Black Friday Chapter 6

Robin (aka 4padfoot, aka The WordPress Whisper) and I have started a book blog called My Golden Reads. Please come and follow us on our blog page and Facebook page, and share with your friends to help make our site successful.

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If you have any books and/or authors you want us to read please let us know.  Robin will be taking the paranormal books and I have the all human (contemporary) books.

Getting our site together has been taking up a lot of my free time along with reading lots of books, but I will still continue to write my stories. No worries. But with the weather changing (less walking), my headaches, and as we get accustomed to our new venture, my updates may be a little spaced out.

Click the banner below to take you to chapter 6 of Black Friday.  Thank you to my wonderful team who help make my stories better!



  1. For the book blog, Amazon mostly deals in Kindle, etc. which leaves those of us who use epub up the creek SO, I do have a link for you to go to in order to get some free epub if you would like.

  2. Project Gutenberg for one.
    If you do it right you can find them at is the site I was talking about above. If you click the subscribe link you’ll get a daily email with between 15 and 20 free epub books in anything from Romance to kids and teens, to sci-fi/fantasy and non-fiction as well. Once in a while I’ll see a classic on there.
    A lot of the time the first book in a series will be free at kobo.

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