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This is going to be a short update.  I’m sorry it took me so long to finish this chapter but I was stumped in one part and it took me awhile to come up with the idea I needed.  Thanks to Meridian I finally got it worked out.  She’s probably read this chapter at least 5 times or parts of it.  She’s probably tired of it, but without her I’d probably still be stumped without someone to shoot my ideas off of.

Next I plan to work on Black Friday. Sadly that story is coming to an end.  I can only see a few more chapters left for the story. But I still have Lovers Always, At That Moment, and a new story I just started working on that was inspired by the War on Everyone pictures that I’ve seen.  Alex was too cute for me resist.  It will be about twin brothers who are cops.

If any of you read fanfiction from other fandoms 4padfoot and I would appreciate it if you’d spread the word about Fanfiction Affliction to readers and writers.  I only read TB/SVM and have reached out to all the groups that I know of.  We welcome all fandoms and if you do not see your particular fandom we will happily add it and the characters.

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Also 4padfoot and I have started an Alexander Skarsgård fan site, Skarsbrow Daily, and a Facebook page for it.  We are slowly adding to the site but add daily pics of Alex on Facebook.  Please come like our Facebook page and you can even post your favorite Alex or Eric pics if you want.

I want to thank the wonderful ladies who make my stories possible.  Virala, Meridian, and MsBuffy. You ladies are awesome and thank you for all your work.  Without your encouragement I would still be off in the corner twiddling my thumbs.

Click below for the next chapter of At That Moment. Remember this story has now revered off to AU, but there will still be some aspects of the books in it.

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  1. Before I get to the chapter: Are you including all sites like AO3, FFN (yuck), Blogspot, etc? I’m assuming so but assuming is stupid so it’s better to ask. If so I’ve got some HP from AO3 for you.

  2. Author

    Yes we want writers from all fandoms to add their stories on Fanfiction Affliction and their readers over there too.

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