Happy New Year


If you’re not a part of my group on Facebook  then you didn’t get to see the awesome gift Virala sent me for Christmas.  I wanted to share this awesome blanket from her.  I love it!!! Now I get to wrap myself in Alex and lay my head on my Alex pillow.  She spoils me.  She’s the best damn beta and friend you could ask for.  xoxo



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So I started writing the next chapters of Black Friday and Lovers Always and then Meridian asked me if Eric ever went into Sookie’s house after she rescinded his invitation.  I told her no, but I wish it would have happened differently.  That and about 100 other things.  I came up with the story name and wrote over half of it that night. If it hadn’t been so late I probably would have finished it then. Anyway, it’s done now and ready to be shared with my lovely readers.  Here’s to giving Eric and Sookie the HEA they deserve.

Thank you Meridian and Virala for going over this before I sent it out there with all of my mistakes.  There is also a video that shows what happens at the very beginning if you want to watch it.  I hope you enjoy!

Won't You Come In1



  1. MMM! How are you dealing with all the blanket fuzz in your mouth? Because you must be licking that blanket, right? Or is that just what I’d be doing with it? Do you sleep with it “Alex down?” Or is he on the back too? LOVE IT!! Happy New Year!

    1. Author

      I haven’t been licking but I may have snuggled and nuzzled it a few times. Unfortunately he isn’t on the back. Next I need a body pillow of him. Happy New Year!

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