Black Friday Chapter 4

How about a little Black Friday on this chilly Friday morning?

I’m sure you think I’ve forgotten Lovers Always with all my posts being about Black Friday and the HEA Contest, but don’t worry I’m slowly working on it.  Right now my muse is trying to fix that fucked up season 7 we all wish we could forget.  It looks to be a cool weekend and I plan to try and get in a long walk (two hours) today after work, and then on Saturday, and Sunday.  Hopefully after all of that walking and writing I’ll have chapter 5 of Lovers Always done, and the next chapter of Black Friday, but no promises.

I want to thank Meridian for being my awesome creative consultant on this story.  Without her there would be no Black Friday.  Have you read her new story The Moon?  If not please check it out by clicking the banner below.  It’s an awesome story that also takes place after season 7 is over, but totally different from mine.

aThe Moon banner

I want to also thank MsBuffy for using her wonderful beta magic on this chapter and to wish her luck today!

There is also a list of  season 7 rewrites in The On-Going Destestation of Bill Compton group on Facebook.  Check them out.

I’m sure you’re ready to read the chapter and for me to shut up. 🙂  Click Black Friday’s banner below to take you to the next chapter.



    1. Hey there! I heard you were feeling under the weather! Hope you’re feeling better soon! We don’t want to have to miss any of your witty repartee!

          1. Who said I’ve been to bed yet?? 😀 I’m a terrible night owl, though, and therefore end up sleeping at the weirdest times.

          2. Oh goodness! I suppose you’re not exactly a “night owl” as it’s almost 7:30 am! Perhaps you’re an “early bird” out to catch your worms? LOL! 🙂

          3. Good! Sleep is important or so my rheumatologist tells me! “Sleep is healing.” Blah, blah, blah. 🙂

  1. I love doing these chapters for you! They’re so great & I love getting the first read! Ha-Ha! Thanks as well for the shout out & good luck wishes! As you can see, all went well, and I’m a typing demon…well, at least as long as the Vicodin holds out! Ready for those chapters whenever you are!

  2. I’m so happy to see you are doing well and typing away. I went for my walk today and got a good portion of chapter 5 of Black Friday done. 🙂

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