HEA Contest Entries Are In

All the entries are in for my HEA contest and are ready for your vote.  You can vote for your story once a day.  Poll ends on September 8th at midnight CST.

I’m astonished at the number of entries I received for my first contest.  I got a whopping 14 entries.  14!  I want to thank all of the lovely writers in the TB/SVM community who reblogged my contest and helped spread the word.  If it wasn’t for you this contest wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.  THANK YOU!!!


An End Becomes a Beginning

Angel in Blue Jeans

Burning Light

Come With Me Now- Half Life

Dead and Love It!

Dead Right

Had to Know

Healing Lessons

I’m Not Gone Yet


Safe and Sound

Second Chance

So What

Where I Belong




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  2. Reblogged this on Gabrielle and commented:
    Hey everyone! Check out the new awesome HEA contest for Sookie and Eric! I wrote one of the entries and I’m very excited about it and how it’s going to be viewed. I’m sure some of you are able to figure out which one I wrote, but nonetheless I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. I’ll unveil which story is mine when the polls are over. Until then, you can go vote once a day for your favorite story.


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