My DEA Epilogue / True Blood Premiere Date

Make your calendars HBO has announced the premiere date for True Blood’s last season.   June 22, 2014.

If you missed the graveyard teaser trailer click below to watch.

I want to thank Virala for everything that you do for me.  Your amazing!  I hope we have another year of success working together. xo

Magsmacdonald has been nominated along with a bunch of great True Blood/SVM Fanfiction writers.  If you haven’t yet please go and vote!  Voting closes April 14th.

Fanfic Fanatics Awards

A special thanks to 4padfoot aka the WordPress Whisperer for working so hard on my site.  We’re adding new stuff all the time.  We recently added the Artist Gallery, Gyllene’s Media to Go, and Fanfiction Story Download.

Click the banner below to read My Dead Ever After’s Epilogue.

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  1. Loved your DEA story! Now for TB Season 7… I am not expecting much… Well other than great writers like you fixing what I think will be a disappointing ending, certainly for E-S shippers…

    1. I’m anticipating a very disappointing last season. I’m sure there will be a lot of new fanfiction stories coming out once it’s over.

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