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Meridian and I were scrolling through the search terms that led readers to our sites, and we were cracking up! So, I had an idea about a possible contest . Write a one-shot (500 words minimum, 5000 maximum)  involving one or more of the search terms that led readers to yoursite. If you do not have a WordPress site, contact contest@fanfictionaffliction.com and I will happily supply you search terms from our own sites so you can choose the one/s to use.

When submitting one-shot please include your search term/phrases.

Contest opens on the June 17th, closes on the June 30th, voting will begin July 1st, ends  on July 7th, winners and banners will be posted on July 17th.


1. All stories must be anonymous. Anyone found telling what they wrote will be disqualified from winning.

2. No posting on your own site until the contest is done and the voting is over.

3. Must be at least 500 words. 5000 words maximum. It can be a new one shot or the start of a multi-chapter story, but let me know what you plan.

4. If explicit, you need to warn people in the title.

6. All entries must be received by contest@fanfictionaffliction.com by Midnight CST June 30th.

7. If you have any comments, questions please email me (contest@fanfictionaffliction.com) . Thank you!

8. This can be a story from any fandom or be a crossover.

9. Comedies are encouraged (have you SEEN these search terms?), but any genre is accepted.

10. First, second, and third place winners will receive a banner and I will gladly post all entrants over on Fanfiction Affliction if the writers wish me to.

New writers welcomed!!!

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What Search Term Contest Banner


Here’s a sample mini-fic that Meridian wrote just for this post.

*She knocked it out in less than half an hour so ignore any mistakes. I was in a rush to get this out.*

Eric Northman and Godric LastNameOfChoice were glancing through the stats on Fangtasia’s official website.  Eric had been loading some draft documents (loaded with images and gifs of himself, naturally) for future use and his Maker had ambled over to see what he was doing.  Proud of the site’s success (over 100,000,003 hits that day alone), the Viking had been quite happy to point out various options and their functions to Godric.

“What’s this,” the ancient vampire eventually asked as he pointed to the Top Searches area of the WordPress Dashboard.

“That will take you to the list of words and phrases that brought readers to this site,” Eric answered with a barely smothered laugh and a slight cringe.  “Some of those terms are hilarious – others, not so much…  For the most part they are funny enough that Gyllene and Meridian have decided to hold a fanfic contest where writers can write small stories about some of the more hilarious and inane search terms found on their own websites.  They’re calling it The“What?? Search Term Led To My Site” Contest.”

Godric grabbed the mouse and even as Eric protested – he knew exactly how outrageous some of the search terms could be, he clicked the View All option, and another page popped up.

“Search Engine Terms, yes,” clarified the elder vampire as he clicked on it.  He wanted to see this thing which caused his Eric to both laugh and wince.

Funny enough to warrant a fanfic-writing contest?  Yes, he had to see this!

The ones for that day did not seem in any way unusual: *godric sookie fanfiction, sookie godric stories, addictedtoericgodric… Nothing was too laughable or cringe-worthy although the vast number of “unknown search terms” was mildly annoying.  How could they be “unknown”?  Obviously someone knew what they were typing, right?

He clicked the “30 Day” option and his ancient mouth dropped open.  Godric spanks Sookie? Why the fuck would he be spanking Sookie?  What kind of regressive moron…?  But then again, there was also no way that Andre could be purulent, either (vampire diaries Andre purulent) – vampires do not create pus.  Some people’s children…

He was, however, glad to see how many potential fanfiction readers were searching for fanfics about his fine self.  He made the mistake of looking for more.

**Eric godric “not yet. she needs to get over her jealousy?  What?  What was with the partial punctuation?

Sookies babies fanfic?  Really?  She’s with a vampire – how do they expect that to happen, magic?

don’t look at me i’m shy? That sounds like something they should take up with a therapist, not a fanfic…

eric and sookie fanfiction happy ending?  Finally, something that makes sense.

Quickly he looked back to the ones where readers were searching for fanfics about his own fine self.  They seemed more interesting…

Eric hid a smirk at his Maker’s preening even as he barely stifled a growl over people actually wanting to read a fic about him abusing the love of his unlife.  He wondered if a reverse search of some sort would identify these soon-to-be-dead fuckers…

Suddenly the wide-screen before the vampires went black and both looked up to see Sookie standing there wearing what Pam gleefully called her “resting bitch face”.

“Lookin’ for this,” she snarked as she dangled the unplugged power cord between her index finger and thumb.  “If Eric’s growlin’ and Godric’s preening,” she turned to say to Pam, “then it’s time for the pretty monitor to go to sleepies.”

Eric pouted.  Surely he hadn’t been growling that much…

* indicates search terms from Meridian’s site, while
** indicates search terms from Gyllene’s site


I can’t wait to read these stories!



  1. Oh this will be interesting. I’m racking my brain now thinking about the things I might have searched for!! The therapy quip made me snort!

  2. Oh no! I can’t wait till the fun begins & I get to read these stories! LOL! Of course, I’m cracking up at the line about being shy and perhaps seeking therapy! LMAO!!! This is going to be so much fun! What a great idea! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you! Seriously they are so funny and half of them I can’t imagine why they were brought to my site.

      1. I want to look, but I don’t want to look. On the other hand, it could be a great way for us old folks to spend a Friday night, just laughing our asses off! The stories though, now those will be funny. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even give it a try!

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