I was a nervous wreck or whatever’s beyond a nervous wreck.  I was finally on the plane, and we were headed to Rhodes. It had been a long morning, and I had stayed up until dawn to say the equivalent of goodnight to Eric as I watched him step inside his coffin and get situated.

I’d seen Bill in his coffin before, but it seemed wrong as I watched Eric rest his long frame in what looked like some crazy space age coffin that he assured me, he’d be safe in.  His fancy coffin was bullet and fire proof.

After giving Eric a kiss goodbye/goodnight, I went back to bed and slept for a few hours until my alarm woke me up.  With very little sleep, I was very thankful that Eric had added a coffeemaker to his kitchen.

I turned the sleek Keurig on, selected one of a hundred different types of K-Cups, placed it in the tray, put a cup underneath, and hit the blue glowing coffee cup before I went to take a shower. Immediately after exiting the shower I drank my first cup of coffee. After getting dressed, I drank another and another after fixing my hair and doing my makeup.  With all the caffeine pumping through my body, I was a little wired, and it didn’t help my already frazzled nerves about feeling responsible for Eric while he was in his dayrest, flying and the trip in general.

The only positives I could see was that I was staying with Eric, and hopefully, that would deter Bill from trying to talk to me with the added benefit that I was staying with Eric. In his bed. Something that I had been sleeping in since the night of our first official date.

I closed my eyes and felt my lips curl up as I thought of all the time we’d spent in his bed after our first date.  I think I had tried to repress how wonderful he had been during the period he’d stayed with me. I knew that he would be different with his memories, and he was. Eric was more skilled (of course), there was more passion, more tenderness, and reverence now than when he was without his memories.

But I was really looking forward to after we got home. Home. Eric was moving into the farmhouse. By the time the summit would be over Eric’s dayman will have moved everything that Eric had instructed to be packed up.  Truthfully I was a little nervous about living together, but I knew we’d make it work.  I’d been staying with Eric for a few weeks now, and it had been great after we had our talk and I knew where he stood.

Now we had to make it through the summit. Eric had let me know that he wasn’t sure what the outcome of the Queens trial would be but had made preparations no matter the result.  When I asked him what he’d planned, he only smiled and kissed my nose. I didn’t take that as a very good sign, but he told me not to worry. Pfft. As if.

I was also afraid of running into Quinn. Although Eric had hired Alcide to stay by my side anytime Eric couldn’t, I wasn’t sure if it came down to it if he could beat Quinn. I’d been informed by Eric that Quinn had fought in the pits and had always come away undefeated. If he was that good and/or cheated, I didn’t know, but it almost made me wish I hadn’t asked Eric, to be honest all the time. Almost.

“Sookie, I’d like to go over what you saw the night of the Louisiana and Arkansas marriage. Besides the queen, her child, and the king you were the only one there. Sophie Ann can command Andre not to give up any damaging information. I’m afraid you’ll be asked to testify no matter what your bonded wants,” Mr. C said with a knowing smile and a pat on the knee.

“How did you know?” I asked in a hushed, urgent tone.

Pointing to his nose, he replied, “All Supernaturals can tell. Didn’t the Sheriff inform you?”

“He said people would know… but I thought it was because he’d tell them or send it through some supernatural hotline. Is it going to be a problem?” I whispered getting even more nervous.

“A problem? No, but I don’t think the queen will be too happy. Speaking as a friend, I’d say it was wise. Mr. Northman is one of the oldest vampires in the New World, and Sophie Ann isn’t stupid enough to try and get on his bad side. Everyone knows your bonded could be king if he desired to do so. You’re safe now that you’re tied to your bonded. I can tell it’s very fresh. If it weren’t daylight, I’d think the Sheriff was right here with us.”

“Really?” I asked leaning forward to look at Alcide.

“You reek of Northman,” he grumbled.  “You wanted this right? You’re tied to him until one of you dies. There’s nothing I can do.”

Except kill him.

“Yes, I wanted this and knew what I was getting into. I love him. You know he’s moving into the farmhouse,” I replied in a high pitched tone.

“I know,” he said looking out the window for a moment. “I just wanted to make sure you knew for your sake.”

“Thank you for looking out for me. You’ve been a good friend. Even working double time to get as much work done on my house before we had to leave so you could supervise and make sure everything was done to Eric’s expectations. We really appreciate it.”

Alcide gave me a dubious look but smiled none the less.

“Trust me Eric will be one happy vampire if my house is ready when we get back,” I told him with a smile.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Alcide replied with a hint of sadness. My only answer was with a small smile and a nod.

I knew that Alcide had at one point hoped that we would get together, but I had thought he’d gotten over the notion, but from the sad look on his face it looked like I was wrong. I hoped he’d still be willing to be in my life and my friend now that Eric was going to be a permanent fixture in my life.

The rest of the flight was spent with Mr. C interrogating me as if I was on the stand in trial. From his smile at the end of the flight, I figured I had done a somewhat decent job answering him. I could tell he was an outstanding lawyer based on the way he tried to trick me into answering differently than I had previously. It made me wonder how long he’d been a lawyer and just how old he really was. But I didn’t ask; my Gran had taught me better than to ask such questions.

It was a short flight and therefore still daylight out when we arrived in Rhodes. Alcide stood by me as we watched Eric and Pam’s space age coffins move from the airplane and into an Anubis van. A few town cars were sent for the rest of the party. I rode with Alcide, Mr. Cataliades, and his niece, Diantha.

I sat by the window and watched as the new city passed me by with wonder. It really hit home just how few places I’d traveled in my short life. I’d gone to more places once vampires had entered my life than I had in all my life combined. I knew with Eric in my life I’d get to see even more of the world and it wouldn’t all be for work. Instead of being nervous as I had all morning excitement rushed through me causing my lips to spread into a smile I felt from the tips of my ears down to my toes.

I felt my jaw drop in awe as we neared our hotel, The Pyramid of Giza. It looked like a bonified pyramid except instead of looking as if it was made of stone it looked to be made of glass that was tinted a purplish green. I knew the glass was made with some special UV filter to keep out the sun and wondered if when I got back to Bon Temps if my windows would be replaced and tinted the same. I knew I could ask Alcide, but in a way, I wanted to be surprised by all the work that had been done. I knew that Eric had probably done more than he had told me and gone over the top.

No sooner had we pulled up in front of the hotel than our doors were opened and we were helped out with our baggage being placed on multiple carts. Alcide again stood by my side as we made our way to watch Eric and Pam’s being unloaded.

We had a little fight with a couple of the employees when they tried to prevent us from following them as they took Eric and Pam up to their rooms. There was no way in hell I was letting them out of my sight and give anyone the opportunity to try and hurt them. It didn’t matter how safe their coffins were supposed to be. Even though we followed them up and watched as they placed their coffins on stands in our joining rooms, I still had to go downstairs to check in to get our room keys. I didn’t leave the rooms until I had set new codes that would also accompany the key cards in gaining access to our accommodations.

On our way down Alcide and I decided that we’d have an early dinner so that once we were done, I could stay in my room and wait for Eric to rise for the night.

We stood somewhat patiently in line as the receptionist ran into error after error as he tried to check each guest in. I read from his mind that he wasn’t doing it deliberately but as each passing person checked in an unsettling feeling set up house in my stomach. By the time, it was our turn I could tell the man who looked to be in his early twenties with short black hair and brown eyes was close to losing his cool. He’d never ran into so many problems, and he had worked many conferences and conventions.  Quietly I relayed what I knew to Alcide so that he could keep his guard up about anything out of the ordinary.

“It’s quite alright,” I informed the receptionist named Mark for a third time. We’d finally made it up to the desk, but he was having more problems with our reservation than he had with the others. Somehow Alcide was to be on the third floor, I had my own room on the fifth, but I was also in the system as sharing a room with Eric on the twentieth floor. I knew Alcide wasn’t staying on the same floor as us but when Eric made the reservations it was confirmed he’d be on the floor below ours. It didn’t matter how fast Alcide was if he was on the third floor and something happened, he wouldn’t be able to make it in time by elevator or stairs all the way to the twentieth floor.

“Are you sure you don’t want your room on the fifth floor,” he asked me again.

Why can’t I get this reservation to cancel?

“I’m sure. I only need keys to the Northman suites on the twentieth floor. Are you having any luck placing Alcide on the nineteenth floor,” I asked giving Alcide, who was standing less than patiently by my side a knowing look. We’d been standing there for at least half an hour. I was starting to get more than irritated and ask for a manager. The only thing keeping me from doing so was that I knew he was doing everything in his power to get our reservations straight. Every time he changed it to the way it was supposed to be it would change back. He was afraid that if a manager was called he’d get fired and he needed the job to pay for his schooling. It didn’t help that three others were supposed to be working the desk but had been called away to some other task. When he called the previous two times whoever he talked to’s only reply was that they were short staffed and had no one to send to the front desk.

“How about we get something to eat in the restaurant, and that will give you some more time to get everything straightened out?” I asked with what could only be a tight smile.

Slipping four cards into an envelope and another two in a separate one the receptionist gave me a grateful smile. “Here are the keys to the Northman suites.  There’s nothing preventing me from making extras for your room. As for Mr. Hervreoux’s room, I’m still working on it. I’d be most grateful to bring your room key to you once I get you your room on the right floor, or I’m happy to have you come back when you’re finished eating and pick it up. Whatever works best for you,” Mark said in a rush.

I looked behind us to see another five people waiting in line. I was more than a little doubtful the issue would be resolved by the time we were done eating if he continued to have problems checking in the rest of the people in line as he had us.

“We’ll come back later to get his key. It looks like your going to be busy for awhile,” I replied sliding the envelopes with the keys off the side and stuck them in my purse.

We walked in silence for a few minutes as we made our way to get dinner in the restaurant that’s entrance was on the other side of the lobby.

Breaking the silence, I said, “Don’t tell me that wasn’t weird?”

“I can’t. I’ve never stayed at a vampire hotel but if that scenario happened very often and vampire companions complained they wouldn’t be in business. Are you going to tell Eric?” Alcide held the door open as he looked down at me with a look of concern and concentration on his face.

“Of course I am. Somethings going on and we need to figure out what it is,” I replied worriedly as I passed him.

“Are you Nancy Drew now? It’s not your job to figure out why the reservations were messed up,” Alcide said exasperatedly. I knew he was hungry, so I wasn’t going to let him get to me.

“I just feel like something is going on. What we just experienced is only a small piece of the puzzle. Maybe it’s nothing, but what if it’s something? I’m going to keep my shields down as much as possible and see if I can pick anything up. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve had a bad feeling about this trip since I agreed to go. I was even warned that I shouldn’t attend,” I tried to explain as we found a seat since there was no one to sit us.

“And yet you still came,” Alcide said shaking his head.

“I had to. I didn’t want to get Eric in trouble. The queen wanted me as part of her party, but Eric argued to let me stay with him and for you to come. Even though he’s paying for everyone in his party she still didn’t like it,” I let out a sigh, and my shoulders fell forward. “I don’t want to fight with you. Do I want to be a part of the supernatural community? Not really, but I have no choice and it’s in no way Eric’s fault and as much as I hate to admit it it’s not Bill’s either. My cousin Hadley opened up her big mouth long ago and spilled the beans about me. They were going to be a part of my life no matter what,” I said quietly and looked down at my menu.

“Sookie,” Alcide called softly, “You know I’m not a fan of vampires. Especially after what went down with my father, but Northman could have made me do anything to pay him back, and he knows I would have done it to keep my dad out of trouble. Instead, he asked me to take you to Jackson and keep you safe. He’s not so bad for a vampire, and although I didn’t do that great of a job on the second part, I did make a friend for life or, at least, I hope so if I can stop acting like an ass.”

“Just don’t bad mouth Eric just to bad mouth him. I’m not a fan of all vampires, but I wait to reserve judgment until I get to know them for the most part. If you can do that, then we’ll have no problems. I want you in my life, but to be in my life, Eric will have to be in yours. Can you deal with that?” I asked not hiding the hope in my voice.

“I can do that but can Northman?”

“You’re here aren’t you?” I said in half statement, half question.

“I am indeed, and I’m getting paid a lot. Seriously after this, I could easily take a couple of years off,” Alcide replied shaking his head.

Sitting my menu down, I looked around for a waiter. I had just now realized that we’d been seated for quite awhile, and no one had come by to even take our drink orders. Going by my experience so far, I was not impressed by our hotel.

“Have you seen a waiter at all since we sat down?” I asked, looking around some more and noticed the restaurant was almost vacant, and none of the other customers had drinks or plates in front of them. I hadn’t really thought about how quiet it was until now. I took a look at my watch and saw it was three o’clock. It was late for lunch, but with everyone arriving for the summit it shouldn’t be like a ghost town either. I would expect plenty of people that would be checking in to want something to eat once they arrived.  “I don’t think we’ll be getting much service here. Maybe we can find someplace in walking distance. What do you say?”

“I think that if this continues when a hotel full vampires rise there’s going to be bloodshed. They are not going to tolerate being ignored or subpar service. Let me look at my phone and see if the there’s something close. If not we can get a taxi,” Alcide replied and then took out his cell. He wasn’t on it long before he quickly stood and shoved it in his pocket. “Let’s go. There are plenty of restaurants close by who will give us much better service than this.”

Standing beside my chair, Alcide helped me stand and ushered me out of the restaurant.  We both glanced at the reception desk, and Mark looked over at us and shook his head before going back to helping someone check in.  I was beyond done at that point.  I wasn’t sure what could be done about it, but I knew this hotel was not cheap, and Eric was paying for three rooms and two of those were suites.  He wasn’t going to be happy that Alcide, who was to be my bodyguard, was seventeen floors below us.

Following Alcide, I let him choose where we would eat. At this point, I didn’t care as long as I got something into my stomach.  I didn’t want my stomach to be rumbling when I finally saw Eric for the night, and I definitely didn’t want to hear what Pam would have to say.  She wasn’t the biggest fan of human digestive noises.

I found myself in a simple burger joint, but it was a good pick. It was probably one of the best burgers I’d ever had along with their fries and shakes.  I had a barbecue cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and a chocolate shake while Alcide went surprisingly fancy and got some blue cheeseburger with everything on it, seasoned wedged fries, and a cherry Coke.  We were both in heaven as we inhaled our food. After a few minutes, I finally sat my food down and wiped my mouth and took a deep pull on my shake before I spoke.

“Now that were in a neutral place what do you think of our hotel?  I’m getting a bad feeling about our rooms.  I don’t know if it’s the hotel and something weird or if Quinn has something to do with me having an extra room and yours so far away.  I wouldn’t put it passed him, and if he’s to blame for all the trouble, Eric might just kill him.  He’s already pissed that I was going to go on a date with him, along with Quinn bringing the message that I was going to be in the queen’s party and not Eric’s, and then after those Were’s broke into my house and trashed it. Then Quinn being M.I.A. until now with his scent on a pen they dropped.”

I could only shake my head worriedly.  I didn’t want Eric to get in trouble, and if he did something while we were here, I was afraid of what could happen to him.

“Eric’s smart enough not to be caught doing anything that could get him in trouble.  If he did anything, it would be to protect you, and since you are not going to be out of my sight or his at any moment, we don’t have anything to worry about.  Although I do think Quinn will try to talk to you at the very least,” he said before taking a bite of his burger.

Letting out a sigh, I responded, “I just want him to leave me alone.  We never even went out. Why can’t he accept that I want to be with Eric?”

“You’re a hard woman to get over Sookie Stackhouse.” It was said with a smile, but I could tell he really meant it, and I didn’t know what to do with that.

“I’m sorry, Alcide. I really am. You’re a great guy, and any woman would be lucky to have you,” I started.


“But, I love Eric. I have for a long time, and I’m happy. I never thought I’d get anything like this in my life and to know that Eric loves me too.” I didn’t finish and could only smile.

“I’m happy that you’re happy, but I doubt Quinn is and from what Northman’s told me it’s possible that Quinn’s working with someone else that wanted to get their hands on you.  If he was working for someone and failed, it’s possible he’s in trouble and could be desperate. You need to promise me that you’ll go nowhere without Northman or me.”

“I promise. I’ve already heard it all from Eric.  I don’t want any trouble, to get hurt, or kidnapped.  After this, I just want to go home and figure out how to share my life with Eric. A simple life.”

“Do you think you’ll have a problem?” he asked, his brows turned down.

“With Eric? No, but when Sam finds out that Eric is living with me and that we’ve bonded,  I think he’ll make working at Merlotte’s less than pleasant.  He was already not happy when I told him that I would be enrolling in school next semester, and I’d need to cut my hours or possibly quit,” I explained as I finished off my last fry.

“Why not quit?  It’s going to be a lot harder than you think to go to school, be in a relationship, and work,” he quietly responded.

“Probably, but I’ll need to work some. I don’t have enough money saved up to get by until I finish with school. At first, I’m taking it a little slow since I’m not exactly Miss Technology and all my classes are online.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself and get discouraged and quit.”

“You’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. You’ll do great and adjust just like that,” he said with a snap of his fingers. “I advise you to talk to Eric about working and school.  I don’t think his plan was to come live with you and then mooch off you. He wants to take care of you not make your life harder. Talk to him, Sookie,” Alcide said gently.

“You’re right. It’s just… hard.”

“What’s hard?” he asked confused.

“The differences between Eric and I. I know he wants to take care of me, but I was raised to not be a kept woman.”

“Sookie, first off you’re bonded to Northman. That’s a commitment. A significant commitment. Bigger than marriage. Right?” he asked with big eyes and his eyebrows up, almost making me laugh.

“Right,” I answered back. “But most people, humans don’t know about being bonded with a vampire.  They’ll think…”

“Nope! Who gives a fuck what they’ll think. In your little small minded town maybe they will think less of you but if Northman makes you happy then fuck them.  Be happy and make him happy. Because letting him take care of you will make him happy.” With the way, Alcide was talking you’d think Eric had had some heart-to-heart with him.

“How do you know?” I asked a little irritated. How was it supposed to forget how I was raised and what people would say and think?

“That was going to be my second point. You were raised one way and so was he.  Northman was a Viking! I’m pretty sure he still has that mindset and Vikings took care of their wives, their women.  Let him take care of you. Even though I grew up in a different time than him if you were mine, I’d want to take care of you and if you made that difficult, it would cause some serious problems between us.  Think about what I’ve told you today and talk to your bonded.  You’ll figure it out together.” The last was said sadly,  and quiet.

“Thank you, Alcide,” I replied with a sad smile.

“Anytime. Are you ready to head back and see if they’ve got everything straightened out yet?” He asked with a laugh. Yeah, we both thought the chance of that happening was slim to none.

I laughed too and nodded.

“I want to get back to the room before Eric rises. I want to see what he thinks after I tell him about what our experience has been so far and that it feels like something else is going on.”

“You’ve always had great instincts, and the Sheriff knows this. He’ll listen and feel it out I’m sure,” Alcide responded kindly.

“Thank you.” I could feel the blush on my cheeks from his compliment.

I watched as Alcide pulled out his wallet and threw some money down on the table. I didn’t like it, but I’d been told to suck it up because it was a business expense and Eric would pay him back. I didn’t like the thought that Eric would be paying him back. I could buy my own meals but I was learning to pick my battles, and I realized after my talk with Alcide that it would make Eric happy to help take care of me.

It was a short walk back to the hotel and although the outside still looked as cool as it had earlier when we arrived it had lost some of its charms. This wasn’t a vacation; we were all here to work, and I needed to start thinking of it as such.

As we moved through the revolving doors, I caught sight of a tall olive-skinned man with his bald head facing toward us. Quinn. His once beautiful and alluring purple eyes almost looked dulled as he took me in from head to toe.

I felt Alcide’s hand at my back as he tried to maneuver us to the elevators. The entire entry was filled with guests trying to check in, and we had almost made it to the bank of elevators when I heard my name called in my head. I whipped around trying to find the owner of the voice.

“Barry?” I pushed as I cast my eyes over the crowd.

“Over here,” he called right before our eyes met. Grabbing onto Alcide’s hand, I pulled him over to a smiling Barry.

Barry had changed since the last time I’d seen him in Dallas. He was a few inches taller and had added some muscle to his once lanky frame. Instead of the bellboy suit he had worn now, his entire ensemble was designer making me feel frumpy in my casual comfort clothes I’d worn for the trip. Stan had been treating him well, and that made me happy to see. I had been worried what would become of him once his telepathy was made known to the vampires of Dallas.

“It’s so good to see you,” Barry said warmly as he pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back and told him it was good to see him as well. “Is that your man?” he whispered in my ear as he let me go.

“No, this is my friend Alcide who’s also my bodyguard while we’re here,” I replied with a soft laugh.

“He wants to be more even though he knows it’s not going to happen.”

“I know, but we’re just friends. I have a boyfriend, man, um partner. I’m not sure what to call him.” I felt my nose wrinkle as none of the words I’d used seemed accurate, but I was unsure if Barry knew about bonding and did want to stand there trying to silently explain in a lobby full of people. It was slightly taxing keeping all their thoughts out while listening to him.

“No worries. You’ll figure it out. Are you just checking in?” Only asking the last out loud.

“No, we’ve been here for awhile but left to eat an early dinner. We’ve had less than stellar service since we arrived. It’s a little strange. Did you have any problems?”

From what I could tell the line was moving fairly quickly and another two people were helping check guests in.

Giving a confused look, he shook his head. “Just standard check in. What problems did you have?” he asked before his eyes went wide and I felt Alcide’s heat at my back.

Turning my head, I saw Quinn striding toward us with his lips set in a thin line. His eyes were narrowing more and more the closer he came until they were only slits and glowed yellow.

“Sookie,” he growled out as he tried to grab my arm.

Before I could blink Alcide was in front of me and I could only see his back. Turning my gaze to the right, Barry stood shocked with his mouth hanging open.

“I only want a few minutes alone with her. Get out of my way, Wolf,” Quinn snapped the last word and tried to push Alcide out of the way.

“Sookie, go on up.  I’ll be up after I take care of my room.  Your bonded should be up in a few minutes, and you should be there when he rises,” Alcide said calmly as he shuffled to keep Quinn’s eyes off me.

Placing my hand on his back so that I could read him better I asked, “Are you sure? Maybe…”

“No maybe about it. Go. I’ll be fine,” was his less than patient response.

Giving my own big eyes to Barry, I waved as I backed away.

“I’ll talk to you later. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open. Something is happening, and we need to find out what.” I finished just before I was standing in front of the elevators.

Barry’s only response was a slight nod of his head.

I kept my eyes on them as I waited for an elevator to arrive at the ground level. I was surprised by how easily Alcide kept Quinn back, but I was sure he didn’t want to make too big of a scene in the lobby with everyone watching.

Once the elevator door dinged showing the twentieth floor, I slipped out and quickly made my way to our room and inputting the code to get in along with the key card. I was snuggled into Eric’s side when I felt his body shift and arms envelop me.

“You smell of Were,” Eric rumbled deep from the top of my head. “We need to remedy that right away.”

“We can’t,” I protested softly as his mouth made its way from kissing the side of my neck and up to the corner of my lips.

“We can. We have time before our first meeting,” he whispered against my mouth. I could feel his cool breath as he spoke. I wanted nothing more than to get lost in Eric for the time being but I knew Alcide would be up soon, and I needed to tell him about Quinn, our problems with the rooms, the service in the restaurant or lack of, and how I had a feeling something was going on.

“Eric,” I said against his lips with a pout. “I want nothing more, but there are things I need to tell you and Alcide will be here any minute. We need to talk.  I’m sorry,” I whispered the last as he pulled his lips away and set his weight on his forearms as he looked down at me.

“Why is Alcide coming up here? Can’t he go to his room or something until he’s needed,” he asked as one hand made its way underneath my shirt and kept climbing until his fingers skimmed the underside of one breast.

“I doubt he has a room,” I started but gasped when his fingers first rolled and then pinched my nipple. Eric’s head came up from nuzzling my neck after hearing my statement.

“What do you mean he has no room. I personally booked our rooms. He’s supposed to have a room on the floor below us right next to the stairwell.”

Eric was starting to get angry, and in turn, I was getting upset from feeling it.

“Hey,” I said softly as I cupped his face with both my hands. “Calm down a little and let me explain. With the way your feeling and making me feel, I’m about ready to march down to the front desk and bitch slap someone.”

Throwing his head back, Eric laughed a deep, warm laugh that warmed me from tip to toe. Once he calmed down, he leaned down and gave me a slow, deep and wet kiss that was too short.

“By all means, we don’t want you to bitch slap the hotel staff. Tell me what’s happened to you today,” he finished with a kiss on my forehead and trailed his nose along mine before leaning slightly back and looking me in the eyes.

I proceeded to tell Eric what had happened since we’d arrived only stopping briefly when Pam came in and sat in a chair across the room. Once I was done, I could tell Eric was unhappy, but he was trying to reign it in. We were both new to this whole being bonded thing and unless he was careful I was easily overwhelmed by his emotions. Lust was a lot easier to handle and very gratifying to know I made him feel that way than when he was angry.

“You think something’s going on, but haven’t gotten a good read on anyone?” he asked when I was finished.

“I know it sounds stupid, but yes. The front desk man tried to the best of his ability to check us in and thought it was strange; he couldn’t get any help and all the problems he was having. Why couldn’t he fix Alcide’s reservation or cancel the one for me in a different room? Plus, I just have a feeling. I don’t understand it, and I can’t shake it,” I explained.

“Do you want to stay elsewhere?” he asked before looking over to Pam. I watched as she pulled out her phone and starting touching the screen before she left the room.  “We need to be in the Queens room soon. I’ll have Pam inform Alcide where we’re going, and he’ll have to move us. Stick by my side tonight and let me know if you get anything, even a feeling. We’ll figure it out. I promise,” he whispered the last against my lips before he brushed his softly over mine.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss, and tangling one hand in his hair, I started to push Eric down on the bed when there was a knock on the door. I let out a frustrated sound and Eric chuckled before giving me a quick kiss and getting up to get the door.

As soon as Alcide walked in Eric said, “Pack your bags we’re moving to another hotel.  Pam will let you know where we’re staying, and I’ll need you to take all of our luggage over. Sookie will be fine with me so you can stay there once you get everything moved over if you’d like. We need to get cleaned up and ready for our meeting, but I’ll talk to you once we’re done for the night.”

“Sounds good to me.  They were still unable to get me another room, and I don’t feel comfortable being that far away in case something happens especially now that we know Quinn would like to get you alone,” he said the last to me.

“You let me handle the Tiger,” Eric growled.

“You got it, boss,” Alcide chuckled. “I’ll see you later, Sookie. If you need me give me a call.”

“I will. Bye, Alcide,” I called as he left.

I was looking into the mirror as I put on my earrings and watched Eric as he came out of the bathroom in a nice black suit with a black shirt underneath.  I’d seen him in it before, and he looked just as gorgeous now as he had then. I was hoping that our meetings and getting to the new hotel wouldn’t take all night.  I wanted to spend some time peeling that suit off him and then kissing every inch of his body. I smiled as he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a kiss below my ear.

ATM Eric Black Suit

“What were you thinking just then,” he murmured as he trailed kissed down my neck.

“How handsome you look in that suit and that I want to peel it off you and kiss every inch of your body,” I answered my voice coming out husky.

“I’m sure we can work something out, my beautiful bonded.” Stepping away, Eric eyed me from the tip of my black high heels to the top of my head and back down before smiling and lacing our fingers together. “We should go now before I can’t help myself and devour you,” he said with a wicked grin.

“I wouldn’t mind being devoured,” I responded with a smile and brushed up against him.

“Later,” he replied as he walked us to the door.

“Eric,” I called just before we reached the door. Stopping he turned and looked down at me. “Thank you for believing me.”

“You need to give yourself more credit. You’ve got great instincts, and you should trust them. I do,” he said softly but firmly.

Standing on my tip toes, I leaned up and gave him a short but deep kiss. “I love you, Eric Northman.”

“As I love you, Sookie Stackhouse.”






  1. Loved this chapter! Pam “wasn’t the biggest fan of human digestive noises” – too funny! The food made me hungry and I loved Alcide calmly talking sense to Sookie about how things would be from Eric’s perspective. Nice of Quinn to show himself, eh? Glad they’re trying to find another hotel to stay at. Can’t wait for more!

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      Yeah I’m happy that my muse is keeping Alcide a good guy and you’ll just have to wait and see what’s going on in Rhodes.

  3. It is a strange experience when you have a bad feeling when entering a place and none that go with you makes you no way (I suspect that it has to Sookie occurred throughout her life and her grandmother advised to keep quiet if her suspicions were not base, discrediting her instincts. I think there is a total lack of self-confidence in her own intuition because of Gran’s ‘teachings’). I’m glad they leave the hotel, but would be better to keep secret and the rest believed still in the hotel.

    1. Author

      I believe in getting bad feelings about people, places, and events although some do not. Sookie wanted to let it be known she was feeling that way but didn’t know if they could leave or what the Queen might say or do.

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    1. Author

      I was hoping for a good Alcide and luckily it’s working out. We was supposed to be good and continue to be their dayman in Lover’s Amnesia but that was not how my muse saw it.

      I never understood why Sookie cared what the people in her small- minded town thought of her, but I’m glad Alcide pointed out to her that she needs to do what makes her happy while also showing her the way that Eric would think and want to take care of her.

      Sookie’s confidence after this should be boosted. She’s a work in progress and I can’t fix her all in one chapter. 🙂

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      It is good to see Alcide not being an asshole. I’ve pretty much stopped reading all fanfiction is he an asshole in most stories now? Well have to wait and see what happens with Sookie’s job but I’m sure we’ll get our way. 🙂

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      Thank you! When I walk I use my phone and I walk the trails by my house. They are very even and I’ve walked them about a thousand times. I don’t know how I do it I just plug in my headphones and stare at my phone while typing. I’m sure I look like quite the fool to the people who see me all the time. I do run into the occasional tree branch. LOL

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      Thank you! Sookie’s already listening to Alcide don’t worry. He’s being a good friend even when he wants more between them.

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      Happy to hear you enjoyed the reread. Hopefully it won’t take me as long to get you the next chapter. 🙂

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      Thank you! I guess we will have to wait and see who Quinn is working for and what’s going to happen to at the hotel. I will update as soon as I can.

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      Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to as me and my muse struggle with each other. I am happy that Alcide is working out in this story. He was supposed to be their dayman in Lover’s Amnesia but that didn’t work out. LOL. I do like that you never know if some of my characters will be good or bad. Of course Eric is always good and Bill is always bad. LOL.

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