Read With Love, Alex early!

Do you want to read With Love, Alex early?

I’m giving you the first chance at reading my debut novella since you’ve all been such a huge support to me. Thank you for everything!!! ❤

Click here to read.

All I ask is that you leave a review on Goodreads when you’re done and on Amazon when it goes live on September 20th.


One night will change the path of her life forever.

Thirty-year-old Alex Sloane no longer feels like she has to hide her life from her family and friends. A fierce and loving mother, she’s working hard to give her son a better life.

While Alex’s ex-husband is determined to ruin her at every turn, one night out could flip her world upside down once again. To move on she knows she must overcome her doubts and fears and learn to trust herself.

Moving forward into her new life, Alex must push forward and leave her old insecurities behind her. But can she? Or will the past haunt her forever?

29k, 100 pages.



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