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It saddens me that we have yet another story that has been plagiarized in the TB/SVM community.  I want to thank everyone who has reblogged the original post and their support.  We need to make a statement that we will not tolerate plagiarism of any kind.

Thank You,


It has come to our attention that we of the You Want Blood Awards unknowingly allowed a plagiarized story, Deviations by On3Lov3, to be both nominated and voted upon. As of now, this item has been removed from any nominations, and any awards it may have received have now been rescinded.  Plagiarism is not to be tolerated under any circumstances. Thank you for your time.


  1. Deviations was one of my favorite stories, so I guess I’m asking is what story did it plagiarize so I finish the story there?

    1. Author

      It’s After by Anna Todd. It’s been published but it’s still free on Wattpad & I’m reliably informed Ch 33 of Deviations is about CH 140 in book 2 if you want to read the original. That is from the post on You Want Blood Awards announcement I made yesterday.

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