Sadly it seems that summer has killed another contest. I had extended the deadline to enter the WHAT?!?! Search Term Led to My Site Contest, but I’ve heard from quite a few (thank you for letting me know!) of you that you really just don’t have time to write right now. So, to make things easier on all of us (especially me!), I’m canceling the contest for now.

For those of you who requested terms, feel free to keep them available just in case I do decide to reactivate this contest in a couple of months (which may or may not happen).

I enjoyed the enthusiasm with which this contest was initially received and hope that maybe in the fall? winter? I might have time to open it again.

I’m so happy that everyone enjoy A World Without You. Life is crazy busy right now and my kids are going to be starting school soon.  Yikes!  That means waking up earlier and a lot of other things I don’t want to think about.  Anyway, I have started the next chapter of Black Friday.  The epilogue (Imagine a really sad face).  So I don’t want to try and rush it, but I promise to get you a chapter as soon as I can.  Send me good vibes so that my muse will start whispering in my ear and get my fingers typing.

It wouldn’t be a post without some pics of Alex now would it?  Here are the most recent pictures that I love of him. 🙂

Seriously there are a lot of new pics of Alex right now since he’s promoting The Diary of a Teenage Girl.  I’m trying to keep Skarsbrow Daily Facebook Page up to date.  Go take a look if you want to see more or the interviews he’s been doing.

Thank you for your time and sorry this wasn’t a chapter update.

gyllen sign off


  1. 🙁   But there was so much enthusiasm in the beginning and I was looking forward to reading lots of funny mini-fics. But you’re right – it is a very busy time of year.

  2. Sorry. You are right. It has been one unforeseen mini-crisis after another in my world, and the posts I read on Facebook seem to say the same… perhaps it’s a moon thing?

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