Sunny Black Friday!

How about a little sun for Black Friday?  🙂

Today’s supposed to be 70 where I live and I’m going to try my hardest to get out there and walk.  Maybe even get some writing done.  I’m super busy with the book blog so the only time I really have time to think and write is when I’m walking.  Well unless we get more snow days.  That’s when I finished most of this chapter and the final touches for At That Moment.

I’ve got a new look for my website. What do you think? There are still a few things I want or need to do, but I’m waiting on the theme developers to get back to me.  Thank you 4padfoot for your help yesterday!

It wouldn’t be a Gyllene post without some pics of Alex now would it?  Here are a few new ones of Sundance and a couple of him in NYC at a hockey game back in February.

This chapter would not be possible without Meridian and Virala.  Thank you ladies so much!!! xoxo

I love you lots like jelly tots!  And MsBuffy with her beta skills.

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