I thought it would be cool to start a page where the fanfiction community could find out who is published and support them.  If you click on their author name it will take you to their Facebook page (if they have one) and a link to where they post their stories if you click their fanfiction name.

T. Isilwathaka aka Terri Botta

T. Isilwathaka Terri Botta - Let Love In

Kindle | Paperback

C.S. Starr aka SeaStarr08

C.S. Starr aka C.S. Starr aka SeaStarr08

Campbell: Kindle ($0.99) | Paperback

West: Kindle | Paperback

September Roberts aka MySecretO

In Your Shoes Kiss & Ride Orchids for Lila Sweet Chemistry

In Your Shoes: Kindle

Kiss & Ride: Kindle ($0.99)

Orchids for Lila: Kindle

Sweet Chemistry: Kindle

J.A. Brown aka iDream3223

Dream Cover3-1   nightmares   awakenings   put-your-lights-on

 Dreams: Kindle | iBooks

Nightmares: Kindle | iBooks

Awakenings: Kindle | iBooks

Put Your Lights On: Kindle

Suki McMinn aka Suki59 

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Kindle | Paperback

 S.E. Kloos aka Speklez

Unselfish Sacrifice (Sacrifice Series Book 1) Southern Charms

Unselfish Sacrifice: Kindle | Paperback

Southern Charms: Kindle | Paperback

Austin Southerly aka TexanLady

Reclaimed Love


I couldn’t find the book active on Amazon or iBooks

 Elizabeth Hunter aka  EtheHunter

Elizabeth Hunter has over 20 books published. Check out all her books on Amazon.

You can start the Irin Chronicles for only $0.99.

The Scribe

Carroll E. Stewart

The Father's Daughter

Kindle | iBooks

Melanie Miro aka Rebelina11

I am Lightening I am Magic

I am Lightning: Kindle ($0.99)

I am Magic: Kindle ($0.99)

Joy Peltier aka Merick


To Still a HeartbeatWhat Dwells in a Heartbeat

To Still a Heartbeat: Kindle

What Dwells in a Heartbeat: Kindle ($0.99)

L J Clark

Triquetra Ascension Triquetra Prophecy

 Triquetra Sacrifice Living With Death

Triquetra Ascension: Kindle

Triquetra Prophecy: Kindle

Triquetra Sacrifice: Kindle

Living with Death: Kindle

M. L. Daniel aka sheba6086

Sword of the Golden Girl

Kindle | iBooks


  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Gyllene! Just FYI, Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents on Kindle Sept. 1-8. It will also be on sale in the UK. For all you fanfiction writers thinking about publishing your original work, come on in–the water’s fine!

  2. hey you think we can put a link for want to be publishers to get advice from those that have already published and how to go about it? KY

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  4. Thanks for the list. I often wondered how many had published. The quality of writing that i have been reading from most of these authors is very high and i am not surpreised in the least to see them on this list. Although i currently read more than i write, i may one day venture out and post some of my own writing. Ive actually done it since childhood in my head. Putting it on paper would be the next step. I currently do not have enough time to devote to writing regularly but hope to find the time soon.

  5. Thank you, Gyllene for doing this! It makes me smile, and feel less alone in these new waters. 🙂

    I would like to say, if you do something like what kleannhouse is asking, I would be glad to participate and offer my support and experience to folks who want to give publishing their own works a try! 🙂

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