From the Rooftop to Love Recommended!


My story From the Rooftop to Love and Dodge and Chase by Meridian and J.R. Watkins are both recommended! How awesome is that?  If you have not read Dodge and Chase, you really need to get off your hiney and go read it. LOL


I’m working on the next chapter of At That Moment, and I’ve gotten a lot done on it, but it still have quite a bit left of their date to write. I’m hoping to have it out to you very soon. Like weekend soon. But I’m getting a cold, and it just might kick my ass so we’ll see. I’m going to try my hardest to finish it up for you though.

Even though this isn’t a chapter update, I feel like you need a picture of Alex because a post without him seems wrong. LOL. I made this recently. Need I say more? I can’t wait for War on Everyone to come out and feed my muse.


Also, I had to pull my chapters off of but the first chapter because there are sites out there that are mirroring and making money off a lot of writers stories.  I hated to do that because I know there are quite a few of my readers who like reading over there but I had to.  Okay, that is all. Send me good vibes to stay healthy and get this chapter done!

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