Dear one, I’m sorry.  I should have told you.  At first I thought I would be able to get out of it and then…” I trailed off as I felt her upper body against my arm and her head upon my shoulder.

“It’s not only your fault.  I have blame in this too, with the way I’ve treated you. I’ve never really given you a fair chance.  I’ve made you pay for Bill, Quinn, and my own mistakes.  I know it wasn’t your fault that when the curse was broken that you didn’t remember what we had together.  You asked me many times what happened, but I was so heartbroken that you didn’t remember and I would never see my Eric again.

“I’m sorry for pushing you away and breaking our bond.  I should have spoken to you about it,” she said curling her arm around mine.  My shirt sleeve was getting wetter by the second from her tears.  “I’ve missed not being able to feel you until last night.  It’s going to be different now, right?”  she asked looking up at me with her eyes pleading for us to be different.

I lowered my head a placed a kiss to her forehead, speaking against her as I drove.  “I promise.  I’ll no longer keep things from you. We’re in this together from here on out.”

When we arrived at Fangtasia, Sookie excused herself to the bathroom to clean her face up before our meeting started.  I wasn’t sure how she was going to react if the news wasn’t in our favor.

Mr. Cataliades arrived right on time giving me a firm nod and Sookie a kiss on the hand.  I had no idea they were so close.

“How are you my dear?”  He asked Sookie while taking his seat in one of the chairs in front of my desk.  I had placed a chair next to me for Sookie to sit in.  I wanted her to feel like part of the team, on my side.  Nothing would be hidden from her.

“I’m alright, I guess.  I’d be better if you’d tell us that you can get Eric out of this contract,” she replied before taking my hand in hers.  She gave me a questioning look, asking if it was okay for her to hold my hand in front of the demon.  I have her a smile and a small nod, receiving one back from her.

“Has anything changed since the last time we spoke Mr. Northman?” Mr. Cataliades questioned me.

“Nothing has changed.  We were wondering how our bond and marriage were factored into the contract.  These should be upheld and cancel out the contract my maker made.  I had been released and not spoken to my maker for more than seven hundred years.”

“Hmmm.  I see,” he replied.  Looking in deep concentration for a few moments before he continued.  “Unfortunately, since your maker is dead, your king is the only one who can negate the contract and we both know he is unwilling to do so.”

He looked over at Sookie with sad eyes, “I’m sorry to tell you that you will be forced to divorce and break your bond before the marriage takes place.  You will likely have to perform the act in front of both the King of Nevada, Arkansas, and Louisiana  and the Queen of Oklahoma.”

“They would make us divorce and break our bond?”  Sookie asked in a shaky voice.

“I’m afraid so, Ms. Stackhouse.  He can’t be married to two people at the same time.”

“Northman.  Mrs. Northman.”

“Sookie?” I asked shocked.  Never once had she referred to herself as Northman.  Besides being shocked I was overwhelmed with Sookie calling herself Mrs. Northman.  I never realized until then how much I wanted it.

“If it’s okay with you I want to put in for a name change,” she said shyly looking at me from under her eyelashes.

The smile that was on my face and the feelings she could feel through the bond told her I was more than happy for her to be Mrs. Northman.

“What happens if I refuse to divorce him?  We’ve been married for over a year and bonded even longer.”

“I’m afraid vampires don’t see it like that.  They will force you to divorce,” the demon responded back.

“How will they force us to divorce?” she asked getting more and more upset by the minute.

“They will threaten death.  If you don’t do as they say, they will kill you,” Mr. Cataliades replied.

“They can’t kill me!  We are bonded.  If they killed me than it would be in Eric’s right to kill them.”

“You make a valid point, Mrs. Northman,” he said as pride filled our bond when he called her by her new name.  “I will present the argument to Mr. DeCastro and will let you know his response.  We have very little time left before you must arrive in Oklahoma and sign the contract.”

“How long?” she asked nervously.

“In one month time.  I assure you Ms.,” he paused and gave a nod of apology. “Mrs. Northman, I will do everything in my power for you to keep your husband, I cannot guarantee you that we will be successful in this endeavor, however, I will do everything to see that we are.  If there is nothing more than I will send this latest petition off to Mr. DeCastro and I will let you know when I find out the verdict.  It should only take a few days until we know.”

He stood and gathered his briefcase before he nodded to me once again and wished us a good night.

Sookie sat in silence, but her emotions were in turmoil.  Fear, regret, sadness, and hopelessness.  I let her have a few minutes to herself while I finished up the paperwork that had been left on my desk for me to sign. I knew that she needed this time to herself, to come to grips with what she’d learned tonight.

Once I was done, I stood and pulled her into my embrace.  Cradling her head with my hands.  “I’m sorry, Sookie,” I whispered against her lips. She closed her wet eyes and fought to control her trembling lips.

“What do we do now?” she murmured.  A rebellious tear rolled down her cheek and I quickly smoothed it away with my thumb.

“We decide whether we stay and became monarchs of four states or we leave everything behind and start anew.

“What do you want?” she asked, her blue eyes boring into mine.

“You,” I replied.  “I don’t care what we do as long as I’m with you.”

Sookie turned her head and kissed the palm of my hand.

“Are you done here?” she asked, a tear escaped and she roughly wiped it away.  She squared her shoulders when I nodded my head.  “Good. Let’s go home.”

I pulled away and grasped her hand with mine and ushered us out the back door and to my car.  I helped Sookie get settled in and then made my way around to the driver’s side.  We were on the road for only a few minutes when I asked her if she was alright.

She nodded her head and I felt as her determination grew.  She wasn’t going to let the news tonight set her back from what she wanted.  Luckily, what she wanted was me.

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  1. I’m so happy you wrote another chapter for this awesome story. I love reading stories of how DEA should have gone instead of the travesty it turned out to be! Also really looking forward to an update of Lovers Amnesia!

    1. I’m all about happy endings and Eric and Sookie deserve one. 🙂 I will post chapter two of Lover’s Amnesia next week. Thanks for reading.

  2. More, at last! I’m really happy for this story to continue. Don’t make us wait 10 months more for chapter 3. Thanks a lot.

    1. Sorry you had to wait so long. I promise that you won’t have to wait another 10 months for chapter 3. I’m already half way through writing it.

  3. What a great second chapter! You have them communicating much more realistically than CH did in the last 2-3 books. I’ve always thought a thousand year old man would be much wiser than Eric was written towards the end of the series, so I find your portrayal believable. I love your stories and am following them all right now.

    1. I’m all about Eric and Sookie communicating. I think I feel so strongly about it because of the books. Eric would definitely be wiser than what CH wrote for him, but he was dealing with Sookie and I’m not a fan of the way she treated him throughout the books. Thank you so much for following all of my stories and loving them! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Very glad you decided to continue this story. Righting the wrongs in DEA is a noble endeavor and of course your ability to write them so well is just an added treat.

    1. Thank you so much! I believe that Eric and Sookie deserve a happy ending and since CH wrote the train wreck of DEA, I needed to write this as therapy to get over what she has done to my favorite character.

  5. I love this!! I hope they kill them all and become King and Queen of 4 states!!! I’m glad she accepted the bond and the marriage…I love them together!

  6. Loved it!!!! CH should’ve had you around when she was writing the last few books. What you wrote is exactly how it should’ve happened in the books. Keep up the brilliant writing. Can’t wait til the next chapter.

    1. Thank you! Such a sweet thing for you to say. I know we all wish that we could go back in time and not read the last few books she wrote. I’m halfway through with the next chapter so it won’t be long until you get chapter 3.

  7. Here’s what I never got. Where is the AP and the council and all from Rhodes? Why can’t it be appealed to her/them.

  8. So glad you are continuing this story!! I just retread ch 1 and read ch 2 and I’m looking forward to where you take it!

  9. great chapter and the best part is they are working together as a team, they seem to be both in it for the right reasons… it is an awesome thing… KY

  10. This is good. I hope they find a way to break the contract without having to kill Felipe and Freyda. Unfortunately, that might create more enemies. I like Sookie’s point about if they kill, or try to harm her, Eric has the right to kill them. Great story.

  11. that’s true CH never intended Sookie to be with Eric That’s why I read till Dead Reckoning cuz it didn’t like that Sookie had to break the bond ..her feelings were hers since book 4 but I thought stubbornly that Eric and Sookie could have been the endgame because they shared some many similitaries but I was wrong But TB isn’t better the Writers made Sookie so stupid maybe she deserves William Thomas Comptton after all I mean she never gave Eric a chance but she willing to become a fairy/vampire for Warlow!!! Good story Thank God for you fanfiction Writers everything will turn alright

    1. I’m not a fan of TB or SVM Sookie. I feel like CH made HBO promise her that Sookie and Eric would never stay together. I just don’t get their hard on for Bill. Thank God for fanfiction where we can read and write to fix the wrongs of our books and shows.

      1. After last season’s debacle. I canceled HBO. I can only suspend imagination so far. To show Sookie behaving & looking like a Debbie Pelt fem-bot, Sam as Mayor of Bon Temps, Arlene as the owner of “Bellefleur’s” (does that make my Merlotte’s coffee mugs collector’s items?), and Eric, the vampire who has managed to survive for over 1,000 years sunbathing on a snowy mountaintop after having ingested super-Fae/Vamp blood – when two seasons earlier he’d had Claudine drained dry faster than my 4-year-old grandson can suck down a CapriSun, didn’t know his name or where he was, but he knew he had to get out of the sun when he started to burn not even 24 hours later – he’s nude sunbathing on a snowy mountain top? Was he hit on the head too? WTF? Why the snow? Why not the beach & have him look like a complete fucking vampire moron who’s lived a millennium by dumb luck & call him Bubba? And then there’s the zombie vampires & everyone has to buddy up with a vampire, so now everyone in Bon Temps has a partner except for…go for it…Bill and Sookie! How convenient! The tortured-soul vampire who was supposed to do something… The vampire who melted into a puddle of goo after drinking Lillith’s blood for some higher purpose… The roided-out vamp (body-double) who rose from the primordial ooze with the super-fangs who GROWLED at Eric & Sookie and shocked the ancient vampire so that he turned to Tinkerbelle and told her if she clapped real hard, Bill would become his weasly self again,,,OOPS…I’m giving away the ending! He turned to her and told her to RUN! And the big, major, higher purpose? We still don’t know, Lillith’s gone, & she ain’t coming back. Even Lillith couldn’t take being stuck with Bill. It can’t be last season’s storyline because if it was, and I paid for HBO for two seasons of that? I want a refund. I demand a refund, and everyone who watched that crap should too. I’ve had more fun watching “Rabids Invasion,” and there’s just no explaining that. Somehow, somewhere, someone thinks or believes these two characters, Bill & Sookie, belong together. To that person all I have to say is, I have a book I’d like to recommend…

        1. I will sadly watch True Blood, but I already know the season is going to be shit. I’m going to try to emotionally detach myself from it before it starts. The only good that will come from another season is fanfiction stories. The series has gone down the shitter and for me it started when Sookie chose to be alone then between Eric and Bill. Sookie even thinking about giving Bill another chance is the stupidest thing she has ever done. No one wants to see them together and it they do they are as stupid as Sookie. 🙂

          1. Oh yes. She called him a motherfucking monster last season, and wanted to stake because of what he was forcing her to do.

            Speaks of great love to me. I just can’t suspend enough imagination for it anymore. I’ll look at pretty pics of Eric & enjoy the FF stories, but I’m not paying for something that’s going to get spoiled for me no matter what, and I am not moderating on the site for another season, not that anyone would show up anymore. It’s sadly become a joke. I feel bad for the actors who have to have it on their resumes!

          2. It’s like the books and show are cursed to make us hate them by the end of the series. 🙂 I will also happily look at all the pretty pics of Eric and read the FF stories.

          1. That’s what I’ve been told! My friend is really into it, loves Jon Snow, and talks about GoT all the time. I’ve got too much going on to get into another series. I don’t watch enough TV to justify it anymore.

          2. It’s really good. We’ve watched from the first season. I don’t watch much TV either. I think we will be cancelling our movie channels after this summer until another season of Game of Thrones comes on.

          3. Yeah, I canceled so my hubby could watch college hockey. If our nephew doesn’t make the playoffs after this upcoming weekend, then I’ll cancel that package until next season, if he plays. It’s March Madness now & we don’t watch basketball. I keep getting “spoiler” emails about S7 for True Blood, and I just delete them. I’ll just keep looking at the pretty pics of AS of Eric that people send to me, and keep laughing! He’s pretty, that’s for sure! I can’t get past that he was born in 1976…I was out of high school by then! He’s 10 years older than my oldest child, but oh! Still so pretty look at even creeping up on 40!

          4. I’m totally fine that he was born in 1976, but that’s because I was also born in the same year. I actually think that he gets better looking as he gets older. 🙂

          5. I agree! His face takes on a more masculine look & he’s losing the “prettiness.” I like the more mature look, but being older does that to ya! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love that you included a pic from “What Maisie Knew.” I love that movie & thought AS gave a stellar performance. It’s a movie that hit close to home, and one I could watch over & over, not just because of him!

  12. Great chapter. I love HEA stories for Eric and Sookie 🙂
    Can’t wait for more. Dying to know what they decide to do…

  13. I didn’t read DEA., the spoilers were enough for me and I love all the alternate endings you wonderful writers have come up with really looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you! I’ve only read the spoilers and a few fanfiction stories to know what happened in the books.

      1. Same here I did read a free copy I got of that awful coda then wished I didn’t lol

        1. I read what was posted on Facebook from the coda. More BS from CH. I can’t read anything from her again.

          1. Totally agree the only thanks I give her is for giving us these characters which wonderful people like you can make reach their true potential

          2. Thank you! That’s so sweet. We gotta give her thanks for giving us Eric Northman. 🙂

  14. I think Sookie & Mr. C. are on to something! Sookie needs to “claim” Eric as much as he’s always claimed her. She needs to represent herself as a married woman. She’s also royalty by birth right, unlike Felipe & Freya so she actually trumps in the deck. I like where you’re going, I think! Very, very clever!

    CH was relentless with the whole bond/no bond part making Sookie sound like an idiot, but it would have been “an inconvenient storyline.” All that whining about the bond, and then it’s gone. Sookie discovers her feelings for Eric are real, duh? Swap blood again, re-bond! Nope, inconvenient.

    1. I can’t say, but you’ll find out in the next chapter. CH didn’t want Eric and Sookie together so she started pulling bullshit out of her ass to make us hate Eric. I personally don’t think that worked for most of us. It only made me hate her and Sookie.

      1. It didn’t make me dislike Sookie. I love the Sookie character. She’s my favorite, and maybe because I’m old with daughters in that same age range, actually past that age range now I’m not as critical of her as most are. I remember my own behavior through those years and sadly, it was fairly shabby, selfish, & shameful. Stubborn, prideful, and careless are just a few things I’d kindly apply to my own self & I’m not a fictional character! Owning these and identifying the same characteristics in my daughters as well as many of their friends & cousins, I realize they’re probably common traits of our gender in that decade. Applying the same using tools from my previous career in behavioral health, it’s common, and damn it! It’s yet another example of those hormones at war!
        I defended CH’s “right to write” all the way to the end. It’s her story, written her way. What I cannot defend is lazy, sloppy,unprofessional “writing” passed off as books and her attitude & remarks in response to criticisms! She has TWO continuity people – TWO! They still can’t keep their facts straight! I think the writer needs to know her own mythology before relying on not just one person to do so. James Lee Burke has been writing the Dave Robicheaux character for over 25 years. I’ve never found a continuity error in any of his stunning novels. Not. One. He doesn’t have a continuity person. He has editors, of course, but he’s an author. CH is a writer of short stories about supernatural/humor/mysteries with a little bit of romance thrown in. I don’t know if you’ve read the books, or any of her others, but in my collection? The first 5 “books” fit into 2 actual books. The first stand-alone book I have is #6. I can’t remember all the names, and part of being old is not giving a shit. Just give ’em a number! One thing I’ve learned in my last career; there is a huge difference between being a writer and being an author. CH was very lucky. She got noticed, and once noticed, the books took off and took on a life of their own. Once she signed over rights for the show, she was cooked, served, and done. The little things she created became so much larger than she could ever hope to creatively compete against so what does one do? Murder the myth. That’s what she did with the coda, and that? Pissed. Me. Off.
        In one paragraph, CH wrote the complete antithesis of Eric Northman, the Viking vampire SHE created in a way that makes absolutely no sense at all. Yes, Sookie was going to be with Sam in the end. Clearly, if you paid attention while reading, you could comprehend it. It ain’t Tolstoy, people! It’s pretty simple reading. Sookie & Eric were not meant to be together at the end. I’m OK with that, very disappointed, but OK. I’m not OK, nor am I at all pleased with the way in which it was done.
        Sookie & Sam weren’t exactly sending out invitations or picking china patterns; they were testing the waters. Nothing wrong with that. Sookie was actually on her own, standing on her own feet, and that’s really how it’s displayed on the cover if you look at it in context. Frankly, that’s the ending I prefer over all the others! I think it’s a far better message that Sookie’s able to be by herself & be fine with it rather than there MUST be a man beside her at the end. In 2013? WHY? Hell, no one talks to one another anymore anyway! Texting, tweeting, tumbling! Criminal background & credit checks before having coffee? Actually, that’s not such a bad idea; would have saved me tons of time, money, marriages, etc. However, is there some reason I wasted all those years fighting for equal rights, being a single mom, & learning to live independently? So some bored Southern housewife can write silly books & romanticize, STILL, that you young women are not complete unless there’s a man at your side & pray he brings “the gracious plenty?” Fuck that noise, as my daughters say!
        Breathing deeply. I refuse to bend to such simplistic notions.
        OK, I’ll take another approach. Eric sacrificed his “life” & freedom to save that of Sookie. That IS love! For his character, who had the greatest zest for life, freedom from the enslavement & entrapment of his Maker, and once away from Appius, chose to live in the exact opposing manner of him; to me, it’s easy to see how CH would write this & how others do the same. It’s classic romance with a twist. What she does to the character in the coda? Appalling and unprofessional. In a few short years, he totally caves? Sure. That’s why Eric fought so hard to stay undead for over a millennium.
        Hell. Who am I kidding? She got sucked in by her publishing company, fame, and fortune. She’ll certainly never get another penny from me. Well, I’ve been quite longwinded & opinionated this Monday morning. Didn’t say some characteristics had changed in almost 40 years! I’ve had that many years to refine some of them. I’ll shut down my rant now, and please feel free to delete it. 🙂

        1. What I dislike about Sookie is her treatment of Eric. He was perfect, but I don’t feel that she ever truly gave him a fair chance. He was paying for every hurt everyone had done to her. To me it seemed like settled for Sam and that is not something that anyone should do let alone a fiction character. I believe that Eric truly loved her to the best of his ability and they could have had a better relationship if she had given him a chance and they communicated. I don’t like what CH did to his character in the last books and I think she was trying to get us all on her bandwagon of hating him. I believe that he gave up another 100 years so that Sookie could have the normal life she had always wanted. To me that’s love. The last book and coda are shit (I didn’t read them, but I know what happens), I will not read or buy anything of hers again. I think that once Eric saw that Sookie was married and happy, and that when he got out of his contract she would be dead, he made the best of his situation.

          I like to think I read the books in denial and didn’t want to see Sookie ending up with Sam. I love Eric and I wanted him happy. He loved Sookie so I wanted them to be together. I don’t know how CH expected us to start hating a character that she made so amazing.

          These are characters that we have all grown to love and CH ruined the series for so many people, that I think it’s easy for us to rant on the matter. Hell it’s almost a year later and it’s still upsetting and gets me all riled up. I also don’t remember the names. I go by book #’s since they all have dead in them. 🙂

  15. He can’t be married to two vampires at the same time but they can make him divorce a human…just saying. I unfortunately read all of the books and watched the series and am in agreement, they sucked big time. As a writer character development is key so you can’t just have a character living in a magical universe with certain rules and then do a 180 on all those rules, have them act like previous rules never existed and then call it personal growth. It’s ridiculous. I like this Troy a lot as I love alternate endings that involve sooric hea. Your writing seems to be improving as the grammatical errors are less and it makes for a smoother read. Well done.

    1. Thank you and I hope my error are getting less and less. I look back at my first story and cringe and some of the writing. All of stories will have HEA. Maybe not the one-shots. My first one didn’t and the one I’m working on now it’s, but any story that’s more than one chapter will have a HEA. 🙂

      It doesn’t make sense and the only way to justify it is that CH didn’t want them together. The End. From what I’ve seen of the last book it looks like a total joke with her changing to different POV’s. You don’t change your writing style after twelve years of books and contradict most of the rules you made in all of your previous books.

  16. Love, love, LOVE this follow-up chapter and I can’t wait for more! I’m interested to see what route they will take now — kill Freyda and DeCastro and Eric become king, or run away together…or a third option that hasn’t been discovered yet? (I read a recent fic where Sookie invoked her rights as a Princess of the Fae to fight against Freyda’s claim, because although a human woman has no standing in the vampire/supernatural world, a Fae of royal bloodline carries quite a bit more weight.) Whatever path they choose, I can’t wait to read about it! 🙂

  17. Like everyone else I am so glad that you have continued your story. The books lost their allure shortly after Claude & their uncle moved in with Sookie. Someone was smoking some ‘waccy tobaccy’, plus had a contract to fulfil. As I was reading your story all I could think of is that a Fae Princess trumps a pesky monarch. Are you writing a nice Prince Niall into the story to provide the HEA? No matter always enjoy reading your stories.

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