Thank you my lovely readers!!!



I want to give a big thank you to all of my readers who nominated me and my stories in the You Want Blood Awards.  I didn’t receive 1 but 15 nominations.  I am truly blown away with how much you love my sweet Eric’s and smarter Sookie’s.  It was an awesome birthday present.

FYI voting will start in 3 days. That’s right 3 days!!!  For a list of the nominees, their stories, and links click here.

Speaking of birthday presents I’m a very luck woman. Virala had a book made with Won’t You Come In and Where The Heart Is  in it.  That makes me a published author. LOL.  Meridian got me 2 notebooks with pictures of Alex on them, a card with Alex, and even a water bottle with him on it.  Plus a cute bear telling me how special I am. They are very awesome friends who gave me wonderful gifts.  Thank you again ladies. I love you lots like jelly tots! xoxo


Did you see Virala’s interview with Kelpie?  If not then click here.

I have started the next chapter of At That Moment but life has been busy with the kids end of year school stuff and the weather hasn’t been the best for walking.  I am hoping to get out today since rain is in the forecast for every day of the week as far as I can see.  I hope to get the chapter out to you this weekend or next.

Wow!! Take a look below at all the Nominee Banners I have from the 2015 You Want Blood Awards! I won’t say they’re gorgeous (I made them so that would feel weird), but I’ve been told that they’re awesome… What I *will* say is AWESOME is that you guys have nominated me for so many awards! Thank you!


Thank you again my lovely readers!!!



  1. Congratulations and very well earned!! I love your sweet, affectionate, more emotionally mature Erics and your smarter, saner, more emotionally mature Sookies!!

    1. Author

      Aww! Thank you! I love your Eric and Sookie’s too! They are just what this fandom need. 🙂

      1. Thank you, and I totally agree. We need good, strong, decent, reliable, respectful, emotionally mature E/S combos – they’re hella easier to read, understand, relate to, and enjoy. 😀

        1. Author

          We really do. I am not going to read an asshole Eric or a canon Sookie. I need them to be enjoyable to read. 🙂

  2. First happy birthday! Seems like yours is around mine. Second congratulations! Totally deserve them and lots of luck to you!

      1. Hey as I said you festered it all with those fantabulous stories at all. Didn’t miss it yet but thanks so much for the wishes.

  3. So wonderful, and so worthy of each and every one of them! Such lovely birthday gifts too! Next year I’ll do better than a lousy email, and it’s a special one too! Congrats! 🙂

    1. Author

      Ugh! Don’t remind me how old I’ll be next year. Lol
      Thank you! My stories wouldn’t be nearly as good without your beta magic. 🙂

  4. OOPS! Forgot to say that there are 5 of you for whom I beta with birthdays in May… That must mean something about all of you and your creativity!

      1. Sound like my family. Between the 16th and the end of the month there’s like 12 birthdays. It’s insane.

        Taurus do rock but Gemini’s may too lol. Born on the cusp, I have know idea what I am. It depends on my mood (according to my mom anyway) lol.

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