This is my fix to True Blood’s Season 7 fuckery.

Takes place the day after Thanksgiving and the series finale.  HEA guaranteed.


Special thanks to Meridian for telling me to write this story and helping with my ideas! 🙂



Chapter 1


TWCS Featured Story of the Week Nov 8, 2015


Chapter Shortcuts:


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  3. Howdy 🙂
    I’ve read the start of this before and thought I’d remind myself by rereading.
    Just so you know, the link above to chapter 1 goes to ‘from the rooftoop’
    Just thought you might like to know. Love your stories!

    1. Thank you! Yes for some reason when I made the first chapter page it got confused with FRTL, but it’s all fixed. Thanks for reminding me I needed to fix it there. 🙂

  4. Eric sent me – I love your stories and I highly suspect he does, too, considering how often I catch him reading them… 😀

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