Jag Har en Känsla

Can you believe I have a chapter for you? I worked on it quite a bit last night after my walk and then today on my walk.  I’ve only got over it once so, please forgive any and all mistakes. I no longer have a beta to polish my work and make it all spiffy. I would have given it time and gone over it again, but I’ll be gone all day tomorrow and wanted to get this chapter out to you, my fabulous readers.  I still can’t believe you nominated me.  You are all awesome!

Since I just wrote a post yesterday and didn’t think I’d get this chapter done so fast, I don’t have many pics lined up of Alex for you, but I’ll give you one from the Berlin Film Festival back in February and this gif I made that will make you drool.  If you’re in my Facebook group, you’ve probably already seen it but it’s hot enough to see a second, third, or fiftieth time.  🙂

Alex Berlin


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      Thanks! I’m still trying to warm up from my walk today. That damn wind chilled me to the bone.

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