What Would You Like?

What story do you want me to work on?

My muse has had me working on Black Friday. Do you want me to ride that train until it gives out and only posting for it or do you want hopefully one chapter a week or two for Lovers Always and then Black Friday, back and forth. Does that make sense?  I hope so.  This headache I can’t shake doesn’t make for the best though processes.

Do you care what story I’m updating as long as you’re getting an update?  Let me know what you’d like in the comments below.

For your trouble here are some yummy pics of Alex. 🙂



  1. Do not you think you’re forcing too? Headaches are the worst there for concentration. Do what you have to do to make these pass. The first is health.

  2. Well health comes first and, in my opinion, then comes the muse… Ride the muse wherever it takes you and if it is Black Friday then I think it is fine if (sorry if this is blasphemy) Always stays on hiatus in the meanwhile…

  3. Oh, what yummy pics! Since it doesn’t matter to me because I’ll be editing either one and get a front row seat, I’m got giving an opinion. I would rather focus on you getting rid of your headache! Go home & get some rest! Take a look at the votes tomorrow. There will be more of them! Be well.

  4. My vote is to get rid of the headache. Definitely that. Don’t stress yourself until that’s gone. You really want to make sure that the headache is not here to stay – as I learned this summer lol.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to start Black Friday yet so I’m not sure my vote would be of much help lol.

    Feel better.

  5. I agree that you need to rest and take a break! Whenever you feel better, I’m reading both, so I would like them back and forth a little of each at a time.

    That being said, there’s no rush and you need to be good to yourself and get better first and foremost. Your stories are worth the wait. 🙂

  6. I like the rotating back and forth, but if one is talking to you more than the other, go for that one. Do whatever comes easier so your headache can get gone. Have allergies? Have you had your eyes checked recently? Yep, I’m a medical person……

  7. Do what you have the call to do. You know me, and I have found that forcing for me leads to drabble really, but when I am called to write, I can churn them out. So do what calls to you.

  8. Whatever the muse is happy with. I am good…..
    Is your blood pressure up? My headaches are from allergies. Hubs use to get them when his BP was up or from eating raw onions. I hope it gets better soon

  9. First of all take care of yourself! I know headaches are awful cuz I suffer of migraines and sometimes I can’t manage to get out of bed! I love both Lovers always and Black Friday! It doesn’t make a difference for me! I’ll be here waiting for an update when you feel well ! Okay? Take care

  10. Knowing how hard it is to force yourself to write something that just isn’t coming easily, I say go where your muse is leading you. But first get yourself feeling better. 🙂

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