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I’m sorry it has taken me so long to update this story.  It gets harder and harder to write as each chapter is posted.  It is so much easier when you start a new story.  The words just flow out of my mind and fingers and now with Lovers Always I’ve got to get down to the nitty gritty to make sure all my ideas sync and work well together.  Kittyinaz introduced me to OneNote so one weekend when a headache wouldn’t go away I put all my notes for my stories in it.  I’m hoping it will help me out and keep them organized. It is a pretty awesome program and I think that any writer would benefit from using it. You can even scan in your hand written notes.  I need to thank the lovely Meridian who listened as I told her what I was thinking and she helped me hash out my plan for this chapter and others, and made sure that it made sense to all of you. Sometimes it makes total sense in my head because I know all the elements of the story but have not given them to you and I don’t want you lost.

I’ve already started working on the next chapter of At That Moment and then probably Black Friday. Sadly Black Friday is winding down.  It only has a few more chapters left. 🙁  I’m going to miss that story, but I’ve got plenty to work on once it is done.

And it wouldn’t be a post without some pictures of Alex.  Here are my favorites for the week.


In case you haven’t already gotten a few hundred notifications, I wanted to let you know that the nominations have started for the You Want Blood Awards. Click the link below to take you to the poll.  Click here for rules and categories. There is only 1 entry per category and you can only nominate once.  If you haven’t already done so then please go vote for your favorite stories and authors.

I want to remind you once again about Fanfiction Affliction.  We are getting new stories everyday and would love to see you over there.  We listened to the complaints of authors and wanted to make a site that wouldn’t delete stories because of mature content (HELLO! It’s True Blood. Of course there is going to sex and violence), has age verification on said mature content, and no anonymous reviews. We wanted a site for authors to feel safe and one that is easy to for our readers too.  If you are a writer and don’t see your fandom in the category list please email us at: or visit our Facebook Group and we will be happy to add it to the site.

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Thank you Virala, Meridian, and MsBuffy for making my stories better than I ever thought they could be.  You’re a great team to work with.

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