I watched as Eric’s lips tipped up and his large stature stood with a grace that was all his own.  I would never get tired of watching him. Eric Northman was the epitome of a Viking God. Tall, gorgeous with long silky blond hair and eyes as blue and mesmerizing as the ocean, a body that any artist in their right mind would beg to sculpt, smart, cunning, graceful, and with a sense of humor. Sure he had a few flaws, who doesn’t, but the good definitely outweighed the bad.  And the best part was that he loved me! Little ole Sookie Stackhouse. He could literally have anyone he wanted, and he wanted me. If our date was any indication of what, our lives would be like I knew that I’d get a happily ever after that I never thought possible. Better than my wildest dreams.

I was used to how Bill would never tell me anything from his feelings, his business dealings, and anything vampire related. Eric had been so open with his thoughts and feelings tonight. I never thought this night or this life would be possible.

Holding his arm out for me to take like a true gentleman, I wrapped my hand around Eric’s elbow and let him lead me out of the restaurant and to his car where he helped me get settled before he made his way to his side and got in. After buckling my seatbelt, I noticed that once Eric had gotten into the car, he had not moved. He was sitting with his hands on the steering wheel looking out into the parking lot.

“Is everything okay?” I asked as I tried to look to see if we were in any danger. I knew if there were danger in our midst, Eric would not sit idly by. I could see nothing in the dark parking lot, so I attempted to find any brain signatures that were in the vicinity. Still, I found nothing.

Shifting in the seat to angle my body toward Eric, I started to get worried at his strange behavior. “Eric,” I whispered and placed my hand gently on his arm.

“It won’t always be this easy,” he murmured still looking forward.

“What won’t be this easy?” I asked concerned about what Eric could possibly be talking about.

“Our life together. It will take some work and getting used to. I’ve been alone for a very long time and even when I wasn’t alone, I was either the Master where I didn’t have to explain my actions, or I was the Childe, and I had no say in what my nights would entail.” Eric shifted in his seat as best as he could for having such a tiny car and a large body. Letting out a sigh he didn’t need, Eric continued.  “I want this date to be perfect for you. I want all your nights with me to be perfect, you deserve that, but it’s going to take some time for me to be what you want me to be and plenty of patience from you.”

“I don’t want you to be anything other than who you are,” I replied softly. “You’re a thousand years old and used to your way of life. As for me, I’ve never lived with anyone other than my family, and I may be set in my ways too. It’s going to take us both time to get used to being together. Even when I was with Bill, it wasn’t a real relationship in more ways than one.”

A growl vibrated through the interior of the car after I mentioned Bill. It was sweet and endearing that Eric was jealous, but if that was going to always be his response anytime, I talked about Bill or any male it would get old.  Fast.

“Eric,” I said soothingly, “I’m here with you and no one else.  I love you and no one else.  You have nothing to be jealous of.”

“I am not jealous of Bill Fucking Compton,” he growled out and looked out the window above my shoulder.

Okay. I definitely hit a nerve.

“If you had a significant other, alive or dead, I’d be jealous. It’s natural especially if you care about someone, but it’s the way you react to that jealousy that can be either good or bad,” I stated quietly as I tried to meet his eyes, but he continued to look out the window instead of me.

After a few quiet moments, Eric’s eyes finally met my own and he spoke. “It’s not only jealousy. If I had investigated why Bill was in my area or had been straight forward with you instead of fighting my feelings, I could have saved you from the heartache Bill’s treachery caused. He wouldn’t have been your first love or the one that you gave your maidenhead to. That’s on me,” he rumbled, his jaw ticking.

“You can’t blame yourself. I am just as at fault as you are. I had my doubts early on, but I romanticized something that wasn’t there because I was lonely and couldn’t hear his thoughts.”

Now it was me who couldn’t look at him. I was ashamed that I’d been so naïve with Bill, and if it hadn’t been for Eric showing up the night of mine and Quinn’s date, I probably would have done the same with Quinn.

“You are still so young, Sookie. How were you to see through Bill’s duplicity?” Eric said, placing a finger under my chin and gently brought my gaze back to his. “I only brought this up because it’s summer and I have so little time normally, but with the summit’s preparations, I won’t have time to take you out on another date until after we get back from Rhodes.  Even then I don’t want you to think I’m neglecting you. I’ll need to find a way to free up more of my time.”

“I understand. I’ve seen how busy you’ve been this week, and I don’t know how you even had time to sort your head after getting your memories back,” I said shaking my head.

“I made time,” he replied, brushing the hand that was holding my chin across my cheekbone. “I’m going to need your patience Sookie. I don’t want to mess this up, but I have no idea what I’m doing.  My nights are very busy, but I want you to be a part of them, of my life,” Eric stated with his eyes locked onto mine. I could tell this was important to him and it meant the world to me.

“I promise. You’ll need to be patient with me too, but I think we are off to a good start,” I said but paused at the questioning look on his face. “You have opened up to me tonight beyond anything that I ever imagined. Some of it is pretty scary to think about, and I don’t want you to think I didn’t hear all that you said tonight. I did, but I need some time to think.  It’s a big commitment.” I watched as Eric’s eyes flared but kept a stoic face. Maybe feeling his emotions wouldn’t be so bad. It would definitely give me an insider’s perspective. I leaned over and pressed my lips to his cheek before moving back to my sea. “I love that you were honest with me about what you want.”

“I will always be honest with you to the best of my ability, but if I cannot tell you something then I promise to tell you why I cannot. Deal?”

“Deal!” I said with a laugh.  “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find ways to spend time together. I’m staying with you until we go to Rhodes and once we get back then, we’ll be at my house. I know you work a lot, but surely we’ll see each other if we’re living together.  Enough of all this serious talk. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to stall our date until I yielded to you.” I laughed again at the heated look on Eric’s face.

“Is that a possibility?” He asked with a leer.

“If you play your cards right, Cowboy. Now, what are we doing for the rest of our date?” I asked playfully.

Eric gave me a small smile before he replied as he fished his keys out of his pocket and started the car,“The state fair is going on right now, and I thought you might enjoy going.”

“I haven’t been to the fair since I was a little girl. I only went once, and all the voices in my head were too much for me to handle,” I muttered as I remembered how badly my head hurt when I couldn’t block a single thought.

“We can do something else if you think it will be a problem. I thought that if you kept contact with me, then you’d be able to block out their thoughts. I don’t want you to be in pain,” he answered with his brows furrowed.

“That should work. It’s sweet that you were so considerate to what I might go through,” I replied somewhat in awe. I don’t anyone had ever taken into consideration how hard an environment would be on my telepathy.

“Of course, I thought about how it might affect you, but tell me if you want to do something different. It’s not a problem,” he said gently.

“No, I want to go and try, but we have one problem.”

“And what would that be?” Eric asked, taking his car out of gear and driving out of the parking lot.

“This is not appropriate fair attire,” I said motioning to my new dress.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I had Pam pack you an outfit that should be suitable.  You can change when we get there unless you’d like to change in here,” he said waggling his eyebrows.

“Maybe another time, but I’m not too keen on changing there either. The bathrooms at those type of places are usually pretty gross,” I said wrinkling up my nose in disgust.  I didn’t even want to think about how bad they’d probably smell.

“Don’t worry. That’s taken care of as well.”

“You thought of everything,” I answered with a smile, not knowing how he had taken care of the gross, smelly bathrooms.

“I tried. I wanted to make this a good first date for you,” he answered.

“You’ve succeeded.”

Going by the smile on his face, Eric could tell how happy he’d made me and how well he had succeeded in his endeavor of the perfect first date.

We were quiet and listened to music as we traveled to where they always held the fair. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. When I was with Eric, it didn’t matter what we were doing I could relax, be myself, and just enjoy our time together. I’d never felt that way with anyone before, and it was another reason that I loved him.

It didn’t take us long with the way Eric drove. I wasn’t sure how he didn’t get pulled over more often with his red sports car flying down the streets and highways. Maybe the police knew his car or saw his license plate that said BLDSKR and knew not to mess with him.  What I did know was that what would normally take the average person thirty minutes took Eric around ten.

We parked right up at the entry where it looked as if a spot had been held for us and I wouldn’t put it passed Eric to somehow arrange it either.

I had just taken off my seatbelt and opened the door when Eric’s hand flashed inside to help me out of the car.

“I’ll get the door for you,” Eric grumbled. “Always.”

My eyes got wide as I took his hand and exited the vehicle. “I can get the door myself you know.”

“I do know, but I would like it if you’d allow me to open doors for you when I’m around.”

“Who would have thought Eric Northman was chivalrous,” I muttered to myself as he led me to the entrance to pay.

“Yes, who would have thought,” he replied looking down at me.

After paying and buying more tickets than I thought two people would need even if they came every day to the fair, Eric placed his hand on the small of my back as he ushered me over to a trailer that had a burly man standing it in front of it. One look at him and anyone would want to turn away, and Eric was leading me right to him.

Eric didn’t say a word, he only nodded and escorted me up the steps and opened the door for me. I was shocked to see it was a nice bathroom. A really nice bathroom. One that was better than what I had in my house. It had beautifully tiled floors and marble counter tops, and it was immaculate. Not one speck of dust or a bit of grim from what I could see.

Once I had taken in the room, I turned to Eric to see him pulling a bag out of the closet and setting it on the countertop.


“Clothes for you to change into,” he said as he grabbed another bag out of the closet.

“Are you changing?” I asked with curiosity. I was enjoying seeing Eric in a suit and couldn’t wait for more occasions for him to be in one, but it definitely wasn’t something you’d wear to the fair in Louisiana.

“Yes, I’m going to go to the room next door and change out of my suit.  I’ll meet you back in here in a few moments. It won’t take me long,” he answered with his hand already on the door handle.

“I know it won’t take you long. Silly. I’m sure you could be undressed and dressed by the time I only have my shoes off,” I joked. Only it wasn’t really a joke.  Vampires could move faster than fast.  Luckily for me, Eric seemed to hold back on using his vampire speed when he was around me unless it was needed for our safety.

“Yes, once I’m done I’ll wait outside for you, but I’ll knock to let you know that I’m done and waiting for you. I won’t try to sneak a peek at your voluptuous body.  I will be patient,” he responded before leaving me in stunned silence.  Eric had really gone all out to try and make tonight perfect.  The old Eric would undoubtedly have attempted to sneak a peak as he put it, but I was happy that Eric was letting me go at my own pace.  Little did he know that I couldn’t wait to strip him of his clothes and have my wicked way with him.

I looked around one more time before I dug out a simple red t-shirt, black short shorts with a cuff at the bottom, and silver sandals. All of this was my style. Casual and comfortable but I was sure that it probably cost more than what I made at Merlotte’s in a month since Pam had bought it.

I was right; I had barely begun to undress before Eric knocked on the door and called out to let me know that he was waiting for me.  Quickly getting dressed, I placed my dress in a bag that had been left for it in the closet along with my shoes. I wondered who brought our clothes and who would be picking them up. I had a feeling it was probably Pam.

Think of Pam brought a smile to my face. Even though her loyalty was to Eric, she had tried to make me see reason more than once before the night of my date with Quinn. She was a lot like Eric, and I could see once we had some time to spend time together that would become better friends. I wanted to believe that she was already my friend or she wouldn’t have tried to get Eric and me together.

I walked out of the bathroom to Eric leaning against the door to the building across the way.  His head was tipped up looking at me, his eyes taking me in from tip to toe as I took in his jeans, boots, and button up shirt that he had on earlier. Eric usually only wore jeans and t-shirts, so this was a treat. Although it didn’t matter what he wore, he always looked gorgeous.  Tonight was no exception.

Eric waiting-1


I watched as Sookie slowly came down the stairs and made her way over to me. Pam had done an excellent job of picking out her outfit. Her shorts were showing off her strong, tan legs that I knew I’d have a hard time keeping my eyes off of all night as would every other male here. It was going to take everything in me not to tear their eyes out as they stared at her.

The second Sookie was in touching distance, I wrapped my hand around hers and kissed her cheek. “You are beyond lovely tonight.”

A blush spread across her cheeks making her even more lovely. “Thank you, Eric. You look very handsome tonight.  It’s almost unfair.”

“You’re the one going home with me, my dear Sookie.”

“True,” she answered.

“Are you ready? What would you like to do first?” I had no idea where to start. The last time I had gone to anything resembling a fair, it was only to feed around four hundred years ago.

“Hmm,” she hummed as she looked around. “There’s so much to choose from. What do you want to do?” I watched as she scrunched up her nose in that cute way that she always did and then tilted her head to look up at me. “Do you even want to be here? This doesn’t exactly scream Eric Northman?”

“And what screams Eric Northman besides you in my bed?” I half joked, half stated. This was my way of seeing where Sookie was with the whole let’s wait to have sex thing.  It was very confusing to me. We’d already had sex in the past, I remembered our time together, and we loved each other. What more did she want? Plus, she had hinted at it earlier at the restaurant.

“Truthfully?” She asked biting her bottom lip. When I only nodded, she continued. “I have no idea. There’s still so much about you to learn, but being around fair people is not it.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I replied, “I don’t have a lot of free time so what little time I do have to myself I tend to spend at home. What’s the word? Homebody?” I asked, and she nodded with a small smile. “I like to read or listen to music, but I’m happy to be anywhere where you are. Even the fair.”

“That’s… very sweet. I would have been happy to be curled up on the couch with you and watching a movie,” she said shyly as she steered us toward the rides.

“We’ll have plenty of nights on the couch, but that wouldn’t be a very good first date now would it.” I looked up from Sookie to see us at the end of the line for a small roller coaster and promptly pulled her to the front of the line.

“Eric, we have to wait in line just like everyone else,” Sookie admonished with a whisper.

“Mr. Northman, it will be a few moments before the previous ride is finished,” said the man who was taking tickets.

“That’s fine,” I replied as I moved us to the side and out of the way.  I didn’t think they’d actually stop the ride and throw people off. We could wait a few minutes.

“What? Why?” Sookie said shaking her head slightly. “I don’t understand.”

“Anything can be bought for a price, and I bought us passes that will let us go to the front of all the lines. I wanted to make sure you got to do everything that you wanted to do before it closed down,” I answered, looking down at her astonished face.

“Eric,” she laughed, “You are going to so much trouble, and it’s so sweet of you, but seriously you are going to have your work cut out for you on any future dates.”

“Is it too much?”I asked, hoping that she could hear the worry in my voice. Maybe she didn’t like going to the front of the line. Was it possible she wanted to stand around and wait?

“No, it’s perfect. The whole night has been. I promise,” she replied, leaning into my side and looking up at me through her lashes.

Nodding, I lifted our linked hands and held them against my chest. “Is this working?” I couldn’t see an ounce of pain on her face or feel it in our tie. I hadn’t felt anything but shock, awe, and her happiness for most of the night.

“It’s working perfectly. Thank you for asking and thinking of it, to begin with,” Sookie replied and then pressed her other hand to my chest as she stood on her tippy toes and pressed a kiss to my jaw.

It wasn’t long before the occupants of the ride were getting off and the gate was opened for us to take our seats. Roller coasters did nothing for me. Especially one this small, but Sookie was excited, so I led her to the front and helped secure her in her seat.

“This is probably silly to you since you can fly and all,” Sookie said as she looked over at me.

Shrugging I smiled, “I like that you’re excited about it.  If you’d like I’d be happy to take you flying and treat you to the roller coaster experience sometime.”

The only person I had ever taken flying was Pam, and that was to get from point A to point B but to have Sookie in my arms while I showed her the stars would be something to definitely look forward to.

“I’d like that.  It won’t mess up the way you fly or anything,” she questioned as the bar came down and clicked into place.

Shaking my head, I replied, “No, maybe if I was carrying a car or something that big and cumbersome it might make flying more difficult. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh,” Sookie squealed as the car jerked forward and then started to laugh as it slowly made its way up the small incline.

I couldn’t stop my lips from tipping up as I watched Sookie laugh and squeal with each dip of the car. She had one hand in the air, and the other was linked with mine on the bar that had come down across our legs. I’d never seen her enjoy herself more than in that moment, and I vowed to myself to do everything in my power to make her as happy or happier and to keep a smile on her face for the rest of my existence.

We rode every ride the little fair had and the Ferris Wheel twice.  The second time I paid the attendant to leave us at the top extra long since Sookie seemed to like scooting to the edge and looking out over the area and looking down at all the people.  She would definitely like flying going by her reaction to the Ferris Wheel.

“I never thought I’d get to enjoy the fair. We came once when I was a child, and I only lasted a few minutes before everyone’s thoughts were too much for me.  Thank you for giving me this, Eric!  You are amazing,” she said the last against my lips as she pressed her body to mine.

“You are the one that’s amazing. I’ve enjoyed tonight more than I thought I would, and that’s all thanks to you. Watching and feeling your experience has been incredible.”

Placing both hands on her hips and pulling her tightly to my body, I leaned my head down and gently brushed my lips against hers once, twice, and finally a third time before sliding my tongue along the seam of her pouty, pink lips. Sookie’s mouth opened as her hands ran up my arms and around my shoulders as our tongues caressed one another’s.  I couldn’t even remember the last person I had kissed before Sookie, but I had never tasted anything better. I wanted to taste the rest of her and started to slowly walk us toward the parking lot as we continued kissing until Sookie disengaged in a haze. She blinked a couple of times with a soft small gracing her delicate face before she took my hand and started to take us in a different direction.

“Where are we going?” I asked Sookie as she pulled me along as if her life depended on it. “Sookie?” I questioned when she didn’t speak.  I was ready to leave and reacquaint myself with her body.

“One more thing, Eric. Please? Then we can leave and do whatever you want,” she finally replied as we slowed down in front of the House of Mirrors.

“Anything?” I asked as I pulled her to me and nibbled on her neck.

“Anything,” Sookie answered breathlessly. “I’ve always wanted to go into one of these. Jason used to go on and on about it after he’d come back. Can we, please?”

“Surely by now you’ve realized that I can’t say no to you,”  I answered her.

“Really? Why is that Mr. Northman?” She asked as she ran her hands along my shirt collar.

“Because I like to see your smile too much.”

Sookie’s answering smile would have left me breathless if I had breath in my body. Instead, it felt as if her smile could warm my cold dead heart.

“Come let’s see what Jason was talking about. Then I’d like to take you home and ravage your body until the sun comes up.”

Sookie licked her lips and started to breathe heavily. That was a very good sign that she was willing to join me in my bed. Rushing through the curtained area, Sookie stopped dead as she caught sight of us in the mirrors as our shape was twisted and made us look about ten feet tall. She laughed and then took off giggling and calling for me to find her.

My senses made the chase unfair. I could hear her laugh and heartbeat acutely, smell her delectable fragrance, and feel her through our tie.  Shutting down the tie wasn’t hard or not breathing in the air of the horrid building, but I needed, at least, one of my senses open for danger.

Walking slowly, I called her name as I took each turn a few moments after she did causing her to speed up and laugh more. Hearing her giggles and laughs made me want to pounce but I held myself back and let her have her fun, and in truth, I was having fun with her. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this happy. Well, I could. It was when I stayed at Sookie when I was cursed, but before that, I couldn’t think of a time when I let myself have fun.

Purposely passing her as she hid in a corner, I made it look as if I was leaving the area. Once I knew she was coming after me, I spun around and lifted her into the air and twirled her around as she threw out her arms and laughed.

“You knew I was there. You knew the whole time where I was didn’t you?” She gasped out as her laughter died down.

Nodding, I sat her down on her feet and looked at myself in the mirrors.  Most of the mirrors throughout the maze had made our bodies look what I guess was supposed to be silly, but this one I liked. It made the perfect lighting, and the mirrors made it look as if there were hundreds of me peeking around the next one. What Sookie was doing from behind me was the real reason I was liked this mirrored room the most.

Eric at Fair - ATM

I watched as Sookie’s arms sneaked around my sides and along my abs. Her nails scratched a trail up my chest until she fanned out her hands and caressed my chest.  I wanted more, and I knew that if I initiated now that I wouldn’t want to stop. This wasn’t the place for us to have sex for the first time when we were both in our right minds, knowing what it would mean. And I didn’t want anyone to see Sookie in the throws of passion.

“Sookie.”  I closed my eyes, and although the image of her touching me was gone,  I could still feel her hands. “We need to leave.” My voice was nothing more than a groan. Grasping her hand in mine, I rushed us through the rest of the maze and out the door toward the car with more of Sookie’s giggles trailing behind me.

“Eric, slow down,” Sookie called from behind, making me slow down.  I was rushing her and probably making it seem as if I only wanted sex. I did want sex. Badly, but I couldn’t only think with my dick. Tonight needed to be special from start to finish. It had been just as long for Sookie as it had me, but she wasn’t used to having sex almost nightly for a thousand years. I should be somewhat used to it though. After Sookie walked into my bar, I only wanted her, and when I couldn’t have her I tried to pretend the women I was with were her, but I was still left wanting and gave up entirely. Still, this time, I would remember. It would be different for the both of us.

“I’m sorry, Sookie,” I said as I pulled her to my side and walked slower.

“Your excitement is flattering, but we don’t need to plow down half the crowd before we make it to your car,” she giggled out. I loved hearing her happiness, and tonight I’d had it in spades.

Nodding, I guided us back to my car and helped her inside. We were quiet on our way back to my house. I could feel that Sookie was becoming slightly nervous as was I, but mine was for a different reason.

“Sookie,” I called and reached out my hand to take hers. After having her small, warm hand in mine for most of the night, it felt wrong not being there now. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Okay,” she whispered nervously.

“When we get back to my house I’d like to take you to my bedroom.”

“Okay,” she said again.

“Not my bedroom beside yours. I want to take you down to where I stay for the day, my resting place.  Did you ever stay with Bill?” I asked her, feeling her out.

“Yes, but you know that. I stayed in the same room as him in Dallas,” she answered.

“Yes, Dallas. What I meant to ask you is if you ever slept in a bed with him?”

“No, Bill didn’t sleep in a bed, but his coffin in Dallas and he sleeps under the floor somewhere in his house. I don’t really know or care,” she replied looking disgusted. Was she disgusted thinking about him being dead for the day?

Running my hand through my hair, I tried again. “I want to take you to my bed when we reach my house, no one has ever been down there with me, and I’d like it if you stayed. I will, of course, give you the code to get out when you wake. Does the idea of sleeping beside my body for the day bother you?”

“No! Why would you think that?” She cried out.

“It does to many people. I’ve heard what humans say about vampires. I won’t ask you to do something that will make you uncomfortable. It’s best if I know now. I have us in the same room in Rhodes and….”

“And what?” she asked quietly.

“We are going to live together, and I want us to share a room. I don’t want one of us to have to leave the other because of the of the sun, I want to die for the day with you in my arms and rise for the night with you by my side. But I’ll understand if being beside me while I’m dead for the day would disturb you.”

“Seeing how I’ve never done it I don’t know, but the thought doesn’t bother me. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that you want me there and your trust in me,” Sookie explained resting her other hand on top of our joined hands.

“Sookie, I laid myself bare to you tonight. I let you know my wishes for us in the future, and if I didn’t trust you, then I wouldn’t ask them of you.  I want to live with you, bond with you, spend eternity with you. I’m all in if you are.”

Leaning over Sookie kissed my cheek and whispered her answer in my ear.

I couldn’t get us home fast enough and spent the rest of our night with our bodies tangled together as I worshiped and tasted every inch of her body and the night ending just how I wanted it to. With a sated Sookie asleep in my arms as I died for the day.





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    1. Author

      Yeah, I wanted it to be perfect without any Supe drama and I wasn’t sure if my muse was going to work with me or not. Luckily all went well for their first date.

  6. Nice and sweet first date. Eric and Sookie were truly connecting here and will get through anything.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you liked the fair idea. I’m looking forward to Rhodes too. That was a big focal point when I first started. I wanted to get them together and off to change some of what happened in Rhodes. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. 🙂

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      It makes me so happy that everyone enjoyed the date. I always put too much pressure on myself when writing them. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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      Oh thank you! I wanted it to be a good date. It’s hard when we don’t have much to go on with the books and show. I try to make my Eric’s perfect. LOL. But I also try to make my Sookie’s perfect for her Eric’s. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

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    1. Author

      Thank you! I like to think that Eric realizes that Sookie hasn’t had a lot of fun in her life due to her telepathy and never having the means to do a lot of activities. Plus, he does love seeing her happy and experiencing all of this through her.

  13. That was a perfect first date!! I’m so glad that Eric is being open with her. He’s being so considerate of her feelings and desires. Like he said, they’ll have problems – every couple does. But if they keep going this way I think they can work through whatever life throws at them.

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