Holding Back

This chapter would not be possible without Virala.  We were chatting one night about our stories and she got me all excited to write this chapter. So I said, “Hey want to meet me in my document?” LOL.  We worked together for a couple hours writing this chapter.  Hell I even had my laptop by the stove while I was making dinner.  That’s a first. I do typically have my kindle there but never my laptop.  After that life got crazy, another kid went back to school, and now my grandmother is really sick.  They didn’t think she’d make it the week, but by some miracle she’s now doing better.

This weekend is supposed to be nice here so I plan on getting a long walk in today and hopefully tomorrow where I’ll try to write my next chapter of Black Friday.  Things are pretty busy in life and the book blog so no promises on when you’ll get your next chapter, but I will continue to work on my stories.

I loved writing this with Virala and can’t wait until we start writing Right on Time together.

I don’t have any pictures of Alex this week but check out this video of him.



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  1. You are most welcome as always! I can’t wait until you & Virala start on your collaboration! It will be epic! I’m so sorry to read about your grandmother though. I didn’t realize things were so serious. I’ll add her to prayers, and keep her in my thoughts along with you & your family. 🙂

    1. Author

      It will be so fun when we do start writing it. Once she finishes Finally we can start working on it.
      Thank you for your prayers.

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