Sookie should have known that all good things must come to an end. Life was going too good for her.  She was in love, had someone who loved her equally, she was about to start a family in just a few weeks, and then move to Sweden. Suddenly, she had all the things she had always wanted and thought she’d never have.

Eric had been ecstatic when he rose almost a week after their bonding talk to find Sookie sitting next to him with a big smile on her face. She was happy, beyond overjoyed, and it brought a smile to his own face. Yes, it was now that easy for Eric to smile.  All he had to do was see his Sookie with a smile of her own.

Although it had been unintentional, things had been a bit strained between them after their talk.  Eric knew that he should be happy that Sookie was taking her time to decide on bonding to him, but he was nervous she’d say no. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it meant more to him than he could ever express.

Sookie had been distant and contemplative after that night, and was going to bed even earlier, leaving him to himself for most of the night. But not that night, she was beaming at him and when she said yes, Eric thought his dead heart might explode right out of his chest.  He ravaged her lips as a thank you and a promise.

A promise to always love and honor her.

A promise to protect and cherish her.

A promise that his heart and life would always and only belong to her.

Damn! Eric had wished that he could have made love to her that night and started the bond, but he had to wait until Sookie was ready. Going by what he could feel in their tie though, she was ready.  The only thing that seemed to be a problem was how tired and uncomfortable she was most of the time. Eric also thought she might be a little self-conscience about her body’s current appearance.

The thought of Sookie’s body made Eric immediately and unbearably hard.  Her soft, glowing skin begged to be touched and caressed.  Those firm legs beckoned him and her breasts…

Oh, her breasts.

Eric wanted nothing more than to taste them; to hold and tease them with his tongue and fingers. Sookie was perfection and Eric ached to worship her.

There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t tell her he thought she was beautiful, and she truly was.  Even with her being exhausted and uncomfortable, she continued to glow with each passing day into her pregnancy. Eric wondered if it had anything to do with her being Fae.

After that, they went back to spending as much of their nights together as possible, making plans and arrangements for their move, buying baby things online, and just plain, regular conversation. Although they loved each other and were ready to spend the rest of their lives with each other, there was still so much they didn’t know about the other, but they were quickly changing that. Never had Eric shared so much of his life, not even with Godric, but it felt good.

With Sookie it felt right.

Everything was so good, and enough time had passed without anything happening that Sookie was tired of being cooped up in the lower part of the house during the day. Yes, Eric had told her that she could go upstairs, but she was always afraid something would happen. If she had to make a trip upstairs during the day she tried to do it quickly. However, today she wanted to see the sun and maybe watch an animal scurry across the yard; anything but look around at the same walls she’d been looking at for almost two months now. She wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on her skin even if it was through a window.

Today was a perfect day to relax by the window and let the sun restore her. It was bright outside with the sun’s reflection coming off the snow that blanketed the entire scene before her. Closing her eyes, Sookie leaned back into the chair she had placed by the window.  It wasn’t long until the warmth from the sun’s rays lulled her into a light sleep as she rested her hands of her pregnant belly.

It felt like only a minute had passed when Sookie woke to the feel of something sharp cutting into her neck.  Before opening her eyes, she quickly tried to assess her surroundings, only to find a fairy in the house and one outside at the tree line.  The moment her eyes sprung open, she was greeted with smiling mouth full of sharp teeth.  Before she could try to conjure up her light and blast the hideous fairy, the fairy snatched up her arm, scrapping her with its long claw like fingernails and popped Sookie out to where the other fairy was waiting.

Sookie tried to fight her way out of the hold of Thing One, but the more she fought, the deeper the knife cut into her neck and its claws cut into her arm.

“We can play…” Thing One cackled.

“with the filthy little…” Thing Two smiled revealing its own sharp pointy teeth.

“breeder whore…” Thing One finished.

Thing Two scanned her body with its beady little eyes before looking up to Thing One with an evil sneer.  “Neave? Look, she’s growing us a filthy little mongrel snack,” Thing Two said as it patted her stomach.

Sookie felt her light starting to gather in her hands and tried to stay as calm as she could while the two evil fairies talked about eating her baby.

There was no way she was going to let that happen.

Bringing her hands up, she fired off a blast at Thing One from over her shoulder that caused it to fly back with a shriek.  With a chance to run, Sookie took off toward the house. If she could only get inside and lock it down, then she’d be safe.

She had only made it about ten feet when Thing Two popped in front of her and threw its arms around her torso.

Sookie cried out and tried to gather more light in hands, but was momentarily shocked as the back door to the house flew open to reveal a very pissed off vampire.



Sookie watched as Eric vamped out of the house with only his black sleep pants on. Even though it was late afternoon, the entire yard was brightly lit by the sun causing smoke to start rising from Eric’s back while he fought with Thing One only ten feet away.  Standing in shock and horror, Sookie didn’t notice at first when Thing Two started to drag her into the trees. She could only watch Eric as he used his vampire speed to try and catch the fairy.

Having woke to Sookie’s fear, Eric thought nothing of the daylight streaming through the upper part of the house or as he made his way across the yard in only a second to his Sookie.  He was stopped by an enticingly smelling fairy, but knew that he had to keep his head in the game.  It was daylight, and it wouldn’t take him long to start burning. He also knew that fairies could ‘pop’ and wasn’t about to let them get the upper hand.  He would lay his life on the line to make sure they never got a chance to take Sookie and their unborn child.

When he finally noticed the first signs that he was starting to burn, Eric was already smoking and his body was rapidly blistering. Knowing that he didn’t have long before his body was engulfed in flames, Eric flung the fairy into a tree causing a loud crack and the tree to sway, creating more cracks.

From out of the corner of his eye, Eric caught a flash of light. He knew what the flash was.  It was a fairy blast.


He hoped and sent a brief prayer to his Gods that it was Sookie blasting that fucking vile creature and not the other way around.

Vamping over to the fairy, he grabbed it by its large pointy ears, sunk his fangs to its neck, and gulped down the ambrosia that was it’s fairy blood; fairy blood that he realized didn’t taste as good as he remembered his Sookie’s tasting.  Shaking that thought from his head, his arms squeezed the life out of the fairy as he drained it.  Now that he would be immune to the sun’s rays for an undetermined amount of time, he scanned the area to see that Sookie was nowhere in sight.

The high from the fairy blood was making it hard for Eric to concentrate on what he needed to do.  He knew he needed to find Sookie before the other fairy took off with her, leaving him to never see her again.

He quickly caught the scent of her blood causing him to panic slightly while he dashed into the trees.  He had to be careful, one wrong move and he could be easily staked.  When he caught sight of her, Sookie was pinned against a tree trying to fight her way out of the clutches of the fairy who was trying to sink his teeth into any part it could reach. There were a few scraps along her arms, but what brought Eric to rip the arm of the fairy was when he saw it going for her jugular.

Thing Two threw Sookie into a tree. Hard.  She tried to watch while Eric fought, but she was slowing fading as the black spots kept popping up in her vision until there was only blackness.

Feeling Sookie’s pain, and then her falling into unconsciousness, he missed the swipe of the blade the fairy pulled from out of nowhere. Feeling the silver slash a long gash through his side, he roared with pain both for him and Sookie.

Wishing he could savor killing at least one fairy, but knowing he didn’t have the time with Sookie hurt and unconscious, Eric sank his fangs into the shoulder with the missing arm while curling his hands into claws as he cleaved chunks out of the torso before he ripped its other arm off. Gripping the silver knife by the handle that was made from a material he had never before seen, he wrapped his other arm around the fairy’s neck holding it tightly against his body, and then plunged the knife into its eye.

The fairy disintegrated into dust in his arms leaving Eric free to finally get to Sookie.

Picking her up in his arms and clutching her to his chest, Eric made his way back into the house as carefully as possible. He didn’t want to jostle her and hurt her more.  How had the fairies found them? He knew they may never know, and, right now, he didn’t have the time to think of anything but Sookie.

He needed to take care of his Sookie and Lukas.

Using his vampire hearing, he quickly deduced that everything seemed to be fine with Lukas.  His heart rate was the same, and Eric could see that he was moving around possibly even more than normal.  He wouldn’t be worried unless he stopped moving or his heart rate declined.

No, his sole concern was on Sookie and her unconscious state.

As soon as he walked inside, Eric quickly made his way over to the couch and placed Sookie on it as gently as he could. Looking over her body, Eric saw many scraps along her arms and a long one down her neck made by the fairy. A few of them were deep.

Why wasn’t Sookie awake yet?  Had the head injury from the tree caused more damage than he could detect?  Should he give her his blood to help heal her and for her to wake?

Unsure what to do, Eric vamped downstairs and grabbed his phone before coming back just as quickly, and then kneeled down in front of Sookie. With his phone in his hand, Eric dialed Dr. Ludwig.

“What is it vampire?  I’m very busy tonight,” Ludwig answered.

“Sookie’s unconscious,” Eric fired.  “Can I give her my blood?  Will it harm our baby?” Eric asked worriedly while he hovered over Sookie scrutinizing every scrap and gash while also listening to Lukas.

In her most annoyed voice, Ludwig asked, “What the hell happened? I swear this day just keeps getting worse.”

Growling into the phone, Eric didn’t care what was going on with Ludwig.  His Sookie had been attacked while he was in his day rest and was now unconscious.  He needed her to wake up.

“Sookie was attacked by two fairies,” he snarled.  “I only know that she has some scrapes from their teeth and a few are deep. One of the fairies threw her against a tree and she’s been out since then.  Can I give her my blood?” Eric demanded.

“Only a slight amount…”

She kept on talking through the phone, but Eric didn’t hear another word.  He only noticed that Sookie’s body had moved slightly and that her eyes had started to move behind her eyelids.

“Northman! Northman!” Eric heard being yelled through the phone.

“She’s waking,” he absentmindedly murmured before hanging up and dropping his phone to the floor.

Gently he picked up Sookie’s hand and impatiently waited for her to regain consciousness.

“Sookie,” he firmly said.  “Sookie, open your eyes.” After a full minute passed he thought maybe he shouldn’t have hung up on the doctor.

Lifting her off the couch without even moving a hair on her head, Eric took her spot and placed her on his lap before ripping his wrist open and placing it against her slightly open mouth.

It only took a few drops of blood before Sookie’s eyes started to flutter open. After another few drops, her hands closed around his arm as she started to suck.

Eric stared into her eyes as hers locked with his. He sighed unnecessarily when he felt his blood make its way into her system, watching while the scratches and gashes began to heal on her arms and neck and feeling her more fully.

Picking up her hand, he brought Sookie’s arm up and diverted his eyes to the deepest gash before returning his gaze to hers. When she nodded her head, his head dipped and his cool tongue laved over the wound while she continued to drink. Once her wound was healed, Eric moved on to where each scratch had been, cleaning the blood from her arms and neck.

Putting a little more attention to her neck than was necessary to clean it left Sookie panting.  She had long stopped drinking Eric’s blood when his wound closed, but licked where it had been opened as he cleaned the blood from her body.

Having kept a close watch out for her pain, Eric knew she’d only mildly been uncomfortable after she woke. He was relieved that no severe damage had been made by those fucking fairies.

I wish I could kill them all over again.

Eric was surprised that he hadn’t gotten the vampire equivalent of drunk from their blood, but figured that it was his fear of what was happening to Sookie that kept him sober. He was unwilling to even think about what it would mean if they popped away with her and took her back to Fairy.

Once every speck of blood was gone, Eric licked his lips before planting kisses all over Sookie’s face. After covering every inch and millimeter, his cool, full pink lips made their way to claim hers.

Only pulling back when she needed to breathe, a smile slowly spread across his gorgeous face. Seeing his smile brought a smile to her own.

“Hey,” she whispered as she reached up and ran her fingers across his face. She could see that he was perfectly fine, but she had been worried about him before she was thrown in that tree and lost consciousness.

“Hey,” Eric replied as one hand went to splay across her stomach.

Noticing that they were in the house upstairs, Sookie’s mind cleared of the last of the fog, and only then thought about taking Eric’s blood.

“Do you think it’s okay that I took your blood? What about Lukas?” She asked.

“I called Dr. Ludwig before you woke and asked her. She seemed to think it would be fine,” he explained, easing her worries.

“I was drinking your blood while you were…” She stopped and fluttered her hand around. “Does that count as an exchange?” She asked, hope evident in voice.

“It does,” he replied, his smile widening.

Sookie couldn’t remember a time when she had seen him smile so wide. She couldn’t get over the wonder that it was because of her, that she could make him so happy. Sookie couldn’t wait until they were fully bonded and finally able to feel him.

Just as she was leaning up to kiss him, she felt a small trickle escape her.

“Help me up,” Sookie said quietly as she tried to raise her body up off of his lap.

Eric was quick to help her when he felt her sudden shift in emotions, but was shocked still when Sookie finally made it up right, and a stream of something trickled from between her legs and onto the floor.

Sookie’s frantic eyes met his before she spoke.

“I think my water just broke.”

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