Eric rose to Clark’s gruff voice being anything but gruff. It was slightly higher pitched than normal and his words made zero sense to the vampire. If he wasn’t mistaken, what he heard was what humans called ‘baby talk’ and something he would never do.


Keeping his eyes closed, he listened with the thought of using this moment as blackmail against the Were if he ever needed it.

“He’s beautiful, Sookie. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Northman was his father,” Clark said softly. Genuinely.

“He is and will be in the only way that matters. But I’m sure he will love that Lukas looks so much like him. I don’t know how it happened. Dirk was the complete opposite of Eric in every way with dark brown hair and eyes, he was I guess what people would call stocky. I’m blonde but I’m by no means tall. I don’t know how Lukas is already so tall with blue eyes, but I’m thankful that he’ll look nothing like his sperm donor,” she said with conviction.

No longer able to pretend to be in his day rest after hearing and feeling Sookie’s words, Eric sat up slowly so as to not startle her.

He was on a cot at Sookie’s insistence since she wouldn’t let him go to his dayrest on the floor. He had waited until he knew that both Sookie and his son were both cleared by Dr. Ludwig, and that Clark, had arrived before he died for the day. Still, he hadn’t wanted to die for the day and leave them alone for the next eight hours, and had fought the urge until the bleeds had brought tears to Sookie’s eyes.  Her tears, and her hands glowing from her distress, were what had finally persuaded him to succumb to the sun’s pull.

Quickly evaluating his now fledgling bond with Sookie, Eric could feel that she was slightly tired and that her love for their son was radiating so strongly that he couldn’t help but smile.

When Sookie saw Eric slowly and quietly rise she couldn’t repress how happy she was that he was finally up for the day. Maybe now she could get out of that God -forsaken hospital. The nurses hadn’t left her alone all day long, and now she just wanted to relax in her own bed with Eric and their son.

“How are my two favorite people?” Eric asked as he leaned over to thoroughly kiss Sookie before placing a much softer kiss to Lukas’ forehead.

Unable to control her emotions, Sookie smiled and sobbed at the same time. She had never been happier and knew that life was only going to get better. Now she and Eric could bond, once she worked up the nerve for him to see her naked again, and they’d all be moving to Sweden as soon as she got the all clear from the good doctor.

Everyone but Willa had immediately replied that they would happily move. Pam was going to live in Stockholm, but the rest were going to live in Öland – on the other side of the island for privacy, of course, but still close. Eric had arranged a house for Jason and his family as well as one for Willa after she decided that Louisiana had nothing left to offer her and that she wanted to keep building her relationship with Eric (plus being Auntie Willa was too much for her to pass up).

Although things had been amicable between Sookie and Pam, she was still wary and was happy that her friend would be there with her. Eric had assured her that Pam was only concerned that he would be hurt if Sookie left him. Once she saw that Sookie was a permanent fixture, she’d let down her guard.

Sookie could understand Pam not wanting Eric to be hurt any further. They had almost lost him and she couldn’t bear to think of hurting Eric ever again. Eric was planning on forever and so was Sookie; she just didn’t know what form she’d be in to reach forever with him. That was one thing she knew she needed to talk to her great-grandfather about when she finally got the chance.

Sookie wasn’t sure if the vampire way of life was for her, but she was sure that she wanted Eric to always be in her life.  It wasn’t like he could turn into hybrid fairy-human for her. She would find a way to stay with him until the end of their time together even if that meant she had to become a vampire and lose the sun. Nothing was more important than being with Eric.

Her future bonded.

While Sookie smiled and sobbed, Eric wrapped her in his arms and held her until she was back to herself. He wanted to ask when her hormones were going to settle now that she was no longer pregnant but knew that would be a bad idea. She had cried so much during their time together at everything and nothing that he was almost comfortable with it. Well, he wasn’t close to being comfortable seeing her tears or feeling her tremulous emotions, but he was trying to get used it – not that he wanted to, but it was quite common for her to be laughing one moment and then crying the next. Considering how uncomfortable she had become combined with how little sleep she’d been getting, Sookie was in need of more company than he had been able to give her.  She needed more interaction with people than just talking with them on the phone, and actual rest that he could ensure during his waking hours.

“We’re both good, but I’m ready to go home and rest but I want to see everyone too,” she said nervously.

Was she afraid he wouldn’t let her? Surely she didn’t believe he’d keep her from her friends and family now that she was safe, did she?

“Then your wish is my command. Who would you like to see and where would you like to visit them?” Eric asked soothingly with a theatrical bow in an effort to allay her fears.

Eric bowing

He knew he was successful when her tinkling laughter broke out and a smile bloomed across her face. “I’d like for Jason, Bridgette, and their girls to see Lukas, and I want Willa to see him, too,” she said and then scrunched up her nose and looked down at lovingly at Lukas. “Pam, too, if you think she’d like to see him.  Eric,” she spoke quietly as if she didn’t want anyone to hear her. It was almost as though she had forgotten Clark was a Were with hearing superior to hers.  He felt his lips start to tip up into a smirk until he heard her next words. “Does Lukas smell good, too good?”

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Eric wrapped an arm around her shoulders and then looked down with what could only be described as wonderment and love in his eyes. Never before had he believed in love at first sight, but the moment his eyes made contact with the tiny bundle in Sookie’s arms, he was indeed in love.

Leaning over this time, he let his smirk spread as he teasingly sniffed Lukas’s head. His finger caressed his son’s little hand and he still couldn’t believe how soft a baby’s skin was.

Maybe Lukas was just special.

There was no way any other baby on the planet smelled as good, felt as soft, or looked as peaceful, as his son.

Lukas baby

Right then and there, Eric knew he would die protecting them.

Turning his head until he made eye contact with Sookie and seeing her worried expression, Eric knew he had to ease her fears and quickly before her pesky hormones came into play again.

Looking back down he spoke, “I never knew a baby could spell as good as he does, but no, he does smell ‘too good’ as you put it.  I was under the impression that all babies smelled of shit.”

Sookie couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Here she thought vampires would want to eat her son and they were expecting him smell like a dirty diaper all the time.

“I suggest that we don’t let Pam get too close and let her to continue thinking he’ll smell bad,” he said with a chuckle.

“But I want her too like Lukas, not to think he’s some stinky baby,” she said with a pout.

Eric could feel her emotions start to become erratic and knew he needed to stop her from getting upset before it happened.  Sighing inwardly, he could only hope that he didn’t muck anything else up with her while her hormones were out of control.

“I was only joking,” he replied but by the look on her face Eric could tell she did not appreciate his little joke. Sookie had been worried about how she and Pam would get along after the move.  “It was a poor attempt and for that I’m sorry. I don’t want you to get your hopes up though. This is Pam we are talking about.  She’s not exactly fond of humans let alone babies.  Give her time if she is not immediately taken with him.  I don’t see how anyone could resist this face.”

Hearing Clark in the corner snickering to himself, Eric turned to glare at him only to find Dr. Ludwig walking into the room.

“It’s about time you rose for the day. This one,” she said while thrusting her thumb toward Sookie, “has been quite anxious to get out of here. You’d think we were treating her poorly.  As if,” she scoffed and started to write on a chart.

“Are they both healthy?” Eric asked with apprehension.

“Very healthy,” the tiny doctor replied. “The blood you gave her after the attack continued to work and almost healed her entirely from the labor.  She’s getting around much quicker than a woman who’d just given birth would be.  She has no tears and her blood pressure is normal.  Lukas passed all his tests with flying colors and can be discharged as soon as you are all ready to go.  If there are any problems, call me.  We’ve already set up an appointment for his next checkup and after that you should have the all clear to fly.”

Eric’s eyes immediately went to his smiling Sookie.  He couldn’t believe how excited she was to move to Sweden. Every time he felt her excitement it made him feel alive and desperately elated that he had been cured of Hep-V and stayed in Shreveport to be near her.  He had forever with her now and looked forward to the night of their bonding.

When had Eric Northman gotten so mushy, he asked himself as he shook his head. If he was honest with himself it was the night that his little fairy stepped foot into his bar all those years ago.

“Eric,” Sookie called out. “Are you with us?”

“Right here. I was just thinking of a location where we could all sit down and you could chat with your friends and family.  I have a restaurant on the outskirts of town that I think would do nicely for everyone involved.  If you give me your phone I’ll text your brother the address along with Willa and Pam.”

Letting his gaze slide over to Clark, he looked him over and decided to extend the invitation to the Were.

“Clark if you’d like to join us I’m sure Sookie would be happy to have you,” Eric spoke as his fingers flew across the phone giving the address and directions to the restaurant.   He’d be happy once they were home and he didn’t have to share Sookie or Lukas with anyone for a few days. Yes, he was being irrational. He knew that he’d just spent almost every minute of every night since Sookie came back into his life, but he didn’t care.  All he could think about was getting them home safely and into his arms. Maybe even snuggle, but he would never admit to anyone how much he loved to hold Sookie in his arms and bury his nose in her hair or the crease of her neck. Although he was pretty sure Sookie knew. Sookie knew…she’d woke up enough times with him wrapped around her to get the idea.

“You are more than welcome to come, Clark,” Sookie said giving Eric a sly smile.  She knew that he was appreciative that Clark had stayed with her and Lukas for the day when he couldn’t, but thought he was too manly or vampirey to say anything.  Just being male was bad enough, but add being a vampire into the mix and it became almost impossible to understand them.

Rubbing his eyes with his fist, Clark smiled at Sookie. He really did like her. She was a sweetheart, but somehow Northman always seemed to call him when he’d been up the whole night and was finally making his way to bed.  He didn’t want to disappoint Sookie but he needed to make his way home, take a shower, and sleep for the next twelve hours.

“I’d love to, but I’m tired. Maybe another time,” he replied and started to stand up, but upon seeing her smile start to slip, he continued, “I’m sure I’ll see you before you move.  Call me if you need me,” Clark said before slipping out of the room.

“He couldn’t get out of here fast enough,” Sookie said while laughing.  “I guess I wasn’t very good company.”

“I’m sure your company was fine. I think it had more to do with my presence and the fact that he was really tired. Why don’t I go and get the car and bring it around front then we can leave.  I’ve already made arrangements for the restaurant to only be open for us. There’s no need for Lukas to be around a bunch of people.”

Holding her hand out, Sookie waited for Eric to place his hand in hers before bring him close enough to grab his t-shirt so that she could pull him down for a kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered against his lips. “I can’t even express what I’m feeling right now.  That you’re going to be Lukas’s father, that you looked out for me all those years, and that you came when I needed you. That you accepted me when I was pregnant with another man’s child. That you still loved me after all that I’d put you through. I love you, Eric Northman, and I can’t wait for the next step of our lives to begin.”

Ignoring that his eyes were rimmed red, Eric smiled down at his Sookie.  “Good! Our next step is for eternity.”


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