This story begins  at the start of Definitely Dead. Eric shows up at Sookie’s house just as she is leaving to go out on her date with Quinn.  I am trying to fix just one of many mistakes.  This story goes AU *fast*, so do not expect a retelling of the books.  There will be some aspects from the books, but seeing as how I will never read them again I have to go with my very imperfect memory.

I realize that Quinn comes to her for their date before they go to New Orleans, but in my story this scene happens afterward.

Sookie immediately becomes smarter.  LOL!  Meridian informed me that she seemed too smart, but why would I write a story if it was to stay with canon Sookie? So, beware! She’s a smarter Sookie. 🙂



Chapter 1 – Decisions


Chapter Shortcuts:



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