Trust Me

I’ve got a one-shot for you! Are you surprised?  It’s been percolating in my head for awhile now, and then Patty Hudson Fullwood posted a video in my group about Eric and Sookie and the first words were ‘trust me’ just like what I had in my mind. So I decided I needed to get it out and here is it. Trust Me takes place in Season 2 of True Blood while Eric and Sookie are in Dallas.  I don’t want to give too much away, so that’s all I’m going to say. I took a lot of liberties on how things would go down in this story but you know what? It’s my story, and I can make it any way I want. Hopefully, you like it. I really hope you do.  

Thank you, Robin, aka 4padfoot for making the beginning. You’re the best. And thank you, April for being my cheerleader this weekend to get this done.

I also have the first five pages written for chapter 11 of At That Moment. I need to get back to it but life has been so busy, and I just took this time out to write Trust Me so that my brain can get back into the ATM mindset.

Did anyone of you watch Big Little Lies? Did you like it? I have yet to watch it but I’ve got it DVR’d and now just have to find the time. I’ve got my copy of War on Everyone, and I’m so excited to watch it. I’m sure I’m going to take a million screenshots of it once I get the time and hopefully some inspiration too.

Not a lot of new pictures of Alex lately since he’s off in Canada filming, but I’ll share these with you. I think this gif from CBLA is hilarious. 🙂


Click here to read Trust Me.


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