Regarding the WHAT?!?! Search Term Led to My Site Contest

I am going to postpone the contest entries by 1 month (July 31st).  When Meridian and I thought up the contest I was not thinking about everyone’s busy summer and the 4th of July.  I know many of you want to participate, but haven’t had the time to write your entry.  Now you have a chance. Anyone who wants to go ahead and submit their entry is more than welcome to do so at anytime between now and July 31st.  Send your entries to

If you need to see the rules go to the WHAT?!?! Search Term Led to My Site Contest page.

And because I thought you needed some Alex eye candy here are some yummy pics of him. 🙂


gyllen sign off


  1. He is he is just so good looking. It is. Almost like he has been a gift from the gods. I am enjoying reading STC. It is refreshing to see Sookie realizing the mistakes made by her and Eric at an earlier stage on the time-line than it was seen on the show. And the fact that they are recognizing their true feelings for each other. I meant to tell you quite a few chapters ago how I loved your version of an always sleezy Bill. Sookie burning not only the back of Bill’s head where he can’t see it was awesome. But Sookie then burning off his “Mr. Itsy, Bitsy, Teensy, Weensy polka-dot-cock” was PRICELESS!!! ???????????????????? Is it too obvious how much of a Beehl hater I am? ????????????????????

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