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Who’s ready for a new chapter of Lovers Always?

I’ve got it here. Sorry, it took me so long. I started on it and got some crazy ass virus that kicked my ass. It was not fun and had me light-headed for quite a while. Who knows how long I’ll be finding all the errors I made during that time.  Then I was crazy busy with all the things I couldn’t get done during that time. I think I’m caught up, but life is still busy. I’m still going to try and find time to write my chapters so keep sending me all the good vibes you can for my muse.

I hope all of you that got all that bad weather are safe and warm. I know I got a mild case of PTSD from picking up my son from school when the roads turned to ice. But let’s not talk about that, I don’t want to relive it. Let’s talk about these awesome pictures of Alex instead. 🙂

First there are these.  Look at that V!

V-1 V-2

Then we have these new pics from War on Everyone. More inspiration for my cop story. 🙂


Then there’s this awesomeness that someone made of Alex.  How cool is that?

Brillant ActorBetter LookingMoves Like a SoldierScandanavian DNAFriendlyChilvary


Nicest GuyAlpha

Last but not least we have this new pic from BuzzFeed with Alex and his vampire eyes and a new pic from Tarzan.

Vampire Eyes012516

Okay that was a lot of Alex, but can there ever be too much of Alex? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Since life is busy for everyone I no longer have a beta and no one but me has gone over this chapter. So I’m sure there will be mistakes. Let’s hope there are not too many. I want to thank all of my readers for being awesome and not giving up on me when it takes what feels like forever for me to post a chapter and all of your wonderful comments. It means more than you know. <

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