During the past several weeks, Sookie had begun noticing how Eric would focus his senses on the baby boy in her womb, how he would zip over and place his hands on her stomach when the baby would start moving after they made a visit to see Dr. Ludwig.

Sookie could see Eric visibly relax once the doctor had proclaimed her and the baby healthy.  The only unsettling news was that Dr. Ludwig didn’t think it was wise for Sookie to fly until at least a couple of weeks after the baby was born.  That quickly faded away after seeing how Eric fell into calling the baby by his name after they had a long discussion on what they would be naming him.  Their baby would be Lukas Corbett Northman.

After hearing the news, Eric had decided that he was being too lax in trying to find the fairies who were after Sookie.  Once they got into the SUV from visiting Dr. Ludwig, he asked Sookie to call her great grandfather to see if he knew anything.  Sadly, Niall knew nothing, but promised he would find out who was after Sookie and that they would be a problem no more.  Eric quickly apprehended the phone and they had a heated debate about which one of them deserved the honor of killing whoever was after Sookie.  Finally they agreed that if they were in the Fae realm that Niall would kill them, and if they were here then Eric would get the honor.

At least they compromised.

Sookie grabbed the phone back from Eric and chatted with her great grandfather during the rest of the car ride back to the safe house.  His parting words before he ended the call were, “It’s good to finally hear happiness in your voice.  The Viking must be very special to you if I can hear it during this most stressful situation.”

Sookie peeked out of the corner of her eye to see Eric’s lips turn up slightly while he looked out the windshield.

“He is, great grandfather. I love him very much.” She smiled and rested her head against the window.  “When this is all over and the baby is born, we are moving to Sweden.  I hope that you will come visit us.”

Niall let out a laugh. “Nothing can stop me.  Well, unless your mate wants to drain me. I’d hate to have to blast him.” He laughed again causing Sookie to wonder if he really did want to blast the vampire next to her.

“I’ll get back to you as soon as I know anything.  You know that time is very different here, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a few days.  I’m sure you’re anxious for this to all be over with and be able to get on with your life.  I look forward to seeing you soon,” he said before hanging up.

Fairies. Almost as bad as vampires with their phone etiquette.

Eric had a small smile on his face after hearing and feeling Sookie proclaim her love for him to her relative, but it quickly faded when he heard a sob escape her throat.  He thanked the Gods that they were home and that he would not have to wait to comfort her.

Quickly he got to her side of the car, opened her door, pulled her into his arms, and brought her inside.  Knowing that she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in many positions, he put her down on their bed before he joined her. It had only been a few seconds since he had heard the heart wrenching sound as her cries started.

“Min kära hjärta, tell me what has you so upset,” he pleaded as Sookie clutched his shirt in her small hands.  “Your conversation with Niall seemed to go quite well.  We will find the fairies and Clark has gone to Alabama to find the Were.  We should hear from him later tonight or tomorrow.”

When Sookie only continued to cry and moved her body to get as close to his as possible, Eric did the only thing he could think of to make her feel safe.  He wrapped his long, strong body around hers and held her tight for as long as she needed him.

Resting his cheek against the top of her head, he quietly sang an Old Norse song he remembered from when his mother had sang it to his baby sister.  It didn’t take long for Sookie’s body to relax against his and for her crying to become only silent tears.  Even silent they still made his heart ache.

“Do you think you can tell me what’s going on it that head of yours?” He asked, rubbing slowly up and down her back.

Nodding her head, she pulled back and wiped first her eyes and then her nose on her sleeve before blushing at what Eric must think of her.

“I’m sorry for losing it on you.  I can’t imagine what you must think.”

“No need to be sorry.  It breaks me to see you cry…”

“Shh,” Sookie whispered against his mouth after placing a soft kiss on his soft, full lips.  Running her fingers over the frown lines on his forehead from his concern, she tried to soothe them away.

Eric schooled his face and gently took her hand in his before dragging his lips over the top of her hand.

“Hey,” she said pulling her hand away.  “Don’t hide what you’re feeling from me.  There’s nothing wrong with being concerned over someone you love.”

He smiled lopsidedly at her. “I have no problem with my concern for you, but you don’t need to be worried for me.”

“Eric,” she said looking at him with exasperation. “It works both ways, buddy. Nothing’s going to stop me from caring and worrying about you.”

“I’m a vampire,” he said with his brows furrowed.  “No need for you to worry about me.  Now tell me why you’re upset because even though you’ve stopped crying I can still feel that you’re upset and afraid.  Do you need a snack or something to drink before you tell me?  Ice cream?”

Sookie laughed hard, holding her belly from bouncing and wiggling around.  Eric was always trying to feed her.  He seemed to think it was the answer to most of her problems.  Truth be told, it did normally make her feel better, but if she ate as much as he thought she needed then she might not be able to move from how fat she’d get.  She was at the end of her eighth month and knew from the books that she’d read that she and the baby would be doing a lot of growing from now until the birth.  She couldn’t imagine being any bigger or more uncomfortable, but she knew it was going to happen.

“No, but thank you for asking.  Maybe later.”

Eric nodded and then splayed his hands across her stomach; feeling Lukas flip around in his mother’s stomach still caused him to be in awe of this miracle, one that Sookie was happy to share with him.

“He’s okay,” Sookie stated and put her hand over Eric’s.

“He is.  He’s a strong boy.”  Placing a finger under her chin, he brought her face up until their eyes met.  With a smile, he encouraged her to stop changing the subject and tell him what was upsetting her.

Placing her head on his chest, she snuggled into him before taking a deep breath. “We may never get to leave if the fairies are not in this realm.  I was gone for all of twenty minutes before and over a year passed by while I was gone.  Lukas could be grown and out of the house before we know anything. I can’t live in hiding for the next twenty years or so, and you sure as hell are not going to want to be cooped up away from life for that long.”

“That’s what has you so worried?” He asked, kissing the top of her head.  When he felt her nod, he held her a little tighter and tried to reassure her about her worries.

“I will hire round the clock guards for the portal. We will know if anyone slips in or out, and, unfortunately, you are correct about the time difference and how it could affect us.  However, I do plan to be away from life to spend all my time with you and Lukas until you get sick and tired of me,” he explained smiling down at her.

Brushing a piece of hair off her face, he tucked it behind her ear, and then kissed her forehead.  “I will call my people that take care of the farm and have them get it ready for us.  You can order any baby stuff you need or we can ship the items over from your house. Whatever you want. I will alert the King of when we will be arriving and have the house made as secure, if not more so than this one.  After you and the baby have the all clear from Dr. Ludwig, we will move to Sweden.  I think this is the right move for us.  You are very well known in these parts and the fairies obviously know where to look for you, but no one would guess that you’d be in Sweden.  We will be safe there, and I promise you that you and Lukas will not live in fear or hiding forever.  How does that sound?  Feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you.   Did you come up with that just now?”

Eric shrugged, looking down at her as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“What about Pam and Jason and his family?  He can’t be gone indefinitely.” Sookie took a deep breath when she started to get upset again.

“Pam knows of our plans to move and she is welcome to move with us.” Sookie gave him a questionable look.  “To the country, not to live with us.  As for Jason, you can ask him if he and his family want to move to Sweden.  Again, to the country not with us.”

Sookie couldn’t hide how much she wanted to laugh.  Even if he couldn’t feel it, it was written all over her face.

“I’ve been waiting for you for so long,” Eric said as he nuzzled her neck.  “I don’t want to have to share you or the baby once he’s born, so yes, they may all move to Sweden, but they will not be staying with us.  It’s only going to be our little family.”

“Our family,” Sookie replied pulling him in tighter.  “I like that.”

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