Sookie stood at the window that overlooked their expansive backyard while watching Eric and Lukas play. They’d been outside from almost the moment Lukas took his last bite of lunch. He was in a hurry to get outside and roll around in the snow with his dad. They’d already had a snowball fight using all the snow forts they’d made over the last couple of months to hide from one another. Every once in a while Sookie would hear a loud shriek come from her son to then see Eric swoop in, throw him over his shoulder, and then fly around the backyard to then set Lukas down on the other side of the yard. She wasn’t sure what the rules were to their game, but it didn’t matter, it still caused a large, bright smile to spread across her face as she watched and listened.

Even though she was happy to see the two most important people in her life having fun, Sookie was still a little sad. The polar nights were almost over and they’d be heading out tomorrow.

It had taken Sookie a good two years to acclimate to the cold temperatures of Sweden. Lukas loved it from the moment they stepped off the plane. Most babies would have sucked in a cold breath and cried, but not her son. No, he seemed adamant from the start to be just like his daddy even if he wasn’t his biological father

If it were possible for Eric to have pictures of what he looked like as a little boy, Sookie was positive that he and Lukas would look exactly alike.


With each day, Lukas looked more and more like Eric then the next. They didn’t know how it was possible and had even called in Dr. Ludwig for her to try and explain it. Her only answer was magic. My fairy magic and Eric’s vampire magic somehow did the unexplainable.

The result.

One proud papa. Sookie thought Eric would want Lukas to call him fader but once Lukas smiled his big toothless grin at Eric and said papa there was nothing else he could ever call him.

English was rarely spoken in their house unless Jason was over. Even after living in Sweden for over four years he still hadn’t learned but a few words and most of them were swear words at that. Sometimes Sookie wondered how he managed as well as he did, but figured he relied on Bridgette when he didn’t understand what someone was saying. He was lucky that almost everyone spoke English. Seriously what was with most American’s only knowing one language when there were so many countries where they knew multiple languages?

Sookie and Lukas were both fluent now in both Swedish and Norwegian although Lukas was slightly better than her at Norwegian. After a couple of years of getting used to the cold, having a baby, and being bonded to a thousand year old vampire they decided to buy a house in Longyearbyen so that they could experience the constant nights together. They would leave a week before it would turn dark twenty-four seven for the next two months and normally they’d stay another couple of weeks, but this year they had to get back. Willa had met a nice man when he was on vacation in Sweden the first time Eric and Sookie had been enjoying the long nights, and now she was going to get married. Willa knew how much the whole Northman clan enjoyed their time away and hadn’t wanted to cut into it, but she couldn’t wait any longer and had set the date for only a couple of days after the polar nights were truly over.

Sookie was beyond happy that her friend had found someone and had grown quite fond of her friend’s soon to be husband, Mauricio. Tomorrow they’d leave their second and truth be told favorite home and head to Italy for their elaborate wedding. Just thinking about Willa’s wedding, Sookie couldn’t help but think of her own and how different they were.

Eric and Sookie got married in Öland by the water on their property. Even though it was one of the warmest days of the year once the sun had set the air immediately started to cool. It was simple with only Eric, Sookie, Lukas, Jason and his family, Willa, Pam, Niall, and Clark only in attendance. The guests were not dressed up and stood through the ceremony to then enjoy the rest of the night chatting, eating, and dancing underneath a large tent lit by thousands upon thousands of fairy lights. It was one of the best nights of Sookie’s life. It followed the birth of Lukas and the night that she and Eric made their bond permanent.

Pam had even become specially ordained by the Church of the Loving Spirit so that she could be the one to officiate their pledging that occurred simultaneously with their wedding. Nothing had surprised her more than when Eric asked her to pledge the ceremonial knife the night they bonded to then get down on bended knee and asked her to marry him. Well except that Pam wanted to perform the wedding herself. Luckily she left the planning to Sookie, who had both Willa and Eric’s help. More than once Eric had to use one of his many connections so that they could plan a wedding in only a couple of months. They didn’t want to wait and Sookie had wanted to be married outside on their property so they decided to get married before the end of the summer.  Sookie thought it would be easy to plan a simple wedding, but found it difficult to do in the summer in Sweden.

All the company’s hours were reduced and made it difficult to contact them when Sookie was up until dawn most days and taking care of a baby. After Eric rose one too many nights to his lovely bonded cradling Lukas and crying, he promised to do anything to help facilitate the wedding. After that, all the planning was smooth sailing. Imagine that. Eric Northman getting what he wanted.

Sookie had stopped watching her boys having fun and had gone to her and Eric’s bedroom to start packing. She didn’t want to waste any time she could spend with her boys and wanted to finish up before they were done outside. She was so wrapped up remembering all the fun they’d had the last two months that when cold, very cold arms wrapped around her middle she let out a shriek that Sookie thought would most probably break the glass on most normal windows. Luckily they didn’t have regular ole windows. No, Eric had outfitted their homes in both Öland and Longyearbyen with special UV windows so that if he was awake and the sun was up he could be anywhere in the house with his family. Of course there were also metal shutters that could come down with only a simple touch of a button and if Sookie thought the safe house Eric had prepared for her back in Louisiana was fortified then when she heard Eric go over all the ways he had ensured their safety she knew they never had to worry about anything safety related while at home. Besides having the walls lined with silver, mercury, and iron, the alarm system seemed to have magic also. You had to do a hand and eye scan plus put it a code. What got Sookie was that somehow the alarm system could detect if someone’s hand or eye had been removed and used to try and break in. It went by temperature, but what she couldn’t understand how that worked on vampires since their bodies were cold by nature. Again somehow that alarm system knew if there was vampire blood slowly circulating or not. Truly it was mind boggling. Sookie didn’t understand it, but Eric assured her that it could do everything he has promised and she knew Eric wouldn’t lie or make a promise to her that he knew he could not make. On top of all that Eric had hired a world renowned witch that lived in Germany to come and put multiple wards on the houses. First this was all done before they had moved to Öland and then when they bought their home in Longyearbyen. As far as Sookie knew they’d never had any problems, but they were prepared for the long haul.

And it was going to be a long, long haul. One that Eric was happy to rejoice in when they finally met with Niall.

Sookie had called and left a message for her great-grandfather, but it took a good three months before they heard back from him. Sookie expressed Eric’s concern of her mortality, and Niall only laughed before saying he had a few things to wrap up, but would see her at her wedding and not to worry.

On their wedding and pledging night, Eric and Sookie received the best wedding and never even saw it coming. Once the festivities had died down some Niall took both Sookie and Eric into the house and sat them down. Sookie was still beaming off the euphoria of marrying and pledging to Eric. She was now Sookie Northman and had the same last name as Lukas. She was proud to be a Northman and knew she’d never do anything to tarnish her husband’s name.

With a smile almost as big as Sookie’s, Niall leaned forward taking both of Sookie’s hands in his and informed them that with Sookie’s essential spark and if she regularly took Eric’s blood then she would hardly age at all and could very well live to see a thousand years with her husband by her side.

Eric didn’t care about proper etiquette, he didn’t think he’d ever heard better words spoken. That was until Lukas called him Papa for the first time. But in that moment he found out he wouldn’t lose his Sookie in just a few decades and she didn’t have to lose her sun. Although she was willing to do anything to be able to spend forever with her Viking.

Eric whisked Sookie from her seat and into his arms before kissing her unlike ever before. With one hand on the small of her back and the other tangled in her hair, Eric didn’t stop pillaging her mouth until she needed to breath. Just when they thought life couldn’t get any better, Niall blew their minds once again after clearing his throat and gesturing to the couch.

Reluctantly, Eric moved them both back in front of Sookie’s great grandfather instead of vamping them to their bedroom and consummating their newly formed marriage. That was one human tradition that he was happy to follow. He had plans and they entailed the rest of the night. He wasn’t going to let his wife rest until the sun was rising, she was so sated she’d feel like her bones had turned to liquid. That’s how he wanted to spend every night, but that was rarely possible being parents to a newborn, but they used their hours wisely.

“I know you’ve both been wondering why and how Lukas looks so much like Eric and although that remains a mystery to even me, I can tell you that his essential spark is strong. Even stronger than yours, my dear granddaughter. It is unknown what magic’s he might possess as he grows older, but he will also live a long life,” Niall informed them.

Instantly tears welled in Sookie’s eyes. “How long,” she whispered.

Niall’s smile softened and he once again leaned forward and took only one of her hands. The Viking had hold of her other and didn’t look like he would be giving it up anytime soon. “I cannot say exactly. From what I can read from his spark I’d say he’ll live as long as any fairy of my blood would” Sookie gasped and her hold on Eric’s hand tightened to the point Eric could have sworn he heard a bone creak.

“The strength of his spark is truly remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like it. I thought he’d be lucky to have the spark at all, but to surpass the strength of yours and many other hybrids that have more fairy blood in them then he does just boggles my mind. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that he made himself look like the Viking and his spark as strong as it is. If that was even possible which it’s not,” he said looking slightly confused and doubtful.

For now the two parents would be happy that their son was going to live a long life without any interference and worry at a later date about what magic he could possibly come into some day.  That night was for celebration and celebration only. Eric quickly ushered his happy bride back outside to the tent to find Lukas.  He needed to see and feel him after hearing such wondrous news.

Shockingly they found their son on the dance floor in Pam’s arms smiling up at her as he swayed him around at human speed and cooed at him. Yes, Pam had fallen for Lukas and it had only taken until the first time she saw his first toothless smile.  She wasn’t around much since she lived in Stockholm and traveled quite a bit as she hit the fashion circuit, but when she was Pam tried to repeatedly steal baby Lukas from the arms of whoever held him and at night that was mostly Eric.  To say that Lukas was spoiled would be an understatement, but since he was likely to be their only child unless they adopted, Eric and Sookie saw nothing wrong with it.  They would teach him respect and to do right and wrong, but he would also know that his parents loved him unconditionally so who cared if they were constantly holding him.

Pam stopped swaying when she saw Sookie’s eyes brimmed with tears and quickly glanced at her Maker, who had a wide smile on his face.  With Pam trying to figure out what was going on, Sookie scooped up her son and placed kisses all over his face as he smiled, cooed, and tried to give his own sloppy kisses back.  After a couple of minutes of watching his bonded shower Lukas with kisses and hug him to her body, Eric engulfed them both in his arms and started to dance them around the dance floor in a slow dance.  They both ignored the few guests that they had invited to their wedding and only had eyes for their small family for the next few songs.

Eventually, Pam had had enough since she was set to leave for Paris the next night and snatched a clearly happy Lukas from his parent’s arms.  Her and Eric had a deal and she watched Lukas until it was almost dawn (something she was only too happy to help with) and she was adamant that they stick the plan. Pam was going to miss him while she was away.  Facetime just didn’t cut it.  She couldn’t smell his unique baby smell or receive any of his sloppy baby kisses that she secretly loved receiving.

After their perfect wedding night, Eric, Sookie, and Lukas fell into an easy routine of family time during Lukas’s waking hours and when he was asleep their time was definitely not family time.  It was spent in one or more rooms of their house naked and worshipping one another.  Sookie was afraid that with businesses to run or sheriff duties that Eric would eventually get bored living on their farm which kept them pretty isolated, but it never happened.  Instead each night she could feel how happy he was to be spending time with his son and wife.

They didn’t always stay on their farm. No, Eric took them all over Europe for vacations and for his family to see the world that he could provide for them.  Eric was shocked that Sookie was so open to letting him buy her and Lukas almost anything that he wanted.  Before they had gotten together and she lived in Bon Temps, he never thought he’d be able to whisk Sookie away to another country for a week without kidnapping her and never hearing the end of it.  To say that Sookie was stubborn and set in her ways was a mild statement to say the least.

Worry flooded through Sookie causing her to snap out of her thoughts and look into Eric’s concerned gaze.

“Sookie,” Eric said for the fifth time squeezing her upper arms where he had grasped after startling her and Sookie’s thoughts had drifted off. He had been feeling her emotions swiftly changing from happiness, to thoughtful, and then sadness while he had been outside enjoying their last night in Longyearbyen with Lukas. He knew how every time they left after the Polar Nights were over she was a little down. Hell, they all were, but it had never been this bad before.

Could those extra two weeks that they stayed normally mean that much to his bonded? Was it possible that she liked the time they lived in Longyearbyen more than their farm in Öland? It was possible it was a very quaint town. If his family wanted to move he had no problem living there or anywhere they wanted to go unless it was back to the States. No way was he moving back there after enjoying how unprejudiced his homeland had been.

“Why have you been upset?” he asked quietly.  “One minute you’re at the window smiling at Lukas and I and the next it’s as if any moment you could cry. You had me worried when you were so lost in thought. Nothing has happened, has it?”

Eric moved his hands from holding her upper arms to cup her face between his large hands.

“No,” she said as she shook her head as best as she could while in his grasp. “Nothing’s happened and nothing’s wrong. It’s silly, but I don’t want to leave. I’m happy that Willa’s found someone and getting married, but…”Sookie stopped talking and looked down briefly before meeting Eric’s eyes once again. “I’m going to miss you.  Sometimes I wish that it was night all the time. Lukas and I enjoy our time here with you more than I can express.”

“Sookie,” Eric tried to interrupt, but Sookie shook her head and continued to talk as she took one of his hands and held it with both of hers against her chest.

“Don’t feel bad,” she said, her head still shaking. “I know there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I love who you are and I should be more grateful that I get these two months of while we’re here. I’m greedy of my time with you that’s all. I’ll be fine once we’re in Italy and I’m immersed in all things wedding. I promise,” she said with a small smile looking up at him.

Bending down, Eric kissed her soft, full pink lips with a gentle caress before he wrapped her in his arms and squeezed her tight.  “If I were in your shoes, as little as they are,” he joked, causing them both to smile for a moment. “I would miss you too.”

“Are you bored? Is Lukas?” he asked after a few minutes of quiet contemplation.  “If you won’t miss your family too much we can live here for a majority of the time and during the midnight sun we could go back to Sweden or travel.  Whatever you’d like to do. I don’t care where we live and I’d like to show you and Lukas more of the world now that he’s likely to remember it. Think about it.”

“I will,” she said with a smile creeping across her face. “I have to say that I do like the idea of being here more and traveling. Are you bored?” Sookie asked the last part hesitantly.

“There hasn’t been a night in my life that I’ve been bored since you walked into my life,” Eric responded, pulling back to look down at her.  Sookie’s eyes teared up as she felt his sincerity. “I’ve been alive for a long time and I’m enjoying my family while I can. Life won’t always be as it is now and Lukas is growing up quicker than you and I would like.  I’m happy and content. Something I hadn’t been for a very long time. Don’t worry about me and I promise to let you know if I ever become bored. Now,” he said looking around the room that was almost packed. “I have thoroughly tired out our son giving us a few hours all to ourselves before we have to leave.  Why don’t you get Lukas settled down while I finish packing?”

Sookie watched as Eric’s eyes became half-lidded as his gaze traveled from her eyes and then down her body.

“Only a few hours?” Sookie teased as she slowly backed out of the room.  “We’re going to busy for the next couple of nights and I don’t think a few hours is going to be enough.”

“Sookie,” Eric growled as she slipped out of the room. His wife was deliberately trying to get a rise out of him with her teasing and it worked. Eric wasn’t going to stop, but he might as well have a little fun first.

Following Sookie out of the room, Eric found her bending over to pick up a few of Lukas’ toys off the ground.

“You’re right, of course,” he said as he admired the view. “A few paltry hours would never be enough, so perhaps we should take a raincheck and put our focus on something else like-”

The toys in Sookie’s arms dropped to the ground as she stood up then turned to face Eric.

“Like what?” she asked, barely containing her grin.

Eric shrugged and took two steps toward her.  “Balance the checkbook or catch a rerun of ‘My Fair Vampire.’  I know how you much love that movie.”

Sookie rolled her eyes then scoffed before looping her arms around Eric’s neck.  Her body molded perfectly to his.  “Don’t you even think about it, mister.”

“Don’t think about what?” Eric asked innocently while his arms snaked not so innocently around her waist.

Sookie nipped his bottom lip which elicited a low growl from Eric.

“I don’t care if we have two minutes or two hours. The second Lukas is out, You. Are. Mine.”

Eric’s fangs snapped down as a wide devious smile spread across his face.  To think that Sookie was concerned that he might be bored, Eric wanted to laugh.  Never in a million years, he thought.


Willa Wedding (5)

Eric carried a sleeping Lukas down to the pool where everyone was meeting. Lukas had been too excited for much of the day and hadn’t taken a nap. Instead, he buzzed around from the moment he woke until the car took off taking them to their hotel. Throughout the entire plane ride their son sat at his window peering out watching below for their destination. He might have proclaimed more than once that flying with his Papa was more fun than a stinky old airplane. Eric had to agree unfortunately even being a thousand-year-old vampire he did have some limitations. One being that he couldn’t fly his family and all their luggage from Norway to Italy. He also didn’t think Lukas would enjoy how fast they’d have to fly to get to their destination before sun up. Although his son loved the weather of his Scandinavia homes, he didn’t like how much his mother made him bundle up when he went outside and Eric was sure his bonded would make then both unmovable if they ever did try to attempt such a flight. Eric had no intention of making such a flight unless it was an emergency and in the few years since they had moved to Sweden they hadn’t had any problems or trouble.

Sookie had been quite surprised by how welcomed their relationship was even though Eric had explained that almost all European countries were open-minded and had accepted vampires far better than in the United States. No one judged her decision to be with a vampire or that Lukas’s father was of the undead variety. Instead, they were treated like any other couple.

Once they reached the group Pam clapped her hands with giddy anticipation of getting her hands on Lukas. The moment she saw that he was sleeping, she visibly deflated and much to everyone’s enjoyment pouted. It had been too long since she last saw her little brother and he had grown quite a bit since she last saw him months ago.

No one was more surprised than Pam at how quickly she fell under the spell that Lukas seemed to cast upon everyone that met him. He was sweet and lovable from the moment she met him and he smelled even better then his mother and that was saying something. Lukas’s smell wasn’t so inviting that a vampire wanted to drain him. He smelled of sunshine, wheat and honey just like Sookie, but he also had a strange but alluring masculine smell of sandalwood.

Pam couldn’t wait until Lukas was older and she could have him all to herself for long periods of time.

“Why is he asleep? Didn’t Lukas know that he was coming to see me?” Pam asked with annoyance.

“Yes, he did and, therefore, was too excited to sleep. He was a bundle of energy all day and finally succumbed to sleep on the way here from the airport,” Sookie explained. She was exhausted from very little sleep. Both Eric and Sookie had expected their son to sleep a good eight to ten hours for him to wake up after only a little more than four.

Even though he was sleeping, Pam extricated the sleeping bundle from his father’s arms and paced his little head against her shoulder as she swayed back and forth. Sookie smiled at the sight before her even though she’d need to keep an eye on them. Pam wasn’t above waking Lukas even though he’d be sleepy and cranky.

As the rest of the wedding party joined them, Eric pulled Sookie to his front and wrapped his arms around her waist. Immediately he felt his wife relax and sink into his embrace.

Never before meeting Sookie did Eric ever think he’d be happy with a family let alone want one but as he looked at his vampire children who were both speaking quietly to one another about how much Lukas had grown since they last saw him to Sookie’s brother with his wife and now five kids, all of them girls too, over to the man Willa would be marrying in just a couple of nights and his large Italian family. They weren’t close, but Eric would do just about anything to protect them if the need ever rose.

Once everyone said their Hello’s and kissed and hugged, they moved over to an area of couches and chairs that had been set by the pool. It was a little cool for the humans so there were also heat lamps scattered around the area. Sookie curled up against Eric as she chatted with Mauricio’s two sisters who were sitting across from them. Slowly their conversation started to ebb as others wanted to talk and plan what they’d do tomorrow during the day. Sookie stayed quiet as she listened and let the heat from the lamp behind her lull her into state of being almost asleep but able to hear the chatter around her and feel herself slip more and more into the comforting embrace of her husband.

The next thing Sookie knew, she was in bed with her head resting on Eric’s silent chest with one arm wrapped around her as he read. Yawning she angled her head to look at his face before she spoke.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep,” she said, yawning again.

Dipping to give his wife a kiss, Eric placed his book beside him. “If I could have gone to sleep I would have,” he finally said with a chuckle. “It was all about the wedding until Pam woke up Lukas. Then it was all about him. He ate it up and showed off every trick he could think of and even tried some new things albeit unsuccessfully. Of course everyone cheered. He was sad when all the humans retired to go to sleep.”

“He didn’t call them humans did he?” Sookie asked.

Eric gave her a knowing look before turning to rest on his side and wrap his arms around Sookie, wedged one of his muscular thighs in between her legs, and nuzzled her neck.

“No one heard him. He waited until we were back here and he was ready for bed. Lukas doesn’t understand that most humans don’t stay up most of the night,” he replied against her ear.

“Most four-year-old boys don’t have a daddy who’s a vampire or one that’s as big of a pushover as you are,” Sookie said, ending on a giggle as Eric nipped her neck and dipped one of his cool large hands under her shirt and lightly caressed her back.

Bringing his head up to look Sookie in the eye, Eric replied. “You are just as big of a pushover as I am if not more.”

“How could I not? His eyes are just as sweet as yours and don’t act like you haven’t tried to influence me with those puppy dog eyes of yours.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I can assure you that there’s nothing sweet about me,” Eric huskily responded as he ground his hips against her soft flesh.

“Keep telling yourself that buddy,” Sookie tried to say with annoyance but it instead came out as a whisper as her hands moved across his broad back.

“Let me show you how not sweet I can be in the little time we have left before sun up,” he came back with while riding Sookie of her clothing.


“Mommy why are you crying,” Lukas asked barely above a whisper as he watched tears stream down his mother’s face. He couldn’t understand why she’d be crying when she was also smiling.  Plus, his Papa wasn’t at all upset that she was crying and normally if his mother cried his Papa did anything and everything to make her stop. Instead, he was watching his sister with a content look on his face while holding his mother’s hand.

“I’m happy baby,” she replied quietly, but at seeing the still puzzled look on his face, she tried to clarify.  “It makes me happy to see the people who I care about find someone to love and it reminds me of the night I married your father.  It was the second best night of my life.”

“What was the best night?” Lukas asked.

“The night you were born,” she said with an even bigger smile before leaning over and kissing him on the forehead.

His mother’s tears stopped, but the smile never left her face as they sat and continued to watch his sister marry Mauricio. He even thought he saw his Papa smile when the officiant said it was time to kiss the bride and Willa threw her arms around her new husband.  Once the ceremony was over his mom looked down at him before pulling him onto her lap and hugging him close.

“What did you think?” she asked.

“Mommy, I hear wedding people,” Lukas thought toward his mother.

Everyone’s eyes turned as Sookie burst out laughing. This was her life. Her happily ever after.


~ The End ~

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      Thank you so much! It’s pretty good revenge for being a huge manwhore. When I found the picture of Alexander Skarsgård so young and cute I had to use it. Lukas is such a mini-Eric it’s adorable.

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      It’s a little sad but I have other stories and I hate to drag out a story with filler that no one cares about. I’ve got Lovers Always and At That Moment to finish plus an all human cop story, Missing Lover (Eric’s POV of Lover’s Amnesia) and Right On Time with Virala. I’ve got plenty that I hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂

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