I’m going to start off by saying how sad I am at the negativity that has recently consumed the TB/SVM community.  I don’t know where all this really started since I have been MIA with my grandmother’s sickness and then her death. I recently saw a post in one of the groups on Facebook about the cliques of our wonderful fandom. I don’t know who some consider in these cliques. For me I think of kjwrit, Makesmyheadspin, California Kat, and our dearly beloved EricIzMine. Maybe that’s because I think they are all wonderfully creative writers. I don’t know.  If there are others I don’t know about these elusive friendship circles and truthfully I don’t care.  I love my readers and the writers that I read.  The End.

It saddens me that there’s been a great decline in our fandom and wonderful writers are leaving to write for other fandoms. I only read TB/SVM fanfiction except for what Kittyinaz and Bertie Bott has written on The Vampire Diaries / Twilight.  I’m never going to write or read about other fandoms. I know many of you do read others and that’s fine too. Whatever floats your boat.  I don’t know where the ugliness has come from in some of the posts I’ve read today but I wanted to address it because it has made me sad.  It has hurt my feelings.

This is what I’m going to do. I’m not going to change how or what I write or read.  I may not like your stories but I’m going to support the hell out of you because you’re writing what you want to write.  Do what you want to but please lets support one another.  Let’s not let ugliness in our community make our writers stop writing.  We have too little of them left.

My advice is that you read what you like and don’t read what you don’t like. Trying to increase negativity in our fandom doesn’t help anyone of us.

Those are my thoughts.  All of the ugliness of the day has made my muse go and hide. She so wanted to come out and play with SVM Eric last night. Now she’s crying in the corner.



  1. Amen!!!
    As a reader of E/S stories I don’t want any of the writers to stop writing them! No, just no, I can’t even begin to contemplate a time when there are no more new stories…..
    Yes, there are other fandoms, and, gasp, even some E/S stories I haven’t been fond of but then I exercise my right not to read what I don’t like.
    People need to stop tearing down things they don’t like and just move onto things they do like. It’s not really that hard or complicated.

    1. Author

      Amen to you! That’s exactly what they should do and I hate the thought of no more Eric and Sookie stories to. 🙁

  2. I agree with you totally, Gyllene. I’m very sorry to hear of your recent loss, much love to you and yours.

    I don’t understand why people have to be nasty to authors. It really doesn’t make any sense to me! You should read what you like and not what you don’t like. If I ‘m not into a writer’s style or message, I just don’t read any further. I would never think to leave nasty or hateful comments. To each their own. Some people have way too much hate in them and too much time on their hands.

    Gyllene, I truly enjoy your stories and hope your muse recovers from all this turmoil. 😉

    1. Author

      Thank you! I hope my muse recovers soon. She was loving on SVM Eric last night as I read through an old story I had started.

      I never leave a mean review. If I don’t like it I don’t read it and that’s what I think everyone should do. Unfortunately there will always be ugliness.

  3. I only read Eric and Sookie stories even if I have to reread my favorites. I have read Ericizmine stories several time and currently rereading the Infinite,while waiting for updates on other stories. I’ll never tire of E&S stories. Human stories are ok, have enjoyed those but prefer Eric as a vampire and love when Sookie has more than her telepathy..

  4. Maybe it’s something I’ve noticed in the real world: there are just some people who aren’t happy unless they can make others unhappy. I’ve worked with a few, dumped one or two, the b/f can be like that if he lets his day get away from him…
    Perhaps we should also exercise our rights to blacklist negative reviewers. I believe it can be done on WP in our settings.
    My condolences Gyllene on both your Grandmother and the muse taking a mini-vacation.

    1. Author

      Sadly there will always be negativity. Maybe I’m being emotional but reading all the reblogs of idream made me sad. It wasn’t encouraging.

      Thank you for your condolences.

      1. I don’t go on any FB sites, but am curious about what happened. Especially since you mentioned idream who I think is fabulous. Were other authors being negative to her? I can’t imagine that. Last night had me sitting and reading her story 20 Questions until it was very late.
        Sorry about your Grandmothers passing. Write when you feel up to it – we’ll be here waiting!

        1. Author

          Someone posted in one of the SVM / TB group on Facebook about the decline in story updates and we talked about losing writers. It was all very nice and we tried to think up a way for people to find where writers are if they are not on We are tired of I left there and I’m only posting on here. Kelly at TWCS posts for me on there because she is awesome.

          As for idream, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone was saying anything bad about her. She’s a fabulously creative writer so I hope not. I’m not sure what started all these postings over the last week but I wanted to say how I was feeling about it. Now it’s too much. No one knows where it started and it’s gone crazy. I just want everyone to be nice and supportive of each other. If you don’t like it don’t read it and don’t comment negative shit about it.

          Thank you for your kind words about my grandmother. I have at least half of my next chapter written for Black Friday and now I’m waiting for a nice day to go for walk and get more writing done.

  5. Hmm. I haven’t seen the comments but I don’t spend much time on social sites. Writing is a wonderful experience and sharing with others who write or who appreciate the world of SVM/TB is very special for me. The characters speak to central themes. The beauty of a relationship that over comes impossible odds; relationships that celebrate differences will keep me writing Eric Sookie stories. The gift of someone’s time and talent combined with the rare courage it takes to share it with an unknown audience is something to be celebrated. I for one have no time for people who can’t appreciate a gift so freely given. My thanks to you and all who write for this world. You inspire me

    1. Author

      I don’t know how the discussion in the group has turned into all this negativity. We were talking about how writers are leaving and there not many updates anymore. I get that people have lives. Mine has been interfering in my writing as well but we don’t need the negativity or ugliness.

      I just found your story today and I’m on chapter 3. I was reading at work. 🙂 So far I’m loving it.

  6. Firstly sorry for your loss… My thoughts go to you and yours…

    Now onto negativity, I am totally with you… It helps nothing or no one to complain or certainly to get whiny about cliques… I never knew it to be a thing but then I am not often on FB forums… Tend to just read stories and not so much commentary so all that escapes me a bit… Having said that if a clique can support other writers when they go through a difficult time or when their stories get plagiarised… Then maybe a clique is not such a bad thing… As a reader and not a writer I do expect writers have more they share amongst themselves in certain ways and I certainly wouldn’t resent it… At any rate I think the SVM/TB community is a good example of being supportive and for the most part, very positive environment… Sure like everywhere there may be low moments and the nastiness of anonymous reviews on FF particularly is uncalled for but hey… that’s life too….

    As for writers leaving the fandom or going on hiatus… I am always saddened when that happens but it is just life… I try to think positively about all the stories they brought to us and about the fact that there are new writers in the fandom that I discover from time to time and that I love… Most recently thanks to one of those awards (another great thing in this fandom!) Hisviks just to name one but VictoryInTrouble and Idream2332 are also relatively new writers (to me at least…)… So I hope there will be SVM/TB stories for a while even if the disappointment delivered by canon books and canon TV show was a bit of a cold ice shower on the creativity of many… The books I’d say was worst because the TB always showed a marked tendency to marginalise the Eric character in favour of Bill…

    At any rate, I am grateful for what’s been written (even the unfinished stories like the gem Drop Dead Gorgeous that even incomplete is worth re-reading…) and to everyone who keeps writing and sharing generously their talent with the fans…

  7. First of all, I’m very sorry for your recent loss. Sending you a hug and love <3

    Second, as I don't read much SVM/TB though I always enjoy what I do read, I'm confused about what is happening in the fandom. One thing that I think is universal no matter what fandom you write, though, is that there's a huge difference between constructive criticism and flaming someone. If there is indeed a 'clique' of people just bashing stories for no reason other than they don't appeal to them, then shame on them. That kind of negativity is unwelcome in every fandom. Not every story will be for you, but that does not entitle you to trash it for fun especially without having likely read it or offering any valid criticism in the process. That kind of mockery is cruel and pointless. By all means, you don't have to like everything you read… You're entitled to your opinion. Just remember that should you decide to voice it then we will hold you accountable for your words.

    As a side note for you Gyllene, I am planning to write this fandom soon. Both as a crossover and with some Eric/Sookie 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m confused to. I know there are lots of writers who do get flamed and I find that ugly. It’s fine if it’s constructive but otherwise don’t say anything at all.

      I look forward to reading your stories when you do your crossover and Eric and Sookie. I am quite behind on my fanfiction reading with the blog but I will read your stories. 😀

  8. Hmm, i am lost with all of this. Yes i read the fandom, yes i leave reviews, yes i write, but like i have said in the past i write what i want and i have told a few not to read my stuff or bitch about the slow updates if they don’t like it, wait until it is done. I have a thick skin and i can handle it. I have a RL that keeps me pretty busy and when i Beta is when i tend to write because that is when ideas spring into my head for my stories. I miss TB not for the story line but for the musing i would get when i was pissed off at what i was seeing. Plus i miss seeing the viking weekly. As for the negative people out there i think that will always be there, there will always be that nazi out there that hates your story and will tell you and the world about it. I don’t know why they think they need to tell us we write utter BS and they would do it this way, but you know there will always be pessimists out there, that will never change. WE as a group just have to stay as a united front and have each others backs and you know what, we will persevere and they will fall to the way side and die off when they don’t get the reaction they want from us. as for what is being said in FB and such, i guess i missed out on that front too. but for all the writer’s out there,YOU ROCK, no matter what you write, no matter your fandom, no matter if it is canon or not, no matter if it is a crossover or not, no matter if it is utter shit you still ROCK. Why because YOU had the courage to put your words and thoughts out there for all the world to see with YOUR name attached to it. You have the courage and strength to follow through with something you feel positive about and you know what that makes you Fucking AWESOME. where the negatives nelly’s hide from doing anything but sitting on their asses and bitching about whata coulda woulda shoulda been. WRITE ON and enjoy yourself, you deserve that pat on the back that we all need from time to time to go on and keep doing what we LOVE. HUGS and admiration KY.

  9. So sorry for your loss just loss my mom and I know how you feel I have been caring for her on and off for almost a year the stories I read at night keep me going it is with great respect and love I have for these writers their talent is always unbelievable there where days I could not even think I could not try to write something that made any cense when you start to read something If you do not like it you stop reading why are these sites any different I have great love for these woman who give us their time and love for their stories so respect them and stop reading if you do not like it and keep your mouth closed and read something different .My love to all writers thank you for your time and love of your fans

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s never painless to lose a loved one.

    I agree that writers shouldn’t have to put up with all this negativity. Especially when it makes them not want to write. I love the SVM/TB stories, even if the show and books ended. I hope you all keep writing what you want to write.

  11. I totally second mom2goalies response. The day there are no more Eric and Sookie fics to read will be a sad sad day for me! I can’t even imagine! I’m grateful to all of you writers out there who make my life that much more entertaining

    1. Author

      I will also be sad. I’ve been wanting to read some SVM Eric where Sookie isn’t annoying and stupid and not at the start of their relationship (ie. Where she meets him first. etc.) but there are none out there that I can find. True I haven’t tried really hard because I don’t have the time but it will be an extremely sad day if that day comes where we have no new stories.

  12. I am sorry to hear that yr muse was upset by some peoples negativity that is sadly our loss. But I say love it or leave it, so for those of you who do not like the SVM fandome they can just clear out as for me I love to read all the stories and appreciate the work and effort that goes into them. Unfortunately I do not have the creativity to write, but I sure do love to read!

  13. I believe there has been a decline in the TB/SSM fan writing because the fans have actually turned away. With the appauling end to the books and the series my belief is many have just walked away. This has left me sad because I still love my Eric and Sookie.
    Yes, the nay sayers that infiltrated our happy little fanfic group deconsructing our fun with a huge wrecking ball have a lot to answer for but we can as a group rebuild and have a stronger group as long as people still are fans.
    I hope this fandom will keep going it has helped me with hard times by just giving me something to look forward to (by the way of dailey updates) when I am low.
    Love Eric, love Sookie, love fellow fans -Kay

    1. Author

      It’s amazing what a story can do when you’re down. I hope it continues also and I have no plan to stop writing any time soon.

  14. I love your writing and I love SVM/TB the way you and the other talented writers put thought to paper. I have noticed the way some on FFnet attack the author and reviews when they do not agree with the way a storyline is going or how a character is being portrayed , Sookie bashing comes to mind. If I don’t like a story I just stop reading it is just that simple! I too feel that TB/CH ending things the way each did left something to be desired and that is why I read your stories. I hope you and your muse continue to delight us for a long time!

    1. Author

      Yes, they can be ugly on that’s why I left. They were not bad to me but many of my fellow writers and it’s so much easier to only post on my site.

      I don’t plan to stop writing anytime soon. 🙂

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