I want to thank Virala for helping me with this story and writing the sex scene for this chapter. As you all know I’m more of a use your own imagination kind of gal but I thought Sookie and Eric needed this.

We’d been plotting the assassination and takeover of Sophie Ann and monarchy of Louisiana for nearly a week after the return of Maxwell and Indira from New Orleans.

Whenever Eric and Pam weren’t strategizing or training with all of us, they were on the phone bringing together as many loyal vampires as possible to assist in the coup. I stayed out of the planning for the most part seeing as I knew I couldn’t really help.

Eric was a master at what he was doing. He had been a warrior before he was turned; he knew exactly how to plan for our upcoming battle. With the assistance of Thalia, who was older than Eric and all of our other vampires, we had Eric covered.

Pam instructed Jessica and me on sword fighting, hand to hand combat, and fighting with a stake. We practiced on each other while the others were busy organizing. Jessica caught on quickly and improved rapidly, and I’m sure I improved though not quite enough to be helpful. Eric didn’t want me to go, but once I heard Pam’s argument, I knew I needed to help. They needed me for locating just where and how many vampires, Weres, shifters, or humans were there before our primary assault.

Eric and I had fought over it for the rest of the night. We finally reached a compromise, but Eric was still unhappy about my being there as well as the possibly me getting hurt. Once Eric and his team reached the throne room, Jessica and Alcide were to immediately escort me from the palace and move me to Eric’s New Orleans house. Eric would continue to worry about me until he knew that I was safely away. It was not the smartest decision I had made to join in the battle, but I wanted to give Eric every advantage.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as we took the exit from the highway and traveled into the city. I was so nervous that I was nauseous, and I’d been trying my best to not think of any possible failures or the chances of our being captured. We were less than twenty minutes away. All of our lives were going to change tonight in one way or another.

I prayed for everyone who was here to help us.

Eric reached over and held my hand. He gently rubbed circles with his thumb while sending me as much calm, reassurance, and love as he could. I held his hand tightly while staring out the window. We had been quiet throughout the entire trip. I could tell Eric was going over every part of his plan. I could feel his confidence and determination. I couldn’t imagine how terrified I might be at this time had I not been aware of Eric’s belief that before sunrise we would come out the victors.

It was much too soon when we pulled into a parking lot a block away from our destination. Everyone would arrive within ten to twenty minutes. They all rode in vans while Eric drove my car so we could use it for our escape to his house once I was done with my part in this mission.

Eric quickly got out of the car and was by my side opening my door before I even realized he was there. He held out his hand for me, and once I was out of the car, he pulled me into his body holding me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him just as tightly.

Eric lowered his face to the side of my head and inhaled my scent.

“You don’t have to do this, you know. You can still leave and go to our house.  I’ll meet you when I am done.”

“I know, but I need to help. I’m doing this because I don’t want anything to happen to you. I want you to have as much of an advantage as you can get,” I told him.

Eric picked me up and sat me on the hood of the car. He put his arms around my waist and rested his forehead against mine while I placed my arms around his neck.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he said and lightly kissed my lips.

“I feel the same way about you.”

“Sookie,” he said in warning. “I’ve been fighting for over a thousand years and there are very few things that can kill me. You are much more fragile than anyone who will be here tonight. You must promise me you’ll leave when you are done. You will not try anything that will get you hurt,” he pleaded with me. I felt his desperation for me to make this promise.

“I promise,” I said hugging him tighter. “You promise me you’ll come home to me.”

“I promise you I’ll come home to you. No one will try to take you away from me ever again and soon we will be married.”

“Yes, I’ll hold you to all of those promises,” I said, and then I kissed him with all that I had.

While we were kissing the others arrived and began exiting the vans and getting all their gear together.

“Master, everyone is ready. You two may finish when we have our victory. Now break it up!” Pam ordered while walking toward us.

Eric turned his head and raised an eyebrow at Pam. “Have everyone get into their teams. We’ll be leaving in just a few minutes. Now leave us!” Pam bowed her head, and then took off to the groups.

Eric pulled back from me a little and cupped my face with his hands. He looked into my eyes and rubbed his thumb over my cheek. “You will be safe, listen to Jessica and Alcide. If they tell you to leave, you leave. Do not let anything happen to you. I’ll meet you at our house once this is over.”

I nodded my head as best as I could while he was holding it. “I love you, dear one, more than I can ever express to you,” he kissed me fiercely and passionately, but also desperately. He pulled away to let me breathe and I hugged Eric as tightly as I could.

“I love you so much,” I told him. “I can always feel how much you love me. It’s the greatest feeling in the world having you love me. I wouldn’t know what to do if I no longer felt your love. Please be safe!”

“I will,” he nodded. “It’s time to go,” Eric lifted me from the hood, and then placed me on the ground. We walked hand-in-hand to meet our allies.

“Everyone knows their orders. Let’s go kill the queen. We’ve got a state to takeover!” Everyone chuckled and began to move.

We were walking with our group made up of Eric, Alcide, Jessica, two other vampires, and four Weres whom I didn’t know. Once the palace was within view, Eric stopped and turned toward us.

“You two make certain she is safe. Get her out once we are in the throne room or if anything should go wrong.”

“She’ll be safe with us. Don’t worry,” Alcide replied.

Eric nodded and looked at me, “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

I hugged Eric one last time and placed a kiss over his heart. I felt him kiss my hair, and I reluctantly pulled away when I felt his phone vibrate. He took it out and looked at it.

“All teams are in place. It is time to go.”

I dropped my shields in order to detect where our enemies could be found. “There are two vampires outside the door and two more inside.”

Eric, the vampires, and the Weres took off and quickly eliminated the four vampires before I made it to the door. We continued traveling down the halls while I called out what I detected. We could hear fighting far off in the distance from the other groups who had entered from the back of the building.

“Two vampires fast approaching from the north,” I whispered, and then plastered my body against the wall. Eric brought his sword out before him and continued to move forward. The other two vampires stayed behind Eric, their weapons ready. They moved so quickly; all I saw were blurs of motion, and then bloody goo falling to the ground.

We moved quicker after that. The fighting was becoming louder the further we moved in to the building. Eric stopped outside two very large, ornate gold doors. I hadn’t paid too much attention to the decor of the palace, but what I had seen was ugly. Everything was gold and gaudy. I was relieved Eric had decided already we would be staying in Shreveport. I certainly didn’t want to live here.

I counted all the brain signatures in the room; this had to be the throne room. Eric turned toward me and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Six vampires and ten Weres. The vampires are all in one place about fifty feet directly behind these doors. The Weres are positioned all along the perimeter of the room,” I whispered while looking up at Eric. He nodded and squeezed my shoulder.

“Very good. You have done exceptionally well, now you must go so I will not worry about you.”

“I will, but I’ll be worrying about you till I see you,” I could feel as Eric started to shift back into battle mode.

“Take her now and get out of here,” Eric commanded Alcide and Jessica.

They both nodded and came to stand right beside me. Eric leaned down and kissed me hard and quick. “I love you. Go! Now!”

“I love you too,” was all I had the chance to say as Alcide and Jessica each grabbed an arm and began moving. I looked back to watch Eric and our group. Right before we turned the corner I saw Eric burst through the doors and heard him give a battle cry.

We were hustling as fast as we could to get out of there when all of a sudden we came to a screeching halt. In front of us were two Weres and a vampire. Simultaneously, Alcide dropped my arm, tore off his shirt, and started to transform. Jessica let go and curled her hands into claws. I took out the stakes that were tucked into my jeans.

The vampire lunged at Jessica and threw her halfway down the hall. I slowly backed down the hallway as Alcide started moving forward on the two Weres. I backed myself into a wall, and then turned to go down another when one of the Weres made it past Alcide and slowly started toward me. I continued walking backward, only to find I was against another wall. There was nowhere left for me to turn. It was now up to me to try to defend myself until Jessica or Alcide were able to get free and help.

I held my stake in my right hand so I was ready to use it. Once the Were was within five feet of me, it launched. I quickly moved aside a little faster than normal, courtesy of Eric’s blood. I was now relieved he wanted me to have it. I wouldn’t have been able to move as quickly.

The Were came at me again, but this time I didn’t move quite fast enough. Its head rammed into my left shoulder, but I did manage to impale the stake into its side. I took my other stake out of my waistband, ready to strike again.

Unfortunately, the Were knocked me flat on my back. I put my arms up in a defensive stance as it tried to go for my throat.  Instead, the Were bit down on my left arm.


I screamed out from the pain, but still fought to regain control. I tightened my grip on the stake plunging it into the Weres stomach. It cried out, releasing my arm and as I tried to get up, the Were attacked again. It caught ahold of me where my neck and shoulder met on my right side. I screamed with everything I had at that moment. I tried all I could to push the Were off of me, but I was fast losing strength.

All at once, the Were was ripped off of me and thrown by another. It must have been Alcide. I put my hand up to my injury; all I could feel was my blood soaking through my shirt and something like a big hole. I pressed my hand to the wound as best I could. I was getting weaker by the minute. I heard snarling, and every so often a high-pitched whine.

I was getting woozy, and it was getting more difficult to stay awake. I knew I was dying and I could only think of Eric. I hoped things were going better for him.

I wished he were here with me.

My eyes fluttered open again. I slowly returned to consciousness only to feel the coldness surrounding me. My neck felt wet and sticky though, fortunately, I no longer felt too much pain. I felt some movement and licking at my neck.

“Eric…” I whispered, and tried to move.

My body was shuffled into more of a seated position while I tried to open my eyes. Once they opened, I saw Eric. He was dirty, and had blood splattered all over him, but what worried me most were the bloody tears streaming down his face. I slowly reached up to his face, the effort taking more strength than it should.

“What happened? What’s wrong? Is it Pam?” I asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

Once my hand came in contact with his cheek, Eric held it there.

“No, dear one, it’s not Pam. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you fast enough. I am so sorry!”

“Why are you sorry? You’re here now. That’s all that matters. I’m fine, just a little cold and tired. Take me home, let me rest, and then I’ll be all better tomorrow,” I assured him.

Eric shook his head, pulled me into his chest, and held me tightly. I felt his body shaking and his emotions were a confusing mix. I could feel great sadness, grief, guilt, but most prevalent was his love for me. I tried to hug him, but I was too weak. I sent him all of my love hoping it would make him feel better, but he only clutched me tighter to him.

“Eric, please tell me what’s wrong. I hate seeing you this way.”

“My love, you can’t go home and rest. You have lost too much blood. Your body is slowly getting colder and your heart is slowing. You are dying. I am sorry I was not there for you,” Eric choked out.

I was dying. All this time I was worried something would happen to Eric, but it was me. I tried to pull back to look at my body, but Eric was holding me too closely. I noticed I was wrapped in a blanket and we were sitting on a couch of cream and gold. We must still be at the palace.

“There’s nothing that can be done?”

Eric shook his head again, “You’ve lost too much blood. If I give you my blood it will turn you.”

Turn me… Was I ready to be a vampire? It was that or die, leaving Eric forever. I could start a new life with him as a vampire; we were in an emergency situation, he could turn me. Had he changed his mind?

“Do you not want me anymore?” I asked as my tears started to fall.

“I want you more than anything. Sookie, you are my everything. I will not be able to live without you.”

“Then why?”

“Why? I do not understand what you are asking,” he said as he pressed his forehead to mine.

“I gave you permission to turn me in an emergency and you’re letting me die.”

“After you gave your permission you said you still had not decided if it was what you wanted if the choice was yours. I do not want you to wake up in three days with regret and hatred for me. If you do not want to join me as a vampire, I will meet the sun and join you in your afterlife. We will be together.”

“I never want you to meet the sun. Ever. Do you hear me?” He nodded his head. “I love you more than anything.”

“I know,” he said cupping my face with his hands.

All this seemed to take hours, though in reality it was only just minutes. I could feel it as I became weaker. All the pain had finally ceased, and I realized it was only because I was that much closer to death. My eyes started to close again as I once more tried to reach Eric’s face.


I could feel her slowly fading away from me, but I could not turn her without consent. I had to hear her words. I did not want to turn her only to have her hate me for eternity. I would rather her be alive, hating me, only to hope that one day she might forgive me than for her to be gone. “My love, I need you to tell me this is what you want. Please tell me,” I had never been as frantic as I was then, not even when my human family died.

I could not lose her.

Everyone had left us alone after Pam found a blanket to wrap her in. When I found her, her clothes were shredded by claw marks, but it was the bite to her neck that had terrified me. Upon seeing her, I could tell that she had lost a great deal of blood, but once I lifted her into my arms, I knew I was too late.

Somehow, Pam moved Sookie and I into a room with a couch for me to lay her on and made her as comfortable as possible. I had only sat down with her and started closing her neck wound when she awakened.

“Tell me what you want. We are running out of time! Please!” I pleaded with her.

“Eric …” was all she said in that moment while trying to open her eyes. She slowly nodded her head, “I love you,” she barely whispered before closing her eyes once more.

“Are you giving me permission to turn you?” She moved her head in the affirmative, and I felt her acceptance and her love. I did not have the time to take her home to do it, so I had to start the process there.

“I love you, Sookie. We will be together forever now. Thank you for loving me and trusting me,” I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips, and then I bit into her neck wound.

It only took a few deep pulls of her blood before I needed to stop and give her my own. I ripped open my wrist and placed it at her mouth. I had to massage her throat to get her to swallow. After a few minutes, I felt that she had drunk enough of my blood to be turned. I placed one last kiss on her forehead, picked her up, and headed out of the palace. I took to the sky with Sookie in my arms and made our way back to her car. I sat Sookie in the passenger seat and buckled her in. I quickly went around to the driver side and took off for Shreveport. I would only have around an hour once we arrived home to clean up Sookie and dig a hole in the backyard for us.

After cleaning up Sookie and dressing her in a nightgown to rise in, I took her out to the hole I had dug when we arrived. I levitated to slowly lower myself and Sookie into it, and then covered us both. Right before dawn took me I felt the stirring of our bond come alive once again. I hadn’t realized how much I was missing it until I finally felt it again. I pulled Sookie tighter to me right before I became dead to the world.


I slowly came back to myself. All my senses were so heightened. It was amazing! I could feel every fleck of dirt on my body. I could hear cars far off in the distance, and I knew that if we are at home, then the cars I heard were at least ten miles away. I could smell the dirt, but most of all, I could smell Eric. He smelled even more alluring than ever! Even though Eric told me that vampires didn’t have a scent, I’d always thought Eric smelled like the ocean in winter. It was odd that I’d never noticed any other vampire’s scent.

The bond.

It was much more intense than it had ever been. Eric’s feelings were so strong and I could feel that he was very happy. The love that I felt from him was so magnificent. It was all-consuming and filled my body with sheer warmth and happiness. I hoped I’d always feel this from him now that we would be together for eternity.

All these thoughts had passed in just a little under a minute. Everything seemed to work on a different scale now; it was as if everything was in HD or something! My eyes popped open to see Eric’s beautiful cerulean eyes looking down at mine. They were bluer than ever. It was as if every color of blue was somehow all swirled together to make the color of his eyes. There was such depth and emotion in them. He had a big smile on his face as he brushed some hair away from my mine.

“Hi,” I whispered.

“Hello, Lover,” he held his hand out for me. His voice was smoother, silkier, than it had ever been. It comforted me. “Come, Pam has procured you some bagged blood. Let’s go inside to get you fed. I know you’re hungry.”

My fangs snapped down when Eric mentioned I was hungry. Until then I hadn’t realized how hungry I was.

“Show me,” he said.

“Show you what?” I asked.

“Your fangs,” he said as he bent his legs so his face was level with mine.

I pulled my lips up a little bit to try and show him.

“You’re beautiful with your baby fangs,” he smiled at me. I think if I could have blushed, I would have.

Eric jumped out of my grave. My grave. Wow. I still couldn’t believe I was now a vampire. No time to think about it, I was hungry! I looked up to see his arms reaching down to help pull me out. Once we were in the house, we walked into the kitchen, Eric went straight to the refrigerator, took out a bag of blood, and popped it into the microwave. After the microwave went off, he poured us each a glass.

I moaned as the blood touched my tongue spreading across my taste buds, and I drank the contents of my glass in one quick gulp. Eric quickly refilled my glass four more times before my hunger was sated. We’d been silent the whole time, but Eric had been observing me.

“What?” I asked him.

“Nothing. I’m experiencing all of this through the bond. It’s quite different from the one I have with Pam.”

“How so?” I asked tilting my head to the side.

“I feel you so much more strongly than I do her,” he shrugged. “I believe this is because we had a bond before I turned you, but I didn’t expect it to be this strong.”

“I feel you much stronger than I did before.”

“That’s to be expected,” he replied.

“Why didn’t you have donors waiting for us?” I asked him.

“I didn’t think you’d want to try feeding on any humans right away. We’ll wait.”

“What about you?” I asked him, hating that I was now going to be jealous he would never feed from me again.

“I’ll continue to feed from the bagged donor blood with you until you’re ready to feed off of humans. You have no reason to feel that way, Sookie,” he said as he cupped my face. “My not being able to feed from you is just a small negative in the scheme of things. We’ll now be together forever and do everything together. We can still bite each other and drink each other’s blood; we just cannot get the nourishment we once could. It’s such a small trade-off, but you’ll see. It’s only feeding and once you’re ready, we’ll do it together. In a hundred years, you’ll look back at this and laugh. Do not worry.”

I nodded, hoping that it would be as easy as he said. I knew it would take some adjusting, but I also knew I would miss it.

“Come, let’s shower and get ourselves clean.”

We made our way to the bathroom downstairs. Eric turned the water on in the shower while I removed my nightgown.

“Did you put this nightgown on me?” I asked, placing it on the counter.

“I did. Once we got home, I cleaned you up, and then put it on you. I didn’t think you would be too happy if Pam saw you naked,” he said, pulling off his shirt and dropping it on the floor.

“You cleaned me up?” I asked while looking down at all the dirt on my body.

“You had blood all over you. We both did. I didn’t want you to awaken seeing and smelling your blood all over yourself,” he started to unbuckle his belt.

“Thank you,” I smiled. “Why would Pam have seen me naked?”

“She dug us up when she arrived with the bagged blood. I didn’t want you to have to climb your way out of the dirt.” His pants dropped to the ground and he kicked them away.

“You’re going to spoil me,” I purred while looking at his perfectly sculpted naked body. A jolt of lust ran through our bond and my fangs snicked down.

“For eternity,” he replied, raking his eyes over my naked body.

“Promise?” I asked. I knew Eric could feel my hunger for him through our bond when he smiled and dropped his fangs. He closed the gap between us, quickly picking me up by my thighs, and pressing me against the wall next to the shower. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist and the jolt of lust in our bond had turned into a thunderous need. My need for him.

My bonded.

“Absolutely,” he growled and covered my lips with his own.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as Eric turned and opened the shower door. The moment the warm water touched my skin I stopped kissing him and looked up at the showerhead.

“Eric… the water,” I said in awe. I could feel each individual drop as it hit my skin and rolled down my body. Incredible…

I looked back at Eric when I heard him chuckle.

“What?” I asked, a smile spreading across my face when I felt his amusement in the bond.

“I remember the first time I bathed after I was turned. I could have stayed in the water for hours,” he laughed and threaded his fingers through my hair, forcing me to look up at him. “I promise you, Lover, you’re going to forget all about the water once I’m done with you.”

I quivered at his words and wrapped my legs tighter around him.

“Is that so?” I asked, a smile playing on my lips.

“You tell me,” he growled.

Faster than I could blink, Eric had me up against the warm tile wall and thrust into me in one swift movement.

“Eric!” I cried out, turning my head to the side and gripping his shoulders tightly.

“Do you want me to stop so you can enjoy the water?” he asked, pulling out and driving back into me.

“N-no,” I snapped my head down and glared at him.

Eric smiled and bared his fangs at me as a low growl rumbled from his chest.

“As you wish.” The hold he had on my ass tightened and, with each thrust, he went faster and harder, driving deeply into me.

This felt so much more incredible than before! Every time he slid back into me, it was as if my body rippled with fire. The pressure felt stronger, the feeling of him inside of me was almost overwhelming, and I was happily drowning in the unmatched desire consuming our bond. I could feel everything!

I never knew it could be like this.

I gasped when Eric ground his pelvis against my clit and I cried out his name again. I was so close. How could I be close so soon?

“Look at me, Lover,” he rasped, continuing his battering into me.

I turned my head to look at him and he attacked my lips. I moaned into his mouth when I felt his tongue move against mine. He even tasted better!

The walls of my sex were throbbing around his cock and I could feel his lips curl into a smile. My eyes rolled back when he gently licked one of my fangs, and I came so hard, harder than I ever had in my entire life when he slammed into me and wrapped his tongue around my fang.

I could feel my blood rush throughout my body as I rode the exquisite waves of my orgasm.

“You are so beautiful. So beautiful,” he said hoarsely.

He turned the water off while I continued to rock my hips against him. I wanted more. I needed more!

“Insatiable, are we?” he moaned, walking us into the bedroom.

“I’ll never have enough of you,” I told him honestly.

“And I, you,” he growled before throwing me on the bed.

I laughed as I bounced on the bed, but when Eric moved to join me, I used my new vampire speed to jump off and ran toward the door and stopped.

I grinned at Eric, “Well, if you want me…you’re going to have to catch me.” I sped out of the room and before I could make it to the middle of the hallway, Eric wrapped his arms around me, pulling my back flush against his chest.

“Where do you think you are going, Lover?” he growled against my neck, rubbing his erection against my back.

“Just stretching my legs,” I giggled, swaying my hips against him.

“Is that so?” he asked, snaking one of his hands down the side of my body and over my stomach. I hissed when his thumb rubbed over my clit and two fingers slid into my dripping wet sex.

“Eric,” I breathed out, reaching behind me and cupping the back of his neck.

“Do you want more, Lover?” he whispered against the shell of my ear.

“Yes,” I hissed, enjoying his fingers as they stroked me.

“Good,” he purred, removing his fingers and replacing them with his cock. His hands gripped my hips and he started pounding me from behind. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry out his name, but only the guttural sounds of my ecstasy left my lips.

The bond was pulsating with our joined rapture that I didn’t even notice while at vampire speed Eric had rolled us on the rug, and I was on top straddling him.

“Ride me,” he demanded huskily and I blissfully obeyed.

I lifted and rolled my hips, sliding up and down his thick cock. I was still astonished at how amazing he felt as he filled and stretched me. How did I live without him before?

With his left hand, he gripped my hip, and with the other hand, he started rubbing my clit so fast, it was almost as if it was vibrating! I rose and fell faster and faster on his unyielding cock. He flexed his hips every time I fell on him and I could feel another orgasm threatening to overtake me.

“Cum for me Lover. Show me what I do to you,” his voice ragged and rough.

“Eric!” I cried out while my body jerked and trembled as my orgasm ripped through me. Eric moved his hand from my swollen clit and gripped my hips, moving me up and down and on the third thrust down he came with a roar, and threw his head back. I could feel the concentrated satisfaction of his orgasm through our bond and suddenly I was cumming relentlessly once again.

Even as a vampire, I needed a few moments to recover from my orgasms. I lay down on top of him breathing in his scent and the smell of our combined sex. Eric rolled us over until he was on top and smiled down at me.

“What?” I asked smiling back.

“Just savoring this moment with you because in thirty seconds I am taking you in the guest room.”

I laughed and asked, “The guest room?”

“Oh yes,” he purred and rubbed the tip of his erection against the entrance of my sex. “There are two guest rooms, a study, the kitchen, living room, and a dining room I plan on fucking you in. Oh, and the master bedroom,” he hummed.

“Do you think you can handle all that, old man?” I grinned, raising an eyebrow.

Eric threw his head back and laughed loudly. “Oh Lover, you’re going to love all this old man can do.” He picked me up and, moved at vampire speed, and took me into the guest room.

Turned out, he was right.

I knew Eric was spoiling me by not making me drink True Blood or going out and feeding off of humans. I didn’t know when I’d be ready for that. I never thought I would find blood appetizing, but surprisingly it tasted better than I thought it ever would! This wasn’t going to be as difficult as I had thought it might be. I had bitten Eric a few times during our sex marathon and his blood definitely tasted different than before, but in a good way. If I could, I would only drink from him.

Getting my fill from the bagged blood, we headed downstairs to our bedroom. It was so cool that I no longer required any lights on to see. I had perfect night vision!

“What are you thinking about now?” Eric asked.

“That I no longer require the lights to be on to see.” He nodded.

“You’ve had so many emotions going on tonight. How are you handling everything?”

“Eric, if you’re worried that I regret you turning me. Don’t! I gave you permission. I would be dead right now. I did not and do not want to leave you. Things have been a little overwhelming, but it’s all good. I’m seeing that I have nothing to worry over. You take very good care of me.”

“I’m glad you are not regretting it and you’re doing remarkably well. You’re very controlled. I’m proud of you.”

I could feel how proud he was of me and how happy he was.

“I do need to talk to you about a few things though regarding the takeover. We talked about them a little bit before.”

I nodded, giving him the go ahead. I laid my head on Eric’s chest looking up at his face. It was strange to not feel the difference in body temperature anymore. The only time I really noticed any temperature change tonight was while we were in the shower. The hot water and the shower felt delightful.

“We talked before about my coronation and that I want you to be my Queen, also pledging ourselves to each other. Now that you’re a vampire, this is the only way we can marry. I know you wanted to think all this over before. Have you made a decision?”

“Well, of course I want to marry you,” I smiled at him and received a big smile in return along with a big push of love through our bond. “Do you still want to do it after your coronation?” I asked him.

“I do. Sookie, I can feel you’re worried.”

“I just don’t want to make you look weak. I’m sure it’s a little better that I’m now a vampire instead of a human, but won’t it look bad that a Queen is a newborn?”


“No. All you have to say is no?”

“You won’t make me look weak. All the vampires in Louisiana know I took over the state because the Queen wouldn’t leave you alone. Everyone knows what will happen if they fuck with you. You may be a newborn, but you seem to be a very controlled newborn. It’s not as if you’re going to be going out and causing problems.”

“I know. You wouldn’t let me and you’re a great maker,” I paused with the feelings of our bond hitting me. “It’s still strange to feel you so strongly.”

“It is quite strong. It may have something to do with us being bonded beforehand or how strong our bond was, or both. I don’t know since I’ve never been bonded to any other. Our bond is very closely entwined now and it will make us closer than ever.

“For a little while things will be very busy organizing the state, the coronation, and pledging, but after that we will have a great deal of free time. I want to take you on a honeymoon in a couple of months.”

“Where are we going?” I asked him.

“Norway. There are places that are so close to the Arctic they have under an hour of sunlight around the time of Winter Solstice. Then we’ll have so much time to do all the things married couples do on their honeymoons.”

“Do you know what married couples do on their honeymoons?” I asked him, knowing that he probably did since he knew what a honeymoon was.

“Of course I do,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “It will be the perfect start for our new life together. We’re going to be very happy.”

“My body’s starting to feel weird. What’s happening?” I asked worried that something was wrong with me.

“It’s almost dawn. That’s your body telling you to seek shelter.”

“What’s it like to die for the day?” I was starting to get scared of the unknown, but I knew that Eric would never let anything happen to me and would always protect me.

“Like a blink of an eye. You won’t notice any change. I’ll be right here with you by your side. Always.”


~ The End ~


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  1. I so did not See that coming. I thought Sookie was going to try to be a hero. Great job.

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    Fyi- the next button from chapter 2 to 3 isn’t working.

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    1. Author

      Aww! Thank you so much. It’s wonderful to hear that you couldn’t stop and that you loved the ending. 😀

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    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m in awe that you’ve read it more than once. I want to cringe when I think of how badly written this story is since it was my first but to hear that it’s one of your favorites puts a big smile on my face. I definitely think it’s a good place to start where Bill hasn’t tainted or damaged her too much. Thank you for reading it again! I hope you enjoy At That Moment just as much.

  7. A lot of writers cringe over their first stories – it’s funny how many first ones in this fandom are ones that stay in our minds though. You should look back over it and you’ll see how the writing improved with each chapter – whether it was confidence or you learnt as you went you can see the curve. What you can’t learn is the ability to weave a story, keep the characters true to themselves and captivate readers. This just has that ‘something’ and I always love reading it. You have a knack of starting stories off from a great point so you get the maximum story out of it. One of the things I love in this how well you have Sookie nailed – she’s upset to find Eric changed back, we then hear she’d missed the bond before he changed back. Pure Sookie. Your Eric is perfect too – no apologies for doing what needs doing or hiding parts of him from Sookie but soft enough to admit he cares.

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      Aww! That has to be one of the nicest comments I’ve ever had. Thank you so much I truly appreciate it. You are too kind.

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      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yes From the Rooftop to Love was my first story and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest of my stories. 🙂

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      I’m glad you found my story. For me I don’t plan too much of my stories out. When I do it never works out and I waste a lot of time trying to add what I first thought would be in my story.

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