Black Friday Chapter 12

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get a chapter out to you.  Life’s been pretty crazy with my grandmother being sick, her dying, and my father coming to visit.  Since then someone has been sick in my house and recently it was me.  I’m still getting over this flu so please excuse any mistakes.

I’m sure you’ve seen these wonderful pictures of Alex from Sundance back in January but if you’re like me you could look at them everyday, all day. 🙂  I’ve added a few to my sidebar I loved them so much. Hopefully they will make up for my absence.


I’ve also been working on a one-shot or a multi-chapter story called At That Moment. I haven’t decided where I’m ending it but if everything goes as planned hopefully it will be next out.

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I want to thank Virala, Meridian, and MsBuffy for all of their help on this chapter and for everything they do for me. Thank you ladies. XOXO

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here or not, I know I did in my group on Facebook, but did you know that the awesome idream3223 has a story with me as a character called The Rainbows End?  VictoryInTrouble is also in it. I am truly, deeply honored.

Click the banner below to take you to chapter 12 of Black Friday.


Enjoy!  Sorry I went a little link crazy. It’s my frazzled flu brain. LOL



  1. Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 You are reminding me that I need to get back into that and wrap it up! 🙂 Hope things get better for you soon, G! 🙂

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