What’s In A Name…

This is probably my longest chapter yet.  It’s 10,249 words, so go make yourself a drink,  pop some popcorn, and enjoy!

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I want to thank 4padfoot for helping me find the wonderful homes in this story and a couple for my other stories.  I also want to thank her for helping me come up with some silly names the other night.  You’ll understand after you read the chapter.

Thank you Meridian for our late night chats and helping me come up with fun and crazy ideas for my stories and for encouraging and cheering me on to write. Also for helping me with dialog rules. I love you lots like jelly tots!

I wouldn’t be anywhere in this fun writing fanfiction world if it wasn’t for Virala.  Thank you for everything you do for me. xo

Thank you MsBuffy for being a my beta on this long, long chapter. I think it’s my longest yet.

Thank you ladies!!!


  1. VWY! You write the awesome FUN kinds of stories that I love! <3 Now Imma go back to being mesmerized by the awesome bannerette with my name on it… 0.0 😀

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