From The Rooftop to Love Chapter 17


Bold is Sookie thinking back to yesterday.

This morning was the first day I’d woken up during the day alone since we had come to our island. We had been here for five days before Pam called last night.

They had found and captured the witch. Pam was on her way to Fangtasia as they spoke to start questioning her and they were going to have to do god only knows what to get her to talk and give them the spell.

That’s all I thought they would be doing. I was under the assumption that we would be flying back this afternoon and once we got there the spell would be reversed. That was until I woke up this morning next to Eric.

He was dead to the world and cold.

So here, I am sitting on our beach alone, thinking about our time here. I know I shouldn’t be sad but I am going to miss it. I’m going to miss seeing Eric out in the sunlight, and watching the sunrise and set with him.

While we’ve been here, Eric would set the alarm on his phone and we would get up and go out to the loungers to snuggle up and watch the sunrise. We knew it wouldn’t last so we wanted to make every moment count. It would be the last time Eric got to see the sunrise or set without burning.

I went down to the beach, I just couldn’t sit inside the house. I wanted to be by Eric but it was too upsetting to see him lying there dead to the world. We were going to do our usual routine for the day before we had to leave.

Hearing the alarm going off Eric and I slowly made our way out of bed. After taking care of our human needs, we headed upstairs and went in different directions. I went to the kitchen to get us each a cup of coffee and Eric went and got us a blanket. We would met at the back door and head out to our lounger.

Eric sat down first and I placed our coffee on the small table by the lounger. I sat in between Eric’s legs and leaned back into his chest. Eric placed the blanket over us and wrap his arms around me. We sat there drinking our coffee watching the sunrise over the ocean. It was beautiful. It made me cry every time knowing that these few short days were the only ones we would ever get to do this.

After the sun had risen and the only colors in the sky were blue and white we got up. Eric pulled me against him cradling my face in his hands. Using his thumbs he wiped away my tears and kissed me. In that kiss he was showing me how special this time was to him and how much he loved me. I wasn’t sure how I would feel when we first bonded, feeling everything Eric felt but I miss it now. I miss knowing exactly how he feels at any given moment. Even though Eric was pretty expressive when it was just the two of us, feeling what he felt I now knew it was even more special since during these last few days I could barely even feel him.

This morning I was crying for a different reason. I was alone watching the sunrise and it wasn’t as beautiful without Eric here. He wasn’t here to dry my tears or kiss me to show me how special this was.

I gave Eric one last kiss before heading inside to making us breakfast.

After I ate breakfast, I headed back down to the beach. I was laying there looking out at the ocean thinking about our time at the beach yesterday.

After eating breakfast, we decided to get ready to go down to the beach. I put on my swimsuit and the sarong that Eric had gotten for me. He must have put in a request for Pam to get me a red bikini since the red hibiscus sarong he bought me matched. It wouldn’t surprise me since red is his favorite color.

Luckily I had put the camera batteries on the charger last night or it wouldn’t have been ready to use today. I had probably taken hundreds of pictures of Eric and us doing any and everything.

Eric grabbed a couple of the loungers from the deck to take down to the beach. I had him lay down on the lounger so I could put sunscreen on him. I lathered him with it from head to toe. The best part was that I found a few places on Eric that were ticklish and I would be taking advantage of that for as long as I could.

It was so funny to see him try to squirm away from me while I straddled him. We both laughed so hard. It’s something I will always treasure. I’m pretty sure no one has ever seen Eric like that before. Not even in his human days.

We laid out and enjoyed the sun till we both got hot. I was standing up taking a drink of water when Eric grabbed me from behind and ran us into the ocean. He twirled us around and then threw me into the water. I was screaming before I plummeted into the water. I came up out of the water sputtering and wiping the water out of my eyes.

“Eric! What the hell?” I glared at him.

He chuckled at me, “Don’t be so mad. I was just having fun and you’re okay. I would have saved you if you needed it.”

I splashed him and tried to swim away but Eric was too fast and caught me. I’m not sure if he was this fast as a human or he still has some of his supernatural speed.

We splashed each other and I tried to dunk him but I could never get him under. We were laughing and carrying on having a great time.

I wrapped my arms around Eric’s neck and kiss him. I looked at him smiling. Thinking about how beautiful he looks out in the sun with water dripping off of him.


I start kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear. Eric groaned into my neck. He was slowly walking us back to shore while I kissed, nibbled, and sucked all the skin I could reach while I was wrapped around him. Eric untied my bikini top and threw it, hopefully to shore.

Eric sat my feet down on the ground and I grabbed the waistband of his swim trunks and pulled them down. He sat down in the sand and pulled the side strings of my bikini. Once my bottoms fell off Eric grabbed my hips and pulled me down on top of him. I sat on top of him kissing and grinding until we both couldn’t take it anymore.

Eric’s hand slipped around the back of me and I felt him positioning himself at my entrance. I slowly lowered myself onto him. Both of us groaned once Eric was fully sheathed inside of me. I started rocking back and forth quickly and riding him at a fast pace. Eric grabbed my hips and slowed us down. Cradling my face in his hands, he looked at me with such love it almost made me cry.

“You are so beautiful,” Eric exclaimed. “You are even more beautiful out here in the sun making love to me,” He kissed me then with so much passion. It quickly turned hungry and urgent. Eric swiftly turned and laid me down on the sand thrusting into me slow but hard.

“Oh God Eric. Don’t stop! Please!” Eric leaned down taking my nipple into his mouth while one hand trailed down my stomach for his thumb to rub fast circles over my clit. I was moaning and pulling Eric closer to me. Kissing and sucking on his neck. Just as my orgasm hit me full force I bit Eric on the shoulder and he roared out his release.

Eric laid his head on my shoulder while we both tried to catch our breath. Once he caught his breath he rolled off of me and pulled me on top of him. I laid there listening to his heart beat slow down and relaxing to the rise and fall of his chest. I was almost asleep when Eric talked.

“I think we should get back into the water and rinse off all this sand. Don’t you?”

“Mmm,” was all I could say. I had just about fell asleep and didn’t want to move.



“Let go rinse off inside and then we can take a nap on the hammock. That sounds nice doesn’t it?”


Eric sat up with me going with him. He wrapped his arms around me and stood up.

“Do you need me to carry you back to the house?”

Now normally I would say no but I was too tired and I just wanted to go to sleep. So I just nodded my head. I felt Eric’s strong arms lift me up bridal style. I just laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt Eric kiss the top of my head and we started moving towards the house.  Once we got up to the house I finally spoke.

“Why can’t we just take our nap now and shower later?”

“I’ve got sand up my ass and I want to get it out.”

I couldn’t help it I busted out laughing. It was too funny. I probably had sand up my ass too and who knows where else but right now I was too tired to care. I had finally stopped laughing when we got into the bathroom. Eric was scowling at me but I couldn’t help it, it was too funny not to. I kissed him on the tip of his nose and told him I was sorry. He sat me down on the counter top while he turned on the water and waited for it to warm up.

Once we were all clean and hopefully the sand was out of our crevices we headed back outside for our nap on the hammock.

I laid down on the hammock next to Eric and snuggled up as close as I could. I looked out at the ocean and let the sound of the waves lull me to sleep, in the only arms that I truly feel safe in.

I woke up to the feeling of Eric’s hand caressing my back.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked. He must have felt me move or something to know I was awake.

“I did. I always do when I sleep with you,” I tell him and tighten the arm I have around his stomach. Eric kisses the top of my head and tightens his arms around me.

We laid there like that for about another half hour. I got up and gave Eric a chaste kiss on the lips before heading inside to make dinner.

Tonight I was making chicken fried steak and banana pudding. On our plane ride here I had asked Eric if there were any foods that he wanted to try that he had been around or thought they smelled good. He told me that he had never really spent any time around humans while they ate since it would look strange for him to not be eating. I should just make whatever I liked and he would try it. So I’d been making so much food that I’m sure I’d probably gained at least five pounds since we got here. I’ve made Eric shrimp and grits, chocolate cake, s’mores, shrimp étouffée, corn bread, jambalaya, chicken and biscuits. All southern comfort food.

After eating dinner and first dessert as Eric liked to call it because later he would be having his second more personal and private dessert that he really enjoyed. Who am I kidding I thoroughly enjoy it too. We made our way down to the beach to watch the sunset. We sat in the sand, me in between Eric’s legs leaning back onto his chest watching all the colors in the sky. I don’t think I will ever get over how beautiful it is to watch the sunrise and set over the ocean. We walked along the beach, holding hands with the moon illuminating everything below it. I loved each and every minute here. We were just like any other normal couple here. Eric had been more open while he was here and having so much fun. I’m hoping that he stays like this with me once we get back to Louisiana.

Louisiana. That reminds me that I should probably try to change our flight since we will obviously not be leaving this afternoon. I head inside to call the airline and see what changes can be made. After getting our flight changed to a couple of hours after dark, I packed up all of our stuff and place it by the bedroom door for Eric to carry up once he gets up.

I went back down to the beach reminiscing about our time here. This island will forever be special to me for getting to spend this time with Eric. I’m glad I took so many pictures to help me remember. I think I’ll buy one of those digital picture frames and load all the pictures from here onto it. That way we can see them whenever we want. I also want to do something special with them so that Eric can have them forever.

Forever. That got me thinking about the few comments Eric has made about hopefully one day I will want to become a vampire. I never thought I would want to be a vampire but I also never thought I would fall in love with one either. As a little girl this is not how I saw my life playing out. As an adult I thought I would always be alone in this world. Now I have Eric and I can’t imagine my life without him. I definitely need to ask Eric a few questions before I decide anything.

I had been staring out at the ocean for I don’t know how long thinking about this wonderful island and how happy we’ve been here. My eyes were blurred with tears so I didn’t notice that the last rays of the sun had disappeared and the sky was now dark until I felt strong, cold hands wrap around my shoulders.


I turned around and saw a sad look on his face. I could feel that he was worried and concerned for me.

“Lover, what’s wrong? Why are you sad and crying?”

I launched myself at Eric, wrapping my arms around his neck, burying my heading into his chest. A few more tears fell down my cheeks while I tried to think of how best explain myself to Eric so he wouldn’t get upset. I don’t want him to think I’m unhappy that he’s a vampire again. I breath in his scent and let it envelop me, calming me. I pulled back, sitting down in the sand. I grabbed one of Eric’s hands in both of mine.

“I’m sad because when the alarm went off this morning you were dead to the world. You missed out on the sun today. If I would have known that yesterday was the last day for you I would have done something special for you,” I say and then look down at our hands.

“That’s the way it is for vampires. When we are turned, none of us had any idea that, that day would be the last of that life and the beginning of a new one. Sookie look at me,” I slowly lift my head and look into his beautiful blue eyes. Eric cupped one said of my face with his free hand. “Every time we had in the sun here has been special with you. Be it sunrise, sunset or high noon. They were all special. You did that, so don’t feel bad,” Eric leans in and kisses me so sweetly.

When we finally broke apart and I could think again, I spoke, “I rescheduled our flight. It’s in about an hour and a half so I guess we better get ready to go,” Eric nodded. “Let’s go lock up the house, get our luggage, and say goodbye to the island.”

Eric stood up and held out his hand for me to take. Quietly we walk back up to the house to gather our stuff. After locking everything up and taking one final look around, we head down to the boat dock.

The boat and car ride were made in silence. I slept our first two flights since I had gotten up so early and been crying. I was emotionally drained. We were on our last flight home. That gave us about an hour until we arrived in Shreveport.

“Eric, can I ask you some questions?”

“You know you can always ask me anything,” he said giving me his full attention.

“I didn’t know if you were busy over there strategizing,” he smiles at me.

“I’m never too busy for you. Ask away.”

“I have some questions about being a vampire or becoming one.”

Eric’s face may have stayed expressionless but I could feel how happy my statement had made him.

“Ask me anything you want,” he said turning his body towards me as good as he could. Even in first class, there wasn’t quite enough leg room for him, especially at this angle.

“Okay. I know that once someone is turned into a vampire they do not normally stay with their maker for long. If I ever agree to be turned it would be to stay with you and if we are only going to stay together for a short period of time then what’s the point. We can stay together with me staying human for just as long,” I say and start biting my lower lip.

“That is true that the maker and child do not stay together long.” Tears spring to my eyes but before they could start to fall Eric spoke again. “Don’t cry anymore today. You have cried too much. Just listen to what I have to say. Okay?” I nod. “While that’s the norm that would not be the case for us. It is very rare for a vampire to bond themselves to a human or vampire. We do not want anyone knowing how we are feeling and if a vampire’s bonded to another vampire that gives the other vampire power of him or her. We don’t do that. So like I said it is very rare. If a vampire turns his or her bonded then they will stay together forever. They will not be able to separate from each other. If the maker/child are bonded beforehand the bond they share is very strong, much stronger than a normal child/maker bond.”

“So literally together forever,” Eric nodded. “And you would want that?”

“More than anything.” It was me that kept my face expressionless this time but I knew Eric could feel how happy his statement made me. I wanted to tell him how sweet it was but I didn’t think it would be appreciated in this situation. I know he doesn’t like it when I tell him he’s being sweet.

“Would I be hungry all the time and if so for how long?”

“Yes, you will be hungry and will have to feed every day for at least the first couple of years but you won’t be starving all the time.”

“How long would I have to wait to see my friends and family?” I wanted to ask what it’s like seeing everyone you love die but for Eric that happened before he was turned.

“You can see them whenever you want. You would just have to feed before you saw them and I would come with you.”

“What if I don’t want to feed off of anyone?”

“Then you will not have to. It will be up to you. You can drink bagged blood and Royalty but you will have to learn to feed off of humans. You must do this in case you are ever hurt. You need to know how to feed so you don’t kill any humans in an emergency.”

“What about you? How will you be feeding if you can’t feed off of me?”

Eric furrowed his brows, “I don’t know. You are the best thing I have ever tasted and I don’t really want to go back to drinking the filth of the fangbangers but I will.”

“I don’t think I would like you feeding off others. You wouldn’t be jealous from me feeding off someone?”

“No. It is only feeding. If you wanted to have sex with someone then yes I would be jealous. Plus we will be able to feel what one another are feeling. You will know that I am not interested in anyone else but you. I know you don’t understand this now but if you are ever a vampire given time you will understand it’s only feeding. Just like for a human you have to eat food. I would hate for you to make such a big decision and its deciding factor be jealousy of me feeding off of humans. Know that if I could have you forever and only feed from you I would. I will still be able to bite you and you will be able to bite me but we will not be able to give each other what human blood gives a vampire.”

“I will try to remember that but like you said I would probably need time and experience it for myself before I see it as just feeding.”

“I understand. You know that vampires can have sex without feeding or that I can at least but you have never really witnessed a vampire feeding without having sex but it can be done. Almost all vampires are not in relationships so they all indulge in feeding and sex at the same time. We will be different. Do not worry about this. We’ll figure it out if and when the time comes.”

“So I won’t be all crazed with hunger and want to kill everyone and have sex with them.”

“No,” Eric chuckles. “You were around Jessica after she was turned and you saw how she behaved. You don’t have to worry about that. I will not let you kill anyone and I will make sure that you are not hungry.”

“How are you going to make sure I don’t kill anyone?”

“First off I will always be stronger than you and secondly I can always command you not to kill anyone. Before you say anything about me commanding you, know that I do not want to turn you to have control over you. I only want to turn you so that I can have you be my mate forever. I will only command you on life and death situations. You know that am a good and fair maker. If you have any questions about that then you can ask Pam.”

“I don’t think I have any more questions for right now but I may have more later. I have time to decide this right? You said me drinking your blood will make me stay younger longer right?”

“That’s correct. You have all the time you need. You’ve made me very happy just thinking about this. I will not pressure you to make a decision. I know it’s a very big decision for you make. One that most vampires didn’t get to make.”

“Thank you, I appreciate you not pressuring me,” I smile at him.

“I do have a question for you,” I nod. “If something were to happen to you now or anytime in the future where I could not heal you would you choose to die or would you let me turn you?” After asking, Eric just turns in his seat, stares straight ahead. I assume to go back to strategizing.

I sat there for the rest of the flight thinking about Eric’s question. If I had the choice, did I want to die or let Eric turn me? That is the question.

Pam was waiting at the airport for us. I sat quietly in the back seat still contemplating Eric’s question while Eric and Pam talked in hushed voices. I don’t know what they were talking about but I think they are fighting.

When we got home, I was tired so I excused myself to go to bed. I figure Eric will tell me about whatever they are fighting about. I had only been in bed for about ten minutes when Eric came in. He stripped off his clothes and slide into bed pulling me to him. We were quiet for a few minutes.

“I’ve thought about the question you asked me earlier on the plane. If I couldn’t be healed would I choose to die or let you turn me? If it comes down to that then I give you permission to turn me.”

Eric kissed so passionately that I’m almost afraid he isn’t going to stop when I need air. When he finally pulls back and I gasp for air. He has a big smile on his face and cups my face in his hands.

“Thank you. I would hate for us to ever be in a situation like that and you be unable to answer me. I will not pressure you to decide whether you want me to turn you in the future. I will wait for you. I never want to lose you Sookie but if you decide you never want to become a vampire then I will respect your decision. I’ll stay by your side forever whether it be your forever or mine. Either way I will follow you.”

“What do you mean follow me?”

“I mean whenever you die, after you die, I will follow you.”

“I don’t want you to die. Ever. Do you understand that? You belong walking around on this Earth.”

“I understand. I feel the same way about you. I don’t want you to die either but I don’t want to be here without you.”

I start to argue with him but he puts one of his fingers to my lips.

“Shh. Let’s not talk anymore about this tonight. We don’t have long before dawn and I don’t want to argue about it till dawn takes me away,” I nod in agreement. Eric kisses my forehead then each of my eyes, my nose, and then softly on the lips.

“You are still sad,” Eric states.

“I am but just a little bit.”

“You are sad because vacation time is over and your boyfriend is back to being a vampire.” When Eric said boyfriend his nose scrunched up like the word disgusts him.

“You are too cute!” I exclaim.

“I am not cute nor will I ever be cute, Sookie,” he scowls at me.

“Yes, you are. When you said boyfriend the face you made was cute. If you are always going to make that face when you use that word or have it said about you then it is going to be your official title,” I say and giggle at him.

“I am your bonded and your mate. Not boyfriend.”

I give him a curt nod as a yes, sir. “Yes, you are, as I am yours,” Eric had the biggest smile on his face. I forget how happy it makes him for me to tell him I’m his. I should do it more often.

“Sookie, we can go back to the island any time you want. I knew you would love it.”

“I do love it and I already miss it. Can we go back tomorrow?”

“Not tomorrow but soon. After everything is taken care of here. It will always be someplace special to the both of us. I want you to know that I will always cherish our time there. I finally got to see what you look like in the sun and you are more beautiful with the sun shining on you then I ever thought possible. I love you very much Sookie.” I could feel so much love coming from him and so many other emotions swirling around. Its times like these that made me love him even more.

“It’s almost dawn but tomorrow when I rise I must speak to you about some decisions that need to be made then we’ll have to go to Fangtasia.”


“Come and snuggle with me before dawn takes me,” I giggle at him.

“You are just one big softy. You know that right. I think you’re the only vampire in the world that likes to snuggle.”

“Only with you, Lover.”

I snuggle up close to Eric and lay my head on his chest. I kiss him where just last night his heart was beating.

“Good night, Eric. I love you.”

“Good night, my Sookie.” He says and kisses the top of my head, wrapping his arms around me.


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