Safety First

Now that Alex is done filming Tarzan in London he’s been spending time in Stockholm going to his beloved Hammarby’s games and having fun.  Here are a few pics of him from over the weekend.



Then I saw this  gif posted on Tumblr today by the lovely Naima and thought I’d share.  Remember when there used to be lots of new pics of Alex and I’d post regularly.  Hopefully we’ll be getting more Alex and more regular posts.




Anyhow let’s get on with the show.  Thank you to MsBuffy who did her beta magic tonight so I could get this out to you and the lovely Virala who got a text about an hour ago, about what I should name the chapter.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  xo

I’m going to pimp 4padfoot and I’s book blog (My Golden Reads).  There are lots of changes happening and we are so excited that we got accepted for Amazon’s Affiliate Program.  If you click on the banner below it will take you to Amazon and anything that you buy will help our sites.




Click on the banner below to take you to Lovers Always Chapter 7 – Safety First.


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  1. Thanks as always for the lovely pics of Alex, soon to replace all the Tarzans who have ever portrayed him previously! I think I’ll cough up the money to actually go to the movies for this one. Can’t wait for those promo pics!

    1. Author

      I will definitely been seeing it in 3D. I can’t wait to see what he looks like and those arms. 😉 Thanks again for your quick work. You’ve been very busy!

      1. You’re welcome as always! I’ll definitely be looking forward to it too, like you said, those arms…mmm… Yes, I have been VERY busy & still am! Never too busy for you though! 🙂
        Is the movie only going to be in 3D? I hope not!

        1. Author

          I don’t know if it will only be in 3D but I doubt it. Not everyone has theaters where they can view 3D and some can’t watch it either.

          1. I forgot that some theaters don’t have 3D. I haven’t been to a movie for so long… I think “Knocked Up” was the last one I saw at the theater!

          2. Author

            I can’t remember what my last movie was but that’s because I have a horrible memory. I do know it hasn’t been that long though.

          3. We thought it might be fun to see, and some parts of it were, but realized once we seeing that it was really directed for younger audience. By that time, we were expectant grandparents so it wasn’t quite the same! It was more cute? It didn’t resonate in the same way.

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