Black Friday on Black Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of my friends and readers who celebrated.

Here’s a picture that was posted of Alex on 11/25/14.  I’m pretending that it’s me he’s with on the beach. It doesn’t hurt to dream.


Here is the next chapter of Black Friday on Black Friday.  This would not have been possible without Meridian who I ran ideas by and then because she’s the best and wanted my chapter to be at it’s best when it was sent out was also the beta for this chapter.  I love you lots like jelly tots, Meridian!!!


It’s that time of year where we will all be doing our Christmas shopping. My plan is to do zero in the stores.  I love online shopping. I ask that you consider using our link if you shop on Amazon this Christmas season. Every little bit helps.   Thank you we really appreciate it!




Click the banner below for chapter 9 of Black Friday. Enjoy!



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