Right on Time6

Right on Time

Collaboration with Virala.

With Impending war threatening the fae royal family, Niall takes his most beloved granddaughter, Sookie, who was born in the Viking Era and thrusts her into the care of Eric Northman, one thousand years into the future.  Will Eric be able to keep his latest ward safe from the dangers of the humans and the supernatural world?  Will he be able to keep her safe from himself?  Told from both Sookie and Eric’s POV.  Rater M for Violence and Lemons OOC/AU


Inspired by pictures of Alexander Skarsgård promo pictures for the movie War on Everyone.

Twin brothers who are cops. One will wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

All Human.

Missing Lover1

The final part of the Lovers Trilogy told from Eric’s point of view.


  1. I am excited about Right on time as a Viiking-era Sookie time travelling to the 21st century to house share with the 1,000 old vampire could be fun…

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to both. I love the Viking Era and Time Travel……right up my alley. Untitled happens to be based in one of favorite spots in this book. I can’t believe you are going there….I’m so excited. I can’t wait, hurry.

  3. After reading your blurb for ‘Right on Time’ I have to say that I’m excited about reading it. I hope your muse is singing so the story comes off the ‘Coming Soon’ page and into the AU universe.

    1. Author

      Well we don’t have much done for that story besides some notes as of right now. Virala needs to finish Finally before we start writing but she’s getting close and I am very excited to write this story with her. I’m glad you’re excited to read it. I’ll update my Facebook group when we start and most probably mention it in posts.

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