Eric knew that whatever had just made its way down Sookie’s leg and onto the floor was not urine. He’d smelled enough of it throughout his lifetime, but he had no idea what that liquid was.

Feeling Sookie’s panic quickly brought him out of his musings and face to face with his frightened fairy.

“It’s too soon! I’m not ready. Lukas isn’t ready!” She cried out holding her belly tight.

Sookie was in full-on panic mode. The only thing she wasn’t worried about at the moment was the fairies who had been after her.

Eric started to walk toward the door that led downstairs until Sookie stopped him with her hand gripped firmly on his arm.

“Where are you going?” She asked in a half-pant, half-pained way.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Eric led Sookie to a barstool in the kitchen and helped her get situated.

“Only downstairs to retrieve your bag so that I can take you to the hospital,” he finally replied in a calming and soothing way.

“Okay,” she replied after taking in a deep breath. “Please hurry.”

Eric retrieved her bag and was back at her side in less than a minute before he gently helped Sookie out of the house and into the SUV that had become their primary vehicle.

There was no way in hell he’d be purchasing, let alone driving a minivan. Despite the numerous times Sookie tried to convince him that a minivan was safer with its many airbags, Eric wouldn’t do it. Besides, his reflexes were far superior than any ‘safety’ feature, although he didn’t see many Corvette rides in his near future.

Noticing Sookie’s strange rhythm of breathing, Eric wasn’t sure if she was about ready to hyperventilate or sneeze. Taking her hand in his, Eric asked if she was okay.  He never knew one simple question could result in such hostility from his Sookie.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” She seethed. “No, I’m not okay!  I feel like my spine is about ready to blow out and…”


So many fucking tears.

Eric watched as his normally sweet fairy princess sobbed one minute, and then cursed every male’s existence in the next.

He wanted to argue that he was in no way responsible for her current state, but decided against it. With the evil looks she was giving him, there would be no reasoning with her, and he was afraid she might set her now glowing hands on him.

Knowing it was the pain talking, Eric stayed quiet and pushed the accelerator to the floor. He didn’t know much about women giving birth, but from what Sookie had told him previously, she shouldn’t be in that much pain until she was closer to giving birth.

Not at the beginning.

With that frightening thought now front and center in his mind, Eric sighed in relief as they turned into Ludwig’s warehouse / hospital.

Eric had Sookie out of the car and in his arms before she could register they had even parked. Bursting through the doors, all eyes zeroed in on duo who had almost taken the doors off the hinges.

Clutching her arms around Eric’s broad shoulders, Sookie let out a squeak as they came to a stop in front of a high desk.

“May I help you?” The lone nurse asked as she put down a stack of patient folders by the computer.

“She needs to see Dr. Ludwig immediately,” Eric growled out.

“Sir,” the nurse replied, looking him up and down trying to ascertain how much trouble the man before her was likely to cause. “Unfortunately, due to the full moon tonight, we are currently experiencing a high number of patients this evening so it won’t be possible to see Dr. Ludwig immediately.”

Eric snarled at the nurse but she calmly continued.

“However, I can get a wheelchair for her, and someone will examine her as soon as possible.”

“No need, I will carry her and if…”

“It’s hospital policy,” the nurse interrupted.

Sookie watched the two argue about Eric carrying her until another contraction hit stronger than any before.

Tensing in his arms, Sookie tried to breathe through her contraction, but it was too difficult to concentrate with the bickering going on in front of her.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, if you don’t get me into a room immediately, I’m going to let him drain you!” Sookie all but growled out when her contraction had subsided.

The nurse gasped, but did start to lead them down the hall to a room.

“I see Fairy Sookie had decided to join us,” Eric smirked at the woman in his arms.

“No, In Labor Sookie is here, and if you don’t stop your crap and start being helpful, I’m going to rip off your balls, wait for them to grow back, and then rip them off again,” she snarled out as Eric sat her down on the hospital bed.

Noticing the look of shock on Eric’s face, Sookie burst into tears as she lowered her aching body down to rest on the bed.

“I’m sorry, Eric. I didn’t mean it. I love you so much. It hurts more than I ever expected and I’m so scared! What if there’s something wrong with Lukas and that’s why I’ve gone into labor?” She cried out.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Eric held her hand in his before shifting his attention to her belly. Through her clothes, he could see her stomach tighten as it contracted, and then somewhat relax once the contraction was over; he listened as he quickly ascertained by Lukas’ heartbeat that he was not in distress.

“He’s perfectly fine, Sookie. Have no fear, dear one. If something goes wrong, I will drag Dr. Ludwig in here by her pointy ears if need be. I will not let anything happen to either you or our son,” Eric vowed.

Hearing Eric call Lukas their son started a fresh round of tears. Luckily another nurse came into the room, and started pulling miscellaneous items out, setting them on a tray before handing Sookie a gown.

“Get changed and I’ll be back I’m a few minutes to see if you’re in labor,” the new nurse said on her way out.

Sookie gaped at the closed door for a moment before she started to get undressed. She hoped she would have a kinder nurse than what she’d encountered so far. This had been a less than positive experience thus far.

After getting changed, Sookie sat back on the bed as Eric stood immobile while they waited for the nurse to return.

Eric watched while Sookie’s hands lit up softly with every contraction. He was unsure if he should or could touch her at the moment.

Sookie’s eyes remained closed as she tried to breathe through another contraction. Eric felt helpless as he stood back, not knowing what to do.  He wasn’t even sure if Sookie knew her hands were glowing, or if it was normal. Well, normal for a fairy hybrid. He was sure that she felt safer and calmer than she had on the drive there.

When the nurse came back into the room, she must have startled Sookie because one second she was resting quietly, and then the next her eyes sprang open as the light left her hands going straight at the unaware nurse.

Luckily for the nurse, she dropped her pen and bent to pick it up just as Sookie’s fairy light would have hit her.

Unfortunately for Sookie and Eric, the nurse left, screaming and yelling that she would not be going back into that room again!

“Oh my God! Did I do that?” She asked horrified as she stared at the charred cabinet in front of her.

Pulling up a chair, Eric sat next to the bed and started to reach out to touch Sookie’s hand, but pulled back at the last moment and placed it on her leg.

Looking at the area Sookie’s light had slightly burned, and listening to the commotion out in the hall, Eric lifted his patented eyebrow.

“That answers the question that you didn’t know your hands were lighting up with every contraction.”

He watched as Sookie looked down at her hands, and then up at him with tear-filled eyes.

Taking a breath he didn’t need, Eric gently picked up one of her offending hands and kissed each finger before lacing their fingers together.

Sookie gave him a watery smile. “Is that why you were just standing there?”

“One of the reasons. First, I’d like to keep my balls even though they will grow back,” he said, smiling back at her.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Sookie swatted his arm, but couldn’t manage to hold in her laugh until another contraction started.

Eric started to pull his hand away, but Sookie’s hand was already lit up and had a death grip on his. Amazingly her light caused him no pain. Instead he felt a pleasant tingling run from his fingertips and up his arm.

Moving his unoccupied hand to Sookie’s stomach, he started to caress her now rock-hard belly, hoping to ease some of her pain. Closing his eyes, Eric continued until the contraction was over.

“What did you just do?” Sookie asked in wonder, opening her eyes only to be startled by seeing Dr. Ludwig at the foot of her bed.

Dr. Ludwig laughed and patted Sookie’s foot before slipping on a pair of rubber gloves.

“What were you thinking when you were connected?”

“Me? Nothing. Only to breathe,” Sookie answered.

“Not you. Your vampire.”

“Oh. Eric?” Sookie said, turning to look at him.

“Only that I wanted to help ease your pain,” Eric answered while he watched the doctor move in between Sookie’s legs and lift the blanket to examine her.

“What you both failed to notice was your light running through one hand and out of his other. If I had to guess, I’d say that your vampire’s innate magic, his love for you, and his desire to lessen your pain somehow used your light to act as a way to ease your pain,” Dr. Ludwig explained.

“Really? Can he do that for every contraction?” Sookie asked in awe.

“If you complete the circuit, and if your vampire wishes to help take away your pain, then yes, I think I can safely say that you’ve found your miracle drug,” Dr. Ludwig replied, shaking her head in what one might think was annoyance, but was in actuality, awe.

“To see her in pain,” he said, closing his eyes and shaking his head while his hand softly touched her belly.  “I will do everything within my power to help Sookie,” Eric snapped at the tiny doctor.

“Good, she’s going to need all the help she can get. It’s too late for any drugs. If you wanted them,” she said, patting Sookie on the leg as she scooted away from the bed.

“What do you mean too late?” Sookie whimpered, and clutched at Eric’s arm, digging her fingernails into his skin.

“You’re already dilated to an eight, almost a nine. I cannot give you any drugs when you’re so far along. Were you planning on drugs?”

“It wasn’t the plan, but now that I know how bad it hurts, and that it’s only going to get worse… I’d like an epidural or something. Eric,” Sookie called to him desperately. “Glamour her or something. Please. I’m not ready.”

It broke Eric’s undead heart to listen to his Sookie who was always so brave and strong beg him for his help.

“Älskling, if I could glamour her, don’t you think I would have by now? Even if I could,” he stopped and shushed her with a finger against her pouting lips. “Which I cannot, I wouldn’t. You wouldn’t want to do anything that would harm you or Lukas, would you?”

“No, I don’t,” she said with a little pout. “You’ll help me doing whatever it was you did?” She asked as her eyes shut tight with another contraction.

Eric closed his eyes while he continued to rub her stomach and thought of how much he wanted to help relieve her pain. He could feel the tingling sensation run up his arm and out the other while Sookie relaxed through their tie.

Once the contraction was over, they both opened their eyes and met the other, smiling.

“Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. It’s amazing,” Sookie said, pulling Eric down and kissing him lightly.

“It’s all you, älskling. How far does this dilation go? Twenty?” Eric asked, sitting next to her on the bed.

“Twenty!?” She shrieked.

“Not twenty then. Too low?” He asked, but with one look he hoped that was not the case. “Too high,” he stated somewhat confidently.

“Ten. I thought you read the book,” Sookie half stated, half questioned.

“I didn’t get that far. I was reading about after the baby comes and what I’d need to know,” he said, looking down at her belly. “I have no idea how to take care of a newborn, Sookie, or any child for that matter.”

“Oh, Eric,” she said as her mood swung from anger to loving in point two seconds, hugging herself to him with the best of her ability. “You’re going to be great! I have no worries about you being a father to our baby. Now your abilities as a labor coach need a little work. Tell me of your homeland. Tell me of my new country so that I can picture something other than pain.”

That’s exactly what he did as they worked through each of her contractions and doctor visit until it was time for Sookie to push.

“I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to reduce her pain now.  I’m going to need you to remain calm, vampire! I can’t have any disruptions from you. If you cause any problems, you’ll have to leave. Will I have your cooperation?” She asked, looking from underneath her glasses.

If looks could kill, Dr. Ludwig would be eviscerated on the floor as Eric glared at her with contempt.

Eric’s demeanor did a complete 180 as his gaze shifted over to Sookie.

“I’ll be with you the entire time. I wouldn’t miss Lukas’s birth for anything. I’ll do whatever you need me to do,” he stated to Sookie as he kissed her forehead.

“Keep working your magic, and let me squeeze the living daylights out of your hand,” Sookie replied before squeezing his hand so intensely that Eric was sure his hand would have been broken if he was human.

Sookie continued to push off and on for over an hour, and Eric was now realizing he should have read that book from front to back. He didn’t want to interrupt or upset anyone, particularly Sookie, but how long would she have to push? He couldn’t remember from his human life. The men were banished far from the women giving birth back in his day. What he did know was that he had a little under two hours until the sun rose.

Yes, he could force himself to stay up after the fairy blood wore off, but he didn’t want to be stuck in Sookie’s hospital room, vulnerable for the whole day. He also didn’t want to leave Sookie and Lukas. He would need someone to watch them for the day and he knew just whom to call.


“I can see his head. Just a couple more pushes and you can rest, Sookie,” Dr. Ludwig said from between her legs.

Sookie screamed as she pushed with everything she had in her.

Eric had one arm around her back helping her stay upright, and the other pulling one leg back almost to Sookie’s chest.  He could feel how exhausted she was, and hoped the troll doctor was right.  He didn’t know how much more she had left in her. There was only an hour until sunrise and he still needed to make preparations for the day.  He needed to update Pam, and send a message to Clark to be here as soon as he could after sunrise to keep guard over the room for the day while he was at his most vulnerable.

The loud cry of a baby halted Eric’s thoughts as his head swiveled to the right and he saw his newborn son for the first time. Lukas’s skin was a light shade of pink with a sheen of blood coating him, his eyes were scrunched shut as he let out wail after wail, letting them all know that he was finally here.  Eric watched as Sookie held out her arms and waited for the nurse to place Lukas in them.

The nurse placed a naked Lukas on his mother’s chest, and he instantly stopped crying.  Sookie ran her fingertips across his perfect face, down his arm to his little hand, and tiny fingers.  Eric watched in wonder as Lukas grabbed ahold of Sookie’s finger and held on.  He smiled as he looked up at Sookie and saw her bright smile and tears running down her cheeks.  He had never felt or seen her happier.

Hell, he had never felt more fulfilled in his undead life.

And this was just the beginning.


A/N: I want to thank Meridian for helping me with this chapter and the idea of using Sookie’s light to help her with the birth of Lukas.

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      Thank you! I can say that I was the same way when I was in labor. I would be mean and then feel bad about it. Unfortunately I didn’t and don’t have an Eric Northman to help me. I had no drugs and it was not fun. Luckily it went by very quickly.

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