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I know it’s been a what seems like forever since I last posted and I’m sorry, but I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve got a stress fracture in my foot and it’s going to take quite some time to heal so that means no walking for me. Don’t give up on me. I’m still going to try and find time to write. I’m not going to bore you with my life and what I have going on. Instead, I’m going to give you some of Alex’s recent pics because he looks fucking hot and then I’m going to let you read this chapter.  I will tell you that I plan on working on At That Moment next and then back to Lovers Always.





Thank you Virala for going over this tonight. Any and all mistakes are mine. I didn’t want to wait for MsBuffy to work her beta magic. I wanted to get this out to you guys as quick as possible. Just a warning Virala did mention that one part was kind of angsty but don’t worry, this is me you’re dealing with and it doesn’t last long. You can blame my PMS. LOL.

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  1. Can’t wait to read. Take it easy with the stress fracture. I’ve had them and you do want to make sure they heal correctly. No fun, especially in the foot. Feel better!

    1. Author

      I so need to catch up on your story. I think I’m 3 chapters behind now. Yeah, it’s not fun having a stress fracture. I have a feeling by the time it’s good and healed the weather will not be walking weather.

  2. There is a box at the end of this chapter that says comments are closed…Did you mean for that to be there?
    Loved the chapter by the way and look forward to Thortin meeting Eric’s retribution for what he has been saying about Sookie.

  3. Take it easy, stress fractures are no fun but you need to let it heal.
    We all know real life can be a bitch sometimes a wont give up on you.

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